Matt Holly Unleashed

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I dedicate this book to my Mum, Dad, Rhett, Grandad, Nana, Nanny and my Grandpa. None of this would be possible without you.


Hi. I’m Matt Holly. You may see my out the front of wrestling DVD covers, on the headlines of all the magazines, or You people would know me as ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ or ‘Triple H junior’.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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Let me tell you something. You cannot just walk in to TNA or WWE like people think. Becoming a wrestler is much more complex. I have trained since I was 12, day in and day out. The right foods are essential. Before a show, my tag partner, HBK, aka Luke O’Meara, always fuels me with a bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese. This gives me the energy to go. As some of you may know, you have to travel often. This results in jet lag. I am probably lacking 12 hours sleep since my last flight. Also, I had a lot of trouble with my pigeon toed feet. I send a clear message out to all families or kids who are pigeon-toed. If you
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Matt Holly Unleashed

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have it checked early like me, you can fix your feet!

The sacrifices you make are huge. But I always see my girlfriend, Ashley Massaro. We live in Greenwich, Connecticut. I have no children, but I own a dog named Buffy. She loves to travel. Anyway, this book outlines my life, success and my family. I hope you find out a lot more about me through this book. Enjoy.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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CHAPTER 1 An Outline
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Matt Holly Unleashed

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Everybody has a story. You do, I do. We are all exciting people. But my story starts in a City named Perth. Perth is located in Western Australia. Yes, Australia. Luke and I are the only two wrestlers to ever make it big-time from Australia. Well, Luke is originally from New Zealand. I was born in St John of God hospital, Subiaco. My mums name is Janene Holly. She is from Queensland. I love her so, so much. She is the best, also equal to my dad. His name is Geoffrey David Holly, born in

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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Perth. I love him so, so much. My most precious person is my brother, Rhett. I will talk about him later. My dad lives in Greenbay, Wisconsin with Anni. I see him often. He never misses a big PPV (Pay Per View, Main Event). Dad used to think wrestling was nothing but fake acting. But know, you can’t take it away from him. As for my mum, she has been to every Raw since I started. She loves it. Her favourite is Shawn Michaels senior. My brother, Rhett, is an up and coming talent. He has wrestled in OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) for 6 months now, is almost
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Matt Holly Unleashed

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ready to make his debut. He is brilliant. He fights as the hell. He wears Red and Black tights to the ring and has an awesome mask. Go the Hell!

The 8th of November, 2007

The 8th of November, 2007, was one of my favourite days. WWE came to Brisbane. We had tickets. We wore our favourite shirts, and drove for an hour to Brisbane. The only results I remember were: Jeff Hardy won the Brisbane Cup

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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Orton defeated Jeff Hardy Triple H defeated Umaga in a no Disqualification match.

It was the best night. We loved it, especially when Triple H finished off Umaga with a pedigree. But It was not the first time I had seen WWE live. I went to Brisbane in March, 2006, to see Smackdown.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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Growing Up

My brother and I were not allowed to wrestle. Somebody always ended up hurt. This was when I was 12, and he was 8. But we loved watching it. My all-time favourites were DX, Y2J and Jeff Hardy. I always imitated them. One day, Luke invited me over to watch the 2007 Summerslam. I was wrapped. I couldn’t really afford to buy a PPV, and he was watching it- WOW! I went home from school that day with him.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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Luke O’Meara will always be best friends. We have been since grade 4. Luke is a black belt in karate. I love watching it. He has a lethal kick, now used in WWE as the Sweet Chin Music. Luke and I both attended St Andrews Anglican College, QLD, until we were 12. We then were home schooled by Ken Kennedy until we were 16. Jobs for Wine January 2008 17th

We decided we were going to train to be professional wrestlers. We started out having a dream goal, and we achieved it.
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Matt Holly Unleashed

