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main forms of tren: tren Acetate, tren Enanthatate, tren Hexahydrobencylcarbonat

tren= for cutting/ can also be used in bulking
tren cutting cycle recommandations. tren comes in 50mg 100mg or 75mg commonly in
Acetate (ACE) form.
tren A has faster half life thus more preferable over tren E, so ur body can cle
ar it in 3 days rather than waiting 2 weeks if anything goes wrong
tren can still cause gyno.
100mg tren = 500mg test.
starting point recommendation for tren is about 300mg/week. as long as its not o
ver 700+mg/week, ur safe.
tren is recommended to run higher than test.meaning tren as main AS
increase test= increase estrogen *at a point*
recommended to run tren with test to prevent loss of libido and scrotum shrinkag
e. plus, tren will shut down your natural test production so u need external tes
t to balance it out.
although some ppl use tren only cycle *not many people are recommending it but i
f it works for u, it works*
tren is given EOD *dosage adjusted to ur own personal preference*
night sweat and anxiety are also common sides along with gyno, decrease libido a
nd scrotum shrinkage.
*RECOMMENDED COMBO* tren A 300mg/week, test .5-1 mg/week
test is the prime of many AS. Always run testosterone with anything you plan to
use.test is baseline to gauge body's natural reaction to AS.
*for beginner* try test alone cycle first to see if you would react adversely on
tren. if u dnt suffer from test sides, u have decrease chance % to suffer from
tren sides. although it is stil possible if ur sensitive individual.
run tren higher than test, keep test at TRT dose (100mg/week) for maintainance.
tren injectable avoids first pass thus easy on liver stress. liver values should
be checked with bloodwork after tren cycles. *liv 52 or TUDCA/UDCA are liver pr
otectants, no need but use it if u want*
tren kidney toxicity is and renal toxicity is very rare. dark color urine doesnt
mean liver is damaged, just means tren is oxidised and its metabolites are bein
g secreted.
T3 and TSH lvls shouldnt be an issue..but if u wanna use T3, go ahead, for added
fat loss bonus. again, u can check the lvls with bloodwork.
u can use HCG to maintain testicular size and function while on cycle. but advic
ed against it as it can destroy body's endogenous LH secretion. if used, only du
ring 1st week or so of PCT to give your testes a jumpstart.
PCT (post cycle therapy). learn protocols, figure out which is suited for u. des
igned around user and how that person recovers post cycle.

tren cough caused by nicking of the vein. so be careful not to nick the vein. in
ject slow. cough clears up in a few mins.
if lethargy kicks in while on tren, might be due to it affecting thyroid output
*greater than most people*
but of course Lethargy can be caused by a plethora of things including but not l
imited to: the dose of AAS you're using, diminished thyroid output, lack of slee
p (or lack of sleep quality), hypoglycemia, etc.
u can test the above side effect with bloodwork. *if u cant afford bloodwork, ad
minister T3 to see if ur energy lvl goes back up*
25-50 mcg of T3 should skyrocket ur energy lvl back up.
beware of increase aggression and KEEP COOL HEAD.
SIDE EFFECTS are mainly dose dependent, thus keeping it less than 700+mg/week *~
300mg/week is recommended* will help with prevent/eliminate side effects.
tren gyno caused by prolactin. can use prolactin antagonists: prami and caber.
cabergoline 1mg/week *it has long half life 7-14days*
pramiprexole 0.5mg/day for first few days then increase to 1mg thereafter. caref
ul of Nausea when increasing dose too fast or too much. if experience Nausea, br
ing it down a notch.
take prami before bed, it gives u excellent deep sleep. if taken daytime, can ma
ke u drowsy and sleepy.
Caber is preferable over prami.