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Interactive Petrophysics Version 3.2 Update History

Module Bug
the Set Select (SH) buttons on ASCII, LAS, LIS write modules /
Batch Monte Carlo / Fuzzy logic / Multi-linear Regression / did not
launch the Set select drop-down list
If 5 wells were selected and then one deleted a AV occurred when
going to the hard copy menu.
Monte Carlo
Once setup Mineral Solver parameters were always displayed as
options in the drop-down menus for Histo, Xplot - even if the Mineral
Solver was taken out of the model. Model tabs did not display if
reloaded from an old model and they were set up but not used in the
work flow.
Mineral Solver
The crossplot launcher in the Mineral Solver gave an AV when
launching from a second model.
Monte Carlo
The dependency form in the Monte Carlo module did not allow the
selectiion of the Rw parameter.
Mineral Solver
If an IP V3.1 set of parameters were loaded and they used LWD
neutron tools then the neutron tool mapping was incorrect, due to the
changes to logging contractors list in IP V3.2
Edit Multi-Well Sets
Incorrect error message was displayed when the user tried to merge
2 curve Sets containing curves of the same name.
Edit Multi-Well Sets Typo' in Error Message on 'Edit Multi-well Sets' module
Database Browser
Database Browser 'Print Text File' option was sending a report file to
the users C:\documents and Settings Folder. Now defaults to the
current IP Project folder.
Save Current well to
database as..
'Create Well in another database' option was saving changes to the
existing database well, rather than only to the newly-created well.
Edit Default
Incorrect launch of error message regarding duplicate index values
Crossplot Frequency Plot - enhancement made to graphic display
User Program User Program 'Options' was defaulting to an invalid option
. 2
Module Bug
Map View Problem loading SHAPE files
Database Browser
Repeated 'right MB' click on a well 'Parameters' list duplicated the
drop-down menu options, each time the menu was launched.
IP License
If you tried to install the IP proprietary license file into a directory that
contained an "&" character in the directory name then an error
message of 1910 would be shown and the license installation
would fail. You are now warned that you cannot save the license file
into such a directory.
If a log plot format containing more than 20 Zones / Tops tracks was
saved, then reloaded - the format would result in an Access Violation
error and would not launch a log plot. Can now have up to 60 Zone /
Tops tracks (the log track limit for a log plot).
Automatically Check
If the IP "Automatically Check Updates" was turned off, it could not
be turned on again. "Automatically Check Updates" has been fixed to
stop multiple web pages being launched on some PC's.
Database Browser
When multiple new IP wells were created from an external database
and had not yet been saved to the IP database, when expanding the
tree view for any of the new wells, only the parameters and curves of
the first new well would be shown.
Basic log Analysis
The Basic Log Analysis module did not save its parameter set to the
IP database so that, when the module was next launched, it did so
with only a single interpretation zone and default parameters on-
Default Plots
If the IP program Default Plots folder was saved on a network
directory and the user disconnected from the network to work
standalone, you would not be able to launch default crossplot or log
plot formats. IP now checks the local IP installation folder on the hard
disk and if still unsuccessful, allows the user to Browse to the
appropriate directory.
Working Set
Selection Button
The Working Set selection button was not filtering for the correct
Curve Set in the Parameter drop-down lists for NMR / Basic Log
Functions / TDT / Pore Pressure Calculations / User Programs
Plot Range Editor
When changing between Plot formats, the Plot Range vertical scale
would reset to Full instead of maintaining the current setting.
Multi-Well Batch
Incorrect well focus was causing the first output curve from single
line User Formula to be written to all wells in batch routine.
Curve Titles on Print Dialog from Log Plot were truncated due to not
having enough vertical space for all the rows in the list.
Point Curve / edit
Lithology Curve
Points and Lithology edits appeared at a different depth to where the
mouse button was clicked on-screen. Reason: TVDSS depth was set
in the active plot format.