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Luke and I have always been on camera. We have made movies, wrote plays and have been in a number of YouTube videos. We were sitting at Luke’s house on the 17th of January, 2008. We both wrote a letter to Mr. McMahon. “Matt, I’m sick and tired of sitting around. Let’s make an impact. We’ll film a video of our best moves on my trampoline, and send it to Vince McMahon with a bottle of wine,” Luke said to me. So we washed cars, did jobs and unpacked the dishwasher, until we could afford a bottle of wine. We sent our package away, and waited… and waited… until the winter in 2008 came,
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Matt Holly Unleashed

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we had a letter addressed to the DX Juniors. We opened it up…

Dear Matt and Luke January, 2008


Dear Matt Holly and Luke O’Meara, Thank-you very much for the bottle of wine. It tasted beautiful. I watched your video, and I must say I’m very impressed. If you are serious about this, call me on 61 63 382747436. When we come on tour in Brisbane in October, 2008, come with us back to America. I will

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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pay OVW for you two to wrestle before coming to the WWE. We will fly you to America in our WWE private jet, along with all the other superstars. Please ring me a.s.a.p. Thankyou, Vincent Kennedy McMahon Chairman of the WWE We were shocked. We grabbed Luke’s phone straight away. WE GOT IN! The phone began ringing. “Hello?” Vince said into the phone.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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“Hi Vince! It’s Matt and Luke from Australia. We sent you that video, remember?” We shouted so loud the neighbours could hear. “Hey guys! What do you think?” Long story short, we accepted his offer, and he gave us free diamond seats to Brisbane. He was then going to take us back to America from there. WE WERE ONLY 12! We started to seriously stress out. We couldn’t stuff up. I rang my mum straight away. “WE GOT IN! WE GOT IN!” I yelled. “Well done, honey!”
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Matt Holly Unleashed

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“We are flying to the USA on the 29th of October. McMahon has given us tickets to the No Mercy Tour, and he is escorting us to his private jet,” I yelled in to the ear piece. Mum promised me that she and dad would NOT miss my first show.

Leaving the School 26th October 2008
My teacher, Mrs Shorten, was shocked about our sudden leave. She was so happy

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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for me. Mrs Shorten was my best in school teacher ever. She was very creative. But we had a lot of fun. It was great. I promised to fly her to America when we win the tag team championship. And that was St Andrews.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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The Best Surprise Ever! 26th October 2008
When I got into the car home that day, my mum was very happy. She said Vince phoned and offered for mine and Luke’s parents to come and live in a house in America. Mum and dad accepted, and so did Luke’s. Mum moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She loves it there. So does dad and Anni, as I mentioned before, love Greenbay. Below is a map of Wisconsin.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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Finally, the house show in Brisbane had arrived. Luke and I were getting ready to go. At the moment, DX were against Team Extreme tonight. Luke and I were wearing our DX shirts, and were crotch-chopping random people. We were walking through the entertainment centre, when a muscle built hand was placed on our shoulders. It was Vince. “Boys, I’m Vince McMahon. Oh, are you two really Matt and Luke?” Vince asked. “Yeah, my name is Matt, and his name is Luke. How did you know?” I asked, sounding very surprised.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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“I saw your video. So, how are you? Did you know I was escorting you to your seats?” Vince asked. “No, it was an awesome surprise,” Luke exclaimed. “C’mon, come down to ringside. Luke and I humbly followed Vince down a long strip of screaming fans that parted in a way that blocked off gate 17, the gate we entered in.

We were seated by Vince. “Now remember, boys. After the show, you meet me behind the curtain, OK?” Vince ensured.
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Matt Holly Unleashed

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“Of course, we are very responsible people,” Luke confirmed in an almost cynical tone.

