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Chapter 4: Food fights and dirty tricks.


”Hey…what do you mean finally?” I asked and looked at her, frowning. I had just
confessed I loved her brother, which I recently had discovered myself that I did,
and she talks about it like she’s known it for centuries. “Does this have to do with
something about that rumor you spread??” I asked, and Alice rolled her eyes at
me dramatically.

“Of course silly, what did you think??” She said and then giggled. “Oh, this is
going to be so much fun! I get to dress you up and plan Edward and your dates
and-“she said, but I stopped her right there.

“What?? Wait a minute. You knew I was in love with Edward before I did? And
what do you mean with ‘plan my and Edwards dates’? What if he doesn’t even
like me back??”

She rolled her eyes again, and then took a deep breath and looked at me like she
was a teacher and I was the 5 year old student who didn’t understand a simple
math problem she already had explained 9 timed earlier.

“Bella, what did I tell you before?? You know; the feelings I get and stuff??” she
asked in a sugar sweet voice, hearing how her patient sank lower each second
with me.

“You mean the psychic stuff??” I asked, rather call it that then “feelings”. Her
eyes grew wide, and then a smile painted her lips.

“Yes! Yes that’s exactly what I meant. Nobody has ever called me that…but I kind
of like It.” she said and smiled happily at me. “Anyways,” she said, shaking her
head swiftly to prevent her to sink into her dream world. “I told you about the
psychic stuff. And the psychic stuff involves…kind of seeing the future.” She said,
meeting my eyes to analyze my reaction. I stared back at her, waiting for her to
continue. It wasn’t that weird. I mean, I already knew about her ‘feelings’, and
her seeing the future isn’t that strange…anymore.

“Yeah, and?” I asked, making gestures with my hands for her to continue.

“Well, it’s not like the feelings…it’s more like getting pictures into your head,
telling you what will happen.” She told me and then, she just stared at the wall
for a second, seeming to be far away. Then she snapped her head back to me,
and she grinned.

“Like now, for example. I just saw that Edward will come up in about 7 minutes to
check on you so I hadn’t tortured you.” She said, and rolled her eyes. “He’s
always so worried about you…” She mumbled and looked at her hands.

“Well? You haven’t answered my question; did you know that I was in love with
Edward before I did??” I asked again, and when she looked up at me now, she
was smiling, with small irritation behind the smile.
“Well, I kind of found that out about 3 days before I started to spread the rumor.”
She said, and I glared at her.

“That was 3 weeks ago.” I said with great irritation. “How come you didn’t
understand when it happened today??” I asked.

“Well…” she said, and suddenly she looked extremely embarrassed. “I kind of
had a test so…” she said, trailing off as she fidgeted with her hands, not meeting
my gaze.

“…You cheated on a test??” I asked, imagining Alice, sitting in a classroom, using
her supernatural powers to get an A+.

“Yeah, kind of. But it was so hard!” She exclaimed and pouted. “I used all my
concentration on the test, and because of that, I didn’t see the little ‘happening’
between you and my brother.”She explained to me, and then she suddenly
remembered my other question.

“And for your other question, it’s simple. We can even test it out if you like.” She
said and grinned evilly, obviously having a master plan in her mind.

“Eh, it’s okay.” I said a little bit too quickly. “I just wanted to know how you

She sighed, disappointed about my rejection, but answered anyway. “Seriously
Bella, are you blind?” She asked and raised one eyebrow at me. “That kid has
liked you since he was 3.” She said.

“Alice, I didn’t know him when I was 3.” I said, pointing out the obvious. She
rolled her eyes at me.

“Alright, alright. But don’t you get my point? That boy has loved you since the
first time he saw you.” She said, and I thought back at those ‘old’- well, kind of
new for me- memories. The smile on the small boy I played with in the
playground. He helped me whenever I fell, he asked me every time I seemed
down, and always tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible. I snapped
out of my memories, and understood that she was right.

“Okay, I was going to tell you more, but Edward is apparently determined to get
you out of here, even if he has to drag you, so I guess I can’t stop him.” She said,
and then she shrugged. “But one makeover would be fun…” she said and
crooked her head to the side, trying to get her way with the puppy eyes, but it
wasn’t working.

