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Indonesia is a big country, a country with approximately 240 million citizens and has
highly abundant natural resources, ironically, if this country is still classified as a developing
country. There are a number of intellectuals graduated from outstanding universities in
government structure does not ensure the quality of the citizen character in this nation;
corruption, human trafficking, terrorisms, sexual abuse and fights among adolescents. It adds
the list of negative stories about this country. What is wrong with this country? Government?
society? or family, or maybe the education system in this country? Do not let this country
becomes poorer and lose its identity as a country that upholds the value of eastern customs.

Dear brother and sister,
Without character a person is easily doing anything to hurt other people. Therefore, we
need to inculcate the character towards the nation civilization. How great a nation is
determined by the attitude of nation (akhlakul karimah). May be some people do not know well
what is character education. Character education is a process of transferring knowledge,
feeling, attitude to educate a generation based on the unique of the character nation to
understand 3 concepts; know the good- if we know the good we are going to understand what is
good, love the good- if we love the good we will do the good we love and the last is do the good
if we know and love then we will do the good. Those the keys, But how do we inculcate
character education? do not be afraid , I will explain in detail, so listen to me
How do we inculcate character education? There are many good characters that we can
inculcate but I just explain some:
1. DIscipline,
if we are a parent , we can invite our children to pray in time
if we are a teacher, we can give example to come in the school on time
if we are a student, we can invite our friend to come into the class on time
2. MOrality
if we are a parent , we show good things for them
if we are a teacher, we can teach that morality is a reason why they respect us
if we are a student, we can do good things for the bright future
3. REsponsibility,
if we are a parent , we can educate them how to we can clean our house together as
a simple responsibility that we can practice
if we are a teacher, we can explain the positive thing if we are responsible, many
people will be more trustful to us.
if we are a student, we can show that if we take responsible for our task, actually we
have improved our good character as the next generation.
4. HOnesty
if we are a parent, we can show that honesty is good modal to live and it will not
trap us in lie
if we are a teacher, we can convince to them that honesty is a brave attitude.
if we are a student, we can be honest in any situation and tell friend that it will not
hurt us.

Dear brother and sister,
This nation not only needs intellectual ability but also character education to improve
the quality of the nation character towards nation civilization. Dont too expect other people do
first, but do what is the good for us and this homeland. Make promise and keep the
commitment to your self to be better one.
Please, say lets do it if I say Character education, and say DI-MO-RE-HO if I say Good
Character education - Lets do it
Good character - DI-MO-RE-HO
Thats all for me