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February 26th 2014

Lot 15757 1/1, Kampung Attaduri
Lengkap, Perak
We are pleased to offer the position of Production Manager ,a member My Group International
Sdn Bhd on the following terms and condition laid down below , and subject to determination and
such further terms as hereinafter provided:
1. Commencement Date
You will commence work on February 26
h 2014 .This contract will continue in force unless and
until agreement is terminated in accordance with its term.
2. Commencement Salary
Your salary commencement shall be RM 3000.00 per month. You salary shall be paid not later
than 7rh day of the following month
3. Annual Leaves
Annual leave with full pay will be grated for each completed year of services.
However the annual leave is subject to the Company approval. No leave shall be
carried forward to the following year without written permission from the company.
The period of leave is as follows:
Less than 2 year - 8 days
2 years or more but less than 5 year - 12 days
5 years and above - 16 days
4. Sick Leave
The company will provided paid sick leave as required by section 60F(l) Employment
Act 1955 as follows
Less than 2 year - 14 days
2 years or more but less than 5 year - l 8days
5 years and above - 22 days
7. Public holidays
You shall observe all the gazette public holidays. If you are requested to work on any
such public holiday, you shall be paid in accordance with Section 60D(3) of The
Employment Act.
- -----
8. Probationary Period
The confirmation of the contract is subject to a 3 or 6 month probationary period
from the effective date of the contract .The company has the right to terminate
your contract of services if your performance during the probationary period is
found to be unsatisfactory by giving I week written notice or salary in lieu
thereof. Upon satisfactory completion of the probation period, your services will
be confirmed in writing.
9. Working Hour
Your working hours are 9 hours per day subjected to shift duty sessions. If the company
needed to do so due to business reasons ,you may be required to work after normal working
hours including rest day, without overtime pay or time off in lieu as you are placed under the
executive category of employees. However, if you are required to work or to attend any
business matters during public holidays , you shall be replaced by replacement leave on rest
days and public holidays will not be given. You also may be required to work in any places
or sites where the company requires you to perform your duties.
10 Bonus
Bonus is payable to confirmed staff only at the entire discretion of the MANAGEMENT
and subject to both the Company profitability and individual performance and refer
Key Result Area ( KRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Appraisal report.
11 Terminated of Contract of Services
10.1 During the probation, the notice of terminated of contract will be I week notice
or pay in lieu of such notice. After confirmation, the notice of termination is 4
weeks notice or pay in lieu of such notice.
10.2 Notwithstanding the aforementioned, the company shall be entitled to
terminate your employment without notice in any of the following
(a) If you are in the opinion of the company guilty of dishonesty, misconduct or
negligence in the performance of your duties
(b) If you have been found to have committed a serious breach of contract of
13. Confidentially
You shall maintain and observe the strictest secrecy and confidentiality in respect of
all of the company's activities and information throughout this Contract Period and
thereafter, and shall be liable for acts in breach of this provision and as per the
Company's rules.
14. Conflict of Interest
You shall not at any time during your service with the Company, directly or indirectly
,without the Company consent in writing first obtained, engage or interest yourself
whether for reward or gratuitously in any work or business other than in respect of
your duties to the Company, or undertake any such office notwithstanding that your
engagement or interest in such office would not interfere with the performance of your
duties with the Company.
If above terms and condition are acceptable, please signify your acceptance by signing and returning
the duplicate co oft s letter to HR department.
Chief Executive Officer /Exe
My Group International Sdn
I, NRIC have read the
Terms and Conditions contained in this contract of appointment and shall report to duty on
42, Lorong Cheah Cheang Lim, 30350,Ipoh
Signature:----------- Date of Acceptance:---------