“No, absolutely not. And when is Edward coming here??” I asked, and Alice
grinned slightly.

“Want me to count down for ya?” she asked, wanting to show off her psychic
skills. Before I could answer, she answered herself for me.
“Of course you do, who wouldn’t? Okay, in 5…4…3…2…1-“She counted, and just
as she had said one, the door opened, and a green eyed god entered the door.
His eyes instantly met mine, and a small smile started to creep on my lips. I
vaguely saw how Alice rolled her eyes at us in the corner of my eye, but couldn’t
care less. Edward smiled my favorite crooked smile, and it made me all warm

“There you are.” He said and began to walk over to the bed.

“You could knock, you know that?” Alice said rather bitterly, and the second later,
I understood why. She was still angry at him.

“Of course I do, sis. It’s just that it’s so much more fun to irritate you.” He said
and chuckled. Alice glared at her brother, and then turned to me.

“Please don’t leave me for him.” She pleaded and made the puppy eyes again,
except this time, she used them on me with full effect. I stared back at her,
feeling how the guilt inside me grew. But Edward wasn’t having that. Alice was
serious when she said ‘even drag you out’, and I was really surprised when I
suddenly felt how he lifted me up and hung me over his shoulder.

“I guess I’ll just take this and leave. Thank you Alice for not torturing her while I
was gone.” He said, and then turned around. I saw how Alice sat on her bed,
slightly pouting in disappointment, but Edward closed the door before I could see
anything more. Edward might’ve not been as strong as Emmet, but he still had
some muscles of his own. When he reached his room, he put me down on the
ground, and I glared at him.

“Do I have to make a sign where is says that you can’t lift me up and take me
wherever you please??” I asked, and he laughed.

“Sorry Bella, my bad.” He said and walked inside, me following him.


We spent the rest of the day in Edward’s room, hanging out. As we talked, a
small voice in my mind reminded me constantly; You love him, you love him. And
I always blushed slightly at my new discovery, but never told him. Time went,
and suddenly, we heard a small crack outside; thunder.

“Are you okay??” Edward asked and put one hand on my shoulder. The rain
outside had increased under the day, and was now pouring down. They weather
broadcast had said a small thunderstorm was coming to town, but I guess ‘small’
meant, big in their world. The wind was shaking the trees outside, and I guessed
that if I had gone outside that moment, I would’ve blown away with the wind. But
I wasn’t afraid. I was actually angry. Before, I related thunder with fear and
darkness. I also thought I’d been afraid for thunder all my life; I was wrong. It
started last year really, when I had visited my mother in phoenix. I fell down the
stairs on my way to my room, and fell out of a window. I had to stay hospitalized
for weeks, and then suddenly a man visited me one night. He was more beautiful
than any human I’ve ever seen, black curly hair and topaz eyes. That night,
thunder had rumbled outside, and ever since he took away my memories, I had
always had this creepy feeling whenever it thundered. Before the memory-
swiping, I didn’t exactly like thunder, but after that night at the hospital, it
became worse, much worse…

And now?? Now I only think about that annoying bastard who took away my
memories. Ever since I got them back, thunder didn’t bother me anymore. Not a

“Never been better.” I said and smiled at him, reassuring me that I was fine. He
watched me with concerned eyes as we continued our conversation, and at last, I
couldn’t take it anymore.

“Edward, I’m okay, I promise. You don’t have to worry; I won’t start to scream all
suddenly and run around like a crazy person. It went away.” I said and shrugged.
He raised his eyebrows and looked at me with a surprised face.

“Really??” He asked and I nodded. Then, he smiled at me, which made a thrilling
feeling grown inside of me, and he gave me a small hug.

“I’m glad you’re not scared anymore.” He said and I hugged him back, loving the
warmth he gave me. A sudden knock on the door made me jump a little in
surprise, and we didn’t really get the time to separate, so when Emmet entered…
let’s just say that he has some good imagination.

He stood in the doorway, wide eyed and jaw at the floor. At some point, he
regained his talking ability’s, and began to laugh.

“Oh, hi bro. I was going to tell you two that dinner was ready, but I see that
you’re busy so…”he said and began to walk away, giggling.

