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Good Morning to one and all. Im here to speak for the Motion .

Alienation of Elderly from family structure erodes social

Whats the baggage that you carry? Respected judges and
friends. That was a question a prospective bride asked the boy
when she wished to know if his parents would stay with them
after their marriage.
The Shocking deplorable truth about youngsters perception of
elders is that they are dispensable baggage.
I wish to quote Alexander Pope here: We call our parents fool ;
our children will call us so .
My opponents may cite several factors to justify the inevitability
of alienation of elders and the ability of people to adapt to the
changes in the family structure. But they cannot deny or
overlook the fact that elders are a blessing when they are an
integral part of the family. Isnt their arguments the case of sour
Circumstances may change, social values may change but blood
is thicker than water. Grandparents love towards their
grandchildren and what they can do for them will remain the
same. Elders of today, of tomorrow will be different but we can
speak only from our experience. It is like saying all cannot be
Gandhis but that doesnt take away the fact that the absence of a
second Gandhi cannot be felt.
Coming to elders/grandparents now. With the wealth of old
world experience behind them and having the unique ability to
metamorphose from advisers and listeners to mediators and
friends they can provide stability and support to families. They
can reinforce in children the sense of family values , religious
beliefs and principles which will shape them into responsible
members of the society. Their repository of folklore , scriptures
stories can Unravel the rich cultural heritage of our country.
Will we feel rootless then?
As a cementing force of the family grandparents build bridges
b/w parents and children and explain them the need for give and
take policy . Their patience wins when parental impatience
looses the case with children . Children will recall their love .
sacrifice concern and which would blossom into care of elders in
the society.
Friends in the U.S alone 7.8 million children live in a household
headed by a grandparent . 2 million children live with relatives
called grand families . Alienation of parents is bridged by elders.
In 2 decades time India and Japan will have high % of elderly
population. Can we afford alienation of elders ? I can hear you
say NEVER .
Elders are GRANDparents , GRANDfamilies can we take away
the Grand from them?.