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For the year 1946
Present Home of Masonic Bodies
First Howe of Emporia Lodge No. 12
GJoreword Emporia, Kansas
A City of beautiful homes, and well shaded
To the members of the various Masonic Institutions: streets.
In past years the Masonic Lodge has occasion- A City of delightful, cultured, intelligent people.
ally published a booklet at the close of the year A CIty of Colleges and many fine Churches.
giving a detailed report of the year's business the At the head of Commercial Street is one of the
names of the officers for the past year, a l~t of largest, if not the largest, State Teachers College
the Past Masters and a complete roster of all mem- ill the world, WIth an investment of over a million
bers. The last book of this nature was printed in and a half dollars and a faculty of one hundred
1920, and was in celebration of the Fiftieth Anni- and two members, the average enrollment is fifteen
versary of Emporia Lodge No. 12. During the year hundred.
1946 the question of publishing a roster was die- · West of the Teachers College on Twelfth Avenue
cussed in the lodge and it was suggested that the IS the College of Emporia, a denominational school
other bodies be invited to join the lodge and get ~~Iiththirty-eight acres of ground and eight build~
out a roster of all Masonic bodies. This was 111gS, WIth a, faculty of thirty-eight members. This
accordingly submitted to each of the other bodies institution has one of the finest pipe organs in the
who took heartily to the proposition. ' west. The investment in this school represents an
The following organizations, which are affiliated outlay of a million dollars. Average enrollment is
with Masonry in Emporia, and enjoy fraternal three hundred and fifty.
fellowship, and have a part in this booklet are: .The Y. M. C. A. has a splendid building and is
Emporia Lodge No. 12 A. F. & A. M., Emporia doing a wonderful work.
Chapter No. 12 R. A. M., Emporia Council No. 7 · The Y. W. C. A. has a beautiful building given
R. & S. M., Emporia Commandery NO.8 K. T., The It by the P. B. Plumb heirs, and it has been re-
Masonic Low 12 Club, Emporia High Twelve Club modeled until it is one of the most complete Y. W.
Miriam Chapter No. 14 O. E. S., Emporia Assembly C. A.'s in the state.
No. 31 S. O. O. B., Emporia Bethel No.4 Order of The Municipal Auditorium is a fine building,
Job's Daughters, Lyon County Scottish Rite Club covenng a block square, and houses the city offices,
Emporia Arab Shrine Club. ' also the fire department. Has a seating capacity
The keynote of Masonry is friendship and of four thousand.
brotherly love. Will you not, as you look through The County Club, just north of the city repre-
this booklet, resolve, "that in the future you will sents an investment of more than a hundred
practice these commendable virtues to the fullest tI:0usand dollars, and is commodious and complete
extent?" Thus, and thus only, will we maintain WIth one of the finest golf courses in the west
the high standards of Masonry. The High School buildings of the city cannot be
During the time the last roster was printed and excelled a:ny.where and their faculty is of the best.
up to the present time, many of our members have · Emporia 15located .almost in the exact geograph-
answered the summons of the Grand Master of ical center of the nation. rt is the center of a net-
the Universe and many new members have been wOI:k of railroad facilities, being an important
added to the roll. December 31, 1946 finds our dIVISIOnpoint on the main line of the Santa Fe.
Masonic Temple Building free of debt, this event rt 15 also served by a branch line of the Missouri
was celebrated on February 21, 1947. Kansas and Texas. '
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Masonic Board oj Control
First meeting held, April 8, 1914,for the purpose
of organization. S. N. Parker, elected Chairman;
L. H. Lewis, TreaslU'er; James Smith, Secretary.
Second meeting held, April 15, 1914. with the
entire Board present; S. N. Parker, L. H. Lewis,
James Smith, N. Quettel, Frank J. Kenney, William
C. Hughes, Charles G. West, H. A. Tibbals, William
R. Irwin, Charles W. Cleaver.
A set of by-laws were adopted for the govern-
ment of the Board. The Board being composed of
three members from each of the three Masonic
Bodies, The Lodge, The Chapter, and Commandery.
The duties of the Board shall be administrative
in their nature, and the Board shall have full
charge of all real estate and personal property
owned and used in common by above named vari-
ous Masonic Bodies. Shall collect rents and profits
derived from their property, pay taxes, purchase
insurance, make reports, employ janitors and care-
takers, and do all things necessary to preserve the
property. Making proper reports of all its acts in
and about the premises to the various above named
Masonic bodies at such times as may be required by
the Bodies or may be deemed necessary by the
Board of Control.
C. W. Cleaver was appointed Assistant Secretary
on account of the ill health of Secretary Smith
and after the death of Brother Smith, was elected
Secretary of the Board.
May 25, 1915,L. H. Lewis was appointed Trustee.
July 12, 1915, contract let for the new addition.
Dec. 12, 1916, building completed and accepted
by the Board.
The present members of the Board are: Urban
Brown, Chairman; S. N. Parker, Treasurer; Orval
E. Moon, Secretary; Carl Marx, J. Manuel Hughes,
URBAN C. BROWN Ray C. Maul, Ferris M. Hill, Francis M. Dunham,
Chairman of tile Board of Control George F. Webber, Loren W. WaIrafen.
Meets tile First Monday of Eacb Month at 1 P. M.

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[ 6 ]
For the MaSo.nic Board of Control for the year 1946,
Also Estimated Budget, 1947
1946 Actual 1947 Estimated
Lodge -- ...--.---.- ..$2,430.00 52.718.00
Chapter . ... 918.00 1,044.00
Commandery __ ._________ 705.00 768.00
Star __ . . 201.50
S. O. O. B. _. .__ 50.00 50.00
Pool .__ ._.... ._______ 311.08
Job's Daughters _. .__. ._. 30.00 20.00
Rents--Brick Masons _. .__ . 60.00
Rowland __._.. . _ 420.00
Miller _ 480.00
Sea.rcy _ 262.50 300.00
214.45 240.00
Bicycle Shop _ 460.00 480.00
Government ..__. . _ 275.00 540.00
Kitchen . .. . 251.00
Special Assessments
Lodge, Chapter, Commandery _ 402.00 350.00
Club Room Counter . .__ 405.06 600.00
Council . ._ .... 400.00
Building & Loan .._.__. .._._ 634.53
Miscellaneous .. ._. _ 18.08 25.00
$8,388.20 $8.275.00
1946 Actual 1947 Estimated
Salaries - ----..-.-__. ._. .... $3.262.50 $4.348.20
Heat __.._.. .._...._.._._. . 548.61 550.00
Light ..... _..._...__._..._ ... .. .....__ 452.29 500.00
Taxes __.__. ._.__. .. •__
..__.__._ 950.49
Repairs __ __ __._. ._.__ .. 201.85 225.00
Supplies .._..__ . .._... . ._._ 347.75 200.00
Insurance .. . . . ....__ 340.64 322.88
Elevator .. ....__.. ._. __ ._. 122.50 122.50
Pool ._._ ..__. .__
. __. ...__ 177.17
Telephone .__ .. .__ .. 114.36 114.36
Water _._. __. .______________ 62.27
Papers .. .._ ... ._. . 6.75 9.00
Social Security _... . . 49.90 92.40
Miscellaneous ..._._ .. .__ 126.02 100.00
Victory Tax __ .._. ._____ 87.90 225.60
Covering Boiler 60.00
Roof Repairs . . 25.00
Rental Rooms . 262.69
Papering Library, etc .. 430.86
Garbage ._______ 28.00
ORVAL E. MOON O. E. S. Note .__ .__ .. . .__ . 500.00
Genernl Secretary of Masollic Bodies Club Room Equipment _. .___ 469.43
O. E. S. Interest ._ 30.00 30.00
Office at T'em p!« Savings Account .__ .. .._ 134.53
Grand Captain of the Guards of the
Grt111d Council of Ka11Sas $8.791.51 88,038.94

[ 8 1 [91
Emporia Lodge No. 12, A. F. & A. Jl1. The meetings of the Lodge at that time were
held in a little frame Shack, and the furnrture con-
The Emporia Masonic Lodge came into existence sisted of three crude unfinished wooden tables,
in January 1858, with the small group of men, who three chairs of the same make, a dry goods box for
had received the degrees of Ancient Craft Masonry an Altar, rough pine benches for seats, homemade
in other states, and no sooner did they reach the rods for Deacons and a few homemade candlesticks.
little hamlet of Emporia, than they began to gather Masonry continued to flourish, and Emporia
in groups and discuss the feasibility of forming a Lodge No. 12 to grow. By the close of 1865 the
Lodge. On January 15, 1858, eight of these men met membership was 46. December 24, 1868 the Lodge
to organize. The location of the meeting was un- moved into the third floor over the bank of Jolu).
known. They immediately signed a pesition to the R. Swallow & Company, and entered a three year
Territorial Grand Lodge for a dispensation, and lease, Later the Lodge secured more commodious
one of the band mounted his horse and rode the quarters in the third story of what is now the
long dreary trail to Leavenworth to secure the Emporia State Bank.
coveted authority. As to where the first Home of The years from 1868 to 1881,passed rapidly and
Emporia Lodge was, History is silent. History in- peacefully, the lodge keeping pace with the growth
forms us these brethren met frequently for instruc- of the town, doing what it could toward making
tion and communion, one with another. Emporia a better place to live.
Accessions to the Lodge, both by initiation and At the regular meeting held on June 3, 1881,
affiliation were rapid and by September 1860, the Brother Charles W. Cleaver moved that the
Lodge reached a membership of thirty-eight. And lodge appoint a committee of three to inquire into
so they kept going as Emporia Lodge No. 12, U. D., the advisability of securing a location, and building
until September 12, 1861, when the members en- a Masonic Temple. The committee reported, at the
listed in the Army, and with a prayer in their next meeting, they had an offer of a site, at the
hearts and on their lips, marched away to defend southeast corner of Fifth and Merchant, to be
their country. donated by Calvin Hood and his associates provided
No rurther record was found of a meeting until the Lodge would build a three story brick building.
May 28, 1863, when its was once more organized as The cuntract was awarded to E. F, Sprague, for
a Lodge U. D, At this time arrangements were $17,039.60,exclusive of the foundation which was
made to rent the building at the corner of Seventh built by L. W. Lewis. Emporia Lodge moved into
and Commercial. One of the officers was sent to its new quarters early in 1883.
Topeka with the arrearages of Grand Lodge dues, Today the Lodge is third owner of a magnificent
and a request that Emporia Lodge No, 12 be re- Temple building, 100x75 feet, three stories high,
stored to good standing. Our representative not with reading rooms, club rooms and all the modern
having sufficient notice of this meeting, and the up-to-date conveniences of ow' time. The member-
trails being bad, he did not arrive in Topeka until ship now totals 906.
Grand Lodge had closed for the year. However, the
Grand Master issued a dispensation for the year Meels the first aud third Fridays of each nioutb,
1863-64, and at a meeting of Grand Lodge in 1864, W'ork in some of the degrees every MOllday night,
our present Charter was issued under the date of
December 31, 1864, and now hangs on the wall of
our Temple building.
[ 10 ] [11 ]
'B. J. PurceIL __ .__._1863-64 'C. H. Martin __ __ ._1911
'F. F. HiCkS_._.__ . 1865 O. S. SamueL .__ 1912
'R. M. Ruggles __. 1866 'C. G. West ..__ 1913
'A. R. Bancroft._1867-8-9-70 oW. R. IrwiD- 1914
'Noyes Sp icer., 1871-2 'M. M. Suddock_._. __ ..1915
'L. D. Jacobs. .1873-1881 'F. B. Wood __._... 1916
'J. M. SteeL .__ 1874 'F. H. Our ry ._ ..__1917
oW. N. Hibben 1875-6 F. M. HilJ 1918
'James Smith .__ 1877 G. H. Cooley ....__1919
oW. M. Wicks 1878 F. H. Retsch1ag ._.1920
'J. C. Bennett 1878 'J. R. Donaldson.L; ... 1921
'J. Jay Buck .1879-80 E. V. Lindamood __ ._1922
'J. C. Jones 1882 O. E. Moon 1923
oW. W. Scott 1883-1887 C. E. Parker.i, .. ...._..1924
'T. N. Sedgwick 1884 A. H. Thomas.i, .. .1925
'R. E. Torrington __ .__1885 R. H. Beach .1926
'G. A. Biddle ._ ....1886 F. J. Brown. .._.__ ..1927
'D. A. StalL-. 1888 E. R. Weimer ..... _ 1928
'E. F. Sprague __.__ ._._1889 J. A. Myers_ .._ 1929
oW. H. HarrisolL_._._ ..1890 H. A. F'reeman.; _._ 1930
'Edward HoUeL ....1891 C. H. Marx _ 1931
'J. N. Wilkinson_. __._ ..1892 M. G. Stover._ .._ _ 1932
'D. A. Dryer ._ .....1893 L. R. BroadweIL_ .._._._..1933
'L. L. Halleck._ ...__ ._ .._1894 A. M. Johnston __ _.._.1934
ow. L. Huggins. ..__ 1895 J. M. Hughes _..1935
J. G. Northington_ ..._.18967 Ernest Ireland._ .._ 1936
John HoffeL_._. __ .__ ...1898 W. P. Yearout _ _ 1937
'J. A. Lucas __ .__ _.1899 C. J. Moh Ier'.,.._._ _._.1938
'L. R. Browne. __ . .__1900 F. R. Griffith 1939
'Simri oarter., ...__ .__._ 1901 F. E. Myers .._ _..1940
'H. E. Peach ...._.._._ _ 1902 U. C. Brown _ 1941
E. E. Fa wcett., __ ._ 1903-4 C. D. Parry _._ 1942
oW. W. Brown. __ .__ .1905 E. E. Valyer., ..__ _._._..1943
'J. M. 'I'arme r.L ..__1906 Edward Price __.._ 1944
'C. A. Bishop _ _._.1907 C. V. Mor rt s.i, 1945
'G. W. Smith .._.__ ._._.._.1908 L. A. Drum.L. _._._.1946
'J. M. Parrington __ .__ .1909
J. D. Graharnc.c.; .._..._.1910 ·Deceased