Plot format
Lock Button changes to the Default plot format, which is set for a
well by ticking the Lock check box, were not being consistently
. 3
Module Bug
Plot Format
Define Line Style drop-down list would not stay on screen if the
drop-down extended below bottom or above top of screen. This
problem was only visible at low screen resolutions.
Plot Format
If the user un-checked the default 'Depth grid Line and number
spacing' check box in the 'Grid' tab and one of the spacings on the
plot format was set to zero, then the plot format locked up.
Multi-Well Cut-off
and Summation
Multiwell Cutoff and Summation window, Cutoffs Tab, did not allow
the user to set a single Value in a single cell.
Curve Output
If the Output Curve form was resized, then closed and reopened the
form controls were in the wrong place. Database step of 0.1524
was reported as 0.152 and outputs were saved using this step. If a
Curve Output form was opened and the well had its depth step
changed, the Curve Output form still showed the old step.
Multi-Well Cut-off
and Summation
Selecting a Set for the output curves did not apply the change to the
last row in the data grid
Plot Range Editor
Plot Range editor depths did not convert to the appropriate units if
the well depth units were changed from feet to meters or vice versa.
Save Zone Tops
Tops Sets name 'Types' were displayed with last letter in the name
Edit Zones / Tops
Tops Set 5, (First normal free set) would not display in the window
and therefore could not be used.
Pore Pressure
Copying the casing shoes depth and LOT's from the 'Well' tab to the
Xplot Annotation tab was not setting the correct values.
Switching between gradient and pressure Xplots was not updating
the X axis annotation value correctly.
If the Xplot did not extend to the bottom of the well, curves could be
drawn outside the Xplot area.
Pore Pressure
Results Xplot - if the Y axis top and bottom depths were changed to
be less than 'whole well', the depth labelling disappeared and labels
which should not be on the screen were annotated outside the plot
Overflow Exception error on running the model - locked up the
module. Happened when an input curve is made logarithmic
Database Browser
If a well did not have a name - Database browser did not properly
display the wells in the database.
Well Map
If the Well Map display was on-screen and a 16 bit Screen Saver
was active, When the Screen saver was cancelled, the Well Map
window was empty.
LAS Batch Loader
LAS Batch load module was giving the following message "Error
Validating Depth curves Units" when trying to load several files into
different wells. Resulting IP wells found to be 'time indexed' in Well
Depths Editor module.
. 4
Module Bug
TVD/TVT module
Keyboard input could not be made in the "Azimuth as Bearing" data
IP gave an error message when plotting to an HP500 plotter (The
driver is HP DesignJet 500 24). The error message said ' An error
has occurred'. After this error message, IP did not make a graphics
file. Program had to be exited and restarted.
Gradient module
Density Curve units were not being read properly for Canadian
Metric in Overburden Pressure and Overburden Gradient
Plotting- Core
Log Plot Format incorrectly saved settings for core images included
in a 'Picture curve'. This prevented the core graphics from being
reloaded when the plot format was selected.
License Installation
On Manual Installation dialog - user was prompted for file
"IPSecc.dat". Should read "IPSec.dat"
Print Parameter
Interpretation Parameters could not be printed to the 'printer' in some
IP did not work properly when WINDOWS regional & language
setting were not set to 'English' - Comma' notation for the decimal
separator did not not allow the user to save then reload user
formulae or plot formats
Database Link
The IP / ODM interface has been set to write curves to ODM
database in meters, regardless of IP units
The log plot 'Lock' check-box did not work the same as the previous
'Default' plot check-box in version 3.1. The lock was applied to a
newly-opened plot while in V3.1 the lock was kept on the original log
Basic log functions
If no Rxo curve was entered (OBM) the program still requested an
Rmf value.
Curve Name Set list
"Drag-and drop" of curves from the "Curve and Set Names List" into
the crossplot setup, user programs, Basic Log Analysis windows was
not working.
Mineral Solver Mineral Solver was getting an arithmetic overflow error.
Edit Curve Headers
'Lock All' button on the 'Edit Curve Headers' window did not correctly
lock the output curves from the Vclay or Phi/Sw modules.
