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We are always a work in progress.

It’s remarkable how intentions can change over the

duration of a semester. What began as assumptions gradually turned into realties and possibilities;

essentially a bunch of “Aha” moments, which have led to a more definitive mission.

Allow me introduce myself again, but this time with a clearer sense of mission and

purpose here. I am currently a graduate student at Georgetown University who is currently

pursuing a Master of Arts in Culture, Communication, and Technology (CCT) with the intentions

of working in the fields of media and communication; more specifically, a liason between the

Middle East and The United States; my two homes.

I write better than I speak. I tend to get too passionate when making a point, which leads

to a little bit of “charming verbal dyslexia”, as my loved ones call it. Regardless, I still manage to

make my opinion known in hopes of making a difference. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until college

that I realized how much I enjoyed putting my creative juices and strong opinions down on paper,

when I worked as a reporter and editor for the university newspaper as well as freelancer for one

of Cairo’s most popular magazines. I received letters from readers as well as Professors in both

Egypt and the US complementing my work.

Having studied communication, marketing, and psychology as an undergraduate student

and my work experience in the fields, it’s quite obvious to see my infatuation with the flow of

information, whether between people, companies, nations, or even between a person and

him/herself. My fascination with the ability to merge ideas and opinions across cultures is

exactly why I applied to CCT. I have also spent a year and a half working on a project that was

mentioned in my personal statement when initially applying for the program. However, it has

been covert for quite sometime and since this statement of purpose is public, I invite Professors

Turner and Coventry to look back on my original personal statement when possible.
I started this semester with an assumption that getting into CCT was just step one of

reaching my goals as a communicative bridge between the two regions. While that is still fair and

true, my assumptions have turned into plans and even inspired new projects.

As I learn about interdisciplinarity, media convergence, and cultural hybridity, I found

myself inspired to work on yet another project: One Race One Place. Using media convergence

and new technology, a group of friends and I have been able to organize charitable and

humanitarian events.

Whether on paper, through my camera’s lens, or in a heated jumbled discussion, there’s

nothing more satisfying to me than sharing ideas and perspectives with others. In the future, I

want to be someone that people refer to. Someone whose words will someday be discussed in

class as well as over cocktails and bar nuts. I applied to CCT to give me the opportunities to make

these goals into realities and am positive that upon completion of the program alongside outside

experience, I can use both my experience and knowledge to broaden my networks and work hard

to potentially achieve status and recognition in the field.

With CCT, I’ve discovered that I can have my cake and eat it too.