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Essential Oils in Nepal : A Practical Guide to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Khilendra Gurung was born on May 2, 1975 Himalayan Bio Trade Private Limited (HBTL), founded in 2000 is a
in Ambung-1, Tehrathum, Nepal. He natural products processing and marketing company, owned by a
received Master of Science degree in Botany consortium of community enterprises whose shareholders are the
from Tribhuvan University, Nepal in 1999. community members who sustainably manage the forests. The
His career has been focused on working on products, which HBTL markets, can be traced back to the forests
Essential Oils in Nepal :
the research, development and marketing that produced them and the women and men who harvested and
A Practical Guide to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
of essential oils and other natural products processed the responsibly harvested natural products.
since 2001. Since then he took the HBTL and its community enterprises have received FSC, Organic and
responsibility for the formulation of natural Wildlife Friendly certifications. HBTL’s product range includes Nepali
products using essential oils for several handmade paper products, essential oils, Himalayan nettle products,
herbal products manufacturers in Nepal. raw herbs and vegetable oils from wild species.
Mr. Gurung has conducted several nationally Wild crafted essential oils: The fragrance of the Himalayas
and internationally funded research works HBTL and its village cooperatives lead the way in producing and
o n n o n t i m b e r fo rest p ro d u c ts ’ marketing the only FSC, Organic and Wildlife Friendly certified
identification, utilization and marketing essential oils in the world. The wild plants are harvested from
across the Himalayan regions and mid hills responsibly managed forests by villagers, distilled by local communities
of Nepal. His major fields of interest are and quality controlled and packed by HBTL for sale to national and
essential oils, aromatherapy, herbalism, international markets.
ethnobotany, biodiversity conservation and HBTL’s wild crafted essential oils include: Anthopogon, Artemisia,
non timber forest products’ utilization, Calamus, Himalayan silver fir, Jatamansi, Juniper berry, Juniper
certification and marketing. needle, W intergreen, Valerian, and Zanthoxylum oils.
Mr. Gurung has attended several national Correspondence
and international workshops, seminars and Himalayan Bio Trade Pvt. Ltd.
symposia and has published a dozen of P O Box: 8941, Kathmandu, NEPAL
research articles on essential oils, Tel: 00977-1-4386690, 2083309
ethnobotany and plant ecology to his credit E-mail:

Khilendra Gurung
in scientific journals. Website:
Khilendra Gurung
Bio Trade