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Metal Analysis fast, easy and precise

Analysis of all metals and alloys

Jet-Stream Technology

Low argon consumption

Precise analysis including
material identication

Easy-access spark stand
The FOUNDRY-MASTER UV is a reliable, precise laboratory
spectrometer for the qualitative and quantitative element
analysis of metallic samples. The instrument is designed for
stationary use as a benchtop unit. The instrument is well
established with hundreds of customers worldwide opting for
its high performance qualities and practical features.
The instrument is based Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES),
the analysing method favoured by most metal producing and
processing companies. The digital source (spark generator)
is controlled via the external Windows

PC and offers ideal

excitation parameters for the most diverse alloys.
The high-resolution Multi-CCD Optics utilises a traditional,
robust, vacuum technology chamber, rather than eccentric ways
of removing harmful atmosphere from the optic. The optic range
covers the complete wavelength range of 160 nm to 800 nm.
Low operating costs and easy maintenance
The rugged and approved vacuum technology is essentially
maintenance-free and has signicantly lower operating costs
than alternative inert gas purged systems. The sample stand,
open on three sides, offers the ability to measure almost any
size or shape of sample, particularly large sample geometries.
The unique design needs less cleaning than comparable
systems, giving much longer operational time.
The cleaning process is fast and instrument recovery
efcient due to pre-aligned parts and quick connectors.
Thanks to our unique Jet-Stream Technology within the sample
stand FOUNDRY-MASTER UV can analyse most complex
shapes with irregular sample geometrics, including wires.
Argon consumption is reduced to a minimum, saving a
considerable amount of operating expenses. Additionally,
the sample does not need to completely seal the spark stand
opening. Tubes, bars and even wires can be directly analysed,
using only one universal adapter. This is a major operational
advantage and strongly reduces the sample preparation time.
Easily upgradable OES analyser
The FOUNDRY-MASTER UV can be upgraded with new
calibration modules at any time and without expensive and
time-consuming modications. Low argon consumption
thanks to optimisation of argon ush and use of vacuum
technology. Analysis of all common metals and their alloys.
High performance spectrometer
Oxford Instruments
Industrial Analysis
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Spark for foundries and
metal producers

Easy to use, even for
untrained operators

Maintenance free
vacuum technology
Technical Data
Mains Power
Operating Mode
Standby Mode
368 mm (14,5)
889 mm (35,0)
635 mm (25,0)
70 kg (154,3 lbs)
230-110 VAC
(50/60 Hz)
600 W
50 W
Vacuum System
Direct-path optical spark-stand
Low-noise vacuum pump
Shut-off-valve for easy replacement
of the optical window
Optical System
Multi CCD optical-system with
Paschen-runge Mount
Resolution CCD
Focal length
9 pm
0,9 nm/mm
(1st order)
350 mm
3000 g/mm
160 800 nm
Solid State Source
Computer controlled parameters
100 400 Hz
300 500 V
High Energy Pre Spark HEPS
Readout System
External PC-Workstation
incorporating up-to-date technology
Wire-adapter set
Sample preparation devices
Spare parts kit
Consumables kit
Typical Applications
Analytical mode / identication
Majority of metals and their alloys
Fe- alloys Cast-iron alloys
Al: alloys, cast alloys
Cu: bronze, brass, Cu Ni,
Ni. hastelloy ~ inconel ~ monel,
Ti: ti pure . Ti.6 - 4 ~ Ti.8-Mn
Mg-, Zn - alloys, solders and more
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