Issue 3: September 22, 2014 Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
A Message From Tom
I hope this message finds everyone well as
we begin to settle back into our law school
routines. This week, our most important
announcement is a reminder to vote in the
Section Representative election as polls
open Wednesday morning on Campus
Cruiser. Before polls open, we will also
launch an election tab on the website,
where candidates will be able to include a
statement explaining why they are running.
In addition, one way that I encourage
students to engage with the SBA is by
submitting recommendations for the
Student Spotlight. Our goal in doing this is
A Message From Tom
SBA Happenings
Student Spotlight
What is the SBA?
Alumni Spotlight
Contact List & Preamble
to highlight some of the countless
impressive individuals we have amongst
us so as to increase a sense of community
Best regards,
- Tom Davis
SBA President

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 3: September 22, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba

! Section Representative ELECTIONS are
this week!
o POLLS OPEN: Wednesday at 9:00am –
Friday at 4pm
o VOTE on Campus Cruiser
! OFFICE HOURS with Tom:
Thursday 6 – 7:30pm
! BOG Meeting – Sunday 9/28, beginning at
6:00pm, in room 315
! The Suffolk Law Running Project will meet
Saturday at 10am. All abilities are welcome
to attend. Like “Suffolk Law Running
Project” on Facebook for daily training and
more information.
SBA Executive Announcements & Happenings
We need YOU
To design our new Suffolk Law SBA logo!
What: We are looking for a new Suffolk Law SBA
logo. What you design is up to you. Please submit
your entry by emailing it to marketing director Jess
Murray at
When: We will accept entries between now and
October 1st.
Prize: A $50 gift card to Boston Brewin
Remember to vote!
Section Representative elections will
be held Wednesday at 9am – Friday at
4pm on Campus Cruiser.

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 3: September 22, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
Tip of the week
Explore the Area
The fall is a great time to get
out and explore all that
Boston and New England
have to offer. Whether you
are from the Boston area or
not, there is much to see and
much to do. Being a tourist
for the day in Boston can
bring you to the New
England Aquarium, the
Esplanade, a great bakery or
restaurant, and a show or a
movie. A short drive from
the city can take you to
many places and great
activities as well, such as
Walden Pond, historic
Lexington and Concord, the
beach, apple picking,
hiking/mountain climbing,
and canoeing/kayaking.
What is the SBA?
For those unfamiliar with the SBA, it is the governing body
of all students and organizations at Suffolk Law. The SBA
exists to organize events and provide resources for
students and student organizations at Suffolk Law. In
addition, it also serves as the official voice of the Suffolk
Law student body by representing your interests to the law
school administration and outside legal community.

The SBA has three foundational goals this year. First, the
SBA seeks to improve the quality of life for more students
at Suffolk Law. To accomplish this, the SBA has been hard
at work all summer planning quality programs of an
academic, professional, and social nature. Second, the SBA
seeks to help more Suffolk Law students get jobs. To
accomplish this, the SBA has planned innovative and
inclusive programs designed to highlight the true strengths
of Suffolk Law students. Finally, the SBA seeks to improve
the perception of Suffolk Law both within and without of
our community. To accomplish this, the SBA has planned
various new programs and activities that engage both the
legal and outside community.

The success of the SBA is directly dependent on student
involvement. This means that the more students who
participate, the better the year will be for everyone.
Accordingly, I encourage you all to make your voices
heard. If you have a problem, issue, or idea – no matter
how small – reach out to us as we are here to work for you.

Remember to “like” Suffolk Law SBA on Facebook for
up-to-date information!

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 3: September 22, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
Student Spotlight
Howard “Rhett” Ross
Howard Ross, originally from Lake Tahoe, CA, is an Executive
Officer in the Army National Guard, the vice president of the SULS
Law Enforcement and Veterans Association, as well as much more…

What is your past and current military service?
I enlisted in the Army at 17 and served in 1st Battalion of the 75th
Ranger Regiment as an Army Ranger in Special Operations. Later I
served on a Halo team (high altitude free-fall), in a Long Range
Reconnaissance Detachment. I got out of the Army in 2003 in order
to attend college. However, in 2005, I joined the Army National
Guard and continued my service here in Massachusetts. I joined the 1/181 Infantry Regiment in
Cambridge, MA. I was selected and graduated from Officer Candidate School in 2008. In 2010 I
deployed to Afghanistan for one year as an Infantry Platoon Leader in Khost, Afghanistan. I
currently serve as an Executive Officer in an Infantry company.

What type of veterans groups/activities/clubs are you involved in at Suffolk?
I am the Vice President of the Suffolk Law School - Law Enforcement and Veterans Association.
Additionally, I volunteer at the Boston Veterans Treatment Court as a mentor for returning
veterans. Quite often soldiers find challenges on their return from a deployment. They are
unfamiliar with the educational and job training opportunities. Our organization seeks to bring
these soldiers together with the right resources in order to achieve that solid footing.

What is the balance like with the military and law school?
The military taught me how to manage stress and that there is always a way to overcome
the challenges we face. A key step is identifying your priorities and determining what
commitments you can make and keep. A vital part of my process is my family, which I always
make number one. With their support and advisement I have been able to continue to drive
towards my goals.

What do you enjoy doing outside of law school?
My military, class and internship obligations keep me busy but I do love to travel and experience
new foods. Additionally, I enjoy rowing and piña coladas in the rain.

What are you most looking forward to this school year?
Obviously I am looking forward to the completion of finals, but we have some special veterans
club events coming up. We look forward to seeing everyone there. Also, I've been working as an
intern in the Worcester District Attorney's Office in the OUI Prosecution unit and am thoroughly
enjoying the training and experience.

What are you hoping to do after you graduate?
I hope to get a little time to spend with my family before embarking on my next adventure.

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 3: September 22, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
Alumni Spotlight
Tammy Klein --- Class of 2013
Tammy Klein, a member of the class of 2013, is an
associate in the business law department at Edwards
Wildman Palmer LLP. This interview was conducted by
Eunice Aikins-Afful, Co-Director of Alumni Affairs.
Where did you attend undergraduate school?
I graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in
What journals/activities/concentrations did you participate in
at Suffolk Law?
• Staff member on the Journal of Health & Biomedical Law;
• Member of Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity;
• Mentor for the 1L mentor program; and
• Judicial Intern in the Newton District Court through Suffolk Law’s First-Year
Summer Internship Program.
What type of attorney did you want to be upon entering Suffolk Law?
Transactional attorney. I have always been drawn to the work of a business law attorney
(i.e., drafting agreements, negotiating).
Who was your favorite professor?
Professor Meredith Conway – She was able to break down complicated tax concepts into
understandable terms, and told great stories.
Any interview tips?
Before submitting any documents (e.g., resume, cover letter, thank you note) to the
potential employer, triple check to make sure there are no spelling/grammar errors. Go to
the interview prepared to ask questions.

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 3: September 22, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba

Contact Information
Name Position Email
Tom davis President
Monica Bellevue Vice President
Neil Lindquist Chief of Staff
Kelley Sweetser Treasurer

“We the Students of Suffolk University Law School, in order to support and
encourage academic excellence and professional development; to preserve the
right of students to acquire a quality legal education in a just and reasonable
environment; to provide a means of communication between students and the
Law School; and to maintain a connection with alumni, do herby establish this
Constitution for the Student Bar Association of Suffolk University Law School.”
SBA Constitution Preamble
For a full contact list of all SBA Directors please visit our website at
Vice President Monica Bellevue and
President Tom Davis