Tony Chimel’s voice echoed through-out the Brisbane Entertainment Centre “Ladies and gentleman, the following show is the 11th Raw Australian House Show. Then, the music of The Hardy’s blasted the Brisbane Entertainment centre. The got a massive welcoming. Well, almost as big as DX’s grand entrance. DX ended up winning, when Shawn got the music to Jeff, and Hunter got the pedigree on Matt. It was a double pin. Great show. 9/10.
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Matt Holly Unleashed

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Lost 29th October 2008

Anybody who has seen the entertainment centre would know it’s big. Really big. Guess what? Me and Luke got lost. We ended up near the drink stand. “Excuse me sir, but do you know where the backstage area is?” I asked him. “Yeah, but its blocked off by bouncers. Only officials can enter. Just climb over the
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Matt Holly Unleashed

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security barrier at ringside. Just don’t get seen; you’ll be in trouble,” the man told us. “Thankyou,” Luke said to him. We were at ringside. Luke climbed over, me to follow. We were walking next to the ring. We touched the sleek, elegant canvas. It has had some brutal beatings over the years. We made our way up the ramp toward the curtain. It brushed our skin as we entered the locker room to find a giant man with yellow teeth towering above us. “Whatta’ you boys think your doin’ ere’? Snitsky asked. Gene Snitsky was in a current feud with Cody Rhodes.
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Snitsky was an offensive lineman for the University of Missouri Tigers football team. Snitsky wrestled in Ohio Valley Wrestling as "Mean Gene" Mondo, the kayfabe brother of Mike Mondo. He signed with Allentown, PA based World Xtreme Wrestling under the name "Mean Gene" Snisky (a name inspired by "Mean Gene" Okerlund) and won the tagteam championship along with his partner Robb Harper as the Twin Tackles. When he entered singles competition, he won the wXw Heavyweight Championship.

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The Story Of Matt Holly

Matt Holly Unleashed

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“Oh, sorry Mr Snitsky. My name is Luke and this is Matt,” Luke confirmed. “Sorry kids. The names Eugene. You can call me Eugene, Gene or Snitsky. Vince has spoken of you heaps. The whole locker room watched your move-set video. It was great,” Eugene said. “Thanks. What do we do here?” I asked, still in the process of shaking Gene’s hand. “Oh, quick. Whiz into that room to meet Torrie. She’s of ring kit designer. She will explain your story line and ask you what you normally wear,” Eugene pointed out.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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We walked into the room to find Torrie. “Hey guys, the name’s Torrie. I’m going to figure out your move set. Now, you guys will debut on Heat in three months. Now, what do you wear Matt, DX tights?” Torrie asked.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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“We both do, actually. We wear the DX shirts too in out entrance.” Those who do not know, wrestlers make a grand entrance.

“You guys are happy with the ‘Are You Ready’ DX entrance? Torrie asked us. “Yes!” Luke screamed loud enough for the whole locker room to hear. “Well, Vince asked me to ask you if you wanted to join DX in a four way tag team and continue this story line until 2009. If you do, you will be in several rivalries, including against Rated RKO an later on Snitsky and Umaga. Do you accept?”
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Matt Holly Unleashed

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“Of course we do!” I yelled out. We were then handed our new uniform, and we were escorted out of the room.

The Great Wait (Literally)

Well, those who don’t know, it is a long wait until 3:30 AM, and we need to pack the equipment up.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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So, we were stuck in a locker room full of 7ft wrestlers. And let me tell you, after that show, they stunk. Real bad. So, we had just walked out of the costume office when we came across a large corridor with cream white wall. Suddenly, we were interrupted by a screaming man yelling foul language. “What you mean I got it wrong? Jeff was before me. I moved the ladder when Hunter and Shawn went for the clothesline,” the man yelled quite loud. “I saw ya, Matt! Jeff and Hunter were signalling the leg drop, you fool! If you

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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can’t read the signs, find another job, like TNA or something like that.” You could clearly tell the We heard a door opened, as Matt walked towards us. He was 18ft away, but he stopped dead in his tracks. “Who are you guys?” he asked us. “My name is Matt, and this is Luke. We are starting in this business soon,” I replied hastily, kind of nervously. “Oh, I’m Matt too,” he said. “Do you know where Vince is?” Luke asked him. “Yeah, follow through that door. He’s there.”
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Matt Holly Unleashed

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So we followed through that door; and were shocked. Standing inside that door was the current Intercontinental Champ, Jeff Hardy. “Hey guys, you after Vince?” Jeff asked. Jeff was pretty tall, much taller than he looked on TV. “Yeah, I’m Matt, I said, introducing my self.” “We all know who you guys are, so don’t bother. Oh, Vince is around the back. Just go through that door.” He pointed to an old, rusty door. We spoke o Vince.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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Now, on Sunday we have a big surprise for you. Get some sleep and You’ll find out in the morning.

