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Chapter One: Inspiration

Chapter Two: Rules 9
Developer, Writer and Editor: Dan "Jackson Creed" Hamilton
ront Cover !rt and Interior !rt: Dan "Jackson Creed" Hamilton
T"pesettin# and Interior $a"out: Dan "Jackson Creed" Hamilton, Chris
"CHILL" Hill.
%uperiors adapted &rom Asia Ascendent: Brce Ba!h, James
"alis#e$ski, John %nead.
To &ndre$ Bates, Brce Ba!h and the rest o' the team $ho (ro!ht s the la(or o'
lo)e that is the Trinit* +ni)erse. It $ill ne)er die $hile $e contine their $ork.
To the cre$ o)er at ,ol'%-oor $ho created the Trinit* %tor*tellers Hand(ook. This
-ro)ided mch o' the im-ets and, dare sa* it, ins-iration, 'or this -ro.ect.
/articlar thanks to Ian &. &. ,atson 'or the di''erence o' o-inion and de(ate that ini0
tiall* !a)e me the idea to create Trinit*1 &$aitin! Ins-iration.
$E'!$ (OTICE
2arios terms sed thro!hot this (ook are co-*ri!ht ,hite ,ol' /(lishin! Inc. This
-(lication is -rel* 'an 'iction, it is in no $a* associated $ith or reco!nised (* ,hite ,ol'
/(lishin! Inc. In short, this (ook is com-letel* no''icial, -lease take it as that.
In order to se the contents o' this (ook *o $ill need to ha)e -rchased se)eral o' the o''icial
(ooks 3-articlarl* the &d)entre4 and Trinit* main rle(ooks5 and are a)aila(le 'rom ,hite
,ol' /(lishin! at htt-166$$$.$hite0$ol'.com and htt-166$$$.dri)ethrr-!.com 3in e0(ook
'ormat5. %--ort the Trinit* +ni)erse (* either )isitin! ,hite ,ol'7s $e(site or
dri)ethrr-!.com to -rchase the o''icial (ooks.
This (ook in its entiret* has (een de)elo-ed to (e 'reel* a)aila(le to 'ans o' ,hite ,ol'7s
Trinit* +ni)erse.
The mention o' or re'erence to an* com-an* or -rodct in these -a!es is not a challen!e to
the trademark or co-*ri!ht concerned. This (ook ses science 'iction 'or settin!s, characters
and themes. &ll science 'iction, !eo-olitical scenarios and -si0related elements are 'iction and
intended 'or entertainment -r-oses onl*. Reader discretion is ad)ised. &ll characters are
'ictional and resem(lance to -ersons, li)in! or dead, is entirel* coincidental.
,elcome to Trinit*1 &$aitin! Ins-iration. This little -ro.ect started as a disa!reement a(ot
the natre o' 8antm and /si (et$een se)eral o' the re!lar contri(ters on the EO9
'orms. Ori!inall*, -dated rles 'or Ins-ired $ere !oin! to (e inclded as a small section o' a
ne$ EO9 Order0%ettin! e0(ook 3Bri!ht Continent5, (t it ra-idl* (ecame clear that there $as
sim-le too mch in'ormation 'or it to 'it $ithot s-oilin! the 'la)or o' that (ook. &s a reslt, I
decided to !o ahead and create a small, Trinit* Field Re-ort si#ed, e0(ook that $old ha)e all
the rles that a %tor*teller $old need 'or incor-oratin! Ins-ired characters into the Trinit*
)ow To *se This +oo,
&ll o' the rles and ideas contained $ithin Trinit*1 &$aitin! Ins-iration are com-letel* and
totall* OPTIONAL. The* are desi!ned to incor-orate Ins-ired into the Trinit* settin! and to
retain the ori!inal 'la)or 'ond in &d)entre. %ome o' the ideas di)er!e 'rom $hat some
$old consider canonical, (t !i)en that e)en some o' the de)elo-ers disa!ree on e:actl*
$hat de'ines and e:-lains Ins-ired characters in the Trinit* settin!, the )ie$s and ideas are
entirel* those o' the athor.
I' *o -re'er *or %tal$arts as 8antm $ieldin! -roto0&(errants and Darede)ils as
.st e:traordinar* hmans, then !o ri!ht ahead. Trinit*1 &I is sim-l* one )ie$-oint, and one
athor;s attem-t to ni'* the 'orces (ehind Ins-iration $ithot ha)in! to actall* create se)eral
di''erent s(0t*-es o' -aramor-h. The rles contained $ithin ha)e (een ada-ted 'rom se)eral
sorces, incldin! the Trinit* /la*ers <ide and &sia &scendant, and $hile ha)in! access to
those $orks is ad)isa(le, it is not necessar*. Onl* the Trinit* and &d)entre4 rle(ooks are
reall* needed to (rin! the Ins-ired into the =>=?;s.
%tor*tellers are ad)ised to se ho$e)er mch o' Trinit*1 &I that the* $ant to, and
i!nore $hate)er does not 'it into their !ame or their )ie$ o' the Trinit* ni)erse. &l$a*s
remem(er the <olden Rle1 +se $hat *o $ant, i!nore $hat *o don;t.
Chapter One: Inspiration takes a look at the natre o' 8antm and /si and ho$ the* relate
to the m*sterios @thirdA ener!* 'orceB Tellric ener!*, or C0$a)es, as $ell as a more detailed
look at the e''ects o' the 2ene#elen /henomenon, &D& /rocess E>F, and $ho has (een
recentl* Ins-ired (* it. &lso a (rie' discssion on the interaction o' Ins-ired $ith the niGe
(iotechnolo!* o' the =>=?7s.
Chapter Two: Rules takes a look at the e:act rles con)ersions 'rom &d)entre to Trinit*,
-articlarl* ho$ knacks 'nction in the =>=?7s, as $ell as some ne$ Ins-ired knacks, merits
and 'la$s, an -date and reno)ation o' the Dramatic Editin! rles, and ho$ %-er0science
$orks 'or characters in the Trinit* era.
I ho-e *o en.o* this $ork,
Dan "Jackson Creed" Hamilton, 2!"
Psi, -uantum and Telluric ener#"
-textfile conversation, Dr. Jim Cooper, noetic
theorist, ISRA.
/si and 8antm are t$o 'orces that are
intert$ined and *et o--osin!. /si ena(les
-sions to mani-late s(Gantm -articles
to accom-lish a $ide arra* o' a(ilities.
8antm, on the other hand, can (e
mani-lated (* the "a#arin0Rashod node,
a strctre so 'ar niGe to hmans, to alter
the Gantm strctre o' realit* itsel', and in
e''ect (ecomin! (ein!s o' !od0like -o$er.
Ho$e)er, these t$o 'orces are in o--osition
and do not mi: $ell. 8antm a--ears to
ha)e more @(rte 'orceA than /si and tends
to o)er$helm and disr-t all (t the
stron!est /si concentrations. /si can disr-t
8antm as $ell, tho!h on a mch smaller
scale, (t /si is 'ar more condci)e to the
-resence o' li'e. &ll li'e -ossesses a @/si
tem-lateA and it is this acti)e connection to
the s(Gantm ni)erse that seems to
allo$ li'e to e:ist at all. E)en &(errants ma*
ha)e a /si tem-lateB the 8antm that is
channelled thro!h their (odies cold sim-l*
s--ress it to the -oint o' ndetecta(ilit*.
Tellric ener!*, on the other hand, is
!enerated (* the interaction and o--osition
o' /si and 8antm, and so is related to
(oth (t is Gite distinct. Tellric ener!*
e:ists as $a)es rather than as -articles, and
is sometimes called C0ra*s, -sedo0aetheric
$a)es or sim-l* Ins-iration, and it
-ermeates all matter and ener!*. It can (e
made to interact $ith ma!netic or electrical
'ields, (e con)erted to normal
electroma!netic radiation and it can (e
mani-lated (* emotion, instinct and tho!ht
alone. This semi0m*stical 'orce nder-ins
realit* itsel' and is 'ar more s(tle and
s(lime than either /si or 8antm.
& se'l meta-hor is to ima!ine t$o
eGal landmasses, one re-resentin! /si and
the other 8antm, se-arated (* a Tellric
ocean. The crrents and $eather -atterns o'
this ocean are !enerated and in'lenced (*
the t$o landmasses. 9ear the /si landmass
the Tellric $aters ha)e more o' a /si
character to them than the dee-er -arts o'
the ocean. Like$ise, the $aters ha)e a
8antm character near the 8antm
landmass. It is res-ecti)el* 'rom these t$o
@shallo$er areasA that "esmerists and
%tal$arts, to se an archaic terminolo!* 'or
these -aramor-h t*-es, dra$ their -o$er
and it is $h* the* ha)e Galities in common
$ith -sions or &(errants and *et are neither.
Darede)ils on the other hand dra$ their
Ins-iration 'rom the dee-er -arts o' the
Tellric ocean, $here there is 'ar less
in'lence 'rom /si or 8antm, and ths
the* ha)e -o$ers that are less o)ertl*
-o$er'l (t more s(tle and 'ar reachin! in
their e''ect. 9ormal hmans are not a(le to
consciosl* a''ect the Tellric ocean,
altho!h in times o' !reat need the* ma* (e
a(le to do so s(consciosl*, and the )ast
ma.orit* o' hmanit* are to (e 'ond in the
shallo$ @/si as-ect $atersA that are most
condci)e to li'e.
O' corse, there is no sch thin! as
Tellric ener!*B there is onl* /si and
8antm. ,hile the* are diametricall*
o--osed normall*, the -sionic a-titde o'
8antakinesis has -ro)ed that /si and
8antm can actall* $ork hand in hand at
relati)el* lo$ le)els. The* also a--ear to (e
a(le to coe:ist at the lo$er le)els 'ond in
-aramor-hs $hile the* cannot in the
stron!er le)els 'ond in -sions or &(errants.
Those -aramor-hs that tilise /si, $hom I
ha)e termed "entalists, a--ear to ha)e
a(ilities that are less re'ined and -o$er'l
than those en.o*ed (* -sions, (t the* are
ne)ertheless Gite -otent in their o$n $a*.
E)en demonstratin! a more )aried arra* o'
-sionic -o$ers than e)en those -sions $ith
a:iliar* -si modes. Like$ise, those
-aramor-hs that tilise 8antm to
s(consciosl* enhance their (odies and
minds, $hich I ha)e named O-timals, do so
$ithot mani'estin! a "0R 9ode and
there'ore (ein! an &(errant. The onl* clear
-arallel that $e ha)e is $ith the Chitra
Bhan $ho demonstrated similar a(ilities
thro!h the medim o' 8antakinesis.
The third 'orm o' -aramor-h is
-erha-s the most s(tle. The* lack the o)ert
a(ilities demonstrated (* "entalists and
O-timals, (t ne)ertheless ha)e incredi(le
le)els o' skill and lck that mst ha)e their
sorce 'rom some s(tle mani-lation o'
/si, 8antm or -ossi(l* e)en (oth. The*
are e:am-les o' the )er* (est that normal
hmanit* has to o''er, and it is 'or this
reason that I ha)e called them E:em-lars.
Recentl* it has come to m* attention
that there is a 'orth, arti'icial, t*-e o'
-aramor-h, called %-eriors, that ha)e (een
de)elo-ed (* the I ha)e little
e)idence to (ack - these rmors (t I
ha)e heard the name o' the techniGe sed
to create themB the 9akamra /rocess.
I ha)e named the -aramor-h t*-es
and I !i)en a old name to -aramor-hs as a
$holeB the* are the Ins-ired.
The .ene/uelan Phenomenon
On &!st Hrd, =>==, an ener!* $a)e
er-ted 'rom the 2ene#elan 8arantine
#one in %damerica. De to the -arallels to
the ,*co''e detonation, -ress releases
$old later -in the (lame on &(errants
$ithin the #one, (t the trth is 'ar more
distr(in!. In actalit* /rocess E>F
emanated 'rom an ltra secret 9orIa 'acilit*
rn (* the "Jsicos da 2erdade. ,hat this
'acilit* $as researchin! is not kno$n (t the
de)astation $as -ro'ond. The most
o()ios e:-lanation is -erha-s that some
8antakinetic e:-eriment, condcted (* the
'e$ 9orIa em-lo*ed chi(s, $ent massi)el*
$ron! (t $hat trl* ha--ened is *et to (e
re)ealed. ,hat is kno$n is the ener!* $a)e
!enerated (* /rocess E>F -ossessed
Gantm and s(Gantm -ro-erties and
created massi)e ri--les that a''ected (oth
the noetic and Gantm s-ectrm.
This $a)e s-read o)er the entire
-lanet in a 'e$ short hors and, like the
8antm $a)e !enerated in >KKF, had
massi)e immediate e''ects, (t on (oth
&(errants and -sions, o'ten casin! ma.or
chan!es in their -o$er le)els and a(ilities.
This $a)e has characteristics seen onl*
once (e'oreB the Hammersmith e)ent. The
2ene#elan /henomenon $as actall* a
Tellric ener!* $a)e, similar to the one
!enerated (* the destrction o' /ro'essor
%ir Cal)in Hammersmith;s Tellric en!ine in
>K==, (t rather than condensin!, 'ocsin!
and ltimatel* releasin! Tellric ener!*
directl*, as in >K==, this time the $a)e $as
more -o$er'l and not .st com-osed o'
Tellric ener!*. ,ithot a s-ecialised
Tellric !eneratin! de)ice, $hich is a
technolo!* lost in the ori!inal Hammersmith
e:-losion, onl* a massi)e interaction, and
)iolent reaction, (et$een /si and 8antm
cold ha)e !enerated sch a -o$er'l (rst
o' Tellric ener!* and as a reslt a lar!e
release o' (oth /si and 8antm
accom-anied the Tellric $a)e.
It $as the noetic $a)e, o' a stren!th
nseen since the Es-eran#a disaster, that
knocked man* -sions onto their collecti)e
asses, and the Gantm $a)e that has
cased man* &(errants to e)ol)e, (t it is
the Tellric ener!* that has once a!ain
trned the ,eird0Cra-0O;meter (ack - to
ele)en. %ome -sions ha)e had massi)e
-o$er (oosts $hile others ha)e lost some o'
their -o$ers, and stran!est o' all, the
arti'icial restriction to a sin!le -sionic
&-titde, im-osed (* the /romethes
E''ect, seems to (e (reakin! do$n in some
cases, $ith -sions sddenl* mani'estin!
mlti-le stron! a:iliar* modes. &(errants
ha)e (een a''ected e)en more -ro'ondl*B
their Taint seems to ha)e (een lar!el*
stri--ed a$a*, alon! $ith mch o' their ra$
-o$er, (t e)en more astonishin!l*B their
noetic aras ha)e (ecome detecta(le (*
-sions4 This shold not (e -ossi(leB e)en
8antm > shold s--ress the noetic ara
(e*ond e)en Otha Her#o!;s a(ilit* to sense.