“Emmet, get back here!” Me and Edward shouted together, and let go of each
other as he re-entered.

“What is it? I’m giving you two lovebirds some space here!”He said and laughed
again. I blushed, even though we weren’t an actual couple. Edward rolled his
eyes at his brother and stood up, dragging me up with him.

“Emmet, cut it out. And you will not talk about this at the dinner table.” He said
and even though he used his unusual cold, scary voice, Emmet didn’t flinch. He
just grinned slyly, and nodded.

“I won’t.” he said, and walked away. Edward sighed to himself, and then turned
to me.

“Sorry about that. Let’s go downstairs, it’s time for dinner.” He said and took my
hand, which I appreciated happily. When we reached the dining room, I saw that
the rest of the family already was seated. Emmet was sitting next to Rose, and
he started to chuckle as we entered. Alice, who sat next to Jasper, glared at
Edward, still not happy with him. Esme smiled warmly hearted at the two of us,
and Carlisle gave us a small smile as well.

“There you are! Emmet saw a Christmas show on TV last night, so he made me
make turkey for dinner today. I hope you’re hungry.” She said as we sat down.
Emmet licked his mouth as he watched the turkey in front of him, and I really
hoped he had forgotten the scene in Edward’s room he just had seen. Trust
Emmet to overreact over a small hug. That was a thing that Emmet could do, and
I was sure I didn’t want to make more of a fool out of myself today. That fall I
made earlier today wasn’t the most embarrassing thing I’ve done, but it was
really humiliating. My bruises weren’t that big, not really.

Emmet looked at the turkey longingly, and I sighed in relief, hoping that he
would’ve forgotten the hug by now. I was wrong. A mean smile twisted his lips
and he cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention.

“So, do you want to know what I witnessed today??” He asked, and without
getting any answer, he continued. My face got hot, and Edward glared at his
brother. “Well, I was on my why to-“He said, but got interrupted (thankfully) by
Alice, who had thrown a potato at him.

“Continue your sentence, and you’ll be sorry.” She said in a threatening tone,
which made chills go up my spine. I wondered why this mattered to her? Esme
gasped as she watched the scene before her.

“Alice! What are you doing?! You do not throw food at each other! And I don’t like
that tone of yours either, Miss. We have guests here!” She said in a harsh tone,
and she sounded just like a mother should. Emmet chuckled a little, and Esme
glared at him.

“This is not funny young man! Now clean it up!” She said, and her angry tone
made her sound more scare than ever.

“But it’s just one potat-“Emmet began.

“Now.” She said, and the two siblings rose from their seats and began to clean up
what Alice had thrown at him. Esme took a few deep breaths and then turned to

“I’m sorry honey. Sometimes it seems that they’ve been raised by a pack of
wolves.” She said and smiled apologetically. Carlisle laughed, and I turned my
gaze to him.

“This reminds me of what happened last Christmas, doesn’t it?” He asked Esme,
and she smiled; her thoughts far away as she remembered about the memory
Carlisle was referring to. I frowned.

“What happened then??” I asked, and all of them looked at me. I blushed slightly,
feeling stupid for asking. Alice and Emmet sat down now, their cleaning job done.
“Well, we we’re sitting down eating our Christmas dinner, when suddenly, Emmet
decided to ruin our dinner, by throwing a tomato at his Alice. She got furious,
even though he missed her, and began to yell at him how he could’ve ruined her
dress. They began to fight, and throw food at each other, and no matter how
much we screamed at them to stop. At last, I walked out of the room, and called
Rosalie and Jasper. They hurried over, and when they got here and saw what had
happened...well, it was actually fun to see Alice and Emmet’s faces when they
saw their partners stand there. Rosalie was furious at Emmet, which was
understandable. Jasper had just shaken his head, grinning. Both Alice and Emmet
were highly embarrassed, and had to clean it all up.” Edward told me, and I
grinned. Alice and Emmet were still glaring at each other.

“Oh, here we are, sitting and telling Christmas stories in September. Please, help
yourselves.” Esme said, and we all started to eat.

*After dinner*

“Edward, may I have a word with you??” Alice asked as we rose and began to
walk away. “Alone.” She added, smiling apologetically at me. Edward sighed, and
put a hand on my shoulder.