Loren W. Walrafel1...-. __Worshipful Master
Floyd E. Wilson __ . ._.._..Senior Warden
Harry E. Murphy __ . . .._Junior Warden
Sylvester W. KufahL_ _ .._ .._ Treasurer
Orval E. MOOlL. . ._ ....._..__.Becretary L. ]. BUCK
Floyd D. Moore.i., ._.Benior Deacon Grand Master 18 8.;
Wood Bloxom ... .__ ._. ..Junior Deacon
Francis M. Durih arn.Li. __ ._.._Senior Steward Grand CO"1ll7JLallder 1887
Ray C. MauL . ._.Junior Steward
Linza A. Drum.; ....._._._._ .. .._ ... _.._Tyler

[ 12 1 [ 13 1
Grand Masler 1928 \Vorshipful Master, E1nporia Lodge No. 12, 1947

[ 14 ] [ 15 ]
SECRETARY'S REPORT FOR 1946 Emporia Lodge No. 12 A. F. & A. 1\1., January 1, 1947
RECEIPTS Ace, Kenneth L. Binyon, Christopher
Receipts from all sources $8,729_05 Adams, Howard C. Bishop, Charles A.
Balance on hand January 1, 1946 1,047_00 Addington, Linford A. Bishop, Harry
Agrelius, Frank U. G. Bitler, Ralph M.
Total ..$9,776.05 Allred, Geore L. BlaCk, WilHam A.
Ames, John H. Blackburn, Milton
EXPENDITURES Anderson, Carl M. Blackman, Leslie E.
Grand Lodge Dues $1,425.00 Anderson, Edwin E. Blaine, Verne W.
Office Supplies and Letterheads ._______97.96 Anderson, Glen Bloxom, Wood
Candidate Aprons . ._ 86.74 Anderson, Lars H. Bloyed, William B.
Flowers _. ..__
.__. . . . . .________94.52 Anderson, Robert I. Blue, Glenn A.
Refreshments and Parties . . 1,067.45 Archer, Melville W. Boggs, Jasper L.
Postage 280.93 Arnold, Francis H. Bogue, Ray
Miscellaneous 68.73 Arnold, Frank M. Bogue, Thomas F.
Fees Refunded .______________________________ 75.00 Arnold, Norman H. Bollinger, Ora W.
Board of Control Dues 2.634.00 Ashby, Russell Bollinger, Wllllam C.
Expenses to Grand Lodge 22.82 Ashby, Thomas F. Boyle, Carl S.
Twenty-five Year Button 14.40 Askew, Clarence H. Bradfield, James H.
Payment on Mortgage -'-- 2,500.00 Aubuchon, Julian B. Brandner, Lawrence W.
Bank Charges .. .66 Aubuchon, Julian B. Jr. Brandt, Andrew J.
Taxes __ . ._______ 2.34 Ault, Roy W. Breed, Frank S.
Annual Report Expenses 22.63 Austin, Glen R. Brewer, Orion C.
Taxes 107.61 Austin, Jason R. Brewer, William B.
Axcell. Walter E. Brier, Harold L.
Total Disbursements $8,500.79 Axe, Herbert E. Bright, Frede C.
Bailey, Earl A. Broadwell, Charles L.
Balance in Treasury January I, 1947 $1,275.21 Bailey, John L. Broadwell, Laird R.
Bailey, Marion L. Brockhouse, Herschel G.
Bailey, Ralph F. Brogan, James C.
Bailey, Thomas E. Brooks. William T.
Bain, James F. Bromley, Louis F.
Baird, Herman R. Brown, Aaron S.
Baird, Jack Brown, Archibald F.
STATEMENT OF MEMBERSHIP Baird, Ray W. Brown, Charle R.
Baldwin. Charles F. Brown, Fred J.
Ball, William T. Brown, Irving E.
INCREASE Baltz, Henry A. Brown, Othe G.
Membership, December 31, 1945 810 Banister, William A. Brown, Raymond W.
Raised _ _ 85 Barnes, Ellas B. Brown. Robert P.
Admitted . . 13
Restored 16 Beach, Robert H. Brown. Urban C.
Beattie, Lyndle R. Brown, William R.
Beck, John E. Brown, William W.
Total Increase 114 114 Beeder, Rudolph H. Bruckner, William R.
Beeson, J. Irwin Buck, Andrew E.
rumber of Members and Increase ... 924 Behymer. Otho Buehler, John W.
Bell, Robert Burna.p, Charles W.
DECREASE Benfer, James E. Burnap. Cyrus G.
Demitted . ._____________________5 Benson. Ivan E. Burnap, Wilmer P.
Died II Berg, Carl F. Burton, Jacob S.
Number Suspended 2 Bettie, Earl Burton, Lloyd L.
Betty, Wilbert D. Burton, Willard A.
Total Decrease - 18 18 Bigelow, Lawrence D. Cain, Wawne R.
Bilderback, James V. Calhoun, William K.
Number Members, December 31, 1946 906
[ 17 ]
[ 16 ]
Calvert, Clifford E. Curry, Amos L. Evans, Maynard O. Grimsley, Rextord A.
Calvert, Clifford E. Jr. Curtis, Frank E. Evans, Thomas D. Groh, Jonas L.
Camp, Anson Dabbs, Carl H. ,.Evans, Thomas G. Groves, Kenneth V.
Campbell. Clarence W. Davidson, Arnold W. li'anestil, Edward E. Guettel, Morton A.
CampbeIJ, John M. Davies, Jacob C. Faust, Charles V. Hahn, Theodore F.
Cannon, Charles H. Davies, Joseph H. Fawcett, Earl E. Hamble, Eugene M.
Cannon, Richard L. Davis, Arthur Ferree, Frank L. Hamble, Jack A.
Carle, Cecil E. Davis, Charles A. Ferree, Frank O. Hammer, Marion R.
Carle, Clyde S. Davis, Charles M. Fessenden, Earl M. Hancock, Winfield S.
Carnes, Charles J. Davis, Charles V. Fessenden, Edgar Hankenson, Garey B.
Carpenter, Clifford A. Davis, Clean O. Field, Albert Haning, Zerne P.
Carson, Harry G. Davis, David R. Fish, Frank Hanson, Theodore W.
Carver, Clarence C. Davis, Emory E. Fish, Frank B. Happy, Boyd C.
Cary, Clarence A. Davis, Ervin L. Fisher, George S. Harris, Loy E.
Chapin, De Loss Davis, Francis 1. Fisher, Noble C. Harris, W. Max
Chapman, Harvey R. Davis, Harold Fleming, Howard E. Hartman, Albert
Chestnut, Roger L. Davis, Howard E. Focht, Lewis Harvey, Clarence C.
Childers, Clifford D. Davis, Lee M. Focht, W. Ralph Hasper, Arend
Cipra, Ernest L. Davis, Roy E. Foncannon, Frank Hastings, Elgie C. Jr.
Clark, Ernest H. Davis. Thomas J. Forbes, Blair C. Hastings, Eugene E.
Clark, Luther L. Davis, Veri R. Forney, Lewis M. Hatfield, Albert L.
Clay, Paul L. Davis, William H. Farren, Dale Hawkins, J. Earl
Clayton, Charles Dawson, Wilbert S. Forren, James D. Ha wthorrie, Ernest A.
Clerica, Ernest L. Dewey, William C. Fort, Leonard G. Hayden, Harold M.
Clever, Joseph L. De Witt, Harold Foster. Don T. Haynes, John W.
Clinton, Hyatt S. Dickason, William E. Foster, Leo D. Haynes, Raymond B.
Clogston, Fred B. Diggs, Elroy Fouts, Harry M. Haynes, William E.
Clow, Raymond F. Diggs, Welford H. Fowler, Fred Haynes, William E. Jr.
Coburn, William H. Dille, Harlan W. Fowler, George M. Hea,th, Deloy E.
Cochennet, Ira T. Doile, Ray A. Francis, James C. Heaton, William H.
Cole, Harold M. Doles. Jennings B. Freeman, Cecil D. Heavener, Floyd R.
Collins, Carl L. Donald, Leonard A. Freeman. Henry A. Heilman, William J.
ColJins, Roe G. Donaldson, James C. Fry, Andrew F. Heltzel, Winfred F.
Coman, Morris S. Doty, Oscar L. Galey, Walter W. HembJing, Harvey E,
Comstock, Wilber S. Drum, Linza A. Gant, William Henders'on, John L.
Cook, William J. Duffield, Homer L. Gant, William T. Hendrickson, Robert T.
Cooke, Ernest Duffy, David D. Garrett, William J. Jr. Henkle, Seth V.
Cooley, George H. Dukes, Elmer Gentz, Charles W. Henry. Otho D.
Cooney, Basil U. Duncan, Benjamine C. Gibson, Melvern W. Herbel, Godfrey F.
Cooper, Lewis D. Dunham, Francis M. Gilmore, William S. Herzog, Charles T.
Cooper, Robert C. Dunsworth, John M. Gilyest, Albert B. Hickox, James O.
Corbett, Fred R. Dunsworth, Morris GingriCh, Edward C. Hill, Charles H.
Corbett, Oliver J. Dwelle, Harry L. Glass. Alonzo Hill, Ferris M.
Corey, Joseph W. Ebright, Frank H. Glass, Harry W. Hill, Lawrence C.
Cornwell, Albert EckdaIJ, Frank A. Good, Edward B. Hillerman, Ralph D.
Cozad, Granville C. Eckdall, Frank F. Gould. Walter F. Hilton, John M.
Craig. Gordon R. Eckdall, Jonas E. Graham, John D. Hinshaw, Grant M.
CrandaIJ, Heber K. Edmonds, Thomas R. Granger, Wayne B. Hirschler. Peter U.
era vens, Bob Edwards, Ralph M. Graves, Ned F. Hirschler. Robert 1.
Crayk, LaVerne S. Egner, James K. Graves. Roscoe W. Hiskey, Clifford
Crellins, LowelJ M. Egner, Orval E. Gray, Roy M. Hobbs, Warren J.
Cremer, Raymond G. Ellis, Ira F. Greenlee, Kenneth W. Hoeh, Orville J.
Creson, Silas P. Ensminger, Carl P. Greenlee. Vernon E. Hoffer, John
CrOUCh, Stanley V. Ensminger, Howard E. Gregg. Frederick C. Holderman. Jacob L.
Crumb, Eugene Erickson, Archie R. Griffith, Evan J. Hollicke, Merle E.
Cunningham, Ernest A. Ethridge, James L. Griffith, Fred R. Hollar, Golden J.
Cunningham, John L, Evans, John A. Grimsley, Harry C. Hollingsworth, Harry M.