9e)ertheless, this is the case. Rles 'or
-ost0/rocess E>F /sions and 9o)as can (e
'ond in &sia &scendant 3--EL0EM5.
Telluric What0
,hile this $ork re'ers to Ins-iration as (ein!
Tellric ener!*, there is, in 'act, no sch
thin!. In the Trinit* ni)erse, there is onl*
/si and 8antmB -sions se one, no)as
se the other. Tellric ener!* is the catch0all
term sed (* the Ins-ired o' the >K=?;s $ho
had little kno$led!e o' Gantm, or
s(Gantm, -h*sics. Ins-ired characters
-ossess (oth /si and 8antm at lo$
eno!h le)els that the t$o do not conteract
each other. O-timals are more inclined to
8antm and "entalists to /si, $ith
E:em-lars 'allin! some$here (et$een. The
se o' the term @Tellric ener!*A and the
rles co)erin! @Ins-irationA are sim-l*
streamlined $a*s o' descri(in! ho$ this
t*-e o' character relates to the other
inha(itants o' the Trinit* ni)erse. %o, ho$
do Ins-ired se (oth /si and 8antmN The
ans$er is sim-le1 )er* $ell thank0*o.
Inspiration: The Enhanced
There is a third !ro- that has also (een
dee-l* a''ected (* the a'ter0e''ects o' the
2ene#elan /henomenonB normal hmans.
In man* cases, normal hmans, es-eciall*
$ithin the 28C, ha)e sddenl* mani'ested
nsal a(ilities that the* ha)e not (e'oreB
like their 'ore'athers in >K==, the* ha)e
(ecome Ins-ired. %ome ha)e (ecome
"entalists, and to the (linkered noetic
scientists o' the =>=?;s, a--ear to (e stron!
/si latents or $eak -s*chomor-hs 3natrall*
occrrin!, mlti-le &-titde $ieldin! -sions5,
$hile others (ecome O-timals and ha)e
de)elo-ed e:ce-tional -h*sical and mental
enhancements 3sch as (ecomin! a(le to
take do$n an &(errant sin! onl* martial
+nlike the >K== ener!* $a)e in
$hich all the )arios Ins-ired t*-es eGall*,
the increased /si and 8antm $ithin the
/rocess E>F ener!* $a)e has increased the
'reGenc* o' O-timals and "entalists
amon! the Enhanced (t has meant that the
third t*-e, E:em-lars, are more rare than
the* ha)e e)er (een (e'ore. &dditionall* the
three Enhanced t*-es are no lon!er as
se-arate as the* once $ereB the di)idin! line
(et$een O-timal and "entalist is no$ )er*
thin and )a!e. Indeed man* are de)elo-in!
-o$ers that mimic those o' the other t*-es,
e)en the rare E:em-lars ha)e (een kno$n
to se lo$ le)el 8antm and /s*chic
knacks. ,hile no$ mch rarer, E:em-lars
are still the onl* Ins-ired a(le to se Heroic
knacks and 'ate smiles on them 'ar more
o'ten than either o' the t*-es.
%&o Are T&e'(
%o, $ho has (ecome Ins-ired in the $ake o'
the 2ene#elan /henomenonN %ome
-re)iosl* netral -eo-le $ithin the 28C
ha)e (e!n to sho$ the initial si!ns o'
Ins-iration, (t this is -ro(a(l* de to their
-ro:imit* to the stron!est emanations o'
Tellric ener!* as the $a)e s-read ot 'rom
the "Jsicos da 2erdade 'acilit*. It has (een
theorised (* noetic scientists that the
!enetic tri!!er that allo$s a normal, or
(aseline, hman to (e tri!!ered as a -sion
or er-t as a 9o)a is actall* the same
!ene seGence4 This is tho!ht to (e the
reason that -sions cannot er-t as 9o)as
and $h* 9o)as cannot (ecome -sions.
Onl* those $ith the !enetic
-redis-osition to$ard mani'estin! either /si
or 8antm seem to (e likel* to (e Ins-ired.
/si latents tend to (ecome "esmerists and
8antm latents tend to (ecome %tal$arts
3altho!h there are e:ce-tions5, $hile the
le)el o' latenc* to (ecome a Darede)il
seems to (e 'ar lo$er 3most o' the rare ne$
Darede)ils $ere cate!orised as (ein!
com-letel* netral in /si latenc* tests5.
Ins)ired and Psi Latenc'
The ne$ !eneration o' -eo-le $ho ha)e
(een Ins-ired in the $ake o' the 2ene#elan
/henomenon a--ear to (e stron!l* latent
$hen the* are tested 'or /si -otential.
"entalists are -ro(a(l* the most o()iosl*
latent to$ards /si, !i)en that their a(ilities
mani-late /si in a similar, (t less direct,
$a*. "entalists are al$a*s stron!l* latent to
Clairsentience, Tele-ath* and 2itakinesis
and those $ho nder!o the /romethes
E''ect to one o' these a-titdes $ill o'ten (e
-o$er'l -sions. "ost "entalists re!ister as
(ein! stron!l* latent eno!h to (e tri!!ered
'or Tele-ortation (t are almost ne)er latent
'or 8antakinesis.
&ltho!h O-timals mani-late
8antm 'orces, the* do so indirectl* and
ths ha)e 'ar more in common $ith
8antakinetics than $ith &(errants. &s a
reslt, O-timals almost al$a*s ha)e
stron!er latenc* 'or 8antakinesis, altho!h
the* $ill ne)er !et tri!!ered as a
8antakinetic (ecase the Chitra Bhan
/romethes Cham(er $as dismantled
'ollo$in! the -r!e in =>?F, than 'or other
/si a-titdes. O-timals are also o'ten
stron!l* latent to$ards Biokinesis,
Electrokinesis and /s*chokinesis and $ill
(ecome -o$er'l -sions i' tri!!ered to these
E:em-lars are the most $eakl*
latent o' the three natral Ins-ired t*-es and
altho!h the* ha)e a hi!h eno!h /si
latenc* to (e tri!!ered 'or an* o' the si:
(asic a-titdes, the* are not e:ce-tionall*
latent like O-timals and "entalists, and are
sall* na(le to (e tri!!ered as a
tele-orter or a Gantakinetic..
%-eriors are Gite di''erentB the*
are not latent and dnkin! s-eriors in a
/romethes Cham(er $old case them to
die a slo$ and a!oni#in! death. The* ma*
ha)e (een latent (e'ore the* (ecame
%-eriorsB (t nder!oin! the 9akamra
/rocess remo)es the !enetic ca-a(ilit* o'
(ecomin! either a -sion or a no)a.
Ps'c&omor)& *ers+s Paramor)&
/s*chomor-hs are those hmans $ho ha)e
de)elo-ed the a(ilit* to mani-late /si
ener!* in a conscios, controlla(le $a*.
/siads are a(le to do so natrall* 3al(eit
$ith lo$er -o$er le)els (t di)erse
a-titdes5, $hile /sions are a(le do so
(ecase the* ha)e (een enhanced (* the
/romethes E''ect 3ho$e)er, this -rocess
also limits them to a sin!le /si a-titde5.
/aramor-hs, on the other hand, are
those hmans $ho ha)e the a(ilit* to
s(consciosl* mani-late /si -articles to
achie)e some e:traordinar* a(ilit*. ,hile a
-aramor-h ma* ha)e conscios control o)er
his -o$ers, he does not ha)e conscios
control o)er /si se and e:-enditre that
!i)es him those -o$ers.
Instead, /aramor-hs se the
Ins-iration rles ada-ted 'rom &d)entre4 It
shold (e noted that Ins-iration is a rles
mechanic and not a third ener!*
-article6$a)e. 9ote that $hile all
-aramor-hs are latent, not all 3in 'act the
)ast ma.orit*5 o' latents are not -aramor-hs.
"entalists are -aramor-hs $ho
ha)e the a(ilit* to achie)e e''ects that are
similar to those achie)ed (* -sions and
-siads, (t do not ha)e the ra$ -o$er and
)ersatilit* o' sch /si se 3altho!h their
a(ilities ma* (e Gite -otent $hen -ro-erl*
E:em-lars se /si to a''ect
Gantm -ro(a(ilit*. This has the e''ect o'
makin! them )er* lck* and 'or
coincidences to !o their $a*. The* are o'ten
e:ce-tional indi)idals, (t the* are not
s-erhman in the $a* that "entalists and
O-timals can occasionall* (e.
%-eriors, on the other hand,
a--ear to (e most like O-timals 3in terms o'
enhanced mental and -h*sical a(ilities5 the*
are in 'act enhanced E:em-lars. The* ma*
ha)e (een latent O-timals (e'ore their
alteration 3and ths more likel* to Er-t than
tri!!er as a -siad6-sion5 the 9akamra
/rocess makes them most like E:em-lars,
e)en i' the* a--ears to (e O-timal in their
#)timals and ,+antakinesis
O-timals are a s-ecial case. The* are those
-aramor-hs $ho ha)e a stron! latenc* to
Er-t $ith a "a#arin0Rashod node and
(ecome 9o)as 3or &(errants5. The* ha)e
the a(ilit* to enhance their (odies and
minds in a similar $a* to 9o)as, (t at an
e:-onentiall* lo$er -o$er le)el. In 'act, the*
do not ha)e an acti)e "0R node at all. The*
instead ha)e the a(ilit* to se /si to in'se
their (odies $ith lo$ le)els o' Gantm that
allo$s them to (e -h*sicall* and mentall*
(e*ond the norm. In this $a* the* are most
similar to 8antakinetic -sions 3altho!h
onl* in the mode o' Enhancement5.
Ho$e)er, it shold (e noted that O-timals
do not se 8antakinesisB the -o$ers that
come $ith their Ins-iration are sim-l*
related to it 3(t at a 'ar lo$er -o$er le)el,
and $ithot the )ersatilit* o' control that tre
8antakinetics -ossess5.
Ins)ired and ,+ant+m
O-timals ma* se 8antm, al(eit in an
indirect and n'ocsed $a*, (t do not ha)e
a 8antm ratin!. This is the critical
di''erence (et$een 9o)as and O-timalsB the
'ormer has an acti)e "a#arin0Rashod
9ode, the latter does not. 8antm > is the
(ondar* (et$een the realms o' (ein!
s-er( hman and s-erhman.
E''ecti)el*, e)en the most -o$er'l
O-timal 3Ins-iration K or >?5, is still
e''ecti)el* .st (elo$ (ein! a 9o)a 3a(ot
K?O o' 8antm >5 and this e:-lains $h*
the* still re!ister as (ein! hmans rather
than no)as. /t sim-l*, 8antm > is the
-oint at $hich the "0R 9ode (ecomes
acti)e and the resltant 'lood o' 8antm
ener!ies s--resses the /si tem-late o'
the ne$ no)a to the -oint o'
Ins)ired and Psi
&ltho!h Ins-ired characters 'ollo$ man*
o' the rles 'or netral characters, the*
ma* not (* e:tra -oints o' -ermanent
/si at character creation. The reason 'or
this is Gite sim-leB netrals $ith a
natrall* hi!h /si ratin! ha)e increased
resistance and sensiti)it* to /si se,
$hile Ins-ired characters se their
Ins-iration ratin!s 'or a similar -r-ose.
Ha)in! t$o di''erent traits to descri(e the
same a(ilities is redndant.
Ins-ired are not -sionicall* acti)e
in a standard sense 3at least as 'ar as
most -sions are concerned5, (t the* are
still sensiti)e to sdden chan!es in the
'lo$ o' /si 3and its a(sence in the case
o' Taint5. &s a reslt the* ma* se the
&ttnement rles 3Trinit' r+le-ook ).!./
.!25 (t at P= di''iclt*. The* also s''er
the e''ects o' Backlash i' the* are near to
a sdden chan!e in noetic ener!*. The
e''ecti)e /si score that an Ins-ired has
de-ends on $hat t*-e o' Ins-ired he is.
9ote that this is onl* an e''ecti)e ratin!B
the* do not ha)e a /si -ool and ths ma*
not s-end /si -oints.
In terms o' !ame mechanics,
"entalists, (ein! the Ins-ired t*-e most
attned to /si, ha)e an e''ecti)e /si trait
eGal to either hal' their Ins-iration ratin!
3ronded -5 or eGal to their hi!hest
Ins-iration 'acet 3$hiche)er is hi!her5,
$ith re!ards to &ttnement and resistin!
the e''ects o' /si -o$ers.
O-timals, on the other hand, are
mch more attned to 8antm ener!*
and as sch onl* ha)e an e''ecti)e /si
ratin! eGal to their lo$est Ins-iration
'acet. Ho$e)er, $hen sin! &ttnement
to detect 8antm or Taint, the* se
their hi!hest Ins-iration 'acet P> as their
e''ecti)e /si.
E:em-lars and %-eriors ha)e an
e''ecti)e /si score eGal to their Intiti)e
%,ill Conversions
%ome o' the skills in !dventure are either
not -resent in Trinit* 3sch as &rcher*5 or
are listed nder a di''erent &ttri(te 3sch as
/ilot5. It is a sim-le matter to sim-l* se the
Trinit" &ttri(te0&(ilit* com(inations instead
o' those 'ond in !dventure. &s al$a*s, the
e:act dice -ool sed $ill )ar* on the
sitation, (t Ins-ired characters shold (e
!i)en the (ene'it o' the do(t $hen decidin!
$hich &ttri(te to a--l* to a roll 3Ins-ired
are desi!ned to (e a mch more @ro!h and
read*A character class5. &s al$a*s the
%tor*teller;s decision is 'inal.
1nac, Conversions2
The )ast ma.orit* o' the knacks 'ond in the
&d)entre rles $ill $ork -er'ectl* $ell in
the Trinit* settin!. Ho$e)er, the rise o' ne$
technolo!* and the -resence o' /si -o$ers
means that some $ill 'nction sli!htl*
)eroic 1nac,s
The se o' Heroic knacks are al$a*s s(tle
and a--ear co0incidental and ne)er
re!isters to the &ttnement o' -sions.
Com)lete Pri*ac' 3 &ll attem-ts to co)ertl*
s-* on the character 'ail $ithot the se o'
an Ins-ired, /si or 8antm -o$er and
sch attem-ts are s(.ect to an increased
di''iclt* modi'ier eGal to the E:em-lar;s
Re'lecti)e 'acet.
Deat& De1iance 3 Fnctions as the (asic
-o$er in &d)entre4 rle(ook.
Dramatic Entrance 3 Can no$ (e (o!ht
as t$o se-arate knacks. The 'irst, Dramatic
Entrance, 'nctions as the (asic -o$er in
&d)entre4 Rle(ook. The second knack is
Dramatic E2it $hich adds three (ons dice
to the E:em-lar;s attem-ts to make a
Ea3le E'es 3 Fnctions as the (asic -o$er
in &d)entre4 Rle(ook.