“Go to the living room for now, I’ll be right with you.” He said and began to walk
over to his sister, who grabbed the edge of his shirt and dragged him around the
corner . I shrugged and followed Emmet, Rosalie and Jasper out to the living


“Edward, may I have a word with you??” My hugely annoying sister called from
the kitchen as Bella and I began to walk to the living room. We turned around to
see her, and I gave her a small glare. “Alone.” She added, smiling apologetically
at Bella. I sighed in defeat, and put one hand on Bella’s shoulder.

“Go to the living room for now, I’ll be right with you.” I told her in a soft voice, not
wanting to affect her with my bad mood. I began to walk over to Alice, and before
I could say anything, she grabbed my shirt and dragged me around the corner.

“Hey!” I complained as she let me go, glaring at her. She rolled her eyes at me
and crossed her arms in front of her.

“Stop being such a baby and listen.” She said, her voice filled with excitement.
Wait…excitement? Wasn’t she pissed at me?

“I just found out the best thing in the world that will change your future forever.”
She said, and a smile crept over her face. I frowned at her strange behavior.

“What are you talking about??” I asked, and a sly smile swept over the happy

“I will tell you…if you will do something for me.” She said, and I sighed and
“You’re making no sense, I’m going.” I said, but one word made me turn.

“Bella.” She said and I stopped dead in my tracks. “It’s about Bella.” She said
again, and I turned back to my short older sister. She was still smiling her sly
smile, and I felt defeated as I walked back to her, walking right into her trap.

“Alright, what is it??”I asked, feeling the curiosity burning inside of me. Her smile
grew, and she dropped her arms from its hold.

“I’ll tell you what I’ve seen if you do something for me later.” She said. I thought
about it for a small second; if it really was a good idea to do it, but the curiosity
hadn’t faded, it had rather grown. Besides, it was my future she was talking
about, and it was something about Bella. Good or bad?? I just had to find out,
hadn’t I??

“Alright, sure. Now, what did you see??” I asked, aching to know. Her smile
changed from sly to happy again, and she looked like she could burst.

“Well…I don’t know if I should say this…” She said, frowning as she looked at her

“Alice.” I said in a threatening tone, and she looked at me.

“Alright, fine. I saw that she liked you as you liked her.” She said, and my heart
jumped out of my chest in joy. She…what?

“Anyways,” She continued, sounding as happy as I felt. “You did not hear this
from me. Are we clear?” She asked and I nodded one sharp. I may’ve not smiled,
but I was so happy that I could’ve burst out in tears of happiness.

“Good. Oh, and just one more thing; you have to confess soon, or the future will
change.” She said, and she began to skip away towards the living room, moves
so gracefully a dancer would cry in envy. I was happier than ever, but I still
wondered one thing.

“Alice?” I called, and she stopped and turned, eyebrows raised in wonder.

“What is it?” She asked.

“What was it that you wanted me to do??” I asked, and just before the words
were out of my mouth, she was smiling.

“I’ll tell you tomorrow.” She said, and then she was dancing out of the room,
leaving me in wonder. Bella was going to like me the way I like her. But… but I
love her. Does that mean that we’ll be together?? And she said I had to confess
or it will change… Why couldn’t Alice have explained more?


“Bella! I have to talk to you!” Alice called happily as she danced into the room,
her moves as graceful as ever.
“Eh…okay?” I answered, even though it sounded more like a question. She took
my hand and dragged me up to her room once again. She closed the door, and
this time, she locked it. Fear crawled up my spine, and before I could ask, she

“No, I’m not going to do makeovers on you…today.” She said and it made me
able to breathe again.

“Okay…what do you want then??” I asked, confused. She walked over to her
mirror and began to fix with her makeup as she talked to me.

“I had a new vision just now.” She said, and she looked at me through the mirror.
“It was about you and Edward.” As soon as his name was out, she had all my

“What about it??” I asked, and then I remembered her, talking to him just now.
“Was that the thing you talked with Edward about??” I asked, and I felt slight
worry. Had she told him I loved him?

“Oh, no I didn’t.” She said, and then she walked away from the mirror and walked
into her giant closet. I followed her, and I saw how she rummaged through the
racks of clothes, searching for something.