[ 18 ] [ 19 ]
Hollister, Edward M. Kehler, Pearl T.
Holmes, George R. Kell, John H.
Home, Alva E.
Honea, T. B.
Kendig, Chester L.
Kendig, Elmer E. • Lowther, Eugene T .
Loyd. Ralph C.
Mooney, Hurshel D.
Moore, Carroll A.
Honeycutt, G. Eugene Kennedy, Merrill F. Lunsford, Elmer H. Moore, Floyd D.
Honeyman, John L. Kennell, Leroy D. Lyons, Furman W. Moore, Fred C.
Hopper, WilHam R. Kessler, Forrest E. Maddern, Joseph K. Morgan, Dave W.
Hoover, William I. King, Alonzo A. Madison, Clarence J. Morgan, Glen
Hortensteln, Charles H. Kin, David W. MadisoD, Frank A. Morgan, Jean W.
Howell, Thomas A. King, Gurnie W. Madison, Walter K. MorriS, Chester V.
Howerton, Clay E. King, Kieth O. Magathan, Charles F. Morris, David W.
Howland, Jesse C. King, Ralph E. Magwire, Frank B. MorriS, Joseph J.
Hudkins, Robert H. King, Walter C. Mahoney, James D. Mor ris, Richard O.
Hudson, Newton Kinter, Ralph E. Major, Robert F. Morris, Wilburn H.
Hughes, J. Manuel Kil"Sch. Henry R. Manning, Harris W. Moses, James D.
Hughes, Reese H. Knapp. William M. Mantooth, Roy L. Moss, John W.
Hughes, William C. Koeger, Daniel H. Mapes, William F. Mowl, James S.
Hughes, William C. No. Koehler, Otto H. Marbut, Thomas F. Mulkey, Emmot W.
Hughey, William F. Kramer, otto Marsh, Raymond S. Murphy, Harry E.
Humphrey, Fred Kramm, Francis L. Marshall, James V. Musselman, Joseph D.
Hunt, Harvey E. Kramm, Roy Martin, Frank W. Myel', Lee I.
Hunter, Archie E. Kraum. Clarence R. Martin, Harry H. Myel', Lee R.
Hurst, Leonard L. Kraus, Edwin W. Martin, Sewell Myers, Francis E.
Hutton, George E. Kufahl, Sylvester W. Martine, Samuel A. Myers, John A.
Ingels, Emmet Kuller, Floyd V. Martindale, James C. Myers, Robert B.
Ireland, I. Ernest Kyle, Robert A. Marx, Carl H. McCants, Orville J.
Irey, Lindley A. Ladner, James H. Mathews, John B. McCarty, Mason W.
Isaacs, Orin L. Larkin, Walter MathiS, Earl C. McCaully, Earl L.
Ives, Floyd H. Larkin, William A. Maul, Ray C. McCloud, Harold
Ives, Warren E. Lawrence. Charles S. Mauney, John O. McCloud, Thomas
Jackson, Charles L. Lawson, Lawrence G. Maxwell, Curtis P. McClure, Harry A.
Ja,ckson, George K. Leatherberry. Roy J. Jr. Meinen, Herman J. McClure, Joseph A.
Jacobs, Charles W. G. Lee, Clifford C. Mellinger, Samuel McCollam, Clarence E.
James, Howard Lee, George H. Merideth, Clyde O. McConnell, Sidney S.
James. William R. Lee. Lester L. Merideth, Clyde O. Jr. McCorkill, Kirk W.
Jaquith, Roscoe H. Leonard, Frank A. Merry, Dean E. McCoy, Curtis J.
Jeff, Robert J. Leonard, Ralph M. Merwin, Elwyn L. McCurdy, Frank L.
Johnson, Albert Lesh, Warren N. Merwin, George W. McDonald, Henry A.
Johnson, C. Albert Lester, George W. Metz, Ralph L. McFann, William D.
Johnson, Frank H. Levett, John B. Miller, Bernard P. McGahey, Wilbur A.
Johnson, Max E. Lewis, Edwin J. Miller, Charles E. McKenney, Clifford M.
Johnson, Walter E. Lewis. Fred H. Miller, Fred W. McVey, Howard C.
Johnston. Alva M. Lewis. Gomer Miller. Fremont McWherter, Merrill
Jones, Alfred D. Lewis, Lem uel Miller, Lawrence N. Nail, Ross L.
Jones, Brodie Lewis. Lewis J. Mil ner, Vernon D. Nash, Charles W.
Jones, Carl S. Lewis. Robert T. Minnick, Walter S. Nave, Neil H.
Jones, Cecil B. Lewis. Vernon M. Mitchell, Edward A. Nelson, John P.
Jones, Elmer N. Lewis. William J. Mitchell, Ralph B. Nelson, Maurice F.
Jones, Gomer R. Lind. Thomas W. Mohler. John A. Newcomer, James T.
Jones. Howard C. Lindamood. Ernest V. Mole, Samuel E. Newton, 01'1' W.
Jones, Tom D. Litwin. Mayer S. Moline, Oscar T. icholas. Charles K.
Jones. Willis D. Lobinger. Ollie W. Montgomery. Archie I. Norris. Virgil H.
Jones, Thomas N. Lockner, Bernard O. MooD, Frank P. Northington, John G.
Juengling, Theodore C Looker. Eugene W. Moon, J. Ross Norton, Harry P.
Ka pp, Charles Looker. Richard F. Moon, Lyle E. Notgrass. Charles D.
Keehn, Walter W. Lord. Earl K. Moon, Orval E. Obley, Charles
Keeler, Joe R. Lowe. Thomas A. Moon, Rodger M. Obley, William M.
Moon. Walter O'Bryhim, Hansford H.
Moon, Winston C. O'Connell, George T.
[ 20 J
[21 J
Robinson, Samuel J. Sill, Kenneth E.
O'Connell, Gerald E. Powell, Floyd K.
Robison, Max D. Sloan, James C.
Olin, Herbert C. Price, Edward Jr.
Robohm, Harold R. Simons, Harry H.
Olney, Sardine S. Jr. Price, Lloyd B. Simons, Lawrence A.
Ormsby, Lawrence A. Prouse, George E. Rohr, William E.
Romer, Willard E. Simmons, Ivan O.
Ormsby, Sherman L. Pruitt, Jess A. Simpson, Wayne A.
Osborn, Harry A. Pyle, Warren L. Ropfogel, Abraham H.
Rossetter Harry B. Shoop, Carmen V.
Overfield, Francis L. Quakenbush, Ezra R. Slack, Harold U.
Overholdt, Ward H. Rader, James H. Rowland, Harry E.
Rowlands, Homer D. Smales, Ernest T.
Overman, Donald E. Ramy, A. Kirk Smelser, Harold L.
Owens, Ernest T. Ramsey, Lawrence A. Rowlands, Thomas W.
Ruggley, Frederick Smith, Alfred D.
Owens, Tom Randel, Marshall SmIth, Bert H. Jr.
Pagedas, Gust Rawie, Theodore J. Russell. Burl W.
Russell. George L. Smith. Elbert w.
Paged as, James Rayl, Ernest Smith, Mart Gary
Palmer, Archibald .W. Reed, onartes E. Russell, Giles E.
Rust, Raymond E. Smith, Harold E.
Palmer, Harold O. Reeble. Karl Smith, Ollie G.
Parker, Clement E. Rees, Albert E. Saffer, George W.
Samuel, Owen S. Smith, Roy B.
Parker, Lon D. Rees, Edward H. Smith, Warren R.
Parker Ormond R. Rees, Howard A. Samuel, Walter L.
Saylors, Floyd Snoddy, George S.
Parker, Ralph G. Rees, Oliver D. Snodgrass, Charles A.
Parker, Simeon N. Rees, William L. Schaffner, Daniel C.
Scheel, John A. Sobke, Joseph J.
Parker, Wilburn W. Reiber. Milton R.
Scheck, Loren F. Somers, Dale L.
Parkman, Harrison Retschlag, Ernest H.
Scheers, Forrest C. Somers, Samuel O.
Parry, Clifford D. Retschlag, Fred H. Sonnedeeker, Samuel F.
Parsons, Carl H. Reese, Elmer F. Schottler, Martin W.
Schroeder, Herbert A. Sorber, Louis A.
Patton, Chester L. Reynolds, Earl E. Soule, Clifford L.
Schwindt, Edwin R.
Paxton, John V. Richards, Oscar C. Sputh. F. Jay
Payne, John K. Richards. John S. Scott, Fred J.
Scott, Roy Spencer, Harold F.
Payne, Richard W. Richards, Walter M. Sperry, Roy W.
Peach, Joseph M. Richardson, Charles W. R. Seelye, Kenneth L.
Sef lert, Edward R. Staley, Alta E.
Pearson, Frank E. Richardson, Isaac T. Staley, Leonard W.
Pearson, Leroy Richter, George A. Sellers, Charles L.
Sellers, John B. Stall!ngs, John R.
Pearson, Maurice L. Richmond, Harry W. Starling. Delbert D.
Pennington, Frank E. Ricker, Carl J. SeUers, William E.
Senn, Henry Start, Ohester T.
Pennington. Glenn A. Rickerd, Charles H. Steinmeyer, John H.
Pennington, Vernon F. Rindom, Ora G. Service, Alfred R.
Service, Robert L. Stephens, Ralph G.
Per da ris, Spiras P. Robe, Donald E. Still, Clarence R.
Perkins, Fred S. Robe, Roy R. Shafer, Roy W.
Shaffer, Willis E. Stinson, Floyd
Perrill, Robert W. Roberts. Clarence W. Stites, otto R.
Peterson, Harry Roberts, John A. Sharrai. Clyde S.
Shaw, Clayton E. Stokes. John N.
Peterson, Hubert E. Roberts, Evan J. Story. Wayne E.
Peterson, Ira F. Roberts, Evan W. Shaw, Fred B.
Shaw. William E. Stout, Clari< H.
Peterson, Leon D. Roberts, Robert G. stout, Clyde C.
Peterson. Oscar J. Roberts, Thomas D. Shebilsky. Panl M.
Sheeley, Vesper M. Stout, Earl R.
Pettyjohn, Floyd N. Roberts. William G. Stout, Howard
Pilkington, Cloyd L. Roberts, William J. Sheeley, Vesper M. Jr.
Sheen. Joseph R. Stout, Wayne E.
Phillips, Arthur L. Roberts. William T. Stover. Merrill G.
Phillips, Jesse L. Robertson. Raymond W. Sherer. Merritt B.
Shields. James H. Stowe, 'wetter F.
Piper. Grover J. Robins. John W. Straight. Louis E.
Piper. Lewis J. Robinson, Charles E. Shipp. Delbert C.
Shoebrook. Clifford J. Stutsman, Lloyd C.
Pirtle, Chartes N. Robinson, Clifford O. Suddock, William A.
Pitts, Clarence W. Robinson, Duane E. Shomber. Floyd J.
Shonkwiler. Francis M. Sutton, Robert T.
Place. Arthur J. Robinson. Earl M.
Plumb, James R. Robinson. Ervil II. snunev, William D. Swint, Harold F.
Sickler, Guy C. Switzer. Harry
Pooler, Raymond C. Robinson. James E. Taggart, Logan C.
Porter. Ralph B. Robinson. Jimmie D. Siebert. Ellsworth T.
Si!!ler. Frank P. Taylor. Alvin L.
Poston, Murray C. Robinson, Preston E. Taylor. Dorsie M.
Powe, Wilmer M. Robinson, Roy B. Sill, Elmer J.

[ 23 ]
[ 22 J
Taylor, Earl B. Watts, Daniel N.
Taylor, James W. Wayman, Harry A.
Teichgraeber, Richard F. Webber, George F.
Teichgraeber, William E. Weimer, Earl R.
Teverbaugh, Fred A. Welch, Kenneth
Thimm, Theodore F. Weyler, Will W.
Thomas, Albert H. White, Lewis F.
White, Lewis M.
Emporia Chapter No. 12
Thomas, Howard B.
Thomas, Joseph P. White, William L. Royal Arch Masons
Thomas, Richard W. Whitehead, Paul A.
Thomas, Samuel I. Whiteley, Earl G.
Thomas, William H. Whiteley, Otis B. Emporia Chapter No. 12, R. A. M., received its
Thompson, S. Alexander Wicks, William H. charter on October 18, 1869, and during 1946 has
Thornton, Justin E. Wilcox, Jim J.
Widick, Arthu~ B.
added 42 Companions, making the total member-
Tibbals, Harry A.
Timmerman, Russell W. WilCOX, John C. ship to date 348. There are also 11 Petitions on the
Timmons, James W. Wiley, Lytle R. Trestleboard for work in the near future, and
Tipton, William B. Wilhite, George P. according to George F. Webber, High Priest, the
Toms, Claren A. Willey, Clifford J.
Traner, Elmer A. Williams, Albert R. work is expected to be finished before the month
Tressler, Chauncey B. Wilkinson, Frank W. of February is over.
Trimble, David P. Williams, Emrys
Trimble, Kermit W. Williams, Evan E. Late in 1868,P. B. Plumb, T. G. Wibley, B. Y.
Tucker, Marion K. Williams, Irwin H. E. Hunt, N. T. Nix, J. W. Robbins, J. S. McWherter,
Tyson, Walter Williams, John R.
Uht, Louis S. Williams, Lorenzo A. J. H. W. Mills, D. W. Holderman, H. C. Bell, W. W.
Underwood, Charles C. Williams, Richard A. Bell, Jacob Samler, and 1. R. Phenis petitioned the
Underwood, Charles C. Jr. Williams, Robert C. Most Excellent Grand Chapter of Kansas for letters
Urmey, Charles L. Williamson, Max L.
Urquhart, George W. Willsey, Orville B. of dispensation to establish a Royal Arch Chapter
Utt, Elmer E. Wilmore, Glen L. in Emporia. On January 20, 1869,Letters of Dis-
Vall, Guy H. Wilmoth, William A. pensation were issued by Grand High Priest Owen
Van Orden, Ivan Wilson, Charles S.
Van Cleave, Harry Wilson, Floyd E. A. Bassett, with P. B. Plumb, High Priest: T. G.
Valyer, Ernest E. Wilson, Jack E. Wibley, King; and B. Y. Hunt, Scribe.
Van Orden, Robert L. Wilson, Lee E.
Van Sickle, David D. Wilson, Ralph D. Very little of the early history of Emporia Chap-
Van Zante, Herman L. Windes, George 1. ter No. 12 is obtainable. Emporia Chapter No. 12
Vaughn, Harry T. Winter, Ben has been honored by having Most Excellent Charles
Vaughn, Thomas C. Wisler, Christopher A.
Vernon, Arthur W. Wolcott, Archie E. G. West as Grand High Priest, of the Grand Chap-
Vernon, Calvin L. Wood, Ernest E. ter of Kansas, also Excellent Companion Harry E.
Vestal, Wilford A. Wood, James C. Peach as Grand Treasurer, who was appointed in
Waldrop, Arthur I. Wood, Louis E.
Walker, Albert R. Wood, Wayne 1922and served until his death September 13, 1945.
Walker, Leonard H. Womack, Harley B.
Walkup. Grant W. Wortman. Ralph E.
The Chapter is one-third owner in the Masonic
Walrafen, Loren W. Wright, Dale M. Temple building, and has a wardrobe of fine robes
Ward, Fred Wright, David 1. and costumes which is used in conferring the
Wallis. Medf'ord H. Wright, Leon N.
Wamser, Charles F. Wyman, Fred E. degrees.
Warner, Edward C. Wyckoff, Carl B.
Warren, Frank N. Yates. Harry C. Meets second Friday of each //I 011 th.
Warren, Loren N. Yearout, William P.
Warren, Robert P. Yingling, J. Max
Wasson, Robert F. Zink, William E.
Wathen, George F. Zirnstein. Clovis H.
Wathen. Ollie Zuber, Boyd B.
[ 24 1 [ 25 ]
'P. B. Plumb. __ . .1870 'c. G. WesL __ . .._._1914
·L. D. Jacobs __ 1871-2-3-4 ·C. H. __ ._. __._1915
·M. W. Wicks . 1875-6 J. D. Graham. 1916
'N<>yes Sptcer c..L; 1877 'Frank B. wood __ . 1917
'Thad C. Da vidson.; ...._1878 G. H. Cooley.. .__1918
·W. W. Hibben._. __ 1879 'J. M. Parrtngton ..1919
·Ed. Borton ..__ _ _._1880 R. W. Thomas. ._._._1920
'James Smith .._._ _.._..._.1881 C. E. Pa rke r.,....•.__..._._..1921
'J. Jay Buck .. ._ ..1882-3 oW. W. Dcuglas..; .. ..1922
'R. E. TorringtOll._. 1884 E. A. Mttcbelf.c., __ ..__ 1923
·T. C. Watson __ . 1885-6 Fred Retsctrlag , .. 1924
·G. W. Biddle .._ ....._._1887 Orval E. Mooo._. __ ._._1925
·G. W. BragunieL_ ..__ ..1888 S. C. stewe.rtc.. 1926
'Ronald Lakin __ . 1889-90 R. C. MauL __ .__ ._._1927
'J. C. Jones_ ...._._. __ 1891 F. J. south.__ ._. 1928
T. C. Watson .._. __ .._._.1892 G. W. Suggs_ ..__.._. __ ._1929
·Ed. Hoffer._._ _.._ 1893-96 F. E. Pennington ..__ .__ 1930
·W. R. Irwin _ _.1894 H. A. Freeman ...._...._._ ..1931
·C. W. Squires _ __ 1895 'Da villo Spade .._._ ..__._ ..1932
'J. A. Lucas __.__ 1897 A. M. Johnston __.._._.1933
J. G. Northington __ 1898-99 Fred Browu.,., ._.1934
'J<>hn E. Martin. __ ._ ....1900 John Myers_. __ ._. __ .1935
·H. W. Hedgecock __ ._1901-4 Clyde Stout 1936
·W. H. Gibson.L, __ ._1902 Carl H. Marx 1937
'Clarence Holmes .._1903 Bernard P. Miller __ ._1938
'J. G. Kirkwood ...__.....1905-6 M. G. Stover ....__. ._1939
-James N. Tanner 1907 Urban C. Brown .._._. __ 1940
John Hoffer.. ..._. .._._.1908 E. E. Valyer.. ....._....__ ...1941
·H. E. Peach ...._._ _.._ _1909 Thomas A. LOWL._._._..1942
'J. D. Easttn.,., __.._ 1910 Clyde S. SharraL.. __ ._..1943
Ed Fessenden_ 1911 Edward Price 1944
E. K. Lord __ . .._1912 Ferris M. HilL. .. ._.1945
Ralph F. Bailey_ .._._.1913 Roy L. Mantooth. __ ..__ 1946