En&anced Im)act 3 Fnctions as the (asic
-o$er in &d)entre4 rle(ook.
4ists o1 Stone 3 Fnctions as the (asic
-o$er in &d)entre4 Rle(ook.
4or3etta-le 3 &s normal, (t the di''iclt*
-enalt* also a--lies to holo0cameras, and
other modern media tools, and to Tele-athic
attem-ts to !et $itnesses to remem(er the
E:em-lar 3or the se o' the Clairsentience
mode o' /s*chometr*5.
5ad3eteer 3 &s normal, (t this knack is
reGired i' the E:em-lar $ishes to 'ormat
(io$are to himsel' $ithot the aid o'
con)entional la( technicians.
Indomita-le %ill 3 &s normal, (t all
Tele-athic modes and "entasis sed
a!ainst the E:em-lar are also at the P=
di''iclt* -enalt*.
Instant E2)ert 3 Fnctions as the (asic
-o$er in &d)entre4 Rle(ook.
Jack o1 All Ton3+es 3 &s normal, and the
(ons also a--lies to learnin! alien
lan!a!es sch as 8in and Chromatic.
Lie Detector 3 &s normal, (t -sions and
9o)as 3or &(errants5 onl* i!nore the
di''iclt* -enalt* i' the* ha)e at least
%(ter'!e =. I' the* do not, the* s''er the
P= di''iclt* as normal.
Li3&tnin3 Re1le2es 3 Fnctions as the
(asic -o$er in &d)entre4 rle(ook.
6aster o1 Dissim+lation 4 Fnctions as the
(asic -o$er in &d)entre4 rle(ook.
Na*i3ation Ha7ard 3 &s normal, and also
co)er the !reater )ariet* o' )ehicle t*-es in
the Trinit* settin!.
#ne 6an Arm' 3 Fnctions as the (asic
-o$er in &d)entre4 Rle(ook.
Per1ect Poise 3 Fnctions as the (asic
-o$er in &d)entre4 Rle(ook.
Resilient 3 &s normal, (t also adds a P=
(ons to all medical treatments, incldin!
2itakinetic, sed on the E:em-lar.
Steel' 5a7e 3 &s normal, $innin! all
staredo$ns $ith netrals and !ains t$o
e:tra dice a!ainst -sions and 9o)as 3or
Trick S&ot 3 &s normal, (t the knack mst
(e (o!ht se-aratel* 'or melee $ea-ons,
thro$n $ea-ons, -ro.ectile $ea-ons, laser
$ea-ons, )ehicle $ea-ons 3an* H*(rid or
smaller )ehicle5 and shi- $ea-ons 3'ri!ate
or lar!er )ehicle5.
0nto+c&a-le 3 &s normal, (t this knack
ma* (e -rchased t$ice. I' it is (o!ht a
second time, then the knack 'nctions e)en
$hen the E:em-lar is armed.
%&eelman 3 &s normal, (t there are man*
more t*-es o' )ehicle in the Trinit* settin!.
The E:em-lar ma* (* this knack 'or each
o' the 'ollo$in! 3each knack a--lies to all
the s-ecialties in the (rackets a'ter the skill51
Dri)e 3Cycle and Hover5, Dri)e 3Crawler and
Wheeled5, Dri)e 3Tracked and Maglev5, /ilot
3Jet, Hybrid and otor5, /ilot 3!reighter and
J"#$ %hi$5, /ilot 3!rigate5, and /ilot
Psionic 1nac,s
/sionic knacks se /si -articles indirectl*
and as a reslt, the se o' a /sionic knack
has a chance o' re!isterin! to the
&ttnement o' -sions. The more -o$er'l
the knack, the !reater the distr(ance it
!enerates. Le)el one /sionic knacks are
sall* sensor* in natre and ma* (e
detected as i' the "entalist $ere sin! the
Basic TechniGe o' a /si &-titde 3&"ch a&
'irlian (ye5. Le)el t$o knacks re!ister as
le)el one /si -o$ers and le)el three /sionic
knacks re!ister as le)el t$o /si -o$ers.
The 'ollo$in! knacks 'nction e:actl* as
the* do in &d)entre, reGire no chan!e in
s*stem and re!ister as an &-titde (asic
techniGe to /si &ttnement1 9rain
Skimmin3, Command 8oice, 6arked
6an, Per1ect Translation, Ps'c&ic Hand
and T&ermal 6ani)+lation2
Scienti1ic Prodi3' 3 &s normal, (t can (e
sed to 'ormat (io$are $ithot the aid o'
con)entional la( technicians.
Tell+ric Resonance 3 &s normal, (t can
also detect /si se near(*. The &$areness
roll has a di''iclt* modi'ier o' PH 'or a (asic
techniGe, P= 'or le)el one -o$ers, P> 'or
le)el t$o -o$ers, standard 'or le)el three
-o$ers, 0> 'or le)el 'or -o$ers and 0= 'or
le)el 'i)e -o$ers.
The 'ollo$in! knacks 'nction e:actl* as
the* do in &d)entre, reGire no chan!e in
s*stem and re!ister as a le)el one -o$er to
/si &ttnement1 Cloak o1 Dread,
4lame:4rost Con;+ration and
9rainstorm 3 &s normal, (t -sions cont
as Ins-ired $hen determinin! the tar!et;s
resistance. /sions ma* se /si instead o'
,ill-o$er to de'end (t is the "entalist
scceeds, the tar!et loses /si -oints instead
o' ,ill-o$er.
E*il E'e 3 &s normal, (t -sions cont as
Ins-ired $hen determinin! the tar!et;s
The 'ollo$in! knacks 'nction e:actl* as
the* do in &d)entre, reGire no chan!e in
s*stem and re!ister as a le)el t$o -o$er to
/si &ttnement1 6ind&ammer, Ps'c&ic
S'ner3', Slei3&t o1 %ill and To+c& o1
Clo+d t&e 6ind 3 &s normal, and attem-ts
to detect the "entalist -sionicall* 3sch as
&ttnement or Clairsentience and Tele-ath*
-o$ers5 adds a di''iclt* modi'ier eGal to
the Re'lecti)e 'acet.
Ps'c&ic Control 3 &s normal, (t /sions
ma* se /si instead o' ,ill-o$er to de'end.
-uantum 1nac,s
8antm knacks se mani-late 8antm
-articles indirectl*. +nlike /sionic knacks,
most 8antm knacks are al$a*s in e''ect
and do not reGire the e:-enditre o'
Ins-iration. &s a reslt the 8antm sed
indirectl* (* 8antm knacks are so 'aint
that the* are lar!el* ndetecta(le (* /si
&ttnement. Onl* the acti)e se o'
Ins-iration $ill !enerate a distr(ance and
e)en that $ill -ro(a(l* onl* 'eel like a (rie',
)er* 'aint sr!e in the local 8antm 3$hich
the ma.orit* o' -sions $ill mistake as
(ack!rond Taint5.

The 'ollo$in! knacks 'nction e:actl* as
the* do in &d)entre and reGire no chan!e
in s*stem1 A Sin3le 9o+nd, Cool Hand,
Hei3&tened Senses, 6an 4or All
Seasons, Po<erli1ter, Se2 S'm-ol and
S+)er&+man Re1le2es"
6ad Scientist = & s normal, (t can (e
sed to 'ormat (io$are $ithot the aid o'
con)entional la( technicians.
The 'ollo$in! knacks 'nction e:actl* as
the* do in &d)entre and reGire no chan!e
in s*stem Aet&eric 8ision, 9la7in3 S)eed,
9lind1i3&ter, Piledri*er, S+n T7+>s
9lessin3 and To+c& o1 t&e 6+ses"
#)timised 6eta-olism = &s normal, (t is
immne to onl* -oisons and diseases $ith a
to:in ratin! eGal or less than Re'lecti)e
'acet. Re'lecti)e 'acet can (e sed as soak
a!ainst hi!her to:in ratin!s.
The 'ollo$in! knacks 'nction e:actl* as
the* do in &d)entre and reGire no chan!e
in s*stem1 9od' o1 9ron7e, Re)tilian
Re3eneration, Sensor' 4ilterin3 and
T&reat A<areness"
Indes)+ta-le Anal'sis and 6an o1 6an'
4aces 3 &s normal, (t $ill (e detecta(le as
)er* $eak Taint to /si &ttnement, (t onl*
$hen the knack is 'irst acti)ated. Once
acti)e, it is once a!ain ndetecta(le (* /si.
Character Creation
The 'ollo$in! ha)e (een desi!ned 'or
creatin! ne$ Ins-ired characters 'or the
Trinit* era.
P)!%E O(E 4 'E(E%I%
%tep One: Concept 4 This is similar to
creatin! a -sion character. Ins-ired ma*
ha)e almost Ori!in or 9atre.
%tep Two: !ttri5utes 4 To (e!in $ith, an
Ins-ired character is essentiall* a netral
character and 'ollo$s the rles 'or creatin!
non0-sion characters 3T/<1 -FM5. &t this
sta!e the character has si: -rimar* attri(te
dots, 'or dots 'or secondar* and three dots
'or tertiar*.
%tep Three: !5ilities 4 &s a netral, the
character !ets >= &(ilit* -oints in his &(ilit*
!ro- and >L to -lace in an* other &(ilities.
Frther, ha)in! an &lle!iance and its
corres-ondin! &(ilit* !ro- assmes a
de!ree o' ad)anced trainin!1 the character
ma* (* - to t$o o' his &(ilit* !ro-7s skills
to 'or dots. I' the character has no
&lle!iance then he doesn7t !et this (ene'it
(t can s-end the total =Q &(ilit* -oints
arond $here he likes 3T/<1 -FM5.
%tep our: !dvanta#es 4 &s a netral, the
character starts $ith se)en dots
Back!rond. %tartin! /si is at one 3>5 dot
and ,ill-o$er is at three 3H5 dots.
%tep ive: +onus points 4 &s a netral, the
character ma* s-end (ons -oints as
normalB sch as (*in! - to se)en dots
$orth o' merits and !ainin! - to se)en
e:tra (ons -oints in 'la$s. & character ma*
-rchase additional dots o' /si and still (e
considered -sionicall* netral 3e)en a'ter
Ins-iration, this $ill onl* (e o' the same se
that e:tra /si $old (e to netral
P)!%E TWO 3 TR!(%OR6!TIO(
%tep One: Inspiration 3 &s an Ins-ired, the
character !ains startin! Ins-iration at one
3>5 dot, and chooses -rimar* Ins-iration
'acetB Destrcti)e, Intiti)e or Re'lecti)e.
%tep Two: De&ine the Inspiration 3 Did the
character (ecome Ins-ired de the e''ects
o' /rocess E>F, the 9akamra /rocess, or
(* some other meansN Choose the t*-e o'
Ins-ired that the character $ill (ecome1
E:em-lar, "entalist, O-timal or %-erior.
This sta!e is critical (ecase this is $here
the di''erent Ins-ired t*-es (ranch a$a*
'rom each other and the creation -rocess is
sli!htl* di''erent 'or each.
%tep Three: Trans&ormation 3 &t this
sta!e, all t*-es o' Ins-ired !ain a certain
amont o' Trans'ormation /oints $hich can
(e sed to (* additional traits. +nlike other
character t*-es, Ins-ired ha)e no --er limit
on ho$ man* -oints $orth o' "erits 3&ee
below5 that the* can -rchase. Ho$e)er,
the* are still limited to a ma:imm o' se)en
3Q5 -oints $orth o' Fla$s.
Ac+te Sense$ > -t "eritB
Am-ide2tro+s$ > -t "eritB Animal 6a3netism$
> -t "eritB Catlike 9alance$ > -t "eritB
Centered$ L -t "eritB Code o1 Hono+r$ = -t
"eritB Com-at 8eteran$ H -t "eritB Common
Sense$ > -t "eritB Concentration$ > -t "eritB
Crack Dri*er:Pilot$ = -t "erit R> -t "erit 'or
E:em-larsSB Darede*il$ H -t "erit R= -t "erit 'or
E:em-larsSB Eidetic 6emor'$ H -t "eritB
Enc&antin3 8oice$ > -t "eritB E2ce)tional
Potential$ H -t "erit R= -t 'or O-timalsSB Hi3&
Pain Tolerance$ H -t "erit R= -t "erit 'or
O-timals and %-eriorsSB H+3e Si7e$ E -t "eritB
Increased Tolerance$ Free to all Ins-ired (t
"navailable to %-eriorsB Internal Com)ass$ > -t
"eritB Li3&tnin3 Calc+lator$ = -t "eritB L+ck'$ H
-t "erit R= -t "erit 'or E:em-larsSB Nat+ral
Leader$ > -t "eritB Nat+ral Lin3+ist$ H -t "erit
R= -t "erit 'or E:em-larsSB Nat+ral Tec&nician$ H
-t "eritB Patient$ > -t "erit.
(aturall" Inspired T E:em-lars, "entalists
and O-timals ma* s-end 'i'teen 3>L5
Trans'ormation /oints on Ins-iration,
&ttri(tes, &(ilities, ,ill-o$er, "erits and
Dnacks. The* also !ain the Increased
Tolerance 9oetic "erit 'or 'ree and ma*, i'
the* $ish, se their RIntiti)e Facet P>S
instead o' their R%tamina P>S to determine
their (io$are Tolerance. &dditionall*, the*
can se (io$are that reGires /si to acti)ate
(* s-endin! t$o 3=5 -oints o' Ins-iration -er
-oint o' /si reGired instead.
E:em-lars ma* s-end
Trans'ormation /oints to (* Heroic Dnacks
at a cost o' t$o 3=5 -oints each.
"entalists ma* s-end
Trans'ormation /oints to (* /sionic
Dnacks at a cost o' one 3>5 -oint -er le)el o'
the Dnack 3so one 3>5 -oint 'or a le)el >
knack, t$o 3=5 -oints 'or le)el = Dnacks and
three 3H5 -oints 'or le)el three5.
O-timals ma* s-end Trans'ormation
/oints to (* 8antm Dnacks at a cost o'
one 3>5 -oint -er le)el o' the Dnack 3so one
3>5 -oint 'or a le)el > knack, t$o 3=5 -oints
'or le)el = Dnacks and three 3H5 -oints 'or
le)el three5.
!rti&iciall" Inspired T %-eriors !ain an
additional 'i)e 3L5 &ttri(te dots and their
/rimar* &ttri(tes ma* (e raised to si: 3M5.
The* also !ain an additional t$o 3=5 dots in
Endrance and Resistance, one 3>5 dot in
"editation, one 3>5 dot in %(ter'!e and an
additional 'or 3E5 'ree dots to (e allocated
to an a(ilit* associated $ith one o' their
-rimar* &ttri(tes 3to a ma:imm o' si: 3M55.
