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Food for Thought




The topic for your video has to have two parts to it — Food and Bayonne. It can be about a restaurant, a store, your favorite meal to cook, the best slice of pizza, best ice cream in Bayonne.


All narration should be between 140 -160 words.


Every review must cite at least two outside sourcesthese can be a reference book, an interview with another person, or a web site. However, you must cite the source in your narration.


Ea ch present ation should have from 5 -15 images


You can add music to the background (from WeVideo)


The total time should be less than 2 minutes.


You must follow Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines

Your Project

1. Your topic

2. Narration (attach on a separate page and make sure you use and cite


3. Outside Sources:

4. Images (put them in your goog le drive account)

5. Title of music from WeVideo

6. Is your preview less than 2 minutes?

7. Did you review copyright and fair use sheet for your material?

Sample Project: Judickes Media is here:

The following DRAFT narration is 218 words. Cut it down to between 140 and 160 words. Eliminate about 60 words. You can reorganize the work if you want. Make any corrections that you need to. You can add or edit.


If you like cupcakes, pastries, and cookies, Judickes is the boss in New Jersey.

This bakery has been in Bayonne since 1924 and is located at 763 Broadway, that’s at the corner of 34th Street.

It is a full service bakery w ith cookies, donuts, and cakes. T hey even do customized wedding cakes.

All of the baking is done at the store, so you know that you are getting something fresh.

My favorite is a sprinkled donut. They make them fresh every day.

Olga on Urbanspoon writes, “Their bread and pastries are baked fresh everyday. Their chocolate- sprinkled donuts are mouth watering delicious. Fabulous cakes for every occasion.”

My neighbor Jason Meyers says that they bake t he best black and white cookies he’s ever tasted.

Nicole, a reviewer on Merchant Circle who is from Virginia, says “I make a point to stop in and get some of my favorite treats on every trip! I make excuses to come to jersey just to go to this bakery.”

One of their specialties is chrusciki, a traditional polish desert of fried pastry covered with powdered sugar. Some of their other specialties are black forest cake, butter cookies, and cream donuts.

This bakery has something for everyone.

You can get there by Broadway bus and it is walking distance to the light rail.

If you taking something back home, make sure you buy an extra for the ride.