George F. Webber.._. __ . ..High Pries.
Thomas A. Lowe. .. ..King
J. Ma.nuel Hughes .Scribe
Ernes. V. Ltndamood.i.L, Treasurer
Orval E. Moon ...Recorder
Wa lte r R. Busenbark .._.__ .Captain of Heat
Andrew E. Buck. -Principal Sojourner
CHARLES G. WEST Orville J. HOch__.._._ _.Royal Arch Captain
Blair C. Forbes.... ..._ _ of Third Veil
Grand I-ligb Priest 1921 Loren F. Scheck._ .._ .._.Master of Second Veil
Illustrious Grand Master 1934 Welford H. Diggs __ ._.._._Master of First Veil
R<>yL. Mantoo.h ..8entinel
Grand Commonder 1930

[ 26 1 [27 ]
Balance on hand January 1, 1946 .__ . .$ 161.94
Receipts - ..-----.-.--.-.--------.-- __ .2.450.66

Total ---.--- ..----------- __ .$2,512.60
Grand Chapter Dues . . $
Board of Control .__ ._._._._. __ 227.60
Office Suppttes . ._. _ 918.00
Postage . ..__ .__ . _ 42.27
Refreshments . .__ . _ 66.12
Expenses to Grand Chapter . . _ 194.89
Mark Ma ste rs pennies . .. -... 7.00
Payment on Mortgage . ._.._. ... _ 21.91
Interest on Mortgage .__ . _ 707.09
Miscellaneous Expense .. 43.34
Taxes _ 2.29
Bank Charges __ . . . ...._.. .. 2.34
Special Assessment to Board of Control __ .. .._.._.._ 4.5.0
Total Disbursements --.-.---.-------.----.-.-._$2,303.35
Balance in Treasury January 1, 1947 _ .. ._.._._.
__._$ 209.25

MemberShip, December 31, 1945 -...--.--.--.--....- ..--..--.--- 306
Exalted --.---.--..---- ...-----.-.----- ..-.- ..-.- ..- .._.42
Admitted ---.-.--- ..--..__.... ._._._. __.__._.. .__. . 2
Restores .....--.--------. __ ._.__.__._..__. ..__ ..__. 7

Total Increase -----··--·-·--------.---._ .._.51 51
Number of Members and Increase __.__ -.-------- .357

Demitted ---.---.---- ._._ 4
Died -- - -.--- . . 4
Number Su'pended ---------.----.- 1
Total Decrease . 9
High Priest 1947 Number Members December 31, 1946 -----.---. __._348

[ 29 ]
[ 28 ]
ROSTER OF MEMBERS HenC!rickson, Irl A.
Herrrck, Charles LindamOOd, Ernest V.
Lindquist, Elmer L
Emporia Chapter No. 12, January 1, 1947 Hickox, James O. Lobinger, Ollie w'
mn, Ferris M Looker, Eugene W
Hilton, John :M Lord, Earl K .
Allred, George L. Dabbs, Carl H. Hindon, Jacob .
Anderson, Robert I. Davies, Dan T. Lowe, Thom~s A
Davis, Charles V. Hiskey, Clifford Lucas, Charles E'
Ashby, Russell Hoch, Orville J
Askew, Clarence H. Davis, Francis I.
Hodgson, Lorenzo H
Lyons, Furman vi
Austin, Jason R. Davis, Howard E. Hoffer, John . Magathan, Charles F
Axe, Herbert E. Davis, VerI R. Magw!re, Frank B. .
Dawson, Wilbert S. Hollicke, Merle E.
Ayer, Royal F. Holmes, George R. Mannmg, Harris V-I
Bailey, John L. Dettmer, Carl W. Mantooth, Roy L. .
DeWitt, Harold Honea, T. B.
Baker, Arlan H. Honeyrna.n, John L. Marbut, Thomas F
Ball, William T. Diggs, Welford H. Marsh, Raymond D'
Doles. Jennjngs B. Howard, Ellsworth Marx, Carl H .
Baltz, Henry A. Howland, Jess C.
Beach, Robert H. Doty, Oscar L. Maul, Ray C."
Dunham, Francis M. Hughes, J. Manuel
Beam, Albert Hughes, William C. Mauney, John 0
Benson, Ivan E. Dunsworth, Mor ris Mellinger, Samu~1
Eckdall, Frank A. Hughey, William F
Beyer, Benjamine M. Humphrey, Fred . Merideth, Clyde 0
Bibler, Chester L. Eckdall, Jonas E. Merideth Clyde 0.' Jr.
Ellis, Ira F. Hunt, Harvey E.
Bishop, Charles A. Merwin, George W
Evans, Don M. ImtMasche, Victor L. Miller, Bernard P .
Black, Harold W. I m hurn, Joseph
Blue, Glenn A. Evans, John A. Miller, Fred W .
Evans, Thomas G. Ingels, Emmett
Bollinger, Ora W. Mitchell, Ralph' B
Fish. Frank Ireland, I. Ernest Mohler, John A.'
Brandt, Andrew J. Isaacs, Orin L.
Brier, Harold L. FiSh, Frank B. Ives, Floyd H. Mole, Samuel E
Brigman, Olin Forbes, Blair C. Montgomery, A~Chie I.
Fry, Andrew F. Jackson, Charles L. Moon, Ross J.
Britton, George W. Jackson, George K
Brockhouse. Herschel G. Galey, Walter W. Moon, Orval E
Gant, William T.
Jacobs, Charles W· G
Brogan, James C. Jeff, Robert J . . Mooney, Hersh~l D.
Brown, Othe G. Gentz. Charles W. Moore, Floyd D.
Gilmore, William S. JohnsoD, Alber't
Brown, Robert O. Moore, Jacob H
Gingrich, Ed ward C. Johnston, Alva M. Morgan, Da ve W
Brown, Urban C. Jones, Alfred D.
Brown, William W. Glass, Harry W.
Jones, Birdus A. Morrts, Richard 0
Buck, Andrew E. Gordon, Clarence A. Mowl, James S .
Gould, Walter F. Jones, Brodie Murphy, Harry' E
Buehler, John W. Jones, Evan C
Burton, Willard A. Graham, John D.
Kehler, Pearl T Musch, Warren i
Graves. Ned F. Myel', Lee I. .
Cain, Wayne R.
Gregg. Frederick C. Kendig, Elmer E
Cannon, Richard L. King, Alonzo A.. Myers, John A.
Choguill, Orlo Griffith, Fred D. McCarty, Mason W
Grimsley, Rexlord A. Kmg, Gurnie W
Clark, Lewis M. King, Walter C . McClintock, Donald' W.
Clay, Clarence S. Grimsley, Harry C. McConnell, Sidney S.
Kinter, Ralph 'E
Groh, Jonas L. McCoy, Curtis J
Clever, Joseph L.
Guy, Earl F. Klitzing, Adolph R. McCue, Francis' J.
Clinton, Hyatt S. Kramm, Roy
Clow, Raymond F. Hamble, Jack A. McFann, William D
Hamer, Wesley H. Kufahl, Sylvester W McGahey, Wilbur A'
Cole. Harold M. Kuller, WilHam D .
Collins, Roe G. Hammer, Marion R. Nelson. Maurice F'
Lakin. Clarence E:
Comstock. Wilbur S. Hammond, Edwin F.
Larkin. William A
Newcomer, James T
Cooley. George H. Hancock, Winfield S. Lee. Lester L . Northington. John G
Cooper, Lewis D. Haning, Zerne P. Notgrass. Charles D..
Hankenson, Garey B. Leonard, Ralph M. Obley, WlIliam C
Corbett, Fred R. Levett, John B.
Corbett, Oliver J. Hanna, Weldon O'Connell, George T
Lewis, Edwin J
Cotton. Ralph V. Harris, W. Max Lewis, Fred H' Ormsby, Lawrence A.
Crandall, Heber K. Haynes, John W. Lewis, Gomer . Owens, Ernest T
Crayk, LaVerne S. Haynes, Raymond B. Owens, Tom .
Haynes, WilHam E. Lewis, William J
Cunningham. John L. Overfield. Francis L
Haynes, William E. Jr. Lind, Thomas W: Parker, Clement E.'
Curtis, Frank E.

[ 30 ] [ 31 ]
Parker, Simeon N. Sellers, Charles L.
Service, Alfred R. Williams, Evan E. Womack, Harley B.
Parker, Wilburn W. Williams, Robert C. Worley. Cloyed S.
Parkman, Harrison Severance, Elbert
Shafer, Roy W. Williamson, Max L. Wyckoff, Carl B.
Patterson, Willis B. Wilmore, Glen L. Yates, Harry C.
Payne, John K. Shaffer, Ethelbert
Sharp, David F. Wilson, Floyd E. Yearout, William P.
Pearson, Leroy Wilson, Lee E. Zirnstein. Clovis H.
Peery. Edward J. Sharrai, Clyde S.
Sheeley, Vesper M. Winter, Ben Zink, William E.
Pennington, Frank E.
Pennington, Glen A. Shomber, Floyd J.
Pennington, Vernon F. Shulley, William D.
Phillips, Arthur L. Simmons, Ivan O.
Pilkington, C. Leon Simons, Lawrence A.
Piper, Grover J. Smales, Ernest T.
Piper, Lewis J. Smith, Harold E.
Pitts, Clarence W. Smith, Ollie G.
Place, Arthur J. Smith, Roy B.
Pooler, Raymond C. South, F. Jay
Price, Edward Jr. Sperry, Roy W.
Price, Lloyd B. Staley, Kenneth C.
Price, William M. Start, Chester T.
Prouse, George E. Stephens, Ralph G.
Putnaln, Perry L. stewart, Sylvester C.
Quakenbush, Ezra R. Stoltes, John N.
Reed, Charles E. Stone, David H.
Stout, Earl R.
Rees, Albert E.
Suggs, George W.
Rees, Edward H.
Rees, William L. Swint, Harold F.
Reiber, Milton R. Taggart, Logan C.
Replogle, Sidney B. Taylor, Earl B.
Teichgraeber, Riclurd F.
Retschlag, Fred H.
Rezeau, William. A. Teverbaugh, Fred A.
Richards, John S. Thomas, Albert A.
Richards, Oscar C. Thomas, Joseph P.
Richardson, Isaac T. Thomas, Samuel I.
Thomas, William H.
Ricker, Carl J.
Rickerd, Charles H. Thompson, Sandy A.
Rindom, Ora G. Tibbals, Harry A.
Robe, Roy R. Torrance, Austin A.
Roberts, John A. Traner, Elmer A.
Roberts, Robert G. Tressler, Chauncey B.
Roberts, William G. Urquhart, George W.
Utt, Elmer E.
Roberts, William J.
Roberts, William T. Valyer, Ernest E.
Robinson, Earl M. VanCleave, Harry W .
Robinson, Ervil H. Vernon, Calvin L.
Waldrop, Arthur 1.
Rogers, Ira
Ruggley, Fred Walrafen, Loren W.
Rummel, George Ward, Fred
Russell, George L. Warren, Robert p.
Saffer. George W. Wathen. Ollie
Samuel, Owen S. Wayman, Harry A.
Samuel, Owen G. Webber, George F.
Scheck, Loren F. Welch, Kenneth B.
Schottler. Martin W. Wilcox, Jim J.
Schroeder. Herbert A. Wilcox. John C.
Scott, Fred J. Wilhite, George P.
Seal, Harvey C. Williams. Emrys