Chapter 2 Make an Impact
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Matt Holly Unleashed

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Three years of training in OVW went by. My finisher was the Pedigree, and Luke’s was the Sweet chin music, and the Heartbreaker. The heartbreaker was a modified power bomb, slamming the opponents back in an X shape. I developed a new move called The Cerebral Drop. It was a spin out Samoan Drop that lands with their arms and legs out in an X, kind of the same as Luke’s. I developed a nickname from some of the boys, such as Forgetful. Every stop of the tours, I always lose

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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something within the mess of my hotel room. I will explain how hard we worked…


My First Training day was on the 25th August, 2012. It was a cold winter day as I felt a body lift me out of bed. I was still ½ asleep when I felt a motor running under

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Matt Holly Unleashed

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my car seat. I woke to a massive bump when my unknown driver had hit a bump. “This used to be the way to Los Angeles, but they took out the bloody bridge!” I obviously knew Ric Flairs voice a mile off. He sometimes gets lost. He is now 69 and is still very healthy. “You’re so stupid Ric. There had never been a road here. You always say you know where to go, but you always get us lost. You suck, Ric.” Judging by that voice, I instantly knew it was Hunter. “Shut, up… I never killed the teddy”

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Matt Holly Unleashed

35 35

Now that voice was Luke on the floor, sleep talking. “Luke, wake up!” I yelled. “Where are we?” he cried. “I’m not sure, but we are in a car with Hunter and Flair.” I explained to him. “Where are we going?” “I don’t know. I just really woke up.” “Shut up, Ric. Take us to the damn Staples Centre!” “That was Batista!” Luke cried. “Yeah, and he sounds pretty pissed off at either Ric or Hunter.” Nice going, Ric. You’re creating an X-cellent ride for us.”
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Matt Holly Unleashed

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“Holy Jesus, that was Shawn Michaels! Where are we going?” Luke said. “I think Vince is taking us to Vengeance!” Vengeance is a WWE PPV. An expected 91,000 WWE fans turn up every year for this event. This time it is at Colorado Springs…

The Car Stopped…

We sat still in the now motionless car with great dismay. Where would Vince intend to take us? I thought that over several times.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

37 37

Hunter was expressing himself even more toward Ric now. The door opened. Ric was staring at us. “You boys seen it too, didn’t you? You know there used to be a bridge just over there?” Ric whispered. “I dunno, Ric. I suppose there is a chance, seeming I’ve never been to the US before. Where are we?” I asked him. “Oh sorry boys, I forgot to tell you. We are on the way to Colorado Springs. Your parents are there waiting, as you will be attending the RAW before Vengeance. If you wish to come to Vengeance, please ask Hunter and he’ll give you tickets.”
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Matt Holly Unleashed

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Ric pulled out a piece of paper. “Right, Matt, nick around the back of the truck and see Hunter. As for you, Luke, around the front of the car is Shawn. Now be off with you.


