Limassol Hotels Mediterranean Beach Hotel is four stars and is situated about 8 the city center.

They have a multi-level swimming poor and also International cuisine and local Cyprus specialties are offered. entertainment includes folklore music, live bands and a variety kilometers from their own beach. Nightly of shows.

They have a spa that includes Hammam, Sauna, Hydro bath, Multi-sensor capsule and relaxation room with refreshments. Baby cots are not available.

Restaurants Activities General Information about Limassol Limassol is the second largest city (after the capital, Nicosia) of Cyprus. Following the Turkish invasion in 1974, it has become the principal sea port and has also developed into a significant tourist destination. By plane You can fly in to Limassol (Limassos) to Paphos (Pafos) or Larnaca International Airport. They are both about equal distance from the city (about 70klm). However, Larnaca airport is larger and where most airlines use. Get around For travel within the city, the bus is the most popular means of transport. Taxis are used but they are expensive. The bus system is ok, as their routes are just on the main roads and the waiting time could be 30 minutes (longer in the winter). Cars, scooters and bicycles can be hired easily, however (especially if on a bike) do take in mind the long hot summer. The Green Buses operate intercity, and there are buses for Troodos Mountains, Larnaca and Pafos. It is best to confirm schedules with the Tourist Information Center near Dasoudi Beach, which is on the sea front road. Every September there is the Limassol Wine Festival. In February or March there is the Carnival. In Autumn there is the Cyprus car rally. (For all dates of holidays check with the Tourist Information Center.) Things to See Check out the Limassol Medieval Castle on Vasilissis Street. You’ll be given a half hour visual tour of history of Cyprus. Tel: +357-25762828 Fax:+357-25762829 The quaint and shop-filled street of Anexertisias in old Limassol.

Again, in downtown Limassol there is a wooden promenade along the sea opposite the kingdom of Amathus offers a great place for an evening walk. Along side of the walk is a nice park. Just after you leave the promenade as you head towards the tourist area, the beaches start. At different intervials along the beach you can stop at coffee shops and a bite to eat. Check out the House of Achilles and The Altar of Apollo with spectacular views of the Curium Beach. Limassol is the wine producing region of the country with the vineyards dotting the foothills of Troodos Mountains. Things to Buy The traditional shopping streets are Ayios Andreas and Anexartisias street. They are on old cobbled stone paths. You can find good deals on leather, travel luggage, lace work and of course the local wines and food snacks to take back with you. There are several malls of which to buy things in Limmasol. One is Debenhams which is on the sea front road and can be easily reached by bus from the tourist area. In addition to clothes there’s a supermarket inside. Another one is in the tourist area and that is Carrefour which has a larger supermarket. This is inland a bit from where the hotels are. Orphanidies is the largest supermarket store and this can be reached only by car or taxi. There are small ‘mom and pop’ food markets thourghout the tourist area. There is even a flea market, one is near Carrefour, which is opened every Saturday. It’s better to get there in the morning. The Lefkara Lace and other lace products may be brought in Limassol or any other city. Lefkara itself, due to a large number of tourists flocking there, especially during the tourist season. Souvenir shopping in Limassol is good, but for real shopaholics, a trip to the centre of Nicosia on Ledra Street is well advised. Opening hours for most shops are Mondays - Fridays 9:00-13:00 / 15:00-19:00 (siesta time in between) and Saturdays 9:00-13:00. Only some convenience stores would be open 24 Hours on all days. Eat Kebab can be optimum for a relatively cheap and filling meal. Avoid "tourist" cafes since those are often over-priced and offer low quality conventional sandwiches or English Breakfasts. Mousaka or Kleftiko are popular dishes. If you are hungry, try the Cyprus Meze. There is the mea variety and the fish variety which includes a myriad of small hot and cold dishes. However, when you order they make it for only two people or more and the price is around 11-12 euros each. There are the typical fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King, and Pizza Hut.

Many restaurants on the street for breakfast serve the typical English breakfast. If you are tired of that, stay in your hotel. Many of the better hotels offer a buffet. Tips You can go to many hotels and eat there even if you are not a guest. A great place I found that has a buffet and is very reasonable – with all you can eat – is The Atlantic Beach Hotel. Just tell them you are an outside guest and they’ll take care of you. Another good place for breakfast, though a little higher is the Marimare Hotel. This is located right on the beach so you’ll be a beautiful view of the sea while you’re eating. Drinking water from the tap is generally save, though you may still want to buy bottled water. The Yermasoyia tourist strip is littered with countless bars and pubs to cater for everyone's tastes and budget. The old medieval town centre is more popular with the locals and offers classier but pricier establishments. Most hotels will also have a variety of in house bars (either with a local or international twist), which are open to non residents, too. Try visiting a beach café bar at least once; however don’t be surprised if you are refused entrance at the door especially if arriving late. Alcohol Zivania is the equivalent local version of Kentucky ‘moon shine’. Commandaria is a sweet dessert wine and a specialty of Limassol is worth tasting especially after a meze. But don’t forget the local wines – they are good if you buy the better quality sort. Sleep Apart from local luxury and boutique hotels Limassol boasts many branches of international hotels. However one can easily find low budget accommodation. An increasingly popular option is private apartment and villa rental. Budget As far as renting a Studio Apartment (with cooking facilities) goes, there are plenty of them around, and one may find accommodation easily, both long term and short term. Some expats rent the same place each year, so if you intend to stay a couple of months, this will be your best option. As you walk along the streets you’ll find hotel/aparment signs. Go in and check out the accommodations and price. If you come during the winter the prices are cheaper. To top end hotels Amathus Beach Hotel Tel. +357-25832000, Fax. +357-25832540 email:, [5], member of The Leading Hotels of the World. A five star hotel that does not belong to a globalized conglomerate but non the less, a worthy rival. Four Seasons

Tel: +357 25 858 000, Fax: +357 25 310 887 email:,[6]. A 5 star hotel, but Truly Classy !! But beware, getting a room facing the road can mean noisy nights, as this becomes a race track for locals after 10 p.m.