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Team Work is the Key to Success!
Team Work is the Key to Success

By: Catherine Balmeo

What makes special education special? This is a question that sometimes can make a person into thinking for
a good reason why special education was created. Special Education is just a branch in education but it is very
broad. It encompasses almost all areas that the student is engaged in. It takes into account the totality of the
individual learner not only the cognitive part. The special education teacher take into consideration the
student's disability but most of all it also look into the student's diverse needs in order for the student to be a
successful learner and reach their optimum level of learning.

Special education seems perfect by itself however it has issues and problems that some if not all needs
political will to be settled. One of the issues that affect the special education is the collaboration between
general educators and special educators. Team-up between these two great educators could have been most
wonderful and can create an impact that can be most beneficial on the part of the students. Due to human
factor, what could have impacted the students sometimes result to failure not only on the part of the students
but most of all to the educators themselves. According to Billinsky (2007)," Special Educators need the
support of the district and school administrators to create a more unified culture in which all see their
responsibilities to students who have disabilities and work collectively toward meeting students' needs"
(Billingsky,2007, p.171).

Teamwork is one of the best means in making the task easier and effective. Collaboration between two or
more professionals can have an impact that will ensure the betterment of the students. Setting aside one's
status quo and being open to collective effort is a factor that each professional should learn how to get
involved in because this will help solve the ongoing problem of being caught up in one's ego.


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About the Author
Catherine Balmeo
Catherine Balmeo is a special education teacher who has co-taught with general educators in ensuring quality
of lessons delivered to both students with special needs and regular students in a classroom. She has written
this essay to share with educators how can two or more individuals work alongside each other for the
betterment of the students.

Catherine has drawn inspiration and motivation from her loving and ever supportive husband Fred and son

"God make all things possible in His time..."
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