I staggered around the side of the car, kind of nervous. Luke always told me you may see somebody many times, but you only have one first impression.
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Matt Holly Unleashed

39 39

I crept around toward the back, and poked an eye around it. No body there. I turned to walk back to Ric, when I was elevated far above the ground, into the air. “Whata you think your doing, ya’ little scoundrel? You just got lifted by Hunter!” Oh my god, lifted by Hunter? What a day! “Hey Hunter, my names Matt. Am I heavy to lift?” I asked. “No buddy, I’ve lifted much heavier. I lifted you into the car this morning. Now, Vince has properly told you he has a surprise to tell you. In the WWE, everybody has a trainer. I have been selected to be yours. We will train with Shawn and Luke. That
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Matt Holly Unleashed

40 40

way we can teach you both the same moves. You need to learn how to fake the sledge hammer shot.” Triple H (Hunter) is very well known for his signature weapon of choice, the sledge hammer. “You need to hold your hand over the metal bit. You also need how to take a big fall and how to land. Let’s go to Colorado and I will explain more,” Hunter supposed.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

41 41

It’s a Long way to Colorado

Those who know the States of America well you would know that It is a long way,
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Matt Holly Unleashed

42 42

especially from Greenbay, Wisconsin. We are now sitting upright in the car, and a droning noise echoed throughout the nowrecognised limousine. That buzzing sound was the metal black wall that divided the back compartment from the front was now descending at speedy rate. At first Luke pointed out he could see Hunters hair, and I saw a glimpse of Shawn. At last, the wall revealed an open space where the wall stood just seconds ago. “Hey boys, I’m Dave. Dave Batista.” For those who do not know, Dave Batista is the former World Heavy Weight Champion.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

43 43

His real life name is spelt Bautista, now in wrestling spelt Batista. “I’m Matt and this is Luke. We shook every wrestler’s hand, and continued talking for the rest of the journey.

The Westin Tabor Center, Denver, Colorado

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Matt Holly Unleashed

44 44

We stayed at the Wesin Tabor Center,, Denver, Colorado. It was absolutely beautiful.

Below is a Map of Colorado, and the hotel is marked below.

Reference:http://specialoffers.starwoodhot PS_aa_Southwest_Google_the_westin_tabor_ center_denver_02262007_NAD_FM)

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Matt Holly Unleashed

45 45

Here is a photo of where we stayed:

As soon as I walked into the hotel with the boys, I almost died. Sitting around the pool
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Matt Holly Unleashed

46 46

(above) was every superstar and Divas on the roster. A super star is the cool name for a male wrestler, and a Diva is the fancy name for a girl wrestler. I was called over by Mark Henry. He weighs 420 pounds and competed at the 1992, and came 10th in the Super Heavyweight class.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

47 47

Mark Henry

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Matt Holly Unleashed

48 48

“I’m Mark. And this is Eddie. In wrestling he is known as Umaga. Oh, and this is Nelson (Big Daddy V)” “Hey guys, how are ya?” Luke asked. “Good. My board shorts are very tights!” Nelson exclaimed. Big Daddy V looked nothing less than disgusting in his purple boardies.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

49 49

Big Daddy and Umaga mmons/thumb/9/9e/Umaga.jpg/329pxUmaga.jpg
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Matt Holly Unleashed

50 50

Big Daddy V jumped into the pool, creating the worlds largest bomb dive. It splashed litres of water out of the pool. “Hee hee, just the way I like it.” “Boys! Come over here!” Vince called out. We made our way over to Vince, who was standing with the Undertaker (Mark Callaway), Hunter and Shawn.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

51 51

Triple H performing his iconic ring entrance pose on the second rope following his 2007 comeback

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Matt Holly Unleashed

52 52

Me with Hunters belt

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Matt Holly Unleashed

53 53

My friend, Dave Batista

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Matt Holly Unleashed

54 54


“Here in the WWE,” Vince said, “There is a lot of experienced wrestlers. Do not cross them of challenge them In any way at all. Stay away from Randy Orton. He is a lot more vicious than he is in wrestling!” “And stay away from Khali. And DON’T insult him, because he knows a couple of words in English,” Mark exclaimed, laughing loudly. “No, he’s a good bloke. But seriously kids, stay away from Randy and who he’s

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Matt Holly Unleashed

55 55

hanging around with. He’s a shocking example.”