&dd t$o 3=5 dots to Resorces and three 3H5
dots to %tats 3'or lo*al s-eriors5 or .st
one 3>5 dot to Resorces 3'or de'ectors5.
The %-erior character ma* then s-end
nine 3K5 Trans'ormation /oints on
Ins-iration, &ttri(tes, &(ilities, ,ill-o$er,
and "erits 3%-eriors cannot take 9oetic
"erits, e)en those normall* a)aila(le to
%-eriors heal Bashin! and Lethal
dama!e one time cate!or* hi!her on the
Bashin! and Lethal Reco)er* Time charts
3see Trinit* rle (ook -- =LH5. This healin!
time (ons is cmlati)e $ith to an* similar
(onses -ro)ided (* medical treatment. I' a
hi!hl* skilled -h*sician 3E "edicine5 treats a
s-erior, she reco)ers each Health Le)el
three cate!ories Hi!her on the health chart
3t$o le)els hi!her 'rom e:-ert medical
treatment and one le)el hi!her 'rom (ein! a
s-erior5. Re!ardless o' ho$ mch healin!
is im-ro)ed, each le)el o' Bashin! dama!e
takes at least >L mintes to heal, and each
le)el o' Lethal Dama!e takes at least three
hors to heal. %tdies ha)e also sho$n that
%-eriors a!e a--ro:imatel* hal' a 'ast as
normal hmans and $ith access to modern medical technolo!*, most can
e:-ect to li)e to (e o)er H?? *ears old 3see
&sia &scendant -->?M0>?Q 'or more
P)!%E O(E: 'E(E%I%
%tep One: Concept
Choose Ori!in, 2irte, 2ice and
%tep Two: %elect !ttri5utes
&ssi!n &ttri(tes 3M6E6H5.
%tep Three: %elect %,ills
&ssi!n %kills 3>>6Q6E5 PH %-ecialities.
9o %kill hi!her than H at this -oint.
%tep our: %elect +ac,#rounds
Choose desired Back!ronds 3Q5.
%tep ive: inishin# Touches
Initiati)e 3De:terit* P ,its5, "o)ement 3$alk
De:terit* P=m, rn De:terit* P>=m, s-rint
De:terit* R:HS P=?m5, Ins-iration 3?5, and
,ill-o$er 3H5.
%tep %i8: +onus Points
%-end Bons -oints 3>L5
Trait Cost per dot
&ttri(te >
&(ilit* >
%-ecialit* 3ma:. H -er &(ilit*5 >
Back!rond >
,ill-o$er =
Initiati)e >
"erit 3ma:. Q at this time5 &s merit cost
P)!%E TWO: TR!(%OR6!TIO(
%tep One: Inspiration
Choose the character7s Ins-ired t*-e
3E:em-lar, "entalist, O-timal, or %-erior5 and
record initial Ins-iration 3>5.
%tep Two: De&ine the Inspiration
Choose -rimar* Ins-iration 'acet11
Intiti)e, Re'lecti)e or Destrcti)e.
%tep Three: Trans&ormation points
%-end trans'ormation -oints 3>L5
Trait Cost per dot
= &ttri(te dots 3ma:. L in &ttri(te5 >
L &(ilit* dots 3ma:. L in Trait5 >
&(ilit* master* 3ma:. H &(ilities5 >
E "erit dots 3no limit5 >
E Back!rond dots >
= ,ill-o$er -oints 3ma:. F5 >
Ins-iration dot 3ma:. L5 >
H Ins-iration -oints to -ool 3no limit5 >
Dnack, Heroic =
Dnack, /sionic &s le)el
Dnack, 8antm &s le)el
& character mst ha)e E -oints in an
&ttri(te to -rchase the 'i'th dot.
& character mst ha)e L -oints in a %kill
to -rchase %kill master*.
Ins-iration cannot (e raised a(o)e L at
character creation.
Ins-iration -oints added to -ool are
tem-orar* (t ma* increase the -ools ca-acit*
(e*ond >?.
&n Ins-ired character can ha)e as man*
merits as desired (t can onl* ha)e se)en dots
$orth o' 'la$s.
Dnacks are non0hierarchical and an*
le)el o' knack ma* (e taken.
P)!%E T)REE: $!%T DET!I$%
%tep One: inal Touches
Calclate 'inal dice -ools
%tep Two: %par, o& $i&e
Decide ho$ the character came to (e
$ho he or she is.
+ac,#round Enhancements
&s in the >K=?;s, Ins-ired characters in the
Trinit* era ha)e access to a s-ecial set o'
ad)anta!es called Back!rond
Enhancements. In order to -rchase a
(ack!rond enhancement, a character mst
ha)e L dots in the a--ro-riate (ack!rond.
&n enhancement essentiall* makes the
(ack!rond the eGi)alent o' M dots, (t
also adds a nm(er o' additional (ene'its as
$ell. The e:act s-eci'ics o' sch -otentiall*
'ar ran!in! (ack!ronds mst (e a!reed
-on $ith the %tor*teller to make sre that
the* 'it into the cam-ai!n.
In Char#e 9%tatus:
Yo are not .st a mem(er o' *or
or!anisation, *o are the or!anisation. Yo
ha)e com-lete control o)er the or!anisation,
either directl*, like a cor-orate CEO, or
more s(tl* as the silent -artner $ho
controls e)er*thin! 'rom the shado$s.
,ithin *or or!anisation *o ha)e com-lete
access to e)er* resorce it contains and this
!i)es the eGi)alent o' Clearance L and
ReGisition L 3these are hi!hl* s-ecialised
)ersions o' Clearance and ReGisition and
are not as (roadl* se'l as the real thin!5.
Ho$e)er, these (ons (ack!ronds a--l*
O9LY to *or or!anisationB *o can;t
reGisition an ad)anced Bio2&R< i' *or
or!anisation has little militar* in'lence or
(iotech RUD. The %tor*teller has 'inal sa*
on $hat *o ha)e access to.
/la*er characters ma* not ha)e this
enhancement $ith re!ard to the &eon
Concil 3the Directors o' /rotes, 9e-tne
and Triton are In Char!e o' their res-ecti)e
de-artments5, /si Orders 3each /ro:* has
this enhancement $ith re!ard to their Order5
or the +nited 9ations.
Eni#ma 9Cipher:
Yo are a riddle $ra--ed in a m*ster* and
co)ered $ith a crnch* coatin! o' eni!matic
in)isi(ilit*. It is )irtall* im-ossi(le to
in)esti!ate *or dealin!s and *or data
tracks are so $ell hidden that e)en &le:
Cassel and Otha Her#o! $old s-end man*
'rstratin! hors tr*in! to !et an* e)idence
that mi!ht stick. In essence, nless sch a
-o$er'l in)esti!ator is directl* tr*in! to !et
intelli!ence on *o, all sch attem-ts to 'ail.
In 'act this enhancement is so !ood that *o
no lon!er actall* need *or 'i)e dots o'
Ci-her and can redistri(te them amon!
*or allies and 'riends, re-resentin! the
cloak o' non0e:istence *o can s-read
a(ot *o. 9ote that this enhancement onl*
cases *o to (e anon*mosB *o mst
-rchase the Identit* (ack!rond i' *o
$ant 'alse identities.
1in#pin 9Contacts:
Yo don;t .st ha)e an address (ook 'll o'
se'l namesB *o are the centre o' a )ast
s-ider $e( o' contacts and in'ormants.
Hndreds o' -eo-le, 'rom all $alks o' li'e,
o$e *o a 'a)or or t$o and can trade
'a)ors that are o$ed them. In e''ect, *o
ha)e do#ens o' ma.or contacts arond the
$orld and near s-ace 3*o ma* e)en ha)e a
contact or t$o in one o' the e:tra0solar
colonies5 $ith $hich *o can call on. Yo
also ne)er ha)e to roll to meet a minor
contact and *o can !et access to e:-ertise
in -racticall* an* 'ield.
Yo mst (e catios to not a(se
*or net$ork o' in'ormants and make sre
that all the correct -alms remain !reased.
,hile *o ma* sometimes (e called on to
hel- ot a contact directl*, as a master o'
this s(tle art *o are a(le to trade 'a)ors
(et$een *or contacts in sch a $a* that
the* do all the $ork and *o still retain their
'a)or and !ratitde4 Remem(er, this
enhancement is s(tle and shold (e sed
as a scal-el rather than a (ld!eon.
%anctum %anctorum 9%anctum:
Yo ha)e access to a secre location sa'e
'rom the -r*in! e*es o' !o)ernments,
a!encies and e)en the -si orders. The le)el
o' secrit* and secrec* is the eGi)alent to
that -ossessed (* the /romethes
Cham(ers o' the /si Orders. Yor sanctm
ma* (e in a remote -art o' Ti(et, dee-
$ithin a montain, or -erha-s a hollo$ed
ot asteroid, or e)en a s(terranean
com-le: on "ars. Re!ardless o' the t*-e
and location, *or sanctm $ill remain
totall* secre 'rom e)en the most
determined attem-ts to either 'ind, or
-enetrate its de'ences.
Renown 9In&luence:
Yo are res-ected on a !lo(al scale $ithin
*or 'ield o' interest and e:-ertise. There
are )er* 'e$, i' an*, -eo-le $ho are ca-a(le
o' challen!in! *or kno$led!e and o-inions
on sch matters. Yo are one o' the
'oremost athorities, i' not the athorit*, in
*or 'ield and *or $ords carr* tremendos
$ei!ht and -o$er. &ltho!h this in'lence is
$ithin a 'airl* narro$ 'ield, e)en otside *or
e:-ertise *or o-inions and $ords $ill (e
res-ected and considered, so lon! as *o
can en!a!e in sch a de(ate
kno$led!ea(l*. Reno$n is not the same as
'ame, indeed *o ma* onl* (e kno$n to a
select 'e$ -eo-leB (t those -eo-le $ill
al$a*s (e the mo)ers and shakers $ho
reall* matter.
Wealth +e"ond !varice 9Resources:
"one* has lon! since ceased to (e o' an*
real im-ortance to *o. Yo -ro(a(l* ha)e
more mone* than a lot o' small contries,
and 'e$ lar!er ones4 "ch o' this cash is
-ro(a(l* in)ested in a )ariet* o'
cor-orations, !o)ernments and more
-ro.ects than *o can -ro(a(l* kee- track
o'. In !ame terms *o ha)e an e''ecti)e
Resorces ratin! o' F 3*o can -rett* mch
a''ord an*thin! $ith a cost o' Q dots or less
$ithot too mch tro(le5. For an*thin! $ith
a cost o' F or more, sch as lar!e s-acecra't
and 'acilities, *o can still a''ord it, (t it $ill
reGire time to 'ree - 'nds and arran!e
-rchases. This $ill not redce *or
Resorces nless sch e:-ensi)e -ro-ert*
is destro*ed, and e)en then it $ill onl* make
a si!ni'icant im-act i' se)eral sch thin!s
are com-letel* lost.
(ew 1nac,s
&'ter /rocess E>F, the distinction (et$een
the Ins-ired t*-es has (ecome more 'lid
than it $as the >K=?;s. The standard knacks
3'ond in the &d)entre rle(ook5 are still
se-arated into three cate!ories, no$ called
Heroic, 8antm and /sionic, (t Ins-ired
characters ma* no$ (* knacks 'rom
otside their t*-e. In the case o' O-timals
and "entalists, sch knacks are (o!ht at
t$o le)els !reater than the* normall* areB so
a "entalist (*in! the le)el one 8antm
knack Hei!htened %enses $old (* it as a
le)el three /sionic knack 3the D*namic
/otential or /s*chic /otential merits allo$
the character to (* sch knacks at onl*
one le)el more e:-ensi)e5. Heroic knacks
are na)aila(le to non0E:em-lars, altho!h
%-eriors ma* -rchase them i' the* ha)e
Heroic /otential merit.
%ome knacks ma* (e a--ro-riate
'or di''erent t*-es o' Ins-ired and as sch
ma* (e a)aila(le as a Heroic knack and
ha)e a 8antm le)el 'or O-timals and a
di''erent /sionic le)el 'or "entalists. Each
t*-e o' Ins-ired (*s the knack at the
a--ro-riate le)el 3E:em-lars al$a*s (* it
at the hi!her le)elB %-eriors ma* ne)er
de)elo- 8antm or /sionic knacks5.
Cleaner 9Heroic Knack:
)I *ly *a&t, I talk *a&t, I think *a&t, &o
$lea&e, $retty $lea&e, with &"gar on to$, +"&t
&h"t "$ and do what I told yo",-
9o matter ho$ dee- the tro(le or com-le:
the -ro(lem, *o are a(le to think Gickl*,
react e''ecti)el* to chan!in! circmstances
and sol)e the -ro(lem $ithot e)en s-illin!
*or co''ee. Yo are sall* the one called
in to sort -ro(lems, !et rid o' e)idence or
create an ali(i 'or someone $ho has
committed a crime. Yo don7t necessaril*
ha)e to !et *or o$n hands dirt*B *o can
sim-l* (e the one $ho or!anises e)er*one
Gickl* and e''icientl* to !et rid o' a -ro(lem
and co)er - an* e)idence o' it.
%"stem: The character adds his
Intiti)e 'acet to an* rolls in)ol)ed in
cleanin! - crime scenes, !ettin! rid o'
e)idence or co)erin! - an* e)idence o'
an*thin! ha)in! ha--ened. Other characters
hel-in! to clean - also !et this (ons so
lon! as this character is the one s-er)isin!
and or!anisin! them. Dramatic Editin!
attem-ts (* this character cost one -oint o'
Ins-iration less than normal, (t onl* $hen
sed to co)er - somethin! that the
ordinar* rolls ha)e 'ailed to do.
Prere;uisite: & Cleaner mst (e
a(le to think on his 'eet and react to
sitations Gickl* and ths mst ha)e a
co#bined Intelli!ence and ,its score o' Q or
6astermind 9Heroic Knack:
)%o o**icer, yo" have no evidence,
no eyewitne&& and I have an alibi.-
The trick to (ein! a tre mastermind is to
al$a*s (e one ste- ahead o' the o--osition.
%ecret master -lans that insre sccess,
hidden resorces and all the a--ro-riate
-alms !reased are the (aili$ick o' this
knack. &ll e)idence that cold tie *o to a
-articlar -lanned acti)it*, $hether it (e a
crime or not, is al$a*s lost, contaminated,
nsa(le or other$ise made seless.
%"stem: &ll e)idence o' an*
acti)ities that the character is in)ol)ed in,
that are -art o' a lon!0term -lan, $ill
m*steriosl* (e made seless. +nins-ired
3and non0-sion5 in)esti!ators $ill (e
com-letel* na(le to sol)e sch cases
$here a "astermind is in)ol)ed. Ins-ired
and -sion in)esti!ators $ill still (e a(le to
make rolls normall* (t $ith a -enalt* to the
roll (ased on the "astermind7s Re'lecti)e
'acet. I' the acti)it* is not -art o' a lon!0term
-lan, sch as a Gickl* im-ro)ised co)er -,
then non0Ins-ired in)esti!ators s''er a
-enalt* to an* rolls eGal to the
"astermind7s Re'lecti)e 'acet, $hile Ins-ired
in)esti!ator s''er no -enalt*.
