Kilbourne Jean (2000); Killing Us Softly 3 How Advertising Changes the Way We Think and Feel exploit women

's fear of not being attractive enough. the prime underlying connotation of the movie is the establishment of the notion that the continued focus of women in advertising as sex objects is something that is turning out to be particularly detrimental to the foundation of societal norms and parameters. This, moreover, is something that is emphasized upon even more strongly when considering it in light of the fact that when it comes to being regarded as individuals, the image of women is indeed suffering as a result of the continuous rise in the illustration of female image as being synonymous with passivity and sex.

research has shown that the self-esteem of girls plummets when they reach adolescence. The relevance of this lays within the fact that girls tend to become overly paranoid and touchy about the way that they look, this, something that is due to their subconscious awareness of society’s stance in concern to their gender. This is something that is immediately relational to the continuous increase in the media portrayal of females as sex objects. Thus speaking and taking into consideration all that has been said and discussed, it is quite apparent, that the consequences of gender socialization, especially when propagated by as strong a medium as the media [the advertising industry] tends to have deep reaching and long lasting consequences. Consider, for instance, the fact that the greatest contempt is for women who are overweight. This is something that well enforces upon the disadvantageousness of being routinely scrutinized, criticized and judged. It would, moreover, be conclusively apt to acknowledge that in addition to the fact that pornography, which promotes sex as well as violence, has become mainstream; the single greatest cause of injury to women in America is domestic hostility leading to violence and physical assault. It is quite apparent, speaking in light of all that has been considered and speculated upon, that the movie is primarily based upon how the female, as a result of societal transitions, has come to represent something of a proverbial marketing tool or

I see MTV videos with lyrics and images that not-so-subtly suggests that women must only be slut to please the mens. Our society is very very sad.. The point is that we live in a society that portraits as beauty photoshopped anorexic girls. "hey, there's a childlike woman with advanced secondary female characteristics who has low self-esteem and is in sexual heat, It's the part of our nature that's most congenial to the needs of advertisers -- instant animalistic reaction, bypass the rational mind and even most of our other emotions. We're guaranteeing a race towards Idiocracy. The answer isn't a new Taliban, or even a feminist politburo approving ads, but the answer can't be just shrug and move on.

Change has to come from the heart, from the grassroots. Ideas have power.

A man's worth is in his pockets (abillity to provide), a woman's in her body (ability to reproduce). 100 years of rapid social changes won't change thousands of years of evolution.

Yes, like most people, her viewpoint is frozen in the time she grew up - but I still think she makes a lot of valid points.

The point was not to look at advertising but to look at culture through advertising and consider our attitudes, even those we may not be all that aware of.

This woman isnt dealing with reality, she has her own agenda that shes trying to force on the evidence, thats not how you find out the truth. "It works" is not an acceptable excuse. For the most part, we don't choose to look at advertisements. People with Ph.Ds spend their whole lives trying to contrive ads that are not choices, that bypass rational thought and work on subconscious desires.

ads are objectifying women because of the herd mentality. An ad agency did it, it worked and then everyone followed suit. By now its a feedback loop, we want it because were bombarded with it and were bombarded with it because we want it. I dont think theres any real good solution to this problem, but hey thats being human.... i could count out a loooong list of problems plagueing this planet that dont have good solutions.

Too many people don't really empathize with another person's situation unless they are close to them.

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