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4 J uly 2014

Dear Parents/Guardians of Sec 4 & 5 students,

As we journey the last semester with your child/ward before the national examinations, the
school has the following to assist them in achieving their goal. Parents of graduating students
are requested to give them additional support and monitoring in their preparation for the
crucial examination.

(A) Term 3 Class Test Schedule

The class tests will ensure your child/ward is better prepared before the Prelim 2 Examination.
Remedial lessons will be on needs basis for key subjects and your child/ward will be informed
by the respective subject teachers should he/she need to attend the remedial lessons (See

(B) Evening Self-Study Programme

Based on positive response from students in Semester 1, our school will continue the Evening
Self-Study Programme for all Sec 4 & 5 students. The school will be open for three evenings
(Tues, Wed and Thurs) from 6.30 pm 8.30 pm, for six weeks from Week 3 to Week 8 of Term

Please note that this programme is not compulsory and the students involvement is purely
voluntary. Nevertheless, attendance will still be taken.

Students who want to attend the Evening Self-Study programme have to be appropriately
dressed in school attire. In addition, they are required to stay for the entire session of 2 hours
and so will not be allowed to leave earlier. If the students come later than 7 pm, they will be
barred from entering the school and will be sent home.

(C) Preliminary 2 Examination

Sec 4NA/NT students will have their Prelim 2 Examination from 13 Aug to 22 Aug and the Sec
4E/5N students from 1 Sept to 3 Sept and 15 Sept to 22 Sept (See attached for the
examination timetable).

4 Yishun Street 71, Singapore 768516 Tel: 68767129 Fax: 67557748

(D) Graduation Day

The school celebrates the Graduation Day with all Sec 4 and 5 students on 29 Sept, Monday.
More details will be provided later.

(E) Block Revision

The Block Revision programme will cater to the students to have their last lap of revision with
the teachers from 1 Oct to 10 Oct.

(F) Full Implementation of Health Promoting School Programme (HPSC)

Following from our previous notification, in Term 1, on the trialing of the new HPSC
programme, we have found it beneficial for our students, and continued with the programme in
Term 2. We will be proceeding with the full implementation of it in Term 3. This newly initiated
programme by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) is in line with addressing current health
trends in youths. We will continue to work closely with HPB on the guidelines in the
programme with your child's/ward's good health in mind.

The current pricing for the set meals are as follows, which include specific servings of
wholegrains, fruit, vegetables and protein foods in accordance to HPB's guidelines:
Rice set meals: Small ($2.00), Medium ($2.20) & Large ($2.40)
Noodle set meals: Small ($1.80), Medium ($2.00) & Large ($2.20)
Sandwich set meal ($1.20)
Burger set meal ($2.00)

We appreciate your continued support and we look forward to partnering you in the
development of your child.

Yours in Education,

Ms Ng Ngoing Keng