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Atlantis is a tantalizing mystery to scientists, and the spritualis to browse

back advanced human civilization, it is said, lost in the earth. To date, at least
there are thousands of books have been written particulars of the legend.
In the beginning was Plato (!"#$" %&', (reek philosopher, noted a story
about the lost continent in two works, Timaeus and &ritias. %oth are the last
works of Plato, written in $" %&.
%ased on the two works of Plato, )r. )anny *ilman +atawid,a,a, spawned a
book entitled -Plato +ot .ie, Atlantis /ver in Indonesia.-
-The main concept of the natural formation consisting of elements of water,
0re, earth, and air. All was contained in two of Plato1s Timaeus and &ritias,
Plato may not be lying and delusional,- said )anny *ilman, in the event of
disasters and &ivilization )iscussion and .aunch The book -Plato +ot lie,
Atlantis /ver in Indonesia,- 2akarta, 3ay !4, !45$.
)anny added, two works of Plato was derived from a manuscript owned by
his grandfather learned from /gypt that has ditranskip into (reek.
In the works of &ritias mentions that Atlantis came from 6,744 %& or 55,744
years ago. Atlantis is described as the tropics, temperature medium, large
land shaped very beautiful, fertile, water sources, 8ora, fauna, mineral and
metallic minerals.
-The work was also said to be two beasts at Atlantis. 9hether it1s a tiger or
komodo dragons:- )anny said.
;imilar to Indonesia
The similarity of Atlantis and in Indonesia is also seen from the ancient
manuscripts used to describe the Atlantis of Plato, such as the rivers,
volcanoes, people can build temples, dense habitat, religiously devout
society, law#abiding, and not concerned with possessions.
-In terms of demographics, Atlantis is very similar to Indonesia,- said )anny.
*e also said, Atlantis lost due to rainfall is very large at the time, causing
ma,or 8ooding and then drowned Atlantis.
-The process of the disappearance of Atlantis was not in a day and night, but
it happened for thousands of years due to continuous 8oods came,- said
9hile at work Timiaeus, Plato e<plains, not only the 8ood that caused the loss
of Atlantis. %ut, there are many other disasters that led to the destruction of
Atlantis and its civilization.
-The disasters in Indonesia are also common, such as earth=uakes, volcanic
eruptions, tsunamis, and more. >rom concept for catastrophic disasters and
the destruction of civilization, in Indonesia many civilizations that were
destroyed due to the disaster,- added )anny.