4th Edition, April 2009

With every change of season, come transformations and most obvious is the newness of life emerging during the end of winter and the beginning of spring. In this Spring edition, the aroma and fragrance of life comes in various ways. Since the last cuppa together, we were able to bless the SSND Sisters (we lease our houses from them) with some Chinese cuisine. It was all hands on deck for an afternoon to bring the ambience to them. Their dining room was transformed into a Chinese restaurant. The mood of the evening was causal, with lots of tantalising dishes beckoning us to enjoy, and we dined with excellent company. At the end of the meal, Mario was

Before long, the feasting gave way to fasting with the beginning of Lent. This period of growing deeper was also a season of re-evaluating and rediscovering. For both Grace and Catherine, we were blessed with an opportunity to be guest students at a course on Prayer of the Heart. Though those few Saturday mornings were early rises, they were more than worth in refreshing our interior life. During this period, we had a few guests staying with us. First it was Sumi who had just finished S.O.M in Allerheiligen, then we had the pleasure of having Rainer Hensel for a week to lend us some much needed manpower in maintaining things around the office, and in our residences. Mario was delighted to have some male bonding time with a brother; even fixing an antenna on the roof provided this fellowship. Our overgrown garden gazebo and hedges in the office compound had some timely trimming to get into good shape for Spring. From the work that Rainer had done, we are in agreement that it’s thumbs up, and


graciously invited to give some updates on what had been unfolding in the Mission, especially with the Ghana Medical Centre. Impressions of good food and great company lingered on for some days after that...

4th Edition, April 2009

definitely he is a cut above the rest. Bravo! Before the onset of Holy Week, the ICPE Roma community went on a three day retreat with Trish Walsh who visited for a week, to be our retreat mistress. The topics covered in her inputs pertained to covenant. In many ways, the retreat served as a ‘primo piatto’ (first course) helping us to appreciate a fuller community life. Suffice to say, we received enough to chew on for both our minds and hearts before being partakers of the promised banquet. This year’s Easter celebration felt so different for all of us because we are not carrying this celebration within our community settings. Instead, we joined the larger parish community of Santa Suzanna to celebrate the Easter Triduum with beautifully prepared liturgies. On Easter Sunday,

With spring came also a time of evaluation of these past months of living in Rome and serving at the International Office. The challenges of adjusting to the new culture and lifestyle as an ICPE Missionary in Rome were varied, and undoubtedly they impact each one according to the seasons of one’s life. For Catherine, the path of growth for the near future points to a termination of her commitment at the end of a year in Rome. Catherine’s contribution to the work of the Mission in Rome is significant; however, certain circumstances do not permit her to continue serving here long term as it was originally envisaged. By September, Catherine will be travelling to Singapore for a Year of Formation. Meanwhile, Grace and Angeline will continue serving the international operation in Rome.

To contact us: ICPE Roma Community Email icperoma@gmail.com Phone: address:

+63 06 66416078

Postal address: Via della Stazione Aurelia 95 00165 Roma, Italy

the SSND Sisters invited us over to share their feast. As you can see, we indeed lack no good things.


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