Prere;uisite: The "astermind mst
ha)e a keen mind and a shar- intellect. He
mst -ossess an Intelli!ence o' H or !reater
and Larcen* o' H or !reater.
The )ustle 9Heroic Knack:
/Olde&t trick in the book0 Hell kid, I
wrote the book and the &e1"el,/
Yo kno$ ho$ to s-ot cons, 'rom the
sim-lest tricks to the most com-le:
con'idence !ames. From the mltitdes o'
short cons tot he 'ine art o' the lon! con, *o
also kno$ ne$ an!les on all the old tricks
and can 'ool e)en the most e:-erienced
%"stem: &n* Larcen* rolls made
a!ainst the character s''ers a dice -enalt*
eGal to the character;s Re'lecti)e 'acet.
&dditionall*, $hen the E:em-lar tries to con
some(od*, he ma* re0roll an* 'ailed
"ani-lation or Larcen* rolls. The reslt o'
the second roll mst (e taken, e)en i' it
$orse than the 'irst, and cannot (e re0rolled
more than once.
Prere;uisites: It takes a thie' to
catch a thie'B the character mst ha)e
"ani-lation o' H or !reater as $ell as
Larcen* o' H or !reater.
*nstoppa5le Optimism 9Heroic Knack:
C2NCH,, )%erio"&ly, i& that the
harde&t $"nch yo"3ve got444- PA%%(% O2T
E)en i' the E:em-lar is ot i' his lea!e and
is on the recei)in! end o' an a--allin!
(eatin!, there is somethin! a(ot him that
re'ses to lie do$n and Git. 9o matter ho$
(adl* somethin! !oes $ron!, or ho$ (adl*
he is, a Gick (roken toothed smile
and thm(s - $ill ins-ire his allies and
comrades to -erse)ere thro!h his
%"stem: Once -er scene the
character ma* ins-ire his comrades to
!reater hei!hts thro!h sheer st((orn
(lood* mindedness, n'la--a(le o-timism,
or ne)er sa* die attitde. &ll the character;s
comrades a(le to see him do this !ain one
-oint o' ,ill-o$er or one -oint o' Ins-iration
-er health le)el the character has s''ered in
that scene. E)en i' Inca-acitated or killed,
the character can still ins-ire his 'ello$s
(e'ore colla-sin!.
Prere;uisite: O-timistic
-erse)erance takes !ritB the character
reGires ,ill-o$er o' at least F to ha)e this
$astin# Impression 9Heroic Knack:
)Jack Ja#e&on444 what a g"y,-
&n E:em-lar $ith his knack someho$
lea)es an im-ression o' -eo-le that is slo$
to 'ade. Tho!hts and 'eelin!s relatin! to
the E:em-lar cree- into a -erson;s mind to
ndermine his concentration or -li't his
s-irit, lon! a'ter the* ha)e -arted.
%"stem: B* s-endin! a -oint o'
Ins-iration, the character can ins-ire a
-erson to !reater hei!hts and !i)e them an
atomatic sccess on all rolls in)ol)in!
creatin! or -er'ormin! somethin!.
&lternati)el*, the character can intimidate
and 'ri!hten someone to the -oint that their
,ill-o$er is e''ecti)el* one -oint lo$er and
loses one die 'rom rolls in)ol)in! control,
'inesse or concentration. This e''ect onl*
lasts 'or =E hors, (t the im-ression the
character $ill last 'ar lon!er.
Prere;uisite: The E:em-lar mst
ha)e a com(ined Charisma P &--earance
o' M or !reater in order to ha)e this knack.
'uilt" %ecret 9Le*el 2 Psionic Knack:
)%o tell #e %e5or, why are yo" &o
nervo"& abo"t an&wering #y 1"e&tion0-
The "entalist has an insi!ht into the inner
$orkin!s o' another;s mind. I' the s(.ect is
s-eakin! and a to-ic comes - that reminds
him o' a misdeed that he has (een kee-in!
secret, the "entalist $ill immediatel*
(ecome a$are o' it. E)en i' the -erson 'eels
no !ilt or shame, or other$ise sho$s no
stress or telltale si!ns o' hidin! somethin!,
(t has still !one to the tro(le and e''ort o'
hidin! this 'act 'rom others, the "entalist $ill
still (ecome a$are o' that the -erson is
hidin! somethin!. This knack $ill not re)eal
$hat the secret is, .st that it is there is one.
& cra't* character $ill certainl* (e a(le to
mani-late the con)ersation to$ard 'indin!
ot $hat the secret is.
%"stem: The character ma* add his
Intiti)e 'acet in atomatic sccesses to an*
Ra--ort or %(ter'!e rolls made to
determine i' someone is hidin! somethin!.
This knack reGires that the character (e
a(le to nderstand the -erson hidin! the
secret, so lan!a!e is an isse.
$iar, $iar 9Le*el 2 Psionic Knack:
)6o" #ay be able to *ool the $olice,
b"t yo"3d better &tart talking444 Now,-
This -otent a(ilit* makes the "entalist as
!ood as, i' not (etter than, the most
ad)anced -ol*!ra-h test e)er created. I'
someone tries to hstle, con or mislead in
the -resence o' the "entalist, he $ill kno$
the e:act Galit* o' the that -erson. He can
tell that the -erson is (ein! dece-ti)e,
tho!h not necessaril* $hat the -erson is
(ein! misleadin! a(ot, re!ardless o' that
-erson;s sal credi(ilit* or in'lence.
%"stem: The "entalist ma* add his
Re'lecti)e 'acet in atomatic sccesses to
an* Ra--ort or %(ter'!e rolls made to
determine i' i' someone is deli(eratel*
attem-tin! to mislead. This knack
transcends lan!a!eB it is an instincti)e, !t
'eelin! that the -erson is l*in!. Ho$e)er, it
$on;t allo$ the character to nderstand $hat
the e:act natre o' the con or lie is, sim-l*
that the -erson is (ein! misleadin!.
Postco#nition 9Le*el ? Psionic Knack:
)There wa& &o#eone watching "& at
the cri#e &cene444-
%ome "entalists can sense e)ents that
ha)e occrred in an area in the -ast, (t this
knack allo$s the character to reli)e e)ents
that she has e:-erienced. This is (e*ond
e)en an eidetic memor*B this knack allo$s
the character to actall* reli)e a memor*
(oth 'rom her o$n -ers-ecti)e or 'rom the
-ers-ecti)e o' an*$here $ithin ran!e o' her
%"stem: %-end one Ins-iration to
acti)ate 'or a nm(er o' trns eGal to her
Re'lecti)e 'acet. ,hile this -o$er is in
e''ect, the -sion has almost instant recall o'
an* e)ent she has e)er e:-erienced in
-recise detail. %he e:-eriences a memor*
'll*, e)er* sond, smell or sensation is
remem(ered no matter ho$ s(tle. The
e)ent can (e slo$ed, -ased, re$inded or
e)en e:-erienced 'rom a di''erent an!le,
direction or location 'rom $ithin ran!e, $ith
-er'ect clarit*, to 'ind details that $ere not
noticed or $ere e)en im-erce-ti(le.
Per&ect Reco#nition 9Le*el 2 ,+ant+m
)Ah, Me&&ier, Welco#e back, I3d
recogni&e yo"r walk anywhere,-
,ith this knack the %tal$art is al$a*s a(le
to reco!nise an*one that she is stron!l*
'amiliar $ith. %he can -ick their 'aces ot o'
a cro$d $ith a sin!le !lance, reco!nise their
)oice re!ardless o' distortion or (ack!rond
noise. This a''ects e)er* senseB the %tal$art
can reco!nise the 'eel o' skin, (od* odor or
e)en the s(tleties o' (od* lan!a!e no
matter ho$ skill'l the s(.ect is at dis!ise.
&s an added (ene'it, the %tal$art is a(le to
reco!nise (iolo!ical relati)es o' a -erson
that she has sed this knack on. %he ma*
not (e a(le to !ess immediatel* $hat the
relationshi- is, (t she $ill certainl* kno$
that the* are related, e)en i' the s(.ects in
Gestion do not.
%"stem: In order to (e a(le to
reco!nise a -erson -er'ectl*, the character
mst (e 'amiliar $ith them. This reGires
concentratin! on the s(.ect;s mannerisms,
(od* lan!a!e and other traits to commit
these details to her memor*. B* s-endin! a
-oint o' Ins-iration and a -oint o' ,ill-o$er,
the character $ill (e a(le to reco!nise that
-erson, re!ardless o' dis!ise or
en)ironmental distortion, 'or the rest o' the
stor*. &s an additional (ene'it, the character
is a(le to add an nm(er o' additional dice
to an* roll in)ol)in! mimickin! or
im-ersonatin! that -erson eGal to her
Intiti)e 'acet. &t the end o' the stor*, this
a(ilit* 'ades (t the character ma* rene$ it
'or another stor* sim-l* (* s-endin! another
Ins-iration and ,ill-o$er -oint $ithot
ha)in! to std* the s(.ect a!ain.
Total Recall 9Le*el 2 ,+ant+m Knack:
)7on3t worry, the acce&& code i&
only eighty digit& long4-
,hile this -o$er is in e''ect, the %tal$art
has almost instant recall o' e)er*thin! she
has e)er e:-erienced in -recise detail. %he
e:-eriences a memor* 'll*, e)er* sond,
smell or sensation is remem(ered no matter
ho$ s(tle, and is reli)ed as i' e:-eriencin!
them 'or the 'irst time.
%"stem: This -o$er does not
reGire an* roll and sall* onl* takes a
sin!le trn or less to smmon the
in'ormation. The %tor*teller ma* reGire the
e:-enditre o' a ,ill-o$er -oint to call 'orth
a -articlarl* o(scre or s(tle -iece o'
in'ormation. E)en i' the -la*er cannot recall
the in'ormation, the %tor*teller shold !i)e it
to the -la*er -ro)ided that the character
e:-erienced it at some -oint in the -ast.
+od" o& Iron 9Le*el ? ,+ant+m Knack:
)Have yo" any idea how #"ch that
This -o$er makes the O-timal 'ar
to!her and harder to than normal.
Bein! hit (* (llets cases se)ere (risin!
and hrts like hell, (t the* $on7t (reak the
skin, and 'allin! o'' a sk*scra-er or ot o' a
-lane ma* lea)e him $ith (rises, cts and
ma*(e a 'ractre or t$o, (t it -ro(a(l*
$on7t kill him4
%"stem: The character con)erts all
Lethal dama!e taken 'rom kinetic im-act
3sch as -ro.ectiles, (lades or lon! 'alls5 into
the same amont o' Bashin! dama!e and
normal 3ncon)erted5 Bashin! dama!e is
hal)ed. Ho$e)er, onl* hal' the Lethal
dama!e 'rom ener!* $ea-ons 3ronded -5
is con)erted to Bashin!. This doesn7t
chan!e his normal soak ratin!s (t armor
or Dnacks sch as Bod* o' Bron#e can
increase the soak dice as normal.
.ariations on a Theme
It is the de'alt o' this s--lement that
Ins-ired ha)e their o$n -o$ers
3Ins-iration, Dramatic Editin!, Dnacks
et al5 and it is im-lied that the sorce o'
these -o$ers is the s(conscios and
-assi)e se o' /si 3as discssed in the
-re)ios cha-ter5. Ho$e)er, i' *o
-re'er that Ins-ired se a third 'orce
3Tellric ener!* or C0$a)es5 that
nder-ins realit*, com-letel* se-arate
'rom /si and 8antm, then 'eel 'ree to
se that in *or stories. Indeed i' *o
$ant Ins-iration to (e a hand* $a* to
sho$ that characters are sim-l* hi!hl*
accom-lished and skilled -eo-le, then
!o ri!ht ahead. It;s *or stor* and *or
cam-ai!nB se onl* $hat *o and *or
-la*ers are com'orta(le $ith.
Olaminium %,in @Le*el ? ,+ant+m
/What do yo" #ean I &ho"ld be
dead0 8a##a radiation i& highly overrated
i* yo" a&k #e444/
&n O-timal $ith this a(ilit* has a
trl* remarka(le a(ilit* to resist the e''ects
o' radiation and heat. Radiation le)els that
$old kill a normal man $ill -ro(a(l* case
discom'ort or -ain, (t an O-timal $ith this
knack can resist hi!h le)els o' radiation
$ithot -ermanent harm 'or 'ar lon!er
-eriods o' time. &s a side (ene'it, he is
e''ecti)el* immne to sn(rn and
snstroke 3tho!h he;ll !et a !reat tan45.
%"stem: The O-timal onl* s''ers
dama!e 'rom radiation at a rate o' one le)el
-er RRe'lecti)e 'acet P>S trns. This incldes
(oth the Bashin! dama!e cased (* so't
radiation and the Lethal dama!e cased (*
Hard radiation.
low li,e Water 9Le*el 2 5eneric Knack:
/It9& not abo"t &trength, it9& abo"t
B* dis-ersin! the 'lo$ o' ener!*
$ithin her, the character;s mo)ements
(ecome as 'lid as $ater, or in the case o'
E:em-lars, )er* lck*, and ths incredi(l*
hard to strike. %he (arel* seems to mo)e
(t -er'ectl* aimed attacks onl* .st miss,
(llets strike the $all (ehind her and melee
attacks $histle -ast $ithot tochin!.
S'stem$ The character s-ends one
-oint o' Ins-iration. For the ne:t three trns,
she ma* dod!e an* and all attacks directed
at her $ith a 'll dice -ool 'or each one, in
addition to an* other actions she $ishes to
take that rond. %he s''ers no -enalt* to
dod!e mlti-le attacks.
Prere;uisite: Only a$$lie& to
(:e#$lar&4 In order to take this as a Heroic
knack, the E:em-lar mst ha)e a De:terit*
P Dod!e dice -ool o' Q or !reater.
Ph"sical Prodi#" 9Le*el 2 5eneric Knack:
)He9& the be&t there i&, the be&t
there wa&, and the be&t there ever will be4-
The Ins-ired $ith this a(ilit*
-ossesses a natral !i't 'or all -h*sical
acti)ities, sch as athletics or s-orts. He
al$a*s kno$s the (est -osition, techniGe
or st*le to achie)e the (est reslts in an*
athletic endea)or on an almost instincti)e
le)el. It is as i' the 'inest instrctors and
coaches in the $orld $ere $his-erin!
S'stem$ The character recei)es a
nm(er o' e:tra dice eGal to his Intiti)e
'acet to$ards an* roll in)ol)in! &thletics or
similar com-etiti)e skills. These (ons dice
cannot (e sed in an* com(at related dice
-ools nless the* are sed 'or com-etiti)e
rather then o''ensi)e -r-oses, sch as
'encin! or martial arts demonstrations.
