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Friday, 19th September 2014 The Cyril Courter ‘Mastering the art of journalism. . Since 2014. Founded on 2nd September 2014, the Cyril Courier, a national newspaper is a weekly courier dedicated to bringing both national and international news to its community. The word ‘Cyril ts a play on the word ‘Serial which means anything that lished or broadcasted in short installments at regular intervals. This compact mew reper comes in small doses of excitement throughout 8 pages of oe siness, entertainment and sports articles. BREAKING NEWS! Literally. »vsrvens. E “a -~ ASIA - Bad news for Southeast Asia as internet speedsslowsto. ~ REGIONAL a snail pace as underwater cables breaks. NEWS Akey cable, an Asia-America Gateway (AAG) cable responsi- ble for providing internet to the Southeast Asia region has broke, leaving millions of them to deal with lousy internet, as oflate. An executive from FPT Telecom has confirmed the incident but has yet to explain how it happened. Mayan Volcano set The last cable break, which occured two months ago, took —_t erupt as Filipinos two weeks to replace. There is no timeframe of which we can depend on so what is the fate of us Asians as we come deal with lousy internet speed and slow fixes? flee. -refer to page 3.