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Technological Institute of the Philippines

Quezon City

Reflection Paper

Submitted By:
Verna Lois DS. Ponferrada

AR310P2 / AR31FC4
July 18, 2014


started only last year but they are already accomplished many projects. Their usual designs are churches
and hospitals. The RCCDC is located in Anonas in suite 401 J&F Divino Arcade Aurora Boulevard, Cubao,
Quezon City. It is only a small company that is headed by an Engineer, a small staff consists of other
Engineers, an Architect and a secretary. They also employed CADD Operators. This small scale business
caters from Architectural works to Engineering design. They still dont have their individual booths yet
except from the head of the company. They are just beginning but they have already met some well known
people like Arch. Zuriel. Their company simply started because of the very high demands of Architectural
and Engineering design. They dont have any drafting table because they are using AutoCadd instead of
the traditional drafting and design using drawing tools.

Company Hierarchy
Engr. Reuel P. Corsino (Proprietor)
Arch. Geoffrey P. Valdez (Design Architect)
Rhonnie Balderas (Job Captain Architectural)
Marc Angelo Petipet (Job Captain Engineering)
Design / Draftsman:
Joyce Anne Baas
Eddmar Barrameada

List of Ongoing projects in 2014
Client: Arch. Zuriel
1. Cagayan Valley Medical Center
2. Zamboanga Medical Hospital
3. NKI (Kidney)
4. Veterance Regional Hospital
5. Cotabato General Hospital
Client: Engr. Billy
1. 10 storey Bldg. w/ Retrofitting
2. Gymnasium
3. Swimming Pool
4. Binondo Church
Client: Fianchetto Realty
1. Molave (Structural Design / Analysis)

Client: Prominence Realty
1. Paseo 2
2. Tanglaw (Architectural / Engineering Design)
Client: Profriends
1. Townhouse Tinio
2. Precast Panels
3. Metro concepts
Client: Engr. Binio
1. 5 storey Commercial
2. Batangas Resort

Our group w/ the Head Proprietor

Engr. Corsino on his work station.

Design / Drafting Work Stations

Sample Works

Our Group Taking Pictures & Doing an
Interview with the Proprietor


The RCCDC proved to be a great company even though they are just starting. For a small
company they are quite cozy and has very friendly environment. I prefer this kind of environment in the
future. The RCCDC is serious in their works. They know and enjoy each others company. This kind of
bond is good in communicating in what they want without any implications. The RCCDC is just one of the
many small Architectural and Engineering Firm out there but for a company who just started they are
already handling many projects. A rather quite outstanding for a small company and it inspire me from their
accomplishment. We chose this firm instead of the big shots because every company should start small. I
like to know how small company blooms to a greater one. And to this we chose to be unique. The RCCDC
will struggle many complications and problems and when they do they are likely become one of the big
shots in the future.

Table of Contents

Introduction.... p.3
Company Hierarchy...p.3
List of Ongoing Projects in 2014p.3 - 4
Actual Pictures.p.4 - 7