[ 32 ]
r 33 ]
"~--- -~~----~-----~~-~-

'Henry W. Hedgecock.; ..._..__._._ .._.1903-4-5-6-8-10-11-13-14-17
*J ames G. Ki rkwood.__.. .__._ ... . ..... ._._.__ ..1907
*James M. Tanner _" ._.._."._.__._ ._" " .-1912
'John Hoifer." _ _ _ _ __.."_._.._ "_" _ "_._.1915
Emporia Council No. 7 'Ch "HIes G. West _.._. _._ __ _..__ ..__ .._.._._._..1916
*Frank B. Wood _ __ _._._ _ _ _ _ __ _1918
Ferris M. Hill .._ __ _ ..__ ._...._ _ _ .._._.._..__ .__ 1919-20
Emporia Council NO.7, R. & S. M., was char- ·C. H. Ma rtin _ _._._._ _._._._._._. __ .._ _..__.._._._._.1921
WillIam 1'. BalL ._.__ ._._ .._._ ....__._._._._ .._.__ ...._1922
tered in 1903 with H. W. Hedgecock as Illustrious ·,V. E. Jones. .__ . .. .1923
Ray C. Maul .._.._ _. __ .__ ._._._ .._ _.._._ _~921
Master; he served many years faithfully. It has S. C. stewart _._._ _ __.._.._.. __ ._ .._._._ 1925
F'ra.nk E. Pennington .._._ _ __ _ _ _ 1926
also furnished an Illustrious Grand Master of the *1'. J. Collins- _.._ _ _._ _._ _.._ _ ..__ 1927
E. V. Lindamood. .. . .1928
Grand Council of Kansas, Most Illustrious Charles Roe G. Collins. .._. .__ ._..__ .._ ..__ ..__ ._."_..__.._.__ .1929
G. West, also Illustrious Companion Harry E. Peach E. A. MitchelL. _ ..~._._~_._ .._. __ .._._ ._.... _1930
B. P. Miller _ _._ .. .. _.__ _.__ ._._ .._ .._..__ 1931
who served as Grand Treasurer of the Grand Thomas A. Lowe ..__.._.._.._. __ _.__ _. __..__ .._.__ ._ .1932
Council, being appoined in 1922 and serving until John A. Myers _._..__ ._.._ _.._.._.._ _._._._ .__ _193~
F. J. Brown _ _ _ _ _ _.... lQ04
his death September 13, 1945. George W. Suggs _ _._ __ .__.._ _._ 1935
Henry A. Bal tz _.._ _._ .._._. _. __ _.__ .._..' .1936
C. C. Scout., _.._._.._.__ ._._._._ __ .._ ..__ ._._._ ....1937
The Council is especially proud of its !ate history 'H. E. Peach .__ ..__ . ._ ..__ ....._..__.. ..__ ..1938
Roy W. Riegle __....__ ~ ..__ ._._._ .. . ..1939
which shines out in a very distinguishing manner, Orval E. Moon . ._. ._________ _ .1940
in that we are honored by having Illustrious Com- Ernest Ireland _ _ .. _.._ _ 1941
H. C. G 1 Imslcy _. .. . . . ... 1942
panion Orval E. Moon as Grand Conductor of Harry A. Wayman .._..__ _._ _. . _.._._ 1943
Urban C. Erown _ _.._ _ .._ _ . .1944
Council of the Grand Council of Kansas. Carl H. Marx __ _ __._ _.._.._.. __ .__ __ 1945
J. Manuel Hughes.i, _._._.._ ..._. __ ._._.._._ .... ._.. _.__ .._.. 1945
At present Emporia Council NO.7 is one of the '-Deceased
outstanding Councils in the State; during the past
years it has had several large classes taking the
work. The cast of officers and workers are among
the best.
Roy L. Mantcoth ....._._._ .._..IIIustrious Master
WIlliam P. Yearout. __ .._..._..__ .__ .Dep. M.
Meels second \Vedllesday of each nronth, Ernest E. vatyer.; __...._ _.._..__ .P. C. of W.
Ernest V. Lindamood .._ _ Treasurer
Orva I E. Moon .._ .._. _._ __Recorder
George F. Webber ....__ Captain of Guards
George K. .rackson.c.L; _._._._.Cond. of C.
Ralph B. Mitchell ..__ ..__._. .Steward
J. Manuel Hughes. __ . ._._._._Sentinel

[ 34 J [ 35 1
Grand Treasurer of Gra-nd Chapter of Kansas 1922-1945 lllustrions Master 1947
Grand Treasurer of the Grand Council of Kansas 1922-19-15

[ 36 1 [ 37 )
Emporia Council No. 7
Allred, George L. Hickox, James O.
Anderson, Robert I. Hill, Ferris M:.
SECRETARY'S REPORT FOR 1946 Ashby, Russell Hilton, John M.
Austin, Jason R. Hinden, Jacob
RECEIPTS Ayer, Royal F. Hirschler. Peter U.
Baker. Arlan H. Hoch, Orville J.
Balance on hand January 1, 1946 ..__. $ 65.09 Ball, William T.
Receipts .. . 566.00 Hodgson, Lorenzo H.
Baltz, Henry A. Hollicke, Merle E.
Total $631.09 Bays. William W. Holmes, George R.
Blackburn, Milton A. Honea, T. B.
Blue, Glenn A. Howard, Ellsworth
DISBURSEMENTS Bollinger, Ora W. Howland. Jess C.

Refreshment, and Parties
6i:~i . 152.61
Brandt, Andrew J.
Brier, Harold -L.
Brown, Othe G.
Brown, Urban C.
Hughes, J. Manuel
Hunt. Harvey E.
ImMasche, Victor L.
Imthurn, Joseph
Buck, Andrew Ingels, Emmett

Donation to Board of Control
_. . 400.00
Buck, Andrew E.
Cain, Wayne R.
Cannon, Richard L.
Choguill, Orlo
Ireland, 1. Ernest
Jackson. Charles L.
Jackson, George K.
Jacobs, Charles W. G.
Total Disbursemell ts __. . . . $699.70 Claw, Raymond F. Johnson, Albert
Cole, Harold M. Johnston, Alva M.
Collins, Roe G. Jones, Brodie
Cotton, Ralph V. King, Gu rnte W.
Crayk. LaVerne S. King, Walter C.
Davis, Charles V. Krall'lln. Roy
Dawson, Wilbert S. Lewis, Fred H.
STATEMENT OF MEl\ffiERSHIP Diggs, Welford H. Lewis, WilHam J.
Doles, Jennings B. Lind, Thomas W.
INCREASE Dunham, Francis M. Lindamood, Ernest V.
Number of Members December 31, 1945 . .. 134 Eberhardt, Orville A. Lindquist. Elmer L.
Greeted .. . . .55 Eckdall. Frank A. Lobinger. Ollie W.
Admitted ._. . . 1 Edwards, Floyd H. Looker. Eugene W.
Restored __
.__,, . .__________________
5 Ellis, Ira F. Lord, Earl K.
Evans, John A. Lowe, Thomas A.
Total Increase . .. .61 61 Evans, Thomas G. Lyons, Furman W.
Forbes, Blair C. Magathan. Charle's F.
Mem bers and Increase 195 Fry, Andrew F. Magwire. Frank B.
Gant. William T. Manning. Harris W.
DECREASE Gentz, Charles W. Mantooth. Roy L.
Demitted _. . 2 Gilmore. William S. Maul, Ray C.
Died . 1 Girigrfch, Edward C. Mauney. John O.
Gould, Walter C. Marx. Carl H.
Total Decrease . 3 Graham, John D. Merideth, Clyde O.
Grimsley, Harry C. Merideth. Clyde O. Jr.
Members December 31, 1946 .__ 192 Hamble. Jack A. Merwin, George W.
Hammer, Marion R. Miller. Bernard P.
Hancock. Winfield S. Miller. Fred W.
Haning, Zerne P. Mitchell. Ralph B.
Hankenson. Garey B. Montgomery. Archie I.
Heath. Fred B. Moon, Orval E.
Hendrickson, Irl A. Moore. Jacob H.

[ 39 ]
[ 38 ]

1\101'1'is,Richard O. Russell, George L. Emporia Commandery No. 8
MowJ, James S. Saffer, George W.
Myers, John A. Samuel, Owen S.
McGahey, Wilbur A. Scheck, Loren F. The first movement toward creating Emporia
Nelson, Maurice F. Scott, Fred J. Commandery No.8, Knights Templar, took place
Newcomer, James T. Sellers, Charles L.
Notgrass, Charles D. Sharp, David F. March 28, 1875, when L. D. Jacobs, H. C. Cross,
Obley, William C. Sharrai, Clyde S. Almerin Gilett, J. C. Bennett, W. W. Hibben, J. C.
O'Connell, George T. Sheeley, Vesper M. Watson, Noyes Spicer, J. K. Finley, D. Holderman,
Ormsby, Lawrence A. Simmons, Ivan O.
Owens, Ernest T. Srmons, Lawrence A. Ca.lvin Hood, Paul Jones and E. Nichols met and
Park, Guy H. Smith, Roy B. started the preliminary work towards organizing
Parker, Simeon N. Sperry, Roy W.
Parker, Wilburn W. Stephens, Ralph G. the Commandery.
Pa.rkrn a.n, Harrison Stewart, Sylvester C. On April 17, they reported they had exemplified
Patterson, Willis B. Stokes, John N.
Pearson, Leroy Stotler, Edwin C. the work at Topeka and a dispensation was issued
Peery, Edward J. stout, Earl R. to them, and Emporia Commandery U. D., was
Pennington, Frank E. Suggs, George W. then organized with the following as the regular
Pennington, Glen A. Swint, Harold F.
Pennington, Vernon F. Teichgraeber, Richard F. officers, under the dispensation: Luther D. Jacobs,
,Piper, Grover J. Thomas, Joseph P. Eminent Commander; Hiram D. Cross, Gener-
Pitts, Clarence W. Thomas. William H. alissimo; Almerin Gilett, Captain General; James
Place, Arthur J. Thompson, Sandy A.
Pooler, Raymond C. Traner. Elmer A. C. Bennett, Senior Warden; Thomas C. Watson,
Price, Edward Urquhart, George W. Junior Warden.
Price, William M. utt. Elmer E.
Prouse, George E. Va lyer, Ernest E. We have been honored with the highest mark
Richards, John Walrafen, Loren W. of esteem the Grand Commandery could confer,
Ricker, Carl J. Warren, Robert P. Eminent Sir J. Jay Buck having been elected to
Rees, Ed ward H. Wathen, Ollie
Rees, William L. Wayman, Harry A. Grand Commander in 1887, Eminent Sir Robert E.
RickeI'd. Charles H. Webber, George F. Torrington was Grand Commander in 1895, Emi-
Riegle, Roy W. White, John F.
Robe, Roy R. Wilcox, Jim J. nent Sir Charles G. West was Grand Commander
Roberts, Robert G. Williams, Evan E. in 1930, and Roy Wilford Riegle as the present
Roberts, William G. Wilmore, Glen L. Grand Commander for 1947. The Commandery has
Roberts, William J. Wilson. Floyd E.
Roberts, William T. Winter, Ben had the honor of having membership on many im-
Robertson. Alfred C. Womack, Harley B. portant committees as the years have passed. Em-
Robison, E. Glenn Yates. Harry C. poria has also been honored by entertaining the
Ruggley. Fred Yearout. William P.
Rummel, George Zirnstein, Clovis H. Grand Commandery of Kansas several times, in
1879,1884,1911, 1924,1927, 1931,1938,1940and 1945.
In looking over the minutes of our meetings, a
very interesting item was noted in the minutes of
March 25, 1921,which reads as follows: The matter
of the Drill team was brought up and discussed,
especially the lack of interest in this part of our
activities, and a team of Commanders and Past
Commanders was suggested, should the rank and
file not get into the harness, and put this Com-
mandery on the map.

r 401 [ 41 1
The minutes seemed to be the one that started
the ball to rolling; plans were immediately started
to organize a drill team which has since developed
into one of the greatest drill teams in the State.
Since that time the team has won 19 firsts, one
second and five thirds in the State Conclaves. In
1928 the team won seventh place at Detroit, in the
Triennial Conclave, in 1931 they received fourth
place at Minneapolis, in 1934 they received second
place at San Francisco and again in 1937 they re-
ceived second place at Cleveland.
In checking over the records and minutes of the
past seventy-one years, many items of interest are
noted, but it is impossible to numerate them all in
the short space allotted for us. During these years
our Commandery has grown from a small Com-
mandery to one of the outstanding Commanderies
in the State, and is known all over the United
Emporia Commandery No. 8 is one of the very
few who confer the Order of Malta in full form.
This degree alone uses special robes and equipment
purchased at a cost of $750.00which is used for this
degree only.

Meets [ourt b Frida), of eacb montb,


Grand COlIIlIIllI/deT /946

[ 42 1 [ 43 1
"Jacobs, L. D. __1875-80 inc., 'E. G. Sloan. . 1916
and 1891 ·C. H. Martin. __.__.. ._..1917
"J. J. Buck., . 1881 'J. M. Par rington., .. .1918
"J. M. Steele 1882-83 F. M. HilL ._. 1919
·D. A. StahL. . 1884 ·W. E. Jones_ .. 1920
"C. W. Celeaver 1885 ·C. G. West ._.1921
"L. L. HalJeck 1886 ·F. B. Wood . 1922
*James Smith 1887 ·E. G. Lundy .__ 1923
·T. C. WatsOll 1888 William T. BalJ ... 1924
·G. A. Biddle.c.r.; 1889-90 Frank E. Pennington. __ 1925
oR. Lakfn..., . 1892 Edwin D. Ha.r te r., __ .__._.1926
·D. F. Laws . 1893 Bernard P. Miller._._...__1927
"E. F. Sprague. __ . .1894 Earl R. Weimer __. 1928
'John A. Lucas 1895 Roe G. Collins ._..__ .1929
*John F. Kenney __ ..1896 Ernest V. Lindamood __1930
*J. N. Wi lki nson, 1897 Sylvester C. stewart.; .._1931
·W. R. Irwin .1898 Urban C. Brown.Li, ..__1932
·H. Dunlap._._. 1899 Thomas A. Lowe__ _._.1933
oEd. HoffeL_. .1900 R. Wilford Riegle __ .1934
·H. B. Morse .1901 William H. Bechtel.. .1935
oJ. E. Martin_. . .1902 'Leslie H. HarpeL._ ..__ _.1936
John G. Northington __.1903 J. Manuel Hughes _ 1937
"C. V. Holmes . ._ 1904 Carl H. Marx. . _..1938
'D. D. Williams .__ 1905 Alva M. Johnston., _._._1939
oW. H. Gibson. __ .. 1906 Orval E. Moon, _..__.1940
*J. G. Kirkwood. __ .._.. .1907 Charles J. Mohler .._.._...__1941
D. H. Stone .. .__.__ ..1908 George W. Suggs._ _. __1942
John Hof'fer., __
. ..._.. .1909 Fred R. Griffith _.1943
oJ. M. Tanner .. ._.__._...1910 Alfred R. Service __.1944
°H. E. Peach., __ ._.. 1911 Ralph B. Mitchell... .._ _.1945
W. E. Haynes _. 1912 Harry A. Wayman _1946
S. N. Parker. .._.._._1913
H. A. Tibbals . ..1914
J. D. Graham .._._._. ._.1915 *Deceased

Francis M. Dunham __ Eminent Commander
Ernest E. Valyer_ .._. ._~ ..Generalissimo
Andrew F. Fry .oaptain General
Edward Price ... Senior Warden
George F. Webber __ .__. .__...Junior Warden
Harry A. Wayman .._ _Prelate
Frank E. Pennington. Treasurer
Orval E. MOOll .. .Recorder FRA. CIS M. DUNHAM
Lawrence A. Ormsby ...standard Bearer
Charles F. Magathan . .Sword Bearer Eniinent COI11I1U1ut/rr 1947
Zerne P. Ha.nirrg ._.__Warder
Lorenzo H. Hodgson_. ._._.sentinel

