SIDE OF THE NATIONAL COUNCIL (JCM) FOR SANCTION TO THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, INCLUDING THE EMPLOYEES OF THE DEPARTMENTALIZED ACCOUNTING ORGANISATION IN THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT MINISTRIES WORKING UNDER THE ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROL OF THE CONTROLLER GENERAL OF ACCOUNTS, MINISTRY OF FINANCE,DEPARTMENT OF EXPENDITURE,NEW DELHI. I am enclosing the recommendations/submissions given by the JCM (Staff side) to the Central Pay Commission which has started functioning on 5th of October‘2006 in New Delhi. . The Central Government has formally appointed the Central Sixth Pay Commission with the following Hon‘ble officials given below:(1). Mr. Justice B.N. Shriknshna as Chairman, (2). Smti.Sushma Nath as Member- Secretary and (3). Prof. Ravindra Dholakia and (4). Shri J.S.Mathur as Members. I would be very grateful, if you could kindly strongly recommend the case and submissions to the Hon‘ble Finance Minister and the Central Pay Commission in the Government of India for their kind and sympathetic consideration. Thanking you. ALL INDIA CIVIL ACCOUNTS EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION (CENTRAL HEADQUARTER-NEW DELHI). Extract of the Draft Report submitted in the 10 th ALL INDIA CONFERENCE AT CHENAI HELD FROM 9 th to 11th January‘2007 (The Period of report is from December‘ 2004 to December‘2006). The Staff side of the National Council (JCM) has submitted its memorandum on common issues to the Pay Commission for Central Government Employees (Both Serving and Retired Employees). PART-V SUBMISSIONS TO THE SIXTH PAY COMMISSION 13.1 The Central Government has formally appointed the Sixth Pay Commission on 5th of October‘2006 with :(1). Mr. Justice B.N. Shriknshna as Chairman, (2). Smti.Sushma Nath as Member- Secretary and (3). Prof. Ravindra Dholakia and (4). Shri J.S.Mathur as Members. 13.2 There was no reaction from the Staff side JCM on the Terms of Reference of the Pay Commission issued by the Government. However, the Confederation had aired its voice in the media. The Confederation had opined that the Sixth Pay Commission should have been asked to restrict its inquiry on:(a) Fixation of minimum wage and pay scale on fair comparison with the wages obtaining in the Central Public Sector Undertakings or on the basis of the principles adopted by 5 th CPC. (b) To determine the allowances and other facilities/ benefits to be afforded to Central Government Employees. © To determine the pension and other retirement benefits to Central Government Employees. 13.3 On 9th of November‘2006, the staff side of JCM had submitted a memorandum to the Sixth Pay Commission demanding the Commission to recommend for grant of minimum of Rs. 1000/- to the serving employees and Rs. 500/- to pensioners as interim relief effective from 1-1-2006. 13.4 In the meantime the Sixth Pay Commission had issued a questionnaire seeking the opinion of the citizens of the country. On behalf of the Central Government organisations, the Staff side of JCM had submitted the reply to the questionnaire.

13.5 In a most unjustified manner, the Sixth Pay commission gave the last date for submission of Memorandum to it within 31th December 2006. Request for extension of the date at least for submission of Departmental Memorandum by the Association/ Unions was also not conceded by the commission. 13.6 On 26th December‘2006, the Staff side of the National Council (JCM) has submitted its memorandum on common issues to the Pay Commission. It has demanded the stalling of downsizing and has proposed open ended running scales of pay with only the minimum, as is being obtained in many Public Sector Undertakings. This would do away with the problem of stagnation to a great extent. Annual increment to be fixed at the rate of 5 % of the Basic pay on par with the rates being obtained in the Banking industry. The proposed scales are as under¬:¬ P.S. No. Pay = 4 th CPC 5 th CPC Scale 5 th CPC modified Proposed for 6 th CPC Rounded Incrmt. 5 % S.l S.2 S.4 S.5 S.6 S.7 S.8 S.9 S.10 S.11 S.13 S.14 S.32 S.33 750 775 825 950 975 1200 1350 1500 1640 2000 2375 2500 8000 9000 2550 2610 2750 3050 3200 4000 4500 5000 5500 6500 7450 7500 26000 30000 2550 2635 2850 3230 3315 4500 5063 5625 6150 7500 8906 9375 30000 33750 10000.00 10329.00 10995.00 12661.00 12995.00 17640.00 19847.00 22050.00 24108.00 29400.00 34911.00 36750.00 117600.00 132500.00 10000 500 10500 525 11000 550 13000 650 13500 675 18000 900 20000 1000 23000 1150 25000 1250 30000 1500 35000 1750 37000 1850 120000 135000