Prere;uisite: Only a$$lie& to (:e#$lar&4 &
E:em-lar mst (e 'it and athletic to take this
as a Heroic knack and needs to ha)e
De:terit* or %tamina at H or hi!her, and
ha)e &thletics at H or hi!her.
%hi&t +alance 9Le*el 2 5eneric Knack:
/When yo" can control yo"r&el*, yo"
can control the world4/
The character has 'ar !reater
control o)er the 'lo$ and distri(tion o'
ener!* $ithin her o$n (od*, and can
this (alance to ma:imise her a(ilities.
S'stem$ %-end a -oint o'
Ins-iration and roll -ermanent Ins-iration.
Each sccess allo$s the character to
rearran!e one dot o' an Ins-iration 'acet and
-lace it into another. B* shi'tin! these 'acet
dots arond the character !ains $hate)er
(ene'its the increased 'acet (rin!s (t
redces the (ene'its o' the decreased 'acet.
9o Ins-iration 'acet ma* (e redced lo$er
than one or raised hi!her than 'i)e, and the
e''ects last 'or one scene.
Prere;uisite: Only a$$lie& to
(:e#$lar&4 &n E:em-lar mst (e in tne
$ith her inner sel' and needs to ha)e a
com(ined $er#anent Ins-iration P
$er#anent ,ill-o$er o' >? or !reater.
ree4&orm 1nac, Creation
,hile all o' the knacks in the &d)entre4
Rle(ook are a--lica(le in the Trinit*
settin!, -la*ers and %tor*tellers ma* $ish to
create ne$ knacks more a--ro-riate to
dealin! $ith the )arios as-ects o' the
=>=?;s. The 'ree0'orm im-ro)isational
s*stem 'or !eneratin! /si e''ects introdced
in the Trinit' Pla'ers 5+ide @)).B.CA
-ro)ides an e:cellent tool 'or knack (ildin!.
This s*stem is -articlarl* sited 'or
!eneratin! /sionic knacks 3a'ter all,
"entalists are essentiall* )er* lo$0-o$er
-sions5 (t can also (e ada-ted to (ildin!
8antm knacks as $ell. Ho$e)er, Heroic
knacks are )er* di''erent and ha)e 'ar more
s(tle e''ects and $ill (e dealt $ith later in
this cha-ter alon! $ith Dramatic Editin!.
+nlike the 'ree0'orm /si rles, *o
do not !enerate a knack e)er* time a
"entalist or O-timal $ishes to se their
-o$ers, (t rather the 'ree0'orm s*stem is
sed to (ild their knacks. Once a knack
has (een (ilt, the e:-erience cost is
$orked ot and once the knack is
-rchased, it $ill $ork in the same $a*
e)er* time.
Psionic 1nac, +uildin#
"an* /sionic knacks are similar to lo$ le)el
/si -o$ers and as a reslt are the most
strai!ht'or$ard t*-e o' knack to !enerate.
%tep One4 Determine the e''ect that
the knack is !oin! to achie)e. /sionic
knacks can re-licate most e''ects that cold
(e !enerated (* an* le)el one, t$o or three
/sionic "ode 3Tele-ortation "odes are
limited to le)el one onl* and 8antakinesis
"odes are not allo$ed at all5. The knack is
considered to (e the le)el o' the hi!hest
"ode sed to !enerate it 3onl* le)el one,
t$o and three knacks are a)aila(le5.
%tep Two4 &--l* a di''iclt* eGal to
Rknack le)el T>S and add P> di''iclt* 'or
each additional "ode sed to !enerate the
%tep Three4 Roll Ins-iration. I' no
sccesses are !enerated, the character
loses one Ins-iration -oint and the knack
cannot (e (ilt at this time. The character
ma* not attem-t to re(ild this knack ntil
the character has im-ro)ed one o' his
Ins-iration 'acets 3i.e. -ermanent Ins-iration
is increased (* one5. &dditional Ins-iration
ma* (e s-ent to !enerate e:tra sccesses
Reach Ins-iration -oint !i)es one e:tra
%tep our4 De'ine the Dration,
Ran!e, Tar!et and Reslt @e''ect
-arametersA. Le)el one and t$o knacks
atomaticall* (e!in at one dot, and le)el
three knacks (e!in at t$o dots. &n* e:tra
sccesses 'rom the Ins-iration roll ma* (e
sed to increase an e''ect -arameter on a
one0'or0one (asis.
%tep ive4 The Ins-iration cost to
acti)ate the -o$er is eGal to the knack
le)el. This ma* (e redced (* s-endin!
e:tra sccesses on a one0'or0one (asis. The
acti)ation roll $ill se the character;s
a--ro-riate &(ilit*. ,here the knack can (e
resisted, *o can add a (ons to the roll
eGal to the a--ro-riate Ins-iration 'acet (*
s-endin! an e:tra sccess.
%tep %i84 The e:-erience cost to
(* the knack is $orked ot (* addin! the
nm(er o' sccesses sed to make the
knack, incldin! sccesses sed to o''set
the di''iclt* o' the initial roll, to the (ase
e:-erience cost 'or the -o$er Rle)el one
knacks cost a (ase o' E, le)el t$o cost a
(ase o' M and le)el three cost a (ase o' FS.
Once the -o$er is -rchased it is
considered to (e a normal knack and $ill
ha)e $hate)er costs and e''ects that $ere
(ilt into it.
(:a#$le; Micheal Jacob& <a
Mentali&t with In&$iration => decide& to
create a knack that will allow hi# to &trongly
in*l"ence the #ind& o* $eo$le4
P&ychbending ? i& the obvio"& choice, b"t
he want& to be able to in*l"ence their
e#otion& a& well &o he add& in (#$athy ?
a& well4 (ven tho"gh the e**ect& cho&en are
only level ?, he decide& to #ake the knack
level three4 He roll& In&$iration at a di**ic"lty
o* @A B@? *or a level A knack and @C *or an
additional ModeD and #anage& to get three
&"cce&&e&, b"t &ince the&e were re1"ired
*or the knack b"ilding to be &"cce&&*"l they
cannot be "&ed to i#$rove $ara#eter&4 %o
he e#$tie& hi& In&$iration $ool and &$end&
*ive $oint& o* In&$iration to get an e:tra *ive
&"cce&&e&4 At ? dot& <a& a level three
knack>, the Target $ara#eter can e**ect two
&"b+ect& and the 7"ration la&t& CE #in"te&4
Michael decide& thi& i& *ine and doe&n3t
bother boo&ting the&e $ara#eter&4 %ince
in*l"encing #ind& i& a delicate $roce&& he
"&e& two e:tra &"cce&& to i#$rove the %hort
ange $ara#eter to work at *ive #eter&4
The Control $ara#eter i& "&ed *or e&"lt
and Michael &$end& a &"cce&& to i#$rove it
A dot& <#a+or control>4 At thi& $oint the
$ower will co&t A In&$iration to activate and
&o he &$end& a &"cce&& to red"ce thi& co&t
to ?4 At thi& $oint he will be rolling hi&
Co##and o* F re&i&ted by the %"b+ect3&
Will$ower, &o he decide& to &$end hi& *inal
&"cce&& to allow hi# to "&e hi& 7e&tr"ctive
*acet a& a bon"& to hi& roll4 Michael then
work& o"t the (:$erience co&t by adding the
n"#ber o* &"cce&&e& "&ed <G> to the ba&e
co&t o* G to give a total e:$erience co&t o*
CH4 Once $"rcha&ed, thi& $ower i& can be
"&ed *reely with the e**ect& he b"ilt into it4
-uantum 1nac, +uildin#
8antm knacks are di''erent 'rom /sionic
knacks in that the* almost entirel* 'ocsed
on enhancin! the -h*sical, mental and
social as-ects o' the character.
%tep One4 Determine the e''ect that
the knack is !oin! to achie)e. 8antm
knacks can re-licate most e''ects that cold
(e !enerated (* le)el one, t$o or three
-o$ers 'rom the 'ollo$in! /sionic "odes
onl*1 &da-tation, /s*chomor-hin!,
Telesthesia, Electromani-lation, Iatrosis,
"entasis 3sel' onl*5 and the 8antakinetic
"ode o' Enhancement 3&ee below5. The
knack is considered to (e the le)el o' the
hi!hest "ode sed to !enerate it 3onl* le)el
one, t$o and three knacks are a)aila(le5.
%tep Two4 &--l* a di''iclt* eGal to
Rknack le)el T>S and add P> di''iclt* 'or
each additional "ode sed to !enerate the
%tep Three4 Roll Ins-iration. I' no
sccesses are !enerated, the character
loses one Ins-iration -oint and the knack
cannot (e (ilt at this time. The character
ma* not attem-t to re(ild this knack ntil
the character has im-ro)ed one o' his
Ins-iration 'acets 3i.e. -ermanent Ins-iration
is increased (* one5. &dditional Ins-iration
ma* (e s-ent to !enerate e:tra sccesses
Reach Ins-iration -oint !i)es one e:tra
%tep our4 8antm knacks are
almost al$a*s 'ocsed on the characters
o$n (od* and as sch the Tar!et and
Ran!e -arameters are almost al$a*s .st
one dot. Reslt is treated as normal, (t
Dration is a s-ecial caseB most knacks are
considered to (e In)ested e''ects and the*
last inde'initel* i' the character s-ends t$o
sccesses to In)est the e''ect. Other knacks
that reGire a short dration e''ect $ill need
to se the Dration -arameter. &n* e:tra
sccesses 'rom the Ins-iration roll ma* (e
sed to increase an e''ect -arameter on a
one0'or0one (asis.
%tep ive4 The Ins-iration cost to
acti)ate the -o$er is eGal to RDnack Le)el
T=S . Onl* -o$ers that ha)e a short dration
e''ect, sch as accelerated healin! or minor
sha-e0shi'tin!, need to (e acti)atedB
In)ested knacks are in continos e''ect.
This cost ma* (e redced (* s-endin! e:tra
sccesses on a one0'or0one (asis.
%tep %i84 The e:-erience cost to
(* the knack is $orked ot (* addin! the
nm(er o' sccesses sed to make the
knack, incldin! sccesses sed to o''set
the di''iclt* o' the initial roll, to the (ase
e:-erience cost 'or the -o$er Rle)el one
knacks cost a (ase o' E, le)el t$o cost a
(ase o' M and le)el three cost a (ase o' FS.
Once the -o$er is -rchased it is
considered to (e a normal knack and $ill
ha)e $hate)er costs and e''ects that $ere
(ilt into it.
(:a#$le; )Iron- Jack Ja#e&on i& an
O$ti#al with In&$iration = and he want& a
knack that will enable hi# to &"rvive *or
longer in the event o* an e:$lo&ive
deco#$re&&ion on hi& orbital *reighter4
Ada$tation ? i& a$$ro$riate *or thi& e**ect4
Jack roll& hi& In&$iration at @C di**ic"lty and
get& three &"cce&&e&4 He e#$tie& hi&
In&$iration $ool by &$ending = $oint& to get
an e:tra *ive &"cce&&e& <*or a total o* &even
&"cce&&e&>4 He ignore& the Target and
ange $ara#eter&, &ince the knack will only
a**ect hi#, and concentrate& on the %"rvival
e&"lt and $"t& *o"r &"cce&&e& into
increa&ing hi& (nd"rance dice $ool by =
ver&"& %"**ocation4 He &$end& the other
three &"cce&&e& on giving hi#&el* &oak @F
ver&"& the e:tre#e heatIcold and radiation
o* &$ace4 Altho"gh he didn3t inve&t
&"cce&&e& to #ake the e**ect& o* thi& knack
la&t inde*initely, beca"&e it i& only level two,
it doe&n3t re1"ire In&$iration to activate and
only re1"ire& a &"cce&&*"l (nd"rance roll4
%o, i* Jack were to &"ddenly *ind hi#&el* in a
vac""#, he can &"rvive *or abo"t ten
#in"te& or &o, i* not act"ally in &$ace <in
which ca&e he #ay la&t only a *ew #in"te&
longer than a nor#al #an>, which #ay give
hi#&el* +"&t eno"gh ti#e to either be
re&c"ed or to &ave hi#&el*4 The e:$erience
co&t *or thi& knack i& the n"#ber o*
&"cce&&e& &$ent <G> $l"& the ba&e *or a
level two knack <H> *or a total o* CF
e:$erience $oint&4
Enhancement 9,+antakinetic 6ode:
The 'ollo$in! rles are e:tra-olated 'rom
the (asic 'ree'orm enhancement rles !i)en
in the Trinit* /la*ers <ide. The* are
intended to hel- $ith (ildin! 8antm
knacks and ths onl* the 'irst three le)els
are !i)en here.
&t its most rdimentar* le)el,
Enhancement in)ol)es in'sin! the -sion7s
(od* $ith Gantm ener!*. %he ma* se
Enhancement to (oost an* o' her (od*7s
-h*sical or mental ca-acities. &t hi!her
le)els, a Gantakinetic can enhance almost
an* as-ect o' her (od* and mind, e:-andin!
her natral traits and a(ilities into the realm
o' near0s-erhman and ena(lin! her to
-er'orm actions that are normall* the
(aili$ick o' other &-titdes 3altho!h not
necessaril* at the same le)el o' 'inesse5.
V+asic Enhancement: & -sion
ses this -o$er to (oost an* o' her
/h*sical, "ental or %ocial attri(tes &t this
le)el o' a(ilit*, she ma* onl* enhance one
trait at a time, and it ma* onl* (e increased
(* a sin!le dot. The -sion ma* in)est /si to
(oost the trait 'or !reater -eriods o' time,
VV)ei#htened !wareness: The
-sion ma* no$ increase the ran!e and
sensiti)it* o' her natral -h*sical senses.
For e:am-le, she ma* e:-and the ran!e o'
her hearin! to listen to ltrasonic or
s(sonic 'reGencies or ena(le her to detect
normall* in)isi(le 'reGencies o' li!ht.
%imilarl*, she ma* enhance her a$areness
o' air crrents to easil* mo)e arond in the
dark or to -ick - on chan!es in another7s
(od* lan!a!e.
VVV!ccelerated )ealin#: This
a(ilit* ena(les the -sion to enhance her
(od*7s natral a(ilit* to heal itsel'. Broken
(ones 'se, $onds close and tisse
re!enerates. This -o$er can e)en heal
Lethal dama!e, (t can onl* close $onds
that $old ha)e healed natrall* 3$hich
means that re0!ro$in! destro*ed or!ans
and lost lim(s is not -ossi(le5.
Sam)le En&ancement E11ects
+oost Charisma 9$evel <:: B* raisin! her
Charisma, the -sion (ecomes more
charmin!, cool and ele!ant.