[ 44 J [ 4f]
RECEIPTS Allred, George L. Diggs, Welford H.
Anderson, Carl M. Doles, Jennings B.
Balance on hand April 1, 1946 _._.._._._....._ __ ._ $ 798.61 Anderson, Robert I. Dunham, Francis M.
Receipts __ _ ._._ .. _. ._._ _ 3.099.79 Ashby, Russell Dunsworth, John M.
Askew. Clarence H. Eckdall, Frank A.
Total Receipts ._ ._._ _._ _._. _ _ $3.898.40 Axe, Herbert E. Eckdall, Jonas E.
Ayer, Royal F. Edwards, Floyd
EXPENDITURES Bailey. John L. Ehrhardt, Orville
Grand Commandery Dues .. .$ 230.00 Baker, Arlan H. Ellis, Ira F.
Refreshments and Parties _._ ..._._. __ ._ ....__ ._.._._ ..... 295.57 Ball, William T. Evans. John A.
Office Supplies __._.__ . ..__._ .._._._..__ _._._. 3.35 Baltz. Henry A. Evans. Thomas G.
Postage . ..__ __..__ __ . ._._._ .._ _.._ . 74.54 Beach, Robert H. Fish, Frank
Interest ._.... ..._ . .._._ ..._.._._._.._.... _._._ 127.58 Beam. Albert Fish, Frank B.
Easter Breakfast ..__ . _ __ ._._ _. ._. 22.81 Benson, Ivan E. Forbes, Blair C.
Payment on Mortgage __ ._.._ __ .._..__ ._•..._.._._ .._. 1,207.09 Bibler, Chester L. Farren, James Dale
Board of ControL __. _._ .._._ _._._ .._ 455.00 Black, Harold W. Fry, Andrew F.
Miscellaneous Expense ._.._. __ . .. 64.72 Blackburn, Milton A. Galey, Walter W.
Reception for Grand Commander ._. __ .._._ _ .._._ .. 129.90 Blue, Glenn A. Gant, William T.
Properties _ .._ __ . __.__..__ __.._ .._ _. 51.60 Bollinger, Ora W. Gentz, Charles W.
Donation Beauceant Choir .._ _ _ __ . 50,00 Brandt. Andrew J. Gindlesperger. Joseph C.
Gloves . . ._. .. . _ 17.37 Brier, Harold L. Gtngrich, Edward C,
Taxes . . -. ._._____ ._., 2.33 Brigman. Olin Glass. Harry W.
Special Assessment to Board of Control . ....__. . 75.00 Brogan, James C. Graham, John D.
Expense Burning Mortgage .._ _..__ ..__ _ __ . 44.56 Brown, Robert O. Griffith, Fred R.
Maltese Crosses ._ _ _ _._ ..__ _ _ . 88.10 Brown, Urban C. Gould, Walter F,
Bank Charges _. _ _ _ _. - _ . 6.31 Buck, Andrew E. Graves, Ned F.
Buehler, John W. Grimsley, Rexford A.
Total Disbursements .._ _ _... ._ $2,925.83 Burton, Willard A. Groh, Jonas 1.
Balance on hand April It 1947 ._. .__.. _ .$ 972.57 Busenbark, Walter R. Hamble, Jack A.
Cain, Wayne R. Hammer, Marion R.
Cannon, Richard L. Hammond. Edwin F.
Choguill, 01'10 Haning. Zerne P.
Clark, Lewis M. Hancock, Winfield S.
Clay. Clarence S. Hanna, Weldon
STATEMENT OF MEMBERSHIP Clever, Joseph L. HarriS, W. Max
Clinton, Hyatt S. Haynes, John W.
Clow, Raymond F. Haynes, William E.
INCREASE Cole. Harold M. Hendrickson, Ir1 A.
Membership March 31, 1946 _._.__ _ ,,_. 256 Collins, Roe G. Hickox, James O.
Kni gh ted _ _.._.. _._ _.._ .._ _._._ _50 Cooper, Lewis D. Hill, Ferris M.
Admitted ._ _ __ __.._._ _ 1 Cotton, Ralph V. Hilton, John M,
Restored _._._ _. .._ .._..__.._..__ _.._.. 7 Corbett, Fred R. Hindon, Jacob
Corbett, Oliver J. Hoch, Orvil le J.
Total Increase ..__ . _._ .._ _.__ ._._.58 58 Crandall. Heber K. Hodgson. Lorenzo H.
Crayk. LaVerne S. Hollicke, Merle E.
Number of Members and Increase . 314 Curtis, Frank C. Holmes, George R.
Curtis. Theodore M. Honea, T. B,
DECREASE Dabbs, Carl H. Honeyman. John L.
Demitted ._ _ _. __ _ __ _._ _._._._ .. 3 Davis. Charles V. Howard. Ellsworth
Died ._ _ .._._._.._ __ ..__ .__..__ . 4 Davis, Frank 1. Howland. Jess C.
Suspended .._. _._..__ ._.._ __ 1 Davis. Howard E. Hughes, John M.
Davis. VerI R. Hughes. William C.
To al Decrease ..__ _._._._ .._._. 8 8 Dawson. Wilbert S. Humphrey. Fred
Dettmer. Carl Hunt. Harvev E.
Number Members March 31, 1947 306 DeWitt, Harold ImMasche, Victor L.

[ 46 ] [ 47 ]
Ingels, Emmett Robe, Roy R. Stewart, Sylvester C.
Mitchell, Ralph B.
Imthurn. Joseph Roberts, John A. Stokes, John N.
Mohler, John A. Roberts, Robert G.
Mole, Samuel E. Ireland, 1. Ernest Stotler, Edwin C.
Montgomery, Archie 1. Isaacs. Orin L. Roberts, William G. Stout, Earl R.
Ives, Floyd H. Roberts, William J. Stuart, David D.
Moon, J. Ross Roberts, William T.
Moon, Orval E. Ives, Warren E. Suggs, George W.
Jackson, Charles L. Robinson, Earl M. Swint, Harold F.
Moon. Walter Robison, Edgar G.
Moore, Floyd D. Jackson. George K. Teichgraeber, Richard F.
Jacobs. Charles W. G. Robohm, John R. Teverbaugh, Fred A.
Moore. Jacob H. Rogers, Ira
Morgan, Dave W. Jeff. Robert J. Thomas, Albert H.
Johnson, Albert Rorabaugh, Curtis A. Thomas, Joseph P.
Morris, Richard O. Ruggly, Fred
Mowl, James S. Johnson, Walter E. Thomas, Samuel I.
Johnston. Alva M. Rummell, George Thomas, William H.
Murph)', Harry E. Russell, George L.
McCarty, Mason W. Jones, John B. Thompson, Sandy A.
Jones, Birdus A. Saffer, George W. Tibbals, Harry A.
MCClintock, Donald W. Samuel, Owen S.
McCoy. Curtis J. Jones, Evan Torrance, Austin A.
Kehler, Pearl T. Samuel, Owen Jr. Traner, Elmer A.
McGahey, Wilbur A. Scheck, Loren F.
Nelson. Maurice F. Kendig. Chester L. Tressler, Chauncey B.
Kendig. Elmer E. Schottler, Martin W. Urquhart, George W.
Newcomer, James T. Schroeder, Herbert A.
Northington, John G. King, Alonzo A. Valyer, Ernest E.
King, Gurnie W. Scott, Fred J. Vernon, Calvin L.
Notgrass. Charles D. Seal, Harry C.
Obley, William C. King. Walter C. Walrafen, Loren W.
Klitzing, Adolph R. Sellers, Charles L. Ward, Fred
O'Connell, George T. Service, Alfred R.
Ormsby, Lawrence A. Kramm, Roy Warren, Robert P.
Kufahl, Sylvester W. Shafer, Roy W. Wathen, Ollie G.
Owens, Ernest T. Shaffer, Ethelbert
Owens, Thomas Kuller, William D. Wayman, Harry A.
Lakin, Clarence E. Sharp, David F. Webber, George F.
Park, Guy H. Sharrai, Clyde S.
Parker, Simeon N. Larkin, William A. wucox, Jim J.
Lee, Lester L. Sheeley, Vesper M. Wilcox, John C.
Parker, Wilburn W. Shomber, Floyd J.
Parkman, Harrison Levitt. John B. Wilhite, George P.
Lewis, Edwin J. Shully, William D. Williams, Evan E.
Patterson, Willis B. Simmons, Ivan
Payne, John K. Lewis. Fred H. Williams, Robert C.
Lewis, William J. Simons, Lawrence A. Williamson, Max L ..
Pearson. LeRoy Smales, Ernest T.
Peery, Ed ward J. Limbocker, Myron A. Wilmore, Glen L.
Lind, William T. Smith, Harold E. W!ntel', Ben F.
Pennington, Prank E. I
Smith, Ollie G.
Pennington, Glen A. Lindamood, Ernest V. Wisler, Christopher A.
Lindquist, Elmer L. Smith, Roy B. Womack, Harley B.
Pennington, Vernon F. South; F. Jay
Phillips. Arthur L. Lobinger. Ollie W. Wyckoff, Carl B.
Lord, Earl K. Sperry, Roy W. Worley, Cloyed S.
Pilkington. Cloyd L. Staley, Kenneth C.
Piper, Grover J. Lowe, Thomas A. Yearout, William P.
Lucas, Charles E. Stephens, Ralph G. Zirnstein, Clovis H.
Pitts, Clarence W.
Place, Arthur J. Lyons, Furman W.
Pooler, Raymond C. Magathan. Charles F.
Price, Edward Jr. Magwire, Frank B.
Price, William M. Manning, Harris W.
Prouse, George E. Marbut, Thomas F.
Putnam. Perry L. Mantooth, Roy L.
Quackenbush. Ezra R. Marsh, Raymond D.
Redmond, John Marx, Carl H.
Reed. Charles E. Maul, Ray C.
Rees, Edward H. Mauney, John O.
Rees, William L. Merideth, Clyde O.
Reiber, Milton R. Merideth. Clyde O. Jr.
Replogle. Sidney B. Merwin, George W.
Ricker, Carl J. Miller, Bernard P.
Riegle, Roy W. Miller, Fred W.
Rindom, Ora G. Mills, Claude J.

