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Metabical Case Submission

Consumer Behavior


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Q1. Potential positioning strategy based on Metabicals point of difference compared to
The Following are the point of difference of Metabical
1. More effective than other drugs in the market
2. Extensive support program for 24 months
3. First drug of its kind approved by FDA
4. Less severe side effects in comparison to its substitutes
The strategy will be positioning Metabical as the most effective drug in the market accompanied
along with an extensive support program. We would also highlight its approval from the FDA
which will instill the trust factor.
Q2. Communication program you will recommend
a. To HCPs and end users based on case facts
To communicate with the HCPs we should include print advertisement in leading medical
publications and interactive online advertisements. The concept for advertisement to be
used should be Give your overweight patients a safe alternative to fad diets and
dangerous OTC drugs. Introducing Metabical- a clinically proven weight loss drug
This communication strategy is the most viable one as the HCPs are aware of the side
effects of the dangerous OTC drugs and will be willing to protect their patients from the
same. Also as stating clinically proven will attract more attention of the HCPs

For the end users the advertising concept of Those extra 20 pounds could be killing you.
Being overweight leads to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and gallbladder
disease. Its time to get healthy- Metabical can help should be used. This is a rational
appeal to the end users and will connect with the overweight people
b. Other IMC elements (beyond case facts)- for 3 stages of launch
The marketing efforts need to be directed at the two ends. The marketing efforts in all the
three stages should be targeting the end users as well as the health care providers.
Pre-Launch Stage:
Creating a buzz about the Medicine with a coming soon tag and picture of people
showing how they were before and then after they have lost weight without any
severe side effects. This will instill inquisitiveness among the obese people.
During the above campaign of coming soon we shall also promote the support
program that comes along with the medicine. Which will say not just before and
after but a maintenance plan as well.
Advertisements in Medical journals and magazines to create a buzz among the
health care providers as well.
Launch Stage:
Metabical will announce its sponsorships to various events.
High level of Social media engagement A platform where the HCP and the
customers can ask there queries.
Calling HCPs during a launch and talking about the product and its advantages.
Highlighting the Support Program of 24 moths which will assist the weight loss
Post Launch Stage:
Calling for testimonials from the customers and highlighting the same on our
social media
Doing conference with HCP on the Ani Obesity Day which is observed on 26

Constant feedback from the customers and HCPs
c. Role of support program
CSP had planned a comprehensive support program and this would play a very important
role in the success of the medicine. According to the clinical trails the drug is much more
effective than the competitors and adding a support program for 24 months will make the
weight loss process a better and easy experience. Another point of difference was that
only OTC drug Alli had an online support system. However CSPs support system is more
comprehensive providing online weight control tools, personal support like community
forum, meal and exercise plans.
d. Time line for MCA (Marketing Communication Activities) during 3 stages of launch
October, 2008 We start our pre-Launch marketing activities from October itself
which gives us three months to inform & make the prospective consumers curious to
know about our product.
We start by educating the masses about the bad effects of obesity
November, 2009 Continuing our campaign about the effects of obesity we also
start telling them about the side-effects of our competitors & run a campaign to trust
only FDA approved drugs
December We start a teaser campaign. The coming soon campaign.
January, 2009 We Launch the Product & continue a full-fledge push strategy
campaign till March end wherein we promote our drug & support activities through
mass media, journals, magazines, social media.
April,2009 We kick start with our post launch marketing activities in which we
plan to focus on user testimonials as well as showcase that our drug has no side-
effects on the customers. We would also focus on promoting the support program &
motivating our customers to continue with them to avail the full benefits of the pill.
October 2009 we hold a contest for the promotion & trial of the drug.
Nov, 2009 We celebrate Anti-Obesity day on 26
November & hold a conference.