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Lindsey C. Holmes :: The Social Media Maven with a Zest for Life!

“Social media is unlike the News media. Though both are extremely influential,
social media gives the ‘people’ a voice, and allows for a truth that is much too
often devoid in the news. People need to be heard - truly heard. Social media will
give us this outlet.”

Lindsey Holmes is something of a crusader. She uses social media to evoke a
dialogue amongst the youth of Newark, NJ. Though a bit apprehensive and a little
confused at first, after speaking to the importance and benefits of communicating
with youth in different countries to help diffuse local issues, as well as an array of
baked goodies, the kids in her company-sponsored community service program,
Y.E.S (Youth Entrepreneurship Series) begin to open up. They are building a
relationship in Ghana, Africa, a country that is in fact, a proprietor of the popular
‘loc’ hairstyle that can be seen any given day on the streets of Newark by
professional business men to the members of the notorious Blood Street Gang.
“These kids wouldn’t know the origin’s of this hairstyle that they sit in salons for
hours perfecting, if it weren’t for our social network,” proudly boasts Ms. Holmes.
Most of these kids -parts of Newark are strikingly poor - also wouldn’t get to
experience Ghana, Africa.

Ms. Holmes’ affinity for Social Media moves beyond this sentiment into her
business. The owner of LCH Business, a Social Media Marketing firm which
incorporates Mobile Application Development, she not only uses social media to
perform community service or ‘stay connected with friends and family’, but as a
lifeline for her business. Through Twitter and Facebook, she answers client
concerns quickly and succinctly (under 140 words to be exact), does 95% of her
direct marketing, and uses Twitter’s tag feature to search for related market
information and get feedback to troubleshoot potential concerns before they
happen. “This is the power of social media,” she says, “I love being on the cutting
edge!” Her diverse background speaks to her risk mindset.

She is a native Washingtonian, and a graduate of The Madeira School in McLean,
Virginia and Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY. With a major in Theatre
and a minor in Writing, she has created truly rich experiences. She has travelled
throughout the country with various theatre troupes, starred on the show ‘Teen
Summit’ on Black Entertainment Television (BET) and attended two
conservatories in London, England. Influenced by her parents’ passion for real
estate investing, Lindsey purchased her first property in 1998, in one of
Washington, DC’s under-developed neighborhoods. Her moderately priced
investment would prove fruitful, gaining her over $250,000 in equity in a two-
year period. With theatre at her core, she saw real estate investing merely a
means of sustenance and an attempt at long-term wealth, while pursuing her
dreams of stardom.

Residing in Manhattan, NY, she auditioned relentlessly, until her ambitions began
to shift. With rent due, the steady income stream of her now five investment
properties, seemed worth exploring. To better understand her progressive real

Lindsey C. Holmes :: The Social Media Maven with a Zest for Life!

estate portfolio and the general structure of her real estate deals, Lindsey began
work at Bank of America. After two years of Mortgage, General Banking and
Marketing experience, and a new Real Estate Broker’s license, she felt confident
in starting her own business. LCH Real Estate Brokerage & Investments was
created through the equity in her first home purchase.

Since its inception in 2005, LCH Real Estate has grown from a basic Real Estate
Brokerage to a part of a full service corporation. LCH Industries, provides real
estate services with a specialty in Bank-owned and Foreclosure Property through
LCH Real Estate, Residential and Commercial Financing through LCH Lending,
and Loss Mitigation Services through LCH Loan Workouts. At 26, she is one of the
area’s youngest Real Estate Brokers.

In 2008 she embarked upon her latest venture, LCH Business. Her firm utilizes
Social Media and Technology Services to 'power' business. Being a self-proclaimed
'geek,' and infusing social media and mobile application technology into her Real
Estate Brokerage, Lindsey has always had a deep passion for the field. “I didn’t
quite understand what was coming. It just made sense for me to send a blast or a
post to all of my friends on Facebook when I had a new idea or project in the
works. They started buying! They sent their friends to buy, an it all just made
sense. Seeing this revolution unfold and the power it has on small businesses is
my true calling,” she says.

LCH Business' feature service is the innovative 'app' model, an idea recently
made popular by Apple Inc., but reared specifically to businesses by LCH. By
taking components of business websites and creating custom usability features
such as a communication messenger for staff communication or even a fun game
to introduce a new clothing line, businesses gain mobility, the opportunity to
expand sponsorship/ partner opportunities, and an additional revenue stream.
Lindsey is a certified Apple Developer and one of very few African American
women creating for the iPhone and Blackberry Platforms.

Perhaps her passion for social media speaks also to her passion for
entrepreneurship and empowerment. “Social media gives you a test market far
wider than a start-up entrepreneur’s marketing budget will allow, and for free!”
Using social media, SEO and web development experience she creates a truly
unique way to jumpstart a business. She is also the lead organizer of Twestival
Newark, a way for people to ‘tweet, meet and give’ to local charities through
Twitter, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and the proud owner of a
shih tzu, Banks, whom she calls “the current love of my life until I slow down.” To
my “Everyone needs a break now and then Lindsey,” she replied, “I am
passionate about what I do! I’m on a crusade! When everyone understands social
media, why social media is important, and how a recession is never an excuse to
be unemployed with such amazing marketing tools... I’ll take two [breaks].”