Excerpt from ‘Minutes of a meeting of the Governing Body of Yesodey Hatorah

Secondary School for Girls held on Tuesday 18 March 2014

‘Item 5 Arrangements for the appointment of a Headteacher

The Chairman informed Governors that having spoken to the HLT, it was
unlikely that an appointment would be made by September 2014. This
was due to the termly notice that applicants working in UK schools would
have to give.

A Job Description, Job Specification and an advert needed to be drafted in
accordance with the hushcoffa of the school. The Chairman would
arrange for these to be completed working with HLT.

Governors felt that the advert needed to be a good size and placed in
Jewish newspapers worldwide. Eg. Hamadia, Yated and the TES.

Governors suggested that the applicant must be proficient in Yiddish. The
Clerk advised that this could be discriminatory under Equalities
legislation. The Chairman AGREED to seek advice from the School’s

Applications were to be returned to the Chairman of the Board. A number
of Governors promised to proclamate the school’s needs to their contacts

Excerpt from ‘Minutes of a meeting of the Governing Body of Yesodey Hatorah
Secondary School for Girls held on Tuesday 13 May 2014’

‘9 Advertisement for Headteacher.

The advertisement in the media agreed at the previous meeting had
produced only a handful of enquiries.

The Chairman proposed that the governors re-advertise and on this
occasion the advert would include a photograph of the school to
emphasise its modern facilities and size. Mr Goldman said he had spoken
to friends in the US and it was a problem throughout the world recruiting
Charedi Headteachers for girls’ schools.

The Chairman proposed and it was seconded by Mr Grussgott and
unanimously agreed that the Chairman would work with Mrs
Neuberger to produce a new advertisement to include a

A discussion ensued on possible candidates from the local community.
The Clerk reminded the governors that under current regulations a
Headteacher for maintained schools must be a qualified teacher and
preferably hold the NPQH. Mr Hochhauser said that this was not the case
for an Academy, the Clerk agreed that this was true. The Chairman
asked if someone was appointed, could they not be trained up? The Clerk
explained that the school could appoint somebody to be a designated
Headteacher at a future date but working at the school in less capacity
while they became qualified to be Headteacher. In the meantime, the
governors would still have to appoint a Headteacher who had the
necessary qualifications on a fixed term contract.

The Chairman said that he had received letters from well over 60 parents
expressing a wish that Mrs Weinberg should be appointed Headteacher.
The Chairman understood that Mrs Weinberg would not apply for the
position, but would be interested if asked. Other candidates were
discussed. Rabbi Pinter would be involved in briefing prospective

Excerpt from ‘MINUTES of a meeting of the BOARD OF GOVERNORS of
Yesodey Hatorah School on Tuesday 17 June 2014’;

Part two confidential.

6 Appointment of Headteacher.

Ms Okowuru said that the appointment of a Headteacher was the most
important role for any Board of Governors. The HLT had given full
support and advice during the process, they would also be offering a
professional input during the short listing, which would take place shortly.

The Chairman reported that they had only received 2 applications, a
possible 3
application had not materialised. The school had advertised
extensively and expensively throughout the world. He could not help but
note that the TES was full of schools seeking a Headteacher.
Headhunting had been tried but to no avail, consequently the field was
not a strong as the chairman had wished.

Mr Buck echoed the chairman’s remarks and said that even after
advertising on 3 occasions widening the scope there had not been much
response. The Chairman said that they were not in isolation; it was a
problem that faced every Jewish school. The school’s SIP Officer, would
also be involved in the process.

Mr Buck said that the next process would be to draw up a shortlist and for
interviews to take place with 3 governors and HLT. However, the final
decision would be made by the full Board of Governors. It was an
important decision to be made and should not be rushed into. Governors
asked Mr buck if they thought they had advertised extensively enough.
He replied that by advertising on 3 occasions, the governors had
demonstrated that they were serious about making an appointment for
the best candidate and were not just looking on the doorstep of the
school. Due process had to be seen to be done and he believe that this
was the case.

It was unanimously AGREED that the selection committee consist
of The Chairman, Mrs Weiss and ???.

The Chairman thanked Ms Okowur and Mr Buck for their time and advice.

Mrs Okowuro and Mr Buck left the meeting and Rabbi Pinter