+oost Wits 9$evel <:: B* raisin! ,its, the
-sion thinks 'aster and $ith !reater clarit*.
This enhancement also (oosts her Initiati)e
'or the dration.
Commandin# Presence 9$evel <:: B*
enhancin! an* natral leadershi- Galities
she has, the -sion ma* add the "odi'ier
reslt in e:tra sccesses to an* roll that
in)ol)es tellin! -eo-le $hat to do, to a
ma:imm o' le)el three.
+lind4&i#htin# 9$evel 2:: Thanks to this
enhancement, the -sion can se this e''ect
to o''set the sal -enalties 'or 'i!htin!
(lind. In 'act, in some sitations e.!. at ni!ht
or !larin! li!ht, this -o$er ma* (e sed to
!ain an ad)anta!e o)er o--onents.
Di&&erentiate 9$evel 2:: B* sin! this
-o$er, the -sion can sort ot and identi'* all
the )arios com-onents o' somethin! e.!.
identi'*in! all the in!redients sed in the
-re-aration o' a meal, or -ickin! ot e)er*
(ack!rond noise in an adio recordin!.
+se the /recision ta(le to determine the
accrac* o' this e''ect.
Cat4&ooted 9$evel 2:: B* enhancin! her
natral a!ilit*, the -sion (ecomes a(le to
maintain her (alance $ith 'ar !reater ease
and can mo)e mch more stealthil*. %he
ma* se this e''ect to im-ro)e rolls
re!ardin! (alance or 'ootin! or to increase
her dice -ools 'or stealth or similar skills.
Resilienc" 9$evel =:: This enhancement
ena(les the -sion to a(sor( dama!e more
e''ecti)el* than normal. The -sion ma* se
this -o$er to increase her natral soak
(onses. %he ma* also se this -o$er to
increase the di''iclt* o' -si -o$ers sed
a!ainst her, sch as Electromani-lation,
"entasis, &l!esis or other -o$ers that
inter'ere $ith the natral 'nctions o' her
%peed Readin# 9$evel =:: The -sion can
)astl* accelerate the rate at $hich she can
a(sor( and remem(er in'ormation. This
cold (e sed to remem(er e)er* l*ric and
msical note o' a son! a'ter hearin! it once,
or 'or readin! in'ormation at a mch hi!her
rate than (e'ore.
Ins-iration is the trait that sets a-art Ins-ired
characters 'rom most normal -eo-le, and
indeed 'rom -sions and &(errants. &ltho!h
it is essentiall* the mani-lation o' noetic
ener!*, in a similar manner to the $a*
-sions se /si, it is 'ar more -assi)e. Like
/sions, Ins-ired are )er* closel* attned to
the /si ener!* in the local en)ironment, (t
nlike them the* do not !enerate mch o' a
noetic -resence and distr(ance. &s
e:-lained in the &d)entre4 Rle(ook,
Ins-iration can (e s-ent in a nm(er o'
Acti*atin3 Knacks$ %ome knacks reGire
Ins-iration to (e acti)ated.
Dramatic Editin3$ Ins-iration is sed to
alter certain as-ects o' the crrent scene in
a character;s 'a)or.
Acti*ate 9iotec&$ Biotech de)ices that
reGire /si to (e s-ent to acti)ate, can
instead (e acti)ated sin! Ins-iration, (t at
do(le the normal cost.
S&eer Heroism$ Once -er scene, and
Ins-ired character can s-end a -oint o'
Ins-iration to do(le his dice -ool 'or a
sin!le task, e)en i' it reGires mlti-le
actions to -er'orm.
Int+ition$ B* s-endin! a -oint o'
Ins-iration, the -la*er can ask the %tor*teller
'or a -iece o' ad)ice that $ill mo)e the stor*
on$ard. This re-resents the ncann* lck
that Ins-ired tend to mani'estB their hnches
are )er* rarel* $ron!, and e)en $hen the*
are the* $ill o'ten lead to an im-ortant
disco)er* or re)elation.
Re#ainin# Inspiration
Ins-iration -oints can (e re!ained in a
nm(er o' $a*s, as descri(ed in the
&d)entre4 Rle(ook 3Work Hard, Play
HardJ Wild %"cce&&J Inner PeaceJ Heroic
(ntertain#entJ and In&$iring Act&5.
Ho$e)er, nlike /si, $hich -sions re!ain
relati)el* Gickl* and easil*, Ins-iration is
rather slo$er to re!ain. This is (ecase
-sions are a(le to consciosl* mani-late
/si and attract noetic ener!* directl* to
themsel)es. Ins-ired se /si
s(consciosl* and -assi)el*, and so
accmlate it onl* !radall*. Ho$e)er, there
are a )ariet* ne$ methods and meditation
techniGes de)elo-ed (* the /si Orders to
im-ro)e -sion;s a(ilit* to control /si. E)en
tho!h Ins-ired $ill ne)er ha)e the 'inesse
and control o)er noetic ener!* that -sions
en.o*, the* ma*, at the discretion o' the
%tor*teller, se meditation techniGes to
attem-t to im-ro)e their a(ilit* to re!ain
Ins-iration. This reGires a "editation a(ilit*
score o' E, $ith the In&$iration ecovery
s-ecialit*. &'ter t$o hors o' ninterr-ted
meditation, the character ma* make a
"editation roll at P> di''iclt*. Each e:tra
sccess restores one -oint o' tem-orar*
Ins-iration to the character;s -ool. Each
stor* this ma* (e a nm(er o' times eGal
to the character;s Re'lecti)e 'acet.
Dramatic Editin#
E:em-lars ha)e the (est de)elo-ed a(ilit*
to a''ect -ro(a(ilit* and entro-*, (t all
-aramor-hs 3Ins-ired5 ha)e this a(ilit* to a
!reater or lesser e:tent. This is e:-ressed
$ith the Dramatic Editin! rles ada-ted 'rom
&d)entre4 39ote1 /sions, /siads and 9o)as
cannot se Dramatic Editin!. The* are 'ar
too noeticall* "nois*" to mana!e the s(tle
and s(lime "(tter'l* e''ect" -ro(a(ilit*
mani-lation that -aramor-hs are ca-a(le
o'5. ,hile -ro(a(ilit* mani-lation has ne)er
(een e:-licitl* stated as (ein! the
'ondation o' heroic ins-iration, it is stron!l*
im-lied (* the e:istin! dramatic editin!
rles, and the (* $a* that Heroic knacks
seem to $orkB 'ortnate and o'ten nlikel*
e)ents cons-ire to ensre the sccess o'
the E:em-lar.
It is also im-ortant to note that
Dramatic Editin! is a rles mechanic sed
(* the $layer, to create a heroic 'la)or 'or
the !ame, rather than an in0character a(ilit*
to chan!e the $orld arond him. &n*
dramatic edits are likel* to (e e:-lained as
lck* coincidence, e)en i' the character
realises that he is 'ar lckier than e)er*one
arond him.
O&&screen E&&ect 9< Inspiration:
& ma.or o''screen e''ect cannot
immediatel* hel- a character, (t it can
incon)enience an ad)ersar* or hel- an all*.
It ma* -otentiall* (rin! aid to the character,
(t not 'or at least 'i'teen mintes, and it is
more likel* that aid is - to an hor a$a*.
9ot mch se in an immediatel* li'e
threatenin! sitation, (t $ill (e more than
s''icient i' the characters are onl*
incon)enienced 'or the moment.
E:am-le1 The character& *ind
the#&elve& locked in a &hi$3& cargo hold,
b"t a technician notice& a #inor glitch in the
$ower relay& o* that hold4 He add& the cargo
hold to hi& #aintenance ro"nd& later that
day4 The character& are &t"ck *or a while b"t
they will be *reed *airly &oon4
6inor Onscreen E&&ect 92 Inspiration:
& minor onscreen e''ect $ill not
immediatel* hel- a character7s -li!ht (t an
o--ortne moment $ill occr $ithin a
reasona(le amont o' time. This o--ortnit*
$ill not !i)e an o)er$helmin! ad)anta!e
a!ainst an o--onent, and ma* (e as mch
tro(le 'or him as his ad)ersar*, (t it $ill
!i)e an o--ortnit* to esca-e to 'i!ht
another da*.
E:am-le1 %till locked in the cargo
hold, the character& reali&e that the
at#o&$here i& getting &tale very 1"ickly4
%"ddenly, one o* the character& *ind& a
breath #a&k and o:ygen &"$$ly, which will
&"&tain one character co#*ortably "ntil the
technician arrive& to *ree the#4
6inor E8tension 9< Inspiration:
This is an e''ect that can add to the
coincidence that another character has
!enerated. This is a s(tle e''ect (t it can
stretch a coincidence to inclde an e:tra
character, or !i)e a little e:tra aid.
E:am-le1 Another character *ind&
an e:tra *"ll o:ygen tank in one o* the
&torage container&4 It3& going to be clo&e,
and "nco#*ortable, b"t they have +"&t
eno"gh o:ygen, care*"lly rationed, to &hare
between the# till the technician arrive&4
6a>or Onscreen E&&ect 9= Inspiration:
This le)el o' e''ect can sa)e the
character7s li'e or the li)es o' his 'riends.
This le)el o' e''ect mst (e sed )er*
s-arin!l* and closel* monitored (* the
%tor*teller to ensre is not a(sed.
(:a#$le; The character& &"ddenly
reali&e that their air i& being &"cked away
thro"gh a &#all hole in the cargo hold h"ll4
They have only a *ew #in"te& be*ore they
begin to &"**er the lethal e**ect& o*
deco#$re&&ion, breath #a&k or no breath
#a&k4 One character look& at the door lock
and &ee& that it wa& #ade by a co#$any
owned by an old acade#y b"ddy4 He enter&
the birth date o* hi& *riend3& *ir&t child444
%"ddenly the door o$en& and the character&
are *reed, thank*"l that noKone bothered to
change the lock code *ro# the de*a"lt4
Dramatic (eeds
%ometimes a character $ill (e in an
immediate emer!enc* sitation $here a
ma.or On0%creen E''ect is needed to sa)e
the characters and6or the stor*. The ma.or
di''erence (et$een these kinds o' o' On0
%creen e''ects and the normal dramatic
editin! techniGes is that the -la*er ma* -a*
a -oint o' ,ill-o$er instead o' Ins-iration i'
he has ins''icient Ins-iration to make the
edit. "lti-le character ma* -ool their
Ins-iration and6or ,ill-o$er to achie)e the
desired e''ect, (t the cost o' the edit is
raised (* > 'or each additional character
-ast the 'irst. The costs o' some o' these
kinds o' chan!es are also hi!her than the
standard On0%creen e''ect, (t the* are
o'ten Gite -o$er'l and ser)e to -ro)ide a
chance 'or esca-e $hen -la*er creati)it* is
The Convenient Distraction E&&ect
Dramatic Need$ ,hene)er an ad)ersar*
and6or their !ards are distracted (* a
distr(ance that takes their attention o'' the
character momentaril*.
S'stem$ The character ma* atomaticall*
lea)e, re!ardless o' ho$ 'ar it is to the
nearest door and ho$ man* !ards are
-resent. &lternatel*, the character ma* $ork
their $a* to another area $ithin si!ht,
-erha-s to reach a $ea-on, sa(ota!e some
eGi-ment $hile no one is lookin! or to
release another character.
Cost: H Ins-iration.
The (ic, o& Time E&&ect
Dramatic Need$ ,hene)er a character
needs to (e some$here or needs somethin!
done 9O, or the ad)entre $ill end in
S'stem$ The character arri)es or com-letes
$hate)er it is the* are $orkin! on at the
)er* last moment, no matter ho$ lon! it
$old ha)e normall* taken them to arri)e or
Cost$ H Ins-iration.
The !chilles )eal E&&ect
Dramatic Need$ ,hene)er a character has
to Gickl* take ot an enem*, $ho clearl*
otclasses them in e)er* $a*, to meet some
!reat need.
S'stem$ The character sin! some
normall* seless method mana!es to
disa(le or destro* his o--onent (* a lck*
(lo$ to a )lnera(le s-ot, or the enem* is
netrali#ed (* the inter)ention o' a lck*
e)ent. This $ill not necessaril* kill the
o--onent, (t $ill certainl* case them to
lose an* ad)anta!e the* had, and ma* e)en
lea)e them tem-oraril* at the merc* o' the
Cost$ E Ins-iration.
The Dramatic Death E&&ect
Dramatic Need$ ,hene)er an im-ortant
9/C is mortall* $onded (e'ore tellin! the
characters some im-ortant (it o'
S'stem$ 9o matter ho$ Wdead7 the 9/C has
(een made, he $ill han! on to li'e .st lon!
eno!h to deli)er one last messa!e to the
characters or $ill lea)e some sort o'
messa!e 'or the characters to 'ind.
Cost$ E Ins-iration.
The 6c'u"ver E&&ect
Dramatic Need$ ,hene)er a dire sitation,
one that cold lead to the nsccess'l end
o' an ad)entre or the death o' a character,
calls 'or a -iece o' eGi-ment that cannot (e
o(tained thro!h other means.
S'stem$ & se'l item is 'ond l*in! a(ot
or hidden $ithin the reach o' the characters.
&lternati)el* sch an item can (e .r* ri!!ed
'rom sca)en!in! eGi-ment in the
immediate )icinit*. This item can (e
-racticall* an*thin! a--ro-riate to the stor*
and sitation, and is onl* !ood 'or one se.
9ote that it is not -ermanent and !oes a$a*
a'ter the ad)entre.
Cost$ E Ins-iration.
The Impassioned %peech E&&ect
Dramatic Need$ ,hene)er a character
a(soltel* mst con)ince an 9/C o' their
sincerit*, innocence or se'lness in order
to sto- some e)ent that cold lead to the
'ailre o' the ad)entre or death o' an
im-ortant character.
S'stem$ The character atomaticall*
con)inces a sin!le 9/C to at least 'orestall
$hate)er catastro-hic e)ent $old lead to
the ndesira(le end o' a character or the
ad)entre. This ma* onl* (e sed once -er
stor* and the character had (etter (e a(le to
(ack - his claims or -leas later.
Cost$ E Ins-iration.
The Cheatin# Death E&&ect
Dramatic Need$ ,hene)er a character has
taken Lethal dama!e to the Inca-acitated or
Dead health le)el.
S'stem$ The character a--ears to ha)e
(een killed, (t actall* has taken onl*
Bashin! dama!e and is nconscios. The
character $ill reco)er consciosness a 'e$
trns a'ter (ein! le't 'or dead.
Cost$ L Ins-iration.
The Cac,lin# !5errant E&&ect
Dramatic Need$ ,hene)er a )illain has a
character at his merc* and cold easil*
dis-atch them. This can onl* (e sed once
-er stor*.