The Ratio of Minimum and Maximum Salary shall be 1 : 13.5 13.7 Other hlghligh-table issues of the Memorandum of Staff side of JCM are as below¬ :In respect of DA It has made the following suggestions:(a). DA should be revised once in three months. (b). The Principle laid down by the 5 th CPC as regards merger of 50 % of DA with the Pay as DP be modified to 25% to remove distortions in the pay structures. © that DA should be paid net of taxes on the same line as recommended by the 5 th CPC to make the concept of 100 % neutralization of DA somewhat meaningful. HRA rates have been demanded as below:-¬ (a) For ‘A’ class cities - 40 % of the revised Basic Pay. (b) For ‘B’ class cities - 30 % of the revised Basic Pay. © For‘C’ class cities - 20 % of the revised Basic Pay. CCA rates have been demanded in the following manner:-¬ For A class City -20.% of Basic Pay B-City -15% of Basic Pay C-City -10.% of Basic Pay

Two home town LTC‘s in a block of 2 years or one All lndia LTC in a block of 4 years may be provided. Regarding women employees, all the recommendations given by 5th Pay Commission should be considered and posting of husband and wife in the same station to be made mandatory. The Salaries of Central Govt. Employees and pensions (including Dearness relief) may be paid net of Income-tax. Special (Duty) Allowance to be granted to all employees and officers posted in the North Eastern Region. 13.8 On 28th December 20.0.6, the Confederation submitted its Memorandum to the Sixth Pay Commission. Apart from endorsing the Memorandum submitted by Staff side of JCM it has demanded the following¬:1. Every employee must be given three minimum financial up-gradations in his service, the first on completion of 8 Years. the second on completion of 16 years and the third on completion of 24 years of service. The Commission may kindly note that the system of time bound higher grade with lesser residency period and without the requirement of the eligibility criteria has been provided for by many State Governments to their employees. 2. The 6 th CPC may recommend to the Government: 1. The Group-C & D employees, taking into account the fact that their emoluments do not even enable them to make both the ends meet, should not be transferred at all except on their request/compassionate ground; 2. If transfer becomes necessary on promotion, or due to other administrative exigencies,the same should be subjected to a policy evolved in the Departmental Councils. Every department should therefore, evolve a transfer policy on mutual agreement being reached at the respective Departmental Council or through bilateral discussions. The Official Side in the Counsel will place an item for discussion in the Counsel on transfer guidelines. 3. No transfer be permitted which is violative of such an agreement or in the absence of such an agreement having reached in the Council. If such transfers are made sans such an agreement. it shall be Instantly cancelled by the Head of Department or Secretary of the Mmistry concerned on receipt of a representation for the concerned employee. 4. In case no agreement is reached in the Departmental Council, the same should be referred to the Standing Committee of the National Council, JCM. whose decision is to be treated as final. 5. In respect of other category of officials, the Department of Personnel must be asked to issue instruction in clear terms as per the above quoted recommendation of the 5th CPC. 13.9 On 30th December 2006. the apex level JAC has submitted its Memorandum to the Sixth Pay Commission. It has demanded total parity in scales between the equivalent cadres of Central Secretariat and the Accounts and Audit Employees. 13.10 On behalf of our Association, the Central Headquarter has submitted the Memorandum to the Sixth Pay Commission on 31st December 2006. The Central Headquarter has endorsed the Memorandums submitted by Staff side of National Council (JCM), Confederation and apex level Joint Action Committee. The Pay scales demanded from the level of Group D to Senior Accounts Officers are as below¬:-

Details of Posts/Groups Present Payscale Pay Scale Demanded Group ‘D’ Posts 1. Peon/Chowkidar/Farash / Sweeper/ 2550-3200 10000 2. Daftry/Jamadar/ Jr. Gestetner Operator 2610-4000 10500 Group ‘C’ Posts 1. Record Keeper 2750-4400 11000 2. LDC/Clerk-Typist/ Staff Car Driver Ord. Gr. 3200-4700 13000 3. Staff Car Driver Gr. II 4500-7000 18000 4. Stenographers Gr.III 5000-8000 18000 5. Staff Car-Driver Gr.I 5000-8000 20000 6. Accountant/DEO/StenographerGT.II 5500-9000 23000 7. Sr. Accountant/Computer Operator. 6500-10500 30000 8. Stenographer Gr. I 6500-10500 & 8000-13500 on completion on completion of 4 years of service 30000

39000 Group ‘B’ Posts 9. Junior Accounts Officer (NonGazetted) 7450-11500 35000 10. Asstt. Accts Officer Private Secretary. 8000-13500 39000 11. Accounts Officer 10000- 15200 44000 12. Sr. Accounts Officer 12000-16500 55000 13.11 Referring to the demands made by the CGA before the 5th Pay Commission and the recommendation given by him, we have also categorically demanded before the Sixth Pay Commission to recommend for the formation Department of Accounts under the C.G.A in consideration of its relevancy. We hope, the Commission will take a positive view on the matter. 13.12 In respect of Civil Accounts Employees working in N.E. Region, we have once again demanded specific recommendation on grant of Special (Duty) Allowance to them. 13.13 While submitting the Memorandum to the Sixth Pay Commission, the Central headquarter has stated that, it may submit a supplementary memorandum if considered necessary.