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Asean question

1. Which airline has been named the worlds best low cost-airline?
2. Thailands economics growth slowed because of the continuing political unrest Prevent of fully
functioning government for month. (true or false)
3. Thailand policeman shot dead in protest clashes in Bangkok. (true or false)
4. When typhoon happened in Philippines?
5. When Air asia began operation?
6. Which Asean country need to admit Rope of minority woman?
A)Singapore B)Myamar
C)Philippine D)Combodia
7. When is Asean Day?
8. Who is the head of state in Singapore?
9. What is the name of Asean Athem?
10. Do China is state of Asean?
11. From this following list, which country is not a member of ASEAN: Myanmar, Brunei, India,
12. What is the name of the founding declaration of ASEAN?
13. Which ASEAN country has no border to the sea or the ocean?
14.Which ASEAN country has no rural area?
15.What countries were the founders of ASEAN in 1967?
16.Which country is the 10thmember of ASEAN?
17. Where is the ASEAN Secretariat Office?
18.When was the ASEAN Charter adopted?
19. Which ASEAN country has the longest borderline connecting to THAILAND?
20. Which ASEAN countries use BAHASA as one of their languages?
21.What is the name of the historic pass into the north-west frontier of Pakistan from Afghanistan?
22. Which Asian City hosted the 1964 Olympic Games?
23. The lowest point on the surface of the earth lies in Asia, what is it?
24. After Russia, China is the biggest country of Asia, which one comes third?
25. What is the Thai word for Free?
26. In which holiday resort did a bomb explode killing over 200 people last weekend?
27. What is strange about the title of the movie Krakatoa, East of Java?
28. How is the holy city of Benares otherwise known?
29. Which hotel did Japanese officers use as their base in Hong Kong?
30. What is the largest city of China, in terms of population?
31. By what name is the Central Asian snow leopard also known?
32. What Asian gave up his Divine status in 1945?
33. Which Asian kingdom was formerly known as Siam?
34. What was the former name of the country known since 1989 as Myanmar?
35. Which large Asian country is known as Bharat in its official language?
36. On a flight from Sri Lanka to Hong Kong you would pass over 5 countries name any 2?
37. What is Krakatoa?
38. What was the only religion in Japan prior to the 6th century AD?
39. How long is the Great Wall of China (900, 1400, 2100, 3400, or 10000 miles
40. Give the 2 other names by which the mountain Chogori is known by?
41. Which is the largest city in Japan in population?
42. What is the name of Chinas greatest river?
43. Which of these curries is the hottest Vindaloo, Phall, Korma, Tikka or Madras
44. What is or was a Coolie?
45. Which Capital city is reputed to be the oldest in the world?

1. Air asia
2. True
3. True
4. 7-8 of November 2013
5. 18 November 1996
6. Myamar
7. 8 of August
8. President SR Hathan
9.The Asean Way
12. Bangkok Declaration
13. Laos
15.Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore
16. Cambodia on 30 April 1999
17. Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia
18. November 2007
19. Myanmar
20. Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and Singapore
21. The Khyber Pass
22. Tokyo
23. The Dead Sea
24. India
25. Thai
26. Kuta
27. It is west of Java
28. Varenesi
29. The Peninsula
30. Shanghai
31. Ounce
32. Emperor Hirohito
33. Thailand
34. Burma
35. India
36. (any 2) Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China
37. A Volcano
38. Shintoism
39. 1400 Miles
40. K2 and Mount Goodwin Austin
41. Tokyo
42. Yangtse Kiang
43. Iran
44. An Indian or Chinese hired labourer
45. Damascus