Phi/Sw Module
Select 'Sw Logic' tab - If 'W&S' was selected as the saturation
method and 'QV Source' was set to 'Curve', Qv 'a' and 'b' Constants
should have been greyed out.
Mineral Solver
If a crossplot was launched from the Mineral Solver without the
'Model' having been run first, an error occurred. A new check-box
Interactive Run has been added to the Crossplot dialog. If
checked and a mineral end-point is changed on a crossplot, the
. 5
Module Bug
current Model will be re-calculated automatically.
Well Loading
If an IP well is 'Read-only' the program will not work. An error
message has been added, so that the user is informed that IP can
not work with a read-only well.
List Data - ASCII
Using the 'Output' button on the 'Curve Listing' module - 'Output
Clipboard' option - if it was a large dataset, IP would hang.
Curve Listing
Sending curves for a well to output to clipboard, and pasting data in
Excel, was losing column headings formatting - some curve names
were merged. Problem also seen with output to printer and file
listings, where curve names were truncated to 11 characters
Porosity/ Water
Saturation Module
If the Phi/Sw module was run with "Pass Through Porosity" selected,
on the Clay Tab the user could not run the module until the 'Rho Wet
Clay', 'Neu Wet Clay' and 'Sonic Wet Clay' parameters were set,
even though the 'Neu clay' and 'Sonic Clay' columns are greyed-out
as not being used.
Fluid Substitution
Input Curves /Matrix tab - if a mineral was selected and subsequently
removed from the grid and replaced with another mineral, the grid
contents did not refresh with new default mineral properties.
If 'Cumulative Curve Set' names with spaces in the names were
used, then saved to a histogram format file, the program would split
up the space-separated name into multiple Set names when the
format file was loaded back into IP.
Fluid Substitution
Log Fluid Substitution tab when selecting Interval Depths option,
clicking Zones/Tops button, selecting top and bottom depths and
click OK. Depths did not refresh those seen in the Analysis Interval'
panel. Manually typing in Top and Bottom values refreshed these
Batch Formula
For batch computation using a single line formula: after an execution
error occurred, clicking the 'YES TO ALL' button to continue the
batch operation did not actually continue the operation.
Cutoff and
Summation / Multi-
and single Well
If a TVD curve that contained null values over the zones that were to
be summated was used in Single and multi-well modes, then TVD
Gross, TVD Net and zone averages for Vclay, Phi and Sw were not
correct. A check of the TVD curve has been added and a warning to
the user that a selected TVD curve contains nulls and that
calculations will be adversely affected is now launched.
Multi-Well Cutoff
and Summation
If the Multi-well Summation was run without the TVD curve option
selected and then repeated with the TVD option ticked, the output
Phi*H Pay and Phi*SO*H Pay parameters had the same values as
for the initial, Measured Depth, set up.
IP Program
Where a user has undocked a laptop which has been connected to
dual monitors and the program has been run on the right hand
monitor. When you clicked the desktop shortcut to IP, IP was
launched, but off-screen.
Exponential regression was giving the wrong answer if some of the Y
data point values were less than zero.
. 6
Module Bug
Log Plot
If a plot format was loaded from the 'Edit Format' window and the plot
included variable shading then the variable shading was not loaded.
The HALS environmental corrections could not be run due to
undetected dynamic libraries.
Correlation Panel
Log plot format files containing tracks with variable shading types
set up did not load properly into the correlation panel.
SLB Environmental
Neutron tool correction using tool CNT-C/D and input neutron curve
values in '%' caused the program to crash.
Copy Curves
Well Index numbers were incorrectly assigned if wells were loaded
into memory and then some were closed. If the user subsequently
tried to Copy Curves from one well to another an error occurred.
Distribution & Multi-
well Batch
Previously, IP did not automatically create output curves for wells
where parameters were distributed to multiple wells and then
interpretation modules were run in Multi-well Batch mode. This was
to ensure that the user QC'd each well before running the
interpretation modules separately on each well. The Clay volume
and PhiSw modules have been modified so that output curves are
now created automatically, without having to run the modules via the
setup windows. NOTE: You still have to QC the results !!