“Well,” I began hesitantly, not knowing if it was something I was not supposed to
know. “What was it about??”

Her smile was sly now as she dug out a pair of shoes from the bottom of a shelf
and began to look on another place in her gigantic kingdom of clothes.

“I’ll tell you…if you’ll do something for me later.” She said slyly. I swallowed.

“Do what exactly?” I asked suspiciously.

“I can’t tell you now. Take it or leave it.” She said, and my aching curiosity made
me answer her a few seconds later.

Okay, fine. I’ll do whatever you want me to. Now, what did you see?” As I had
answered, she smiled happily.

“You and he will love each other in the future, but if you don’t confess soon,
something will happen that will make that impossible.” She said, and I
immediately began to think of Smith, ruining everything for me.

“That’s what you saw??” I asked, and she nodded. A small rasp on the door made
her drop the shoes on the ground and run fast to open it. In the doorway was no
one else than Jasper. Smiling, he hugged her to him, and she hugged back. Okay,
time for me to get out of here.

“Eh, I’ll guess I’ll see you later. Bye.” I said and began to walk past them, but
Alice stopped me, calling my name.
“Bella, will you stay the night?? Please say you will!” She pleaded, and she was
soon out of Jasper’s arms to hold my hands in her, looking at me with puppy
eyes. I avoided her gaze and looked out the window, which gave me my answer.

“Eh, I think I will.” I said, chills going down my spine by just thinking about going
out in that.

“Eh? This is, like, the first time I don’t have to convince you to stay.” She said,

“Well honestly, I don’t think my truck can make it through that.” I said and
pointed at the window, the wind picking up just as she looked just to prove my

“Oh, I see. Well, it’s going to be fun, right??” She asked, and bounced back to
Jasper, who smiled at me.

“Yeah, I guess.” I said, and began to walk away from her room.

“See you later.” Jasper called after me before he closed the door.

“See you.” I called back, even though he wouldn’t hear me. I walked down to the
living room, and found Esme and Carlisle there in the sofa, watching some old,
romantic movie. They looked up as they saw me, and they smiled wholeheartedly
at me. I smiled back slightly.

“Hi there Bella. Are you looking for Edward? He’s in his room.” Esme said in a
friendly tone.

“Eh, no. But that’s good to know too. I was actually looking for you.” I said, my
voice quiet from the shyness. Both of them looked extremely surprised to hear

“Oh, what do you want then??” Carlisle asked.

“I was wondering if I could stay the night, the thunderstorm outside is getting
worse, and I don’t think my truck can make it.” I said truthfully, and as soon as
my question was out, Esme smiled motherly.

“Well, of course you can dear. No problem at all. It’s getting crowded in this
house. Jasper, Rosalie and now you.”She said and chuckled to herself.

“Are they staying tonight as well??” I asked, not very surprised.

“Well yes, they are.”She said and smiled at me. “I’m sure Alice has something in
her closet that’ll fit you.” Carlisle said and he and Esme laughed at their
daughters shopping habits. I stretched my smile a little and thanked them as I
walked up to Edward’s room. I only had to wait a few seconds for the door to
open, and in the doorway he stood, his bronze hair messy and his green eyes
filled with happiness.
“Bella!”he exclaimed happily and pulled me to his chest, hugging me tightly. I
hugged back, and I felt happier than ever, but suddenly, Alice words came back
to me; You and he will love each other in the future, but if you don’t confess
soon, something will happen that will make that impossible…

I stiffened, and Edward felt it, because he let go of me, closed the door, and then
looked me in the eye, his worry written all over his face.

“What is it Bella?” He asked and leaded me to his leather couch and we sat
down. “Please tell me. And don’t say it’s nothing, because I’ll know you’re lying.”
He said, and I almost laughed. Actually, any person on the planet would see when
I lied.

You should tell him the truth. It’s now or never. The small voice in the back of my
head told me and I sighed, understanding that it was right. I took a deep breath
and looked into his eyes. I was sure I would drown in them, since I didn’t bring a
lifebuoy with me, but I tried my best to survive.

“Edward…I need to tell you something.” I said, and then looked away, figuring I
would drown in his eyes anyway, and looked down at my hands instead.

