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Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

PGP 2014-16

Course Title Quantitative Methods - 1
Sections E and F

Malay Bhattacharyya (Block F, First Floor, Room #104)


The process of decision-making is complex and managers cannot rely entirely on
observation and experience to make a decision. A manager needs to know how to
summarize, analyze and interpret data to facilitate his or her decision-making. Statistical
analysis is a fundamental method of quantitative reasoning that is extensively used for
decision-making. This course is aimed at providing students with the most often used
methods of statistical analysis along with appropriate statistical tests. The course is
oriented towards application rather than theoretical aspects.

Text Book

1. Aczel, Sounderpandian, Sarvanan and Joshi, Complete Business Statistics, Tata
McGraw Hill, 7
Edition, 2012

Additional Reference

1. Anderson, Sweeney and Williams, Statistics for Business and Economics 9e, 1

Indian reprint, Thomson South-Western
2. Ken Black, Business Statistics for Contemporary Decision Making, Wiley Student

Evaluation Procedure

Quizzes 25%
Assignments 15%
Midterm Examination 25%
End term Examination 35%
Total 100%

Attendance policy

Students are strongly advised not to miss any class. In any case, students will be responsible for
materials covered in class. However, no added penalty/incentive would be imposed based on
attendance records.


Dates of Examinations

Quiz 1 July 12
Midterm July 25
Quiz 2 August 23
Final September 5

Session No. Topic Chapter from Aczel et al
Data Representation and Summary Statistics
1 Different types of data; Data
summarization methods; Tables,
Graphs, Charts, Histograms, Frequency
distributions, Relative Frequency
Measures of Central Tendency and
Dispersion; Box Plot; Chebyshevs
Ch 1
Basic Probability
2 Fundamental Concepts, Conditional
Probability Ch 2
3 Bayes Theorem
Probability Distribution
4 Notion of Random Variable and
Probability Distribution; Expected
value and Variance of a random
Ch 3 and Ch 4 5 Discrete distributions: Uniform,
Binomial and Poisson distributions
6 Continuous distributions: Uniform,
Normal and Exponential distributions
7 Poisson Process
8, 9 Joint Density/Distribution Function,
Covariance and Correlation Coefficient

10 Sampling and Sampling distribution Ch 5


Session No. Topic Chapter from Aczel et al
Sampling and Estimation
11 Estimation problems; Point and Interval
Ch 6.1-6.4
Hypothesis Testing
12 Null and Alternate Hypotheses; Types
of Errors, Level of significance, Power
of a test
Ch7, Ch 8
13, 14 Tests concerning mean and proportion;
sample size determination
15 Tests concerning variance and standard
deviation; 2 sample problem for
16 2 sample inference problems for means
and proportions

Analysis of Variance
17, 18 ANOVA Ch 9
Tests for Goodness of fit, Association, Non-parametric methods
19 Chi-square test of independence,
Goodness of Fit test, Kolmogorov-
Smirnov test

Ch 14
20 Non-parametric Tests: Sign test; Rank
sum test