Parameter Change
There was a problem selecting the first parameter in the drop-down
list of available parameters.
Load LAS/LBS Loading LBS format files was not working properly
LIS Load LIS Load operation would not read some old Western Atlas LIS files.
Edit Zones / Tops
The limit on the number of multi-well rows that can be used to load
tops has been increased from 2,000 to 20,000. One can load up to a
maximum of 1,000 zones / tops into each well.
Cutoff & Summation
Cumulative height/thickness curve for a sparsely populated curve (eg
Core Porosity) was being incorrectly calculated and reported in the
All Zones section of a Summation report.
Parameter windows
Clay Volume, PhiSw and Cutoff & Summation parameters windows -
if the user changed the Parameter options, for example, de-selecting
Bad Hole curve in Vclay module, having already run the module
with the Bad Hole indicator switched on. The parameter tabs would
not update without the user closing the Parameter window and re-
opening it.
Picture Curves
The program would not read saved Picture Curves from a Version
3.1 database.
. 7
Module Bug
Pickett Plot
Pickett plot did not handle 'Rw Temp' parameter where 'Rw Temp'
parameter was entered as a curve.
Correlation Panel
'White space' was not being clipped off when multi-well plots were
sent to a hardcopy plotter, resulting in large plot dimensions.
Correlation Panel
Rotated plot headers were not being correctly displayed
Correlation Panel
Single Well Log Plot Header was conflicting with Multi-well
correlation well headers and in some instances was being drawn on
the correlation plot when it should not have been.
Correlation Panel
When wells were loaded into the correlation panel and the Depth
reference curve was changed to TVDSS, where the TVDSS curve
was in 'negative' depth - If the user added extra wells - the new wells
would load with DEPTH as the default reference curve and these
wells would be displayed upside down in the correlation.
The "Connection" button on the GEOLOG Database interface screen
was getting lost when the monitor was set to low resolution.
Interactive Crossplot (Neutron/Density) in Phi/Sw module -
interactive Dry Clay Point and Fluid line were missing.
Anadrill Env.
Labelling on CDN and ADN tabs - "Porosity Input Curve (%)" and "
Porosity Output Curve" were incorrect. Labels should read Neutron
input curve and Neutron corrected respectively.
Clay Volume / Phi
Version 3.1 parameter sets saved to a disk file will not load properly
in version 3.2
Multiline Formula
Multiline formula gave an incorrect Error message when an input
curve name, which did not exist in the in-memory well, was manually
typed in.
Correlation Panel
Plot Size - if using 'positive' TVDSS curve as the depth reference, the
physical plot size was much smaller in dimensions than if using a
'negative' TVDSS curve. Problem was to do with -999 (null) values in
the 'negative' TVDSS curve. Users should ensure that TVDSS curve
do not contain null values.
DLIS Loader
Improved operation of DLIS Load module to interrogate the Depth
curve to calculate a well step where the file header step value is
incorrect, or missing
Image Generation
Halliburton's EMI tool image generation caused white pixel spots at
high resolution when the tool rotated.
Log Plot Shadings
In a log plot with gaps in the lithology shading track, lithology
symbols were missing as soon as a 'blank' section of the well was
scrolled into view.
. 8
Module Bug
A description of Discriminator logic was not output on the histogram
plot, if it had been applied in the module
Plotting JPG, TIFF files were not output at the correct vertical scale
Multi-Line Formula
Module was not updating the history for the output curves if the
results curve already existed.
Multi-Well curve
The well name output from the Multi-well curve statistics window was
sometimes not complete. Only 10 characters for the well name were
displayed. Whereas a well name can contain up to 40 characters
Log Plot
When a user included a large text file in a log plot header, if the file
contained many lines of text, the text file was being truncated in the
log Plot header.
Edit Multi-Well Log
Curve headers
In the Edit Multi-Well Log Curve Headers module, columns (esp.