“What is it Bella?” He sounded even more worried now, and I took another deep
breath before I said it.

“I-I think I love you.” I stammered, and my unsure voice made it sound utterly
ridiculous. But the smile on Edward’s face told me that he didn’t think it was
utterly ridiculous.


“I-I think I love you.” As soon as those words were out of her mouth, I felt how my
soul lifted from my body and went to heaven. I was the happiest man on earth.
How could someone so beautiful, wonderful, kind and helpful love someone like
me?? I was speechless. At last, I managed to bark a small chuckle. She frowned
at me.

“You think you love me?” I asked, finding her choice of words rather funny.

Her face got bright red, but she didn’t answer. Instead, she looked down at her
hands instead.

“Well, I got news for you; I think I love you too.” I said and smiled happily at her.
She looked up at me again, and this time, her face was filled with shock.

“What?” She asked. I laughed at her.

“What do you mean ‘what’? You’re the only one who’s allowed to love someone
here?? I’ll say it again a little bit clearly; I love you Isabella Marie Swan.” I said,
and smiled at her, feeling so happy at the moment. Her reaction shocked us both.

She threw herself on me, hugging me tightly to her. I kissed her softly on her
head, and she rested her head on my chest. It felt so right; even though we’d just
confessed our love for each other a few seconds ago, it felt so right. Like we had
been lovers for years…

“Sorry about that.” She mumbled, and I was sure she was blushing.

“It’s okay.” I said as I stroked her hair gently.


I couldn’t have been happier. Alice was right. We did love each other. And
nothing could ruin this moment. Nothing at al-

A knock on the door made me stiffen. Edward pulled us into a more sitting
position, sighing as he did and then called to the person in an irritated voice.
“Come in.”

When Alice skipped inside, I wasn’t surprised.

“Don’t look so miserable; I only came to drop off this.” She said to her brother
and placed the clothes she had been carrying on the edge of the bed and then
turned back to the door.

“But where am I going to sleep??” I asked her just before she was out the door.
She turned back and rolled her eyes at me.

“In here of course, silly. I’m going now, so goodnight.”She said and closed the
door as she exited the room. I looked at the clock on the wall. Wow, 24:20

“You can use the bathroom to change.” Edward offered and I gratefully scoped
the Pajama kit with me as I excused myself.

*After changing*

“Are you done??” Edward called from outside.

I stared at myself in the mirror. No, definitely not okay to go out there in. “No.” I
said and I heard his sigh outside.

“I can’t come outside.” I said and looked at the highly embarrassing outfit I was

“Why not?” he asked, sounding confused again.

“I just can’t.” I said stubbornly and washed my face.

“…did you fall into the toilet this time??” he asked, and it made me remember
when I had my epiphany in the school bathrooms.

“No, I just can’t come out.” I said, a little bit angrier than I meant because if the
irritation I felt for Alice at the moment.
“I’m sure you’re fine. Just please come out.” He pleaded outside the door, but
there was no way in hell I was going to wear this in front of him. Nu-uh, no way.

“No, but if you want to do something for me, you can go and kill your sister.” I
said bitterly.

“Who, Alice??” he asked, which was rather idiotic if you ask me.

“No, I meant Emmet.” I replied sarcastically and rolled my eyes, even though he
couldn’t see it. There was silence on the other side of the door now, and I
wondered what he was doing. If I knew him right, he hadn’t given up yet. A small
knock on the door proved my point, and I sighed deeply.

“No Edward, I won’t let you in.” I said and quietly cursed at Alice for putting us in
such a situation.

“Bella, open the door. I have some clothes here for you.” He said and he got my

“You have to promise to close your eyes as I open.” I said as I walked over to the
door, slowly unlocking it.

“I promise.” He said, and I opened the door. There he stood, in a T-shirt and
sweatpants, holding a pair of sweatpants in his arms and a T-shirt. I quickly took
them from him and ran back inside, locking the door after me. I practically threw
off the embarrassing clothes Alice had given me and put his T-shirt on. It was, as
expected, way too big for me but it was either this or Alice’s choice so…

The sweatpants were big as well, and I had to fold the edge of them up so I
wouldn’t trip on my way out. I unlocked the door and entered his room, carrying
the things Alice had given me. Once I got out, I dumped them in the corner of the
sofa, and then went to sit next to Edward.¨

“Hi.” I greeted him and yawned loudly. He laughed at this.