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Matt Holly Unleashed

56 56

On The Way to Vengeance

We geared up for Vengeance when we heard a knock at the hotel room door. It was Randy. “Hey, look who it is, the new kids on the block. You know it took me 24 bloody years to even train with the WWE. And you kids just slot in, right. That Vince has no idea who he’s hiring at the moment. You kids ought to consider yourself lucky, you stu-” BANG! I slammed the door right in his face. “That will leave a mark!” Luke exclaimed.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

57 57

An hour later, Dave Batista picked us up. “Are you already, kids? We have to pick up your parents from the motel down the road. Luke, you will ride with Ric Flair on his scooter sidecar. Matt, you ride with Hunter on the back of his 450 cc Dirt bike!” “Sweet!” I said. “Cool, but are sure Ric knows where to go?” Luke asked. “Look, you never know where Ric is going, but just be patient,” Dave replied.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

58 58

Well, Vengeance was good. Training went well, and Vince said we were to debut in August, 5 years later.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

59 59

Chapter 3 Debut
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Matt Holly Unleashed

60 60

5 Years later…

We were to debut on Raw, against The Highlanders, Robbie and Rory McAllister. So many emotions pulsed through my body. I was nervous, scared, excited and most of all, thinking what the crowd would think of us. I’m still pretty sure to this day that Luke feeling almost the same as me. “Good luck boys, on your first match. Remember, this match, you are Matt and

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Matt Holly Unleashed

61 61

Luke. At the end, play along with the story line.” We had no idea what to do, but our music was Fake It by Seether. The lights dimmed. This the moment we’ve all been waiting for. I looked stupid in my long pink tights. Hundreds of fans cheered, and hundreds just stared. We did look kind of cool to the crowd. Luke stayed humble, while I jumped around giving high fives and dancing to the music.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

62 62

The match went quick. We got the double pinfall, Luke buzz-kicking Rory and I Samoan dropped Robbie.

“]Its funny now, watching that tape of our first match, seen as though we are the number 1 superstars in the WWE.” Luke comments.

Suddenly, I grabbed the microphone. “We are the future of the WWE. We are going to conquer the McMahon era, and become apart of Degeneration X!” I yelled.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

63 63

The Are You Ready song boomed over the speakers of the Milwaukee Entertainment Centre. Hunter and Shawn reunited as DX, and made their way to the ring doing their cool, uplifting entrance. They joined us in the ring, and we did the whole fan hype thing. But the highlight was crotch chopping as fireworks spit the atmosphere.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

64 64


Well, we had 6 years with DX until Hunter and Shawn retired but still came to every match. We were now best friends outside wrestling. As me and Luke continued to wipe out every tag team, and held the World Tag Team Championship. We decided we were still DX but we would also manage each other in singles matches. Anyway, I was creating this “Heel vs. Baby face” thing (Bad vs. Good) against Big

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Matt Holly Unleashed

65 65

Daddy V (the current WWE Champion. It started while I was in a match against Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, a 2 on 1 handicap match. I won by the pedigree on Lance, and a spine buster on Trevor. Then Big Daddy came out. He hit me with chairs, put me through tables and Samoan Dropped me on a few occasions. But, I challenged him at WrestleMania.

I was waiting behind the curtain, watching Luke’s match against Gene Snitsky for the Intercontinental Championship. He won by the Super kick. It was a good match.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

66 66

Earlier that night, we were informed by the current Raw general manager, Paul London, that we were the last match on, the main event. Big Daddy and I were delighted. It was set to be a hardcore weapon match (No DQ.) I walked out, with Hunters music by Moterhead. I did the full entrance as Triple H Jr., and I did it really well. It was a good match. I won by pedigree-ing him off a ladder, through a table of barbed wire. I cried, as I had won the WWE Championship, and what a win it was.

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Matt Holly Unleashed

67 67

I was the champion on and off for 10 years, but when the training centre MHWS (Matt Holly Wrestling School) opened, I worked their full time. The WWE’s new talent was my brother, Rhett. What I life I had. Pleased look out for my new DVD, to make a champion.

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