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SIRE Inspection Preparation

It will greatly expedite the inspection if the following documents are available and ready for the
Inspectors review on boarding:
1 !opies for the Inspector:
Prepared according to attached list on page 2.
" #he Inspector will wish to sight the following$ where applicable:
The Certificate of Registry;
The vessels trading certificates, (the copies to be sighted if the originals are ashore): afety
!"#ip$ent, %oadline, afety Radio, &'PP, afcon, &nternational Tonnage, &( )oc#$ent of
Co$pliance, &( afety (anage$ent Certificate, Certificate of *itness or +o,io#s %i"#ids
'il Record -oo.s Parts / and 2, Cargo Record -oo.;
Certificates of Civil %iability for 'il Poll#tion;
The 01 Certificate of *inancial Responsibility, and the last Tan. 2essel !,a$ination %etter;
The Class Certificate, !nhanced #rvey *ile 3ith Condition 1ssess$ent Report, and "#arterly class
1pproved $an#als: tability, )a$age tability, &nert 4as, C'5, C-T, and ')(!;
1n approved 'P!P, and 2RP (an#al;
'%1 Training (an#al, '%1 (aintenance (an#al, life saving appliance and fire fighting
e"#ip$ent $aintenance records;
The Proced#res and 1rrange$ents (an#al, (for che$ical and gas carriers);
The Cargo 4ear Register;
'fficer and cre3 national Certificates of Co$petency, Contin#ed Proficiency and )angero#s Cargo
!vidence of 1d$inistration acceptance of cre3 Certificates of Co$petency;
The (anagers 'perating &nstr#ctions;
The Co$pany )r#g and 1lcohol Policy, and records of #nanno#nced testing;
The 4arbage Record -oo. and the 4arbage (anage$ent Plan;
Records of testing of $ooring 3inch, $ooring rope63ire $an#fact#rers certificates, bo3
stopper certificate;
The last port tate inspection certificate;
7ot 3or. and enclosed space entry per$its;
The technical p#blications listed in the 'C&(* 2essel &nspection 8#estionnaire (2999 !dition),
"#estion 2.:, as applicable to the vessel.
&t sho#ld be noted that the !$ergency *ire P#$p, !$ergency 4enerator, !$ergency teering and the
')(! 3ill be e,pected to be operated by the officer acco$panying the inspector.
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SIRE Inspection Preparation
Copies of the Following to be
provided for inspector:
The following information should be completed by the
ship and checked by the inspector.
Latest VPQ

DRILL or item
Date last carried
out or approval Ship's Particulars

Officer's Service Matrix
Last 3 Abandon Ship drill:
Crew List
Last 2 Port L/B in Water:
Idex of Ship's Certificates
Last 2 Starboard L/B in Water:
!" Coditios of Class
Last Steering Gear Drill:
Miimum Mai# Certificate
Last SOPEP Drill:
Last Cargo Lines test & Pressre!:
Port Cotact List
Last COW Lines test & Pressre:
Last "oa# anal$sis:
Following available for viewing:
Last %/& ' and date:
Port State inspe(tion )ile Last %& (orre(tion:
Cargo Gear *egistr$ Last Port State Control date:
SOLAS +raining &anal Last PSC port:
,*P Last Class attendan(e:
SOPEP -SPS Code Certi)i(ate isse / e.pire:
Polltion E/ip! -n0entor$ ,*P Appro0al:
Oil *e(ord Boo1 Part - SOPEP Appro0al:
Oil *e(ord Boo1 Part -- Last Operator -nternal -S& adit:
-S& )ile Close ot o) -S& adit:
Sa)et$ &eeting )ile Last Sa)et$ Co##ittee &eeting:
G&DSS &aint! (ontra(t G&DSS ser0i(e e.pir$:
CLC Certi)i(ate Last Operator2s *epresentati0e 0isit:
Last Drg & Al(ohol +est Drg & Al(ohol +est dates: /
Enhan(ed Sr0e$ "ile OD&E &anal appro0al Date & Class:
Condition O) +an1 Coating Last OD&E test:
OD&E/COW/-GS &anals Last OD&E se:
O))i(er2s Li(enses COW &anal appro0al date & Class:
3ot4or1/+an1 Entr$ "ile -GS &anal appro0al date & Class:
Sa)et$ -n0entor$ Cargo 3ose tests dates:
56C Cal(s/O4ners Poli($ Win(h tests dates:
Garbage Log
Wor1 3rs & *est Period Last Ser0i(e / -nspe(tion o) )ollo4ing:
Certs )or &ooring E/pt! De(1 Seal:
Ballast &anage#ent Plan -G (he(1 0al0e:
P/, ,al0es:
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