S'stem$ The 9/C ad)ersar* that has the
character at his merc* mst to make a
,ill-o$er test a!ainst a di''iclt* eGal to
the character;s -ermanent Ins-iration. I' the*
'ail, the* are so con'idant o' their s-eriorit*
that the* not onl* tell the character -art o'
their -lan, (t also decide to disre!ard their
-otential dan!er, -lace them in some sort o'
ns-er)ised holdin! area, and lea)e them
to com-lete their ne'arios -lan. The
character no$ has a chance to esca-e or
time 'or some other character to arri)e and
resce them.
Cost$ L Ins-iration.
Ins-iration is a -o$er'l thin!. ,hether it is
s(conscios mani-lation o' /si and
8antm, or -erha-s a link to somethin!
Gite di''erent is not clear, (t the e''ects
that Ins-ired ha)e on the $orld arond them
can (e Gite -ro'ond. ,hen an Dramatic
Editin! is sed to alter -ro(a(ilit* and stor*
continit* in 'a)or o' the character, there is
a chance that $itnesses and -artici-ants in
those chan!es $ill (e s$e-t alon! and
dramaticall* linked to the character $hether
he, or indeed the*, like or not.
,hen a -la*er ses dramatic
editin! to alter the stor* continit* 'or an
Ins-ired character, a roll is made to see i'
there $ill (e an* additional, and
n'oreseea(le, conseGences o' that action.
The %tor*teller shold roll the character;s
-ermanent Ins-iration and i' more than L
sccesses are scored 3$ith >?s contin! as
t$o sccesses5, then a de!ree o'
n'oreseen dramatic0linka!e has occrred.
I' the roll 'ails, no additional drama occrs.
This roll ma* (e made in 'ront o' the -la*er,
or in secret, de-endin! on the natre o' the
stor*. For each other Ins-ired character that
has also sed dramatic editin! in the same
scene, the nm(er o' reGired sccesses is
redced (* > 3to a minimm o' H5.
,hen a dramatic linka!e has
occrred, that -erson is tem-oraril* treated
as a 'ree le)el in the a--ro-riate
(ack!rond. +nlike normal (ack!ronds,
the %tor*teller controls e:actl* $ho and ho$
that -erson interacts $ith the character.
These (ons (ack!ronds seldom $ork in
the $a* that the character e:-ects, (t
rather are a dramatic tool to allo$ the
%tor*teller to make the li'e o' the character
more interestin! and -ro)ide -ossi(le stor*
o--ortnities. The dramatic0link 'ades a$a*
at the end o' the stor*, nless e)ents ha)e
occrred that $ill kee- that -erson arond
'or lon!er. I' a sitation in)ol)in! dramatic0
linka!e has (een -articlarl* $ell
role-la*ed, then the -la*er shold (e
a$arded the e:tra (ack!rond -oints 'or
'ree 3$hich are then treated as normal
(ack!ronds 'rom then on5.
De-endin! on the sitation, the
e:tra (ack!ronds are sall* &llies,
Follo$ers or 9emesis. Belo$ are a 'e$
e:am-les o' the t*-es o' -eo-le that
dramatic0linka!e can attract, (t it is 'ar 'rom
e:hasti)e. &dditionall*, de-endin! on ho$
the character treats the drama0linked
-erson, the t*-e o' (ack!rond that he
re-resents cold chan!e to a di''erent
!or e:a#$le, i* a Lover <"&"ally an Ally> i&
in+"red beca"&e o* the character, &he #ay
beco#e a 7e$endent <!ollower&>, or i* &he
i& &$"rned or #i&treated &he co"ld beco#e
a Traitor or even a Cree$ <Ne#e&i&>4
T&e 9ack+)$ The -erson is $illin! to
-ro)ide assistance to the character $hen
thin!s !et to!h. The* ma* not necessaril*
(e $illin! to la* do$n their li)es, (t the*
are certainl* $illin! to -itch in e)en $hen
thin!s !et reall* di''iclt.
T&e Lo*er$ The -erson has 'allen in lo)e
$ith the character 3or at least in lst5 and $ill
do $hate)er she can do to tr* and !et those
'eelin!s reci-rocated.
T&e 6entor$ The -erson 'eels the need to
-ass on some o' his $isdom to the
character. This ma* (e se'l, and it ma*
not (e. 9e)ertheless, the -erson $ill tr* and
teach the )ales or kno$led!e that he 'eels
he mst -ass on.
T&e A))rentice$ This -erson res-ects the
character and $ishes to 'ollo$ in his
'ootste-s. This ma* (e 'latterin! or irritatin!
de-endin! on the -ersonalit* o' (oth the
character and the a--rentice.
T&e 4an$ This kind o' -erson considers
themsel)es to (e the character;s (i!!est
'an, and literall* idolises him. The 'an $ill (e
ecstaticall* ha--* $hene)er the character
notices or -a*s an* attention, and $ill
-ro(a(l* (e trsted to carr* ot sim-le
T&e De)endent$ The -erson is almost
com-letel* de-endent on the character 'or
'inancial or emotional s--ort. The
character cannot easil* rid himsel' o' that
-erson and an* attem-ts to do so $ill most
likel* (ack'ire.
T&e Ri*al$ The -erson cannot hel- (t 'eel
com-etiti)e to$ards the character. 9o
matter $hat the sitation, he $ill tr* and
otdo the character in some $a*, e)en i'
this cases more -ro(lemsB this is not ot o'
s-ite, (t rather the -erson mst $in a!ainst
the character at all cost.
T&e Traitor$ The -erson seems to (e
another 'orm o' com-anion and all*, (t is
secretl* tr*in! to sto-, discredit or destro*
the character. He ma* re)eal himsel' as the
)illain at a dramaticall* a--ro-riate moment,
or ma* contine to sa(ota!e the character;s
li'e s(tl* 'or a lon! time.
T&e Cree)$ The -erson has a rather
nhealth* 'i:ation on the character and tries
to !ather as mch in'ormation on him as
-ossi(le, -erha-s s-*in! on him or
constantl* arran!in! "chance" enconters.
The intentions ma* (e !ood or sinister
de-endin! on the sitation.
(ew 6erits and laws
D"namic Potential 9? )oint 6erit: D )oint
1or E2em)lars:
%"$erior& #ay not take thi& #erit4
,ith this merit a "entalist or E:em-lar
character has access to 8antm knacks in
a similar manner to O-timals. 8antm
knacks !ained in this $a* are treated as
(ein! one le)el hi!her than normal 'or the
-r-oses o' -rchasin! them $ith 'ree(ie
-oints or e:-erience. This also means that
non0O-timals cannot !ain access to le)el
three 8antm knacks. %trictl* s-eakin!,
sch knacks are .st Heroic or /sionic
)ersions o' the 8antm knack, rather than
an actal 8antm knack, (t in terms o'
rles the* $ork the same $a*.
acet (atural 9? )oint 6erit:
Thi& #erit can only be taken once4
The character has a -articlar !i't 'or one o'
his Ins-iration 'acets. Choose the 'acet
$hen this merit is taken, and that 'acet is
al$a*s treated as (ein! one le)el hi!her
than normal. That 'acet ma* !o as hi!h as
)eroic Potential 9D )oint 6erit:
Thi& #erit can only be taken by %"$erior&4
,ith this merit, %-eriors ha)e access to
Heroic knacks in the same manner as
Ps"chic Potential 9? )oint 6erit: D )oint
1or E2em)lars:
%"$erior& #ay not take thi& #erit4
,ith this merit an O-timal or E:em-lar
character has access to /sionic knacks in a
similar manner to "entalists. /s*chic
knacks !ained in this $a* are treated as
(ein! one le)el hi!her than normal 'or the
-r-oses o' -rchasin! them $ith 'ree(ie
-oints or e:-erience. This also means that
non0"entalists cannot !ain le)el three
/sionic knacks. %trictl* s-eakin!, sch
knacks are .st Heroic or 8antm )ersions
o' the /sionic knack, rather than an actal
/sionic knack, (t in terms o' rles the*
$ork the same $a*.
%cienti&ic 'i&t 9? )oint 6erit:
Only (:e#$lar& and %"$erior& #ay take
thi& #erit.
The character is treated the same as
"entalists and O-timals $hen in)entin!,
colla(oratin! and (ildin! %-er0science
%tron# Telluric Connection 9E )oint 6erit:
Thi& #erit can only be taken by O$ti#al&
and Mentali&t&J (:e#$lar& and %"$erior&
gain the bene*it& o* thi& knack a"to#atically.
&n Ins-ired character $ith this merit has a
mch stron!er than sal connection to the
'lo$ o' Tellric ener!* arond him and can
s(consciosl* mani-late #0ra*s $ith
!reater ease. ,hene)er the character ses
Dramatic Editin!, the Ins-iration cost is
redced (* one -oint to a minimm o' one.
In addition, i' the character rns ot o'
Ins-iration and is na(le to -er'orm the
e''ect desired, he ma* s-end a -oint o'
-ermanent Ins-iration to atomaticall*
accom-lish it, e)en i' it is a "a.or Onscreen
One o' the de'inin! as-ects o' the Ins-ired
o' the >K=?;s $ere the in)entions and
ama#in! technolo!* -rodced (* the
(rilliant minds o' that a!e. Hmanit* in the
=>=?;s is rather more ad)anced in terms o'
technolo!*, sch (iotech, ad)anced
com-ters, not to mention colonies on Lna,
"ars and in distant reaches o' the !ala:*.
<ranted, some o' this ad)anced hardtech
technolo!* has (een a (*0-rodct o' the
9o)a a!e, sch as h*-er'sion, as $ell as
(iotechnolo!* !ained 'rom alien contact $ith
the Do*en and the 8in. Ho$e)er, hmanit*
has sho$n a remarka(le a(ilit* to ada-t and
im-ro)e on technolo!* it enconters and
make it their o$n. Like their >K=?;s
conter-arts, the Ins-ired o' the =>=?;s ha)e
the ca-acit* to ad)ance e:istin! science
and inno)ate ne$ technolo!ies.
%-er science is di)ided into t$o
cate!ories1 &d)ancements and Inno)ations.
&n &d)ancement is a direct linear
im-ro)ement o' an e:istin! technolo!* or
conce-tB the ne:t !eneration o' that
technolo!* that $old ha)e occrred
e)entall*. &d)ancements are sall*
(et$een one to 'i)e *ears ahead o' the
crrent technolo!ical cr)e. Inno)ations, on
the other hand, are rather more s-ecial.
The* are ne$ technolo!ies that literall*
come ot o' le't 'ieldB -ossi(l* -ttin! into
-ractical se a technolo!* that $as
-re)iosl* con'ined to theoretical de(ate.
Ins)iration and 9iotec&nolo3'
9ormall* a netral hman is not a(le to se
most t*-es o' (iotech (ecase the* do not
ha)e s''icient /si reser)es to o-erate it.
Ins-ired, on the other hand are Gite
di''erent. In the case o' Ins-ired, the* can
'ormat (iotech in the same $a* that -sions
are a(le to. <ettin! a la( technician to
'ormat *o to a (iotech de)ice ma* (e
di''iclt i' *o are not kno$n to (e a -sion,
(t man* Ins-ired ha)e a natral !i't $ith all
thin!s scienti'ic and can attem-t to 'ormat a
-iece o' (io$are to themsel)es or another
In terms o' rles, an Ins-ired ma*
make a s-er0science roll to sccess'll*
'ormat a -iece o' (io$are. +n'ortnatel*, /si
ener!* sed (* Ins-iration is rather more
di''se and $eak than the /si sed (*
-sions 3ho$e)er, it is still /si ener!*5. In
terms o' !ame mechanics, the /si -oint
costs that a (iotech de)ice ma* ha)e can (e
-aid $ith Ins-iration -oints 3(t at do(le
the cost5. The Tolerance o' Ins-ired is onl*
eGal to RIntiti)e 'acet P>S. The* $ill s''er
'rom O)erload as normal i' the* !o o)er this
Tolerance 3s''erin! a redction to
Ins-iration rather than /si5. Ths, Ins-ired
are 'ar (etter a(le to se (iotech than
netrals, (t are also less a(le than -sions.
S+)er/Science and De*ices
The De)ice (ack!rond (asicall* !i)es a
character a -articlar t*-e o' technolo!* that
is someho$ (etter than a)era!e or has a
nm(er o' niGe modi'ications. In %-er0
science terms, De)ices are &d)ancements
and ha)e a nm(er o' o-tions (ilt in to
them. O-tions are s-eci'ic modi'ications that
are made to a de)ice, altho!h the more
modi'ications a de)ice has, the lon!er it
takes to desi!n and the lon!er it takes to
actall* (ild. The research and desi!n
3RUD5 sho$s the nm(er o' da*s that a
character mst en!a!e in the research,
de)elo-ment and desi!n -hase o' the
Each O-tion added to a de)ice
(e*ond the 'irst cmlati)el* adds additional
time to the RUD -rocess and an additional
P> di''iclt* to RUD rolls. This -enalt*
remains e)en i' the character adds one
O-tion and then adds another at a later
time. Onl* si: O-tions can (e added to an*
sin!le De)iceB each O-tion -ast the 'irst
raises the e''ecti)e le)el o' the De)ice
(ack!rond (* one 3so a De)ice $ith 'or
O-tions $ill e''ecti)el* a le)el H De)ice5.
&dditionall*, Biotech and H*(rid
technolo!* is more di''iclt to ada-t and
im-ro)e -on. &n* sch De)ice adds an
additional >? da*s to RUD and an e:tra P>
di''iclt* to the RUD rolls, re!ardless o'
$hether the O-tion is the 'irst modi'ication
or the si:th.
.ehicle Options
These O-tions are a--lica(le to most 'orms
o' )ehicle, $hether -ersonal, )ehicle or
2&R<. This list is not e:hasti)eB additional
O-tions ma* (e a)aila(le at the discretion o'
the %tor*teller.

R@D Option
= P> -assen!er
= P=LO Car!o ca-acit* 3- to
>? le)els5.
L P=LO %-eed 3ma: and
sa'e5 3- to >? le)els5.
Weapon Options
These O-tions are a--lica(le to most 'orms
o' $ea-on, $hether -ersonal, )ehicle or
2&R<. 9ot all O-tions $ill (e a)aila(le 3'or
instance, concealin! a 2&R< $ea-on
reGires a !reat deal o' creati)it*, $hen it is
-ossi(le at all5. This list is not e:hasti)eB
additional O-tions ma* (e a)aila(le at the
discretion o' the %tor*teller.

R@D Option
H P> &ccrac* 3- to H le)els5
H PL?O &mmnition 3- to =
L PL?O Ran!e 3- to E
Q P> dama!e 3- to H le)els5
Q Redce mass (* =LO.
Q Dis!ise a--earance o'
$ea-on 3adds P= di''iclt*
to &$areness rolls to
identi'* the $ea-on5.
>? 0> to conceal ratin! 3J to /
>L Chan!e dama!e t*-e
3Bashin! to Lethal, or )ice

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