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The primary objective of this text is to help students to think clearly and critically and apply the
knowledge of Business Statistics in decision making when solving business problems.
The book introduces the need for quantitative analysis in business and the basic procedures in
problem solving. Following an application-based theory approach, the book focuses on data collection,
data presentation, summarizing and describing data, basic probability, and statistical inference. A
separate chapter is devoted to show how Microsoft Excel can be used to solve problems and to make
statistical analyses. It contains specimen Excel Worksheets illustrating how the problems of each
chapter are solved using Excel functions and formulas. A large number of realworld business
problems from various business professions such as finance, medical, psychology, sociology, and
education are also included.
This textbook is primarily intended for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of management
and postgraduate students of commerce.
The text helps students to:
Understand the meaning and use of statistical terms used in business statistics
Use graphical and descriptive statistics to identify the need for statistical inference techniques
Perform statistical analyses
Interpret the results of statistical analyses
Apply statistical inference techniques in business situations
Use computer spreadsheet software to perform statistical analysis on data
Choose the appropriate statistical tool from the collection of standard analytic methods
1. Basics of Statistics and Data Collection Techniques
2. Organising and Presenting Data
3. Summarising Data: Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
4. Summarising Data: Other Measures
5. Probability: A Measure of the Uncertainty
6. Probability Distributions: Discrete Families
7. Probability Distributions: Continuous Families
8. Making Inferences and ConclusionsStatistical Inference 1: Estimation
9. Statistical Inference 2: Basics of Testing of Hypothesis, One and Two Sample Tests
10. Statistical Inference 3: Chi-square, Analysis of Variance, and Other Tests
11. Statistical Inference 4: Non-Parametric Tests
12. Simple Regression and Correlation Analyses
13. Multiple Regression Analysis
14. Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
15. Index Numbers
16. Statistical Computations and Analysis Using Excel
References Statistical Tables
Answers of the Selected Odd Numbered Chapter Exercises
P.N. JANI, Ph.D., is former Associate Professor of Statistics and Head, Department of Statistics, Sardar
Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat. With more than three decades of teaching and research
experience, he has taught statistics to the students of many professional courses such as master in
business management, master in e-commerce, master in valuation and so on.
Dr. Jani has published 46 research papers in national and international Journals. He has authored eight
books on mathematics and statistics. He is also the recipient of Hari Aum Prize Award (thrice) for the
best research papers.

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