[ 49 ]
[ 48 ]
'Va.-thy Grand Motroll 1930-31 War/by Grand Pot ran 1941-1942

[ 50 ] [ 51 ]
Order of the Eastern Star Many honors have come to Miriam Chapter
through its members from the Grand Chapter of
Miriam Chapter No. 14, Order of the Eastern Kansas.
Star, was organized June 22, 1876, in Jay's Hall,
located at Fifth and Commercial Streets. Sister Mary Buck was Worthy Grand Matron in
1879; Brother J. Jay Buck, Worthy Grand Patron,
Deputy Grand Patron H. G. Reynolds, appoin~ed 1881; Brother Reverend Burrows, Grand Secretary;
by Grand Patron Robert McCoy of New York, ill- Sister Sarah Kirkendall, Grand Electa; Sister Belle
stituted the Chapter. C. Harris, Grand Marshal and Associate Grand
There were thirty-seven charter members, sev- Matron; Sister May Keeler, Grand Esther; Sister
enteen Sisters and twenty Brothers. A Charter was Lutie Brown, Grand Martha; Sister Marion S.
issued to the Chapter, and after being signed, the Nation, Grand Martha; Sister Sue Pennypacker,
meeting adjourned until October. Grand Martha; Sister Edna Moore, Grand Esther;
Sister Maude E. Wayman, Grand Marshal, Asso-
The Chapter room was ornamented with Mottos, ciate Grand Conductress, Grand Conductress,
and furnished with a Bible, an organ, a small Associate Grand Matron, Worthy Grand Matron;
pedestal, a high backed desk, and a number of Sister Audrey D. Reid, Grand Marshall; Sister
chairs. A central hanging coal 011 lamp and four Florence Lindamood, Grand Chaplain; Brother
wall bracket lamps lighted the room. Harry A. Wayman, Worthy Grand Patron; Sister
The next event of importance was a call for Estella Magwire, Grand Page; Sister Gladys Tay-
the Grand Chapter to meet in Emporia, on October lor, Grand Page; and Sister Ina M. Borman, Grand
18 1876 the same date the Masonic Grand Lodge Page.
w~s cailed. Hotel accommodations at that time Sister Grace Collins, Sister Audrey D. Reid,
were inadequate for a large gathering, and every- Sister Florence Lindamood, Sister Hattie Penning-
one opened their homes, and gave cheerful wel- ton, and Sister Dora Kieffer have served as Dis-
come to any representative of this Fraternal Order. trict Aides of District No. 25.
Forty-two of the eighty Chapters were represented.
In the Masonic Orders, Miriam Chapter mem-
After the election of a President and Secretary, bers have held the following offices: Brother J. Jay
the Constitution Regulations and Jurisprudence of Buck and Brother Ferris Hill, Past Grand Masters
the Sovereign Grand Chapter of the Order of the of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Kansas;
Eastern Star of Kansas were submitted and adopt- Brother H. E. Peach, Grand Treasurer of the
ed. The meetings were to be held on the same Royal and Select Masters, and also Grand Trea-
day as the Masonic Grand Lodge meetings, and surer of the Royal Arch Masons of Kansas; Brother
were to convene at 7 P. M. Immediately following Frank H. Curry, Grand Junior Deacon of the
the business session, this energetic little Grand Grand Lodge A. F. & A. M. of Kansas; Brother
Body opened the Grand Chapter of Kansas, with Charles G. West, Past Grand High Priest, Royal
full ceremonies, with the officers of Miriam Chapter Arch Masons of Kansas, Past illustrious Grand
in the chairs. Master of the Grand Council Royal and Select
Sister Mary Helper of Ft. Scott was chosen as Masters of Kansas, Past Grand Commander of the
the First Worthy Grand Matron of Kansas. Sister Grand Commandery of Kansas; Brother Orval E.
Mary Buck, Miriam Chapter's firsb Worthy Matron, Moon, present Grand Captain of the Guard of the
was Worthy Grand Matron in 1879. Grand Council Royal and Select Masters of Kansas.
[ 52 ] [ 53 ]
All of the above named Brothers are Past Patrons PAST MATRONS AND PAST PATRONS
of Miriam Chapter. 'Mary H. Buck._._ .._._. __ ...1876.._.. .. C. B. Bacheller'
'Mary H. BucL_._._ ..__ .._._1877.._. ..C. B. Bacheller'
The Golden Anniversary of Miriam Chapter 'Mary Jane Watson 1878__._. __ .__ ..__ ._J. J. Buck'
was celebrated in a fitting manner, June 22, 1926. 'Jennie Wicks. .__1879__. .__ W. W. Hibben'
'Fannie Johnson .__1880 James Smith'
The Chapter has a membership of over 850 'Fannie Johnson 188L __ . J. Jay Buck-
members, and its finances are in excellent condi- 'Jennie Wicks __. 1882 .__ John C. Jones'
tion. In contrast to the early day equipment, the 'Saille McKinney_. __ . 1883_... . .--D. A. Stahl'
'Sarah Ki rkeridal l.L, __ .1884_. . --D. A. Stahl'
Chapter sessions are held in the large and beau- 'Sarah Kirkendall .1885_._. .__ ._J). A. Stahl'
tiful Masonic Lodge room, with ample floor and Chapter Inactive 1886
stage space. The fixtures include an electric signet, Chapter Inactive 1887
'Mary H. Buck. 1888 . ._John C. Jones'
a full set of electric pedestals, and an altar, and 'Jennie Wicks._. __ ._. __ .._1889 __._. ._.Charles Harris'
one-half interest in a grand piano. 'Jennie Wicks 1890_.__. .Charles Harris'
-Abbie H. Gibson 1891 -E. P. Sp rague r
There is an active interest among the members 'Abbie H. Gibson_._ .._. ._189L . .George A. Bildle'
in ohaptei: affairs evidenced by well attended 'Belle C. Ha rr-is.,.. 1893_. ._George A. Biddle'
'Belle C. Harris . 1894_. George A. Biddle'
meetings and the maintaining of a high degree of 'Josephine Watson. ._1895 W. L. Huggins'
proficiency in the work of the officers. 'Eva Dent Gray_...._._. __ ._1896 __ .__. W. L. Huggins'
'Belle C. Ha rrts., .._. 1897.. ._. ._.H. B. Morse'
We rejoice that the goal set by these pioneers 'Belle C. Harris- ... ._. . 1898.__. .__.._._. .H. B. Morse'
of Miriam Chapter is being realized. May we not 'Mary I. Forde __._._. 1899..__ .__ ..__ . .H. B. Morse'
only attain the high standard set for us but let 'May R. Keeler. 1900 ..__ .__ .__John A. Lucas'
'Daisy A. Brown ._. 190L.__. .__ ..David H. Stone
our aim be higher and the goal worth while. Katie D. Eastin __._..._.__ .. 1902__.._._. ._.David H. Stone
'Carrie E. Pearson ..__._.__ .._.__ .. 1903__.. ._. Edgar M. Forde'
Fanny Vickery_.__ .._.. ._....1904.__ ...._< .• •• _Jeff D. Eastin'
Meets first IMM third Wed?1esday of each moatb Nettie L. Hoffer .._... .__._1905._. __ .._.._. .Jeff D. Eastin'
-Elizabeth A. Stone .._.._.._ __1906 .._..__.J. Frank Kenney·
'Marion S. Nation. __._._. __ .. 190L._. __ ._.._.__.__.Harry E. Peach'
Esther S. Grunwald._._._. __1908 .__. .Cary A. Bishop'
Jennie Haymari.; .._.._.. 1909 .__ ._... William E. Haynes
Lutle Brown . . 1910.__.__._. .John D. Graham
Bertha BurrelL_. __.._.__. 191L ...._. . ._John Ho,lfer
Mabel G. Ware __.._.._. __ .__1912._. ..Daniel A. Dryer'
Grace O. Colhns __.__. . 1913 .__. Clark Martin'
Irene Wagner ._.__. 1914._.._._.__._._ ..Charles G. West'
Mollie S. Burton., .._._._._._1915_. .John M. Parrington'
Edna KirkendalL ._._. 1916__._. George H. Cooley
Edna Moore._. __ .. 1917_. __. ....Eugene A. Perrine<
Willow B. Reiber._. __ .... 1918.__ .._._. __.Harry A. Tibbals
Adelaide Morse. 1919_._ .. .Harry A_ Wayman
Frances E. Pa.r r-ington. __ ._1920 . Frank D_ ourrv>
Audrey D. Reid._. ..192L . Ferris M. Hill
Sue Pennypacker 1922 Thomas J_ Collj ns e
Minnie E. HilL ... 1923__ .__...Fred M. Retschlag
Maude E. 'wayman.; 1924 Lester M. Loomts>
Vina E. Hlllerman ._._1925 ...Harry A. Osborn
Sarah A. Attiertoru., 1926__ . ._...Marshall Randel
Pearl A. Cooley 1927 ..Earl R. Weimer
Letitia B. MooIL..- 1928.__ .....Ernest V. Lindamood
Florence Lindamood_. __ 1929__. .__ .Henry A. Baltz
Birdie Dunswor'thc.. 1930 .__ -Sylvester Kufahl

[ 54 ] [ 55 ]
Florence Yearout 1931 F. Jay South
Pearl King_. 1932 ._JIenry A. Freeman
Cora Grant 193L -Frank Pennington
Goldie Gray 1934 A. Kirk Ramy
'Ora C. Roberts_ 1935 ._Harry McGuire'
Ollie Patton. 1936 .__.. .._._ ..__.Paul Raymond
'Lura Kramm .__ . 1937__. . ._..Orval Moon
Hattie Pennington 1938 . Harry Murphy
Dora Kieffer _1939 Urban Brown
Elsie Wells 1940 Harry McGuire'
Gladys Ta.ylor 194L .Roy Kramm
Estella Magwire 1942 ... Thomas Lowe
Mabel Holmes. 1943.._.__._ ..__. 0wen S. Samuel
Marion KogeL . 1944. ._....__
.__. .Ernest Va.lyer
Marie K. Hugbes 1945. .Linza A. Drum
Ina M. Borman .1946 Lawrence A. Ormsby

Mrs. Mamie SnmueL . Worthy Matron
Mr. Roy Ma.ntooth., .. .__..Worthy Patron
Mrs. Theresa Valyer . .Associate Matron
Mr. Loren Walrafe"--_. Associate Patron
Mrs. Audrey D. Reid- -l3ecretary
Ml'S. Charlotte Ormsby . Treasurer
Mrs. Venus Ricbmond. Conductress
Mrs. Helen Kramm. .Associate Conductress
Mrs. Ella JOhnston .._.__.._.__.__. . Chaplain
Mrs. Lydia Lyons .__. Marshal
Mrs. Helen Lloy<L-- . .__Organist
Mrs. Esther Griffith_. ---Ada
Mrs. Valeria Hi racb ler, . ..Ruth
Mrs. Anna Mantooth. . ..__ -Esther
Mrs. Josephine ThresheL_._ .. . .. .Martha
Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis .._.._. .__. ._.Electa
Mrs. Mattie Schenck . Warder
Mrs. Alice Firth.._______ Sentinel
Miss Ina Borman -Bubstitute Officer

Wortby Matron 1947

[ 56] [ 57 ]
ROSTER OF MEMBERS Coburn, Blanche Dunsworth, Bird ie
Cochennet, Nira Eastman, Dorothy
Adams, Mabel Brandner. Pearl Cole, Bertha Easum, Winnie
Addington, Esther Brewer, Madaline Coleman, Laura Edwards, Maude
Allen, Lena Jent Breeden, Ruth Collins, Grace D. Egner, Faye
Alspaw, Blanche Brickell, Effie Conlin, Nellie Egner, Bess
Anderson, Mable Brickell, Helen Cook, Hildred Ellis, Geraldine
Anderson, Katheryn E. Brier, Elizabeth Cooke. Gladys Ellis, Elizabeth
Anderson, Mary Brigman, Jeanette Cook, Bess M. Ellis, Bess B.
Anderson, Laura Brogan, Eunice Cooley, Pearl E. Ensminger, Mamie
Anderson, May Brogan, Sue Cooper, Ida Evans, Catherine
Arnold, Ruth Brown, Constance Cooper. Bernice L. Evans, Ruth
Arnold, Nina E. Brown, Faye Cooper, Catherine Ferree, Vern ie
Ashby, Frances Brown, Myrtle Cornwell, Stella B. Fields, Ethel
Ashby, Juanita Brown, Marie Hunt Cotton, Lena Firth, Alice
Atherton, Sarah A. Brown, Mae M. Coverdill, Carlotta H. Fish, Mary J.
Ault, Faye Browning, Dorothy J. Cowan, Thora Fisher, Jewell
Austin, Virginia Bryan, Isabelle W. Cox, Lola Dean Fleeker. Emma
Austin, Emma V. Buck, Sadie M. Cox, Lola E. Flemming, Letha H.
Atyeo, Gertie Burrell, Bertha Craig, Mildred Fletcher, Frances
Ayer, Idell Burr, Lena R. Craig, Elizabeth Flory, Dorothy B.
Bailey, Golda Burton, Mollie S. Craig, Josephine Follett, Beth H.
Bailey. Elsie Busenbark, Ruth Crandell, Madge Forrester, Eva
Ba.iley, Nell Calvert, Adeline Creson, Mabel Foster, Elizabeth
Baird, Florence Campbell, Edith F. Crist, Crystal Fouts, Linda
Baird, Maude Campbell, Mary L. CrOUCh,Mary Jane Frakes, Louisa
Baird, Nell M. Capps, Myrtle R. Cuff, Bettie Francis, Lillie M.
Baker, Magdalena Y. Carle, Beryl Cunningham, Evelyn Pra.ncis, Helen G.
Baltz, Edith Carle, Midget Cunningham, Maggie J. Franklin, Marian
Barrett, Virginia Carle, Rose Curry, Anna M. Frazier, Esther J.
Bason, Grace Carle, Emma Curtis, Flo E. Frazier, Velma P.
Bassett, Helen L. Carle, Eva Darby, Alberta B. Freeman, Orpah L.
Bates, Anna Pearl Carter, Cora J. Dart, Mary E. French, Bessie M.
Beach, Matilda A. Carter, Phyllis P. Davey, Varold Fry, Esther
Beattie, Verna Ca ry, Violette Da vidson, Eulalia Furman, Cassie B.
Beattie, Lillian Cawby, Anna P. Davies, Jessie V. Fyfe, Nellie
Beemer, Dorothy Chapin, Vera Davis, Jennie Galbreath, Ora E.
Beeson, Hazel Chance,. Grace M. Davis, Winona Gant, Annabelle
Behymer, Margaret Chartier, Mary E. Davis, Lola P. Gay, Agnes
Bennett, Jennie Cheatum, Malinda Davis, Nora George, Mary E.
Billig, Florence Cheer, Louise Davis, Sadie S. Gibson, Carol Lee
Billig, Zodie A. Childers, Verda Mae Davis, Ruth Gilman, Ruth
Birdsall, Mary Christie, Ma rthn Dawson, Louise Gilmore, Mary E.
Bishop, Mattie Christerson, Juanita Dean, Lizzie Gingrich, Alice
Bittman, May G. Cipra, Zella Deming, Elizabeth Gish, Mildred S.
Bivin, Anna H. Clark, Bessie DeWitt, Georgia Gladfelter, Cordelia M.
Blackburn, Edna M. Clark, Dorothy C. Dickerson, Margaret B. Glass, Adalyn
Blain, Jana Clark, Lenore Dickey, Mary E. Goodwin, Ada F.
Blakeley, Helen Clapp, Capitola Diggs, Eva Marie Gordon. Margaret
Bloxom, Charlotte Clay, Mildred Diggs, Alta Graham, Anna W.
Blue, Lela Clay, Neva M. Doile, Dollie Granger, Mable W.
Bogue, Ina Cleland, Esther Doile, Clara Grant, Cora E.
Bollinger, Bertha Cleland, Martha Doles. St. Clare Gra ves, Peggy L.
Book, Florence Clements, Thora Drum, Marjorie Gray. Goldie 1.
Borman, Ina Clea ver. Violet Dunfield, Frances J. Griffith, Altha I.
Bowen, Jane Clever, Merle L. Dunham, Alice A. Griffith, Esther
Bradfield, Alice E. Clow, Hazel 1. Dunn, Lottie Griffith, Virginia