“Hello to you too.” He replied and smiled.

“So…where am I crashing??” I asked, which sounded kind of wrong; it didn’t
sound like something I’d normally say…

“Well,” he said, his forehead creasing as he thought. “It’s the couch, the floor or
my bed. The floor would be kind of uncomfortable, if you ask me.” He said and

“Eh…the bed is big enough for both of us, right??” I asked and looked back at his
king sized bed. Yeah, it was definitely big enough.

“Yes, but it’s your choice. I understand if you’d be uncomfortable, sleeping in the
same bed as me.” He said, and even though he had said that, I saw some
sadness in his eyes, not completely guarded. I thought about it, but the
awkwardness of lying in the same bed as him (which I had already done, but still)
was to embarrassing, so I had to decline.
“If it’s no problem, I’d like to sleep on the couch…” I trailed off. He smiled a soft
smile and gave me a small hug.

“Okay, sure. I’ll just go and get you a quilt. I’ll be right back.” He said and exited
through the door. A few minutes, he re-entered with a pillow and a quilt and
some sheets and helped me put the sheet in its place. In the matter of minutes,
we we’re done and we we’re lying in our beds, the only light in the room was the
moon outside.

“Goodnight Bellie.” Edward said, and I replied him sleepy.


I was soon in deep sleep, and my dream begun. It didn’t seem like a nightmare at
first. It was actually nice.


I was running down the meadow, it was summer and the flowers in the field were
in high bloom. I didn’t fall to my surprise, and I was wearing a white summer
dress. Lots of butterflies we’re flying around in the meadow, and the grass was
green. I stopped running, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. It smelled
wonderful in the air; like all kinds of flowers, the smell of newly cut grass and
trees. When I opened them, I saw something that made my heart go warm;
Edward. I began to run towards him, and as soon as he saw me, a beautiful smile
crossed his features, and he began to run towards me as well. When we met, he
hugged me tightly to his chest and began to spin around, my feet swinging
around above the ground. Then he stopped, and put his hands on each side of
my face and kissed me. The kiss was warm and gentle, and it made the world
spin. He pulled away, and I opened my eyes to look at him. This is when it
changed to wonderful dream to nightmare. Before me, was Smithy, his cold
hands on each side of my face, his topaz eyes shining with happiness. He was
glittering, just like he did in the real world when the sun hit him, and a pride
smile painted his lips.

“Oh honey, I love you so much.” He said, his voice filled with love. I tried to get
away, but his hold on me was as hard as stone, and no matter how hard I hit him,
his hold never budged.

“Oh Bella, you and I will be together forever…”




I woke up with a small scream, and I was sweating and breathing heavily. I
shivered as I thought back on that terrible dream. I lay back on my pillow, and
tried to fall asleep, but as soon as I did, those horrible pictures came rushing
back into my head. I sighed and opened my eyes, looking out the window. Silent
tears ran down my cheeks; of shock I guess, and a small sob escaped me. When
a pair of hands touched my shoulder, I couldn’t help but to give a small shriek.
Edward’s face was barely seen in the darkness, but the moon was a big help. His
were sleepy, but I could still see the worry in them.

“Are you alright Bella? Did you have a nightmare?”He asked in a concerned
whisper and frowned at me.

“Yeah. Sorry if I woke you up.”I apologized and wiped my tears away. He sighed
and then suddenly dragged the covers off from me.

“Hey! What are you doing?” I hissed as he threw the quilt onto his bed. He took
my hand and dragged me out of my bed and gave me a hug.

“Come here.” He said and led me over to his bed. He lay down in it, and at this
moment, I really didn’t care anymore. Now, my worries seemed stupid. Or maybe
I thought it was stupid because I was scared shitless and wanted some sleep…
anyhow, I lay down next to him and took my quilt again.

“Sorry…” I apologized again sleepily and snuggled up beside him. He hugged me
slightly and whispered soothing words to me until I fell asleep.


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