Well Name) were a fixed width, such that similar well names with
many characters could not be distinguished from one another.
Columns can now be adjusted to display full well names.
User Program
User Program using zones was not always correctly returning
input/output curve settings after the User program was run and
parameter set was saved.
Multi-Well Cutoff
and Summation
The Summation Report was not recording the units for the 'All Zones'
lines of the report.
LAS reader
When the 'Set Well' button was clicked the Set name for all curves
was changed to the 'Default' set name selected in the window.
Plotting / Hardcopy
If a log plot with a colored border was printed on a fanfold type plotter
then, depending upon the paper size selected, the junction between
pages showed a thin line of the same color as the border.
Plotting / Hardcopy
If a log plot was made with a border and contained multiple depth
intervals then the bottom 1/10" of each depth interval was clipped off
the plot.
Plotting / Hardcopy
If a log plot was made with multiple intervals and the original plot
contained a turned off (hidden) track, then the header for the second
or later intervals could be missing or in the wrong place.
IP Database
A curve in a well with a blank name can cause problems loading
Sperry Sun Neutron
Corrections to the neutron curve were not valid.
MonteCarlo Error
MonteCarlo Analysis input curves could not be selected properly
. 9
Module Bug
Depth Shift
Depth shift array core data using closest value did not work well.
Data was lost.
Security checkout
User could not check out a license. Kept on getting message that all
license were checked out.
Curve From
Cutoff and Summation parameters, if the parameter set is not saved
to the database, the Curve From Parameters module may not be
'synchronized' and parameters can appear out of order.
Log Curve Names
IP did not recognize curve names which incorporated Cyrillic
(Russian) characters, when these curves were loaded from external
LAS load Reloading IP-created LAS files did not load curve attributes.
User Formula
Single line formula did not recognize Russian named curves as part
of the formula line
Problem exporting Curves to Geolog
Ascii Loader Did not recognize Russian fonts in curve names
IP Program
When IP was connected to a network project then the program was
closed and the PC was disconnected from network; when IP was
restarted, an Exception error occurred.
When an annotation text was placed on a log plot at an angle of 45
degrees. Then a second annotation was plotted below the first, at 0
degrees rotation. The second annotation was still plotted at 45
degrees angle.
Loading Picture
Picture curve file path names longer than 128 characters were
causing an error on loading from the database.
Porosity & Water
For Neutron-only porosity with an input Neutron matrix parameter,
the neutron excavation factor was not being calculated correctly.
Floating a toolbar in the IP window, then closing it while it was
floating and restarting IP and viewing that toolbar showed a gray box
with no icons in it.
Creating Curve Sets
If a Curve Set was created by an interpretation module (eg MinSolve)
then any curves in that Set were not visible to a drop-down curve list
box until the curve Set was reviewed in the Set Manager or IP was
OpenSpirit Connection would connect but would not list curves in the
IP interface.
. 10
Module Bug
Porosity / Water
Sperry Sun neutron lookup tables did not load properly.
Clay Volume
If a Tops set was loaded into a blank Clay Volume Set then none of
the clay parameters would be initalized.
Shade Types
If a colour name longer than 10 characters was added to the list then
the shade type window was cancelled, the shade types were deleted.
Curves from Zones
When a saved .ztc file was loaded back into the module, the window
did not immediately refresh with the correct zone 'values'. It stayed
set to the 'default' values.
Mineral Solver
Mineral Solver Curve Sets - Users were unable to delete Mineral
Solver curve Sets when there were more than 20 Sets.
Using X = f(Y) regression function presented the wrong equation on
the crossplot
If multiple wells were selected there was no easy way to unselect
wells. Now click on All Wells box to toggle between All or No wells
User Program
Created a Userprogram auto plot with interactive parameters. Saved
and restarted IP. Edited the selected interactive parameter. When
you clicked on the parameter to change it, the cell went blank and
you lost the current name.
User Program Auto-plot with a variable shading using facies did not save or load.