[ 58 J [ 59 J
Groh, Audrey Holmes, Mable Knox, Edith Martin, Bessie L.
Grunwald, Esther Holmes, Ha rriet Koger, Marian Martin, Sarah M.
Gunter, Albina Honea, Marie Kramm, Helen Martindale, Mary
Haggard, Geraldine Hoover J Beatrice Kramm, Mary Mathews, Bessie G.
Hahn, Adeline Hoover, Rosetta M. Kraum, Pearl Matson, Mary E.
Hahn, Clara Mae Houlton, Beulah Kinter, Margaret Mattingly, Eva
Hamble, Ruth A. Howard, Mary Kretsinger, Alta Martin, Edna L.
Hamble, Maude Howard, Ruth Kufahl, Bertha Maurrie, Lamonie
Hammer, Edna M. Hughes, Blanch K. Kunish, Treva Mayes, rva C.
Hancock, Mae E. Hughes, Marie Kurzen, Mary Etta Means, Edith E.
Hancock, Florence L. Hughes, Mary Larkin, Jennie Mei nen, May
Hancock, Agnes S. Huggins, Emma L. Lawson, Juanita M. Mellinger, Jerenne D.
Hanna, Myrtle A. Hunt, Olive Leatherberry, Maude Mellinger, Mamie
Hanson, Faye M. Hunter, Ella S. Lee, Opal Merwin, Juanita
Harper, Barbara L. Hunter. Eva Belle Lee, Ruth Merry, Vera
Harper, Nina E. Hurt, Blanche Leonard, Myra C. Mmer, E!!zabeth I.
Harris, Faye Hurt, Eunice Lesh, Florence Mi!!er, Faye
Harris. Ruth R. Hush, Ethel Lewellen, Iois Miller, Hortense
Harter, Bess Hyle. Della Lewis, Claudia MIlner, Eunice M.
Hart, Rachel Ireland, Gertrude Lewis, Mary F. Minnich, Jessie
Hartman, Pauline Ireland, Marie Lewis, Eliza beth Mitche!!, Hazel A.
Harvey, Martha Jackson, Ferne Lewis, Viola Mohler, Flora
Hatchett, Elsie Jackson, Dorothy H. Lind, Dell Mole, Mae P.
Haun. Ethel A. Jacoby, Margaret Lindsey, Ethel B. Montgomery, May
Hauser. Rayma James, Vivian Lindamood, Florence Mooo, Bernice
Hawthorne, Clara A. Jeff, Lillian Litwin, Ella E. Moon, Ethel
Heath, Helen Jenks, Hattie Lloyd, Helen Moon; Letitia B.
Henkle, Anna Johns, Daisy L. Lobinger, Cecil Moore, Virginia
Hendrickson, Ethel Johnson, Bessie Lockard, Katie Moore, Freida E.
Hendrickson, Susie Johnson, Lila LoomiS, Edna Moore, Grace G.
Henson, Adelaide Johnston, Ella V. Long, Bessie Moorman, Minnie G.
Herbst, Marie S. Johnston, Deloris H. Lowe. Pearl Morris, Bessie
Herman, Edna L. Johnston, Alta R. Loyd, Thelma Morris, Margaret S.
Herron, Elsie Jones, Dorothy M. Lumpkins, Minnie Morris, Norma M.
Herzer, Louise Jones, Lela Lunsford, Mary Jane Morris, Mary L.
Hill, Crete Jones, Blanche E. Lyons, Lydia Morgan, Nellie D.
Hill, Kathryn B- Jones, Catherine H. McArthur, Alice Morgan, Helen Shaw
Hill, Minnie T. Jones, Mary McCants, Scina Morse, Adelaide
Hillis, Teressa Jones, Ora C. McCants, Jean P. Mount, Mary A.
Hillerroan, Vina E. Jones, Rachel McCarter, Ina Mowl, Maurine
Hillerroan, Eroroa E. Jones, Edna McCready, Minta Mowl, Faye 1.
Hinds, Cecil Juengling, Sadie McCreary, Dorothy Moyer, Ora P.
Hinshaw, lone Kapp, Maude E. McDermed, Mabel Mullins, Effie L.
Hinshaw, Marion S. Keehn, Mabel McDonald, Doris Munger, Annie
Hinshaw, Olga Keller, Hattie C. McGahey, Mable Murphy, Bess A.
Hir schfer, Anna Kelley, Clara V. McGuire, Frances Myers. Jennie
Hirschler, Valeria L. Kennedy. Laura McKinney, Bessie Naas, Marguerite T.
Hoard, Erma Kent, Nelle McVey, Nira Nail, Elizabeth
Hobrock, Minnie Kerwick, Deloris Macomber, Adar Nash, Anna S.
Hodgson, Rose Kieffer, Dora Madden, Shirley Neeley, Lucie 1.
Hoffman, Inez King, Laura E. Magwire, Estella B. Nelson, Genevieve
Hoffman. Lilbourne King, Lilly Mahoney, Elsie C. Newton, Beryl
Hollar, Emma King, Pearl Major, Ora P. Notgrass, Marie
Hollar, Katherine Kinter. Zula B. Ma!!ouf, Imogene S. Noyes, Matilda
Hollar, Priscilla Kirkendall, Edna H. Mantooth, Anna O'Connell, Ethel
Hollicke, Marie K. Kirsch, Myrtle Mantooth, Dorothy 011n, Nedra S.
Holmes, Sue D. Knox, Agnes Marbourg, Gertrude 1. Olm, Lucy

r 60 ] [ 61 ]
Ormsby, Amy Rees, Lu ta B. Service, Francis Sullivan, Emma
Ormsby, Charlotte Rees, Mary J. Sharrai, Alta Sutton, Mary E.
Osborn, Edith Rees, Olive A. Shaw, Marion B. Sutton, Linnie
Owens, Rowena Reese, Esther Mae Shaw, Lydia Sweely, Martha
Owens, Helen E. Reiber, Willow Shaw, Maude Swope, Lila C.
Overstake, Mary Jo Reid, Audrey D. Sheehan, Bertha L. Tanner, Edith H.
Ozenberger, Fannie Remy, Mary C. Shoebrook, Maybelle Tarrant, Hattie
Park, Mildred Renfro, Ruth B. Shorn bel', Georgia Taylor, Sarah
Parker, Sina S. Reyer, Lula M. Shulley, Vaida Lee Taylor, Hope L.
Parker, Mary A. Reynolds, Faye Sielert, Floriene Taylor, Gladys D.
Parrington, Frances E. Rhodes, Phyllis Simmons, Anna Taylor, Vera
Parry, Ida Mary Rich, Lucy A. Simmons, Ardetha. Teichgraeber, Laura S.
Patrick, Mona Richa.rdson, Leah K . Simons, Daisy Thomas, Geneva
Patterson, Dorothy Richards, Elizabeth Smales, Pearl Thomas, Blanche
Patterson, Margaret Richardson, Minnie Smi tn, Annette Thomas, Pleda
Patton, Ollie L. Richardson, Alice Smith, Dottie Thompson, Estella
Patton, Ruby Richmond, Venus M. Smith, Lydia B. Thompson, Lois V.
Payne, Ruth S. Richerd, Della F. Smith, Mona W. Thomson, Suzanne
Peach, Hattie Rigdon, Sadie L. Smith, Vallie V. Thorton, Letha
Peach, Josephine Riggs, Margaret Smith, Inez Thresher. Josephine
Peach, Leone M. Riley, Grace M. Smith, Florence Thudin, Mildred
Peery, Mable J. Rindom, Mary Smith, Vesta Tibbals, Gladys M.
Pegram, Malinda Rohohn, Mable Smith, Mae Tibbetts, May
Pennington, Helen Robe, Ida Snoddy, Ethel Timmennan, Lena T.
Pennington, Hattie Roberts, Irene Snoddy, Nettie B. Tipton, Louise M.
Pennypacker, Sue Roberts, Doris Mae Sobke, Maxele Todd, Alice P.
Perkins, Edith Roberts, Elizabeth E. Sollars, Sa.die Todd, Nell E.
Perkins, Dora E. Roberts, Margaret S. Souders, Gertrude Toms, Clara
Peterson, Adina Roberts, Mary E. Souders, Charity C. Tourtellout, Margaret
Phillips, Anna R. Roberts, Ora C. South, Verda M. Tressler, Pear) M.
Phillips, Ruth Robinson, Lena Spade, Laura M. Turner, Bernice
Phillips, Mary G. Robinson, Mary Spady, Margaret Uht, Lorene
Pierce, Blanche Robinson, Sue Spencer, Margaret Underwood, Olive G.
Pilkington, Mary E. Rogers, Mary Lee Stack, Rebekah Underwood, Nellie J.
Pirtle, Mamie Romer, Marie Staley, Adeline Upton, Bettie Lou
Pitko, Anita G. Rookstool, Ella E. Staley, Vera Alice Urmey, Alma M.
Polkinghorn, Alice Rowland, Edith S. Stange, Cleora Urquhart, Bernice
Porter, Ellinor B. Rust, Elma L. Starling, Gwendoline Valyer, Theresa
Poston, Verneal Saffer, Edith G. Steckel, Esther VanSkike, Myrtle
Potts, Alice Samuel, Grace M. Steelsmith, Mary Alice Vall Zante, Catherine
Powell, Evelynanne Samuel, Ethel Steinmeyer, Grace Vaughn, Annie
Powell, Elizabeth Samuel, Mamie I. Stephens, Mae Vaughn, Mary
Prather, Dorothy E. Sanders, Ruth Tice Stephens, Maude Vickery, Fannie
Price, Ethel F. Sauer, Anna Sterba, Eunice C. Wagar, Martha Ann
Price, Chandler B. Saylor, Esther Stevens. Margaret Wagner, Irene C.
Prier. Jane H. Scheck, Ogal E. Steward, Anna L. Walker, Lillian
Quackenbush, Olga Schenck, Mattie Still. Violet V. Walker, Laura
Ramy, Lois Schottler, Ina Stokes, Arvilla Waller, Grace
Randolph, Lucille Schureman, Emma Stoner, Irene R. Walkup, Dorothy H.
Ra wie, Leta M. Schweers, Carmen Stout. Carol Walrafen, Millie
Raymond, Marjorie Scott, Pauline Stout, Frances M. Walters. Nina I.
Rayle, Myrtle Scott, Lucille stout, Althea L. Ware, Mable G.
Read. Durell Seaman, Emma Stover. Faye Ward, Lillian E.
Reeble, Maude Sellers, Margaret Straight, Helen Warren, Bee
Reeble, Margaret C. Sellers, Ruth Strohl, Dora G. Wathen. Camilla
Reed, Mary J. Seltzer, Levera Suddock, Ella M. Wathen, Jennie
Rees, Agnes M. Service, Alta Suddock, Amanda Watson, Roberta A.

[ 62 ] [ 63 ]
Wayman, Maude E. Coburn, William H. Parker, Simeon A. Sharrai, Clyde
Weber, Blanche Cooley, George A. Parker, Ralph Sielert, Ed ward B.
Weimer, Clemie Crouch, Stanley V. Payne, John K. Srmmons, Ivan O.
Weimer, Mable Da vis, Cbarles V. Peery, Edward J. Simons, Lawrence A.
Weimer, Vera B. Davis, Lee M. Pennington, Glen Smales, Ernest
Weiss, Elizabeth H. Davis, Emory Pennington, Frank E. Smith, Ollie G.
Wells, Elsie R. Drum, Linza A. Peterson, Harry W. Sobke, Joseph J.
Wells, Zora Knox Dunsworth, John M. Phillips, Arthur L. South, F. Jay
Werner, Mary Alice Edwards, Ralph M. Ramy, A. Kirk Spencer, Harold
West, Almira Freeman, Henry A. Randel, Marshall Steinmeyer, John H.
Weyler, Beulah Gant, William T. Raymond, Paul D. Still, Clarence
Wharry, Lulu M. Gilmore, William S. Rees. Edward H. Stout, Earl R.
Whitehead, Neala Gingrich, Edwards C. Richardson, Charles W. Taylor, Alvin E.
Whitely, Octo. Glass, Harry W. Richardson, Isaac T. Thomas, Albert
White, Virginia S. Graham, John D. Richmond, Harry W. Tibbals, Harry A.
White, Mary Granger, Wayne B. Rindom, Ora G. Toms, Harry
Wicks, Bessie D. Graves, Ned F. Robe, Roy R. Tressler, Chauncy B.
Wilcox, Lillian A. Gray, Roy M. Roberts, Thomas D. Valyer, Ernest E.
Williams, Cappy Hahn, Theodore F. Roberts, William T. Walkup, Grant
Williams, Edith Hammer, Marion R. Roberts, William J. Walrafen, Loren W.
Williams, Frances C. Haynes, William Robinson, James E. Wathen, Ollie
Williams, Ida Mae Hill, Ferris M. Robinson. Earl M. Wayman, Harry A.
WllIlams, Mary Hollicke, Merle M. Saffer, George W. Weimer, Earl R.
Williams, Claudia Holmes, George R. Samuel, Owen S. White, John F.
Williams, Mary R. Honea, T. B. Sauer, John Williams, Evan E.
Williamson, Ethel Hughey, William F. Schottler, Martin W. Wood, Eli E.
Wiley, Iva Ireland, Ernest Service. A. Roy Wright, Leon N.
Willey, Leona Jeff, Robert J. Sharp, Dan F.
Wilson, Halcyon Johnston, Alva M.
Wilson, MUriel Jones, Ben A.
Windes, Genevieve Kent, John
Winds, Maude King. Gurnie w.
Winn, Catherine Koger, Dan H.
Winter, Eva Kramm, Roy
Wise, Gertha Kramm, Francis
Withrow, Vesta Kraum, Clarence
Wolf, Dorothy D. Kufahl, Sylvester W.
Wood, Hazel May Lewis, Lewis J.
Wood, Goldie F. Lind, 'I'horna s W.
Wood, Elsie M. Lindamood, Ernest
Wortman, Le Ona B. Lowe, Thomas
Wright, Irene Lyons, Furman W.
Wright, Lulu M. McCinre, Joseph W.
Yarbrough, Helen B. McGahey, Wilburn A.
Yates, Carrie B. Mantooth, Roy L.
Yearous, Esther Miller, Fremont
Yearout, Florence D. Moon, John R.
Young, Gladys Moon, Orval E.
Baltz, Henry A. Moore, Carrol A.
Blackburn, Milton A. Moore, Floyd D.
Blue, Glenn A. Morris, Richard O.
Brier, Harold Murphy, Harry E.
Brown, Urban C. Nelson, Maurice
Calvert, Clifford E. Notgrass, Charles D.
Carson, Harry G. Ormsby, Lawrence A.
Christerson, Samuel C. Ormsby, Sherman L.
Clay, Clarence S. Osborn, Harry A.

[ 64 1 [ 65 ]
work was made easy and it was a wonderful
The Beauceant Choir of Emporia Assembly was
Social Order of the Beauceant introduced to this National Assembly by Mrs. E. J.
Lewis, who had organized and trained them. They
Emporia Assembly was constituted in 1923 the contributed much to the interest and success of the
thirty-first assembly to be affiliated with' the Supreme Meeting. Since that time the choir has
National Assembly, and we are known as Emporia been invited to sing in many Kansas Assemblies.
Assembly No. 31, of the Socia.! Order of the They were sent to Minneapolis, Minn., to National
Beauceant of the World. Assembly held there in 1937. In 1946ow' Beauceant
We were organized by Mrs. John M. Parrington Choir was invited to St. Louis to help in the pro-
and Mrs. Harry E. Peach, wives of Sir Knights in grams of Supreme Assembly. They received very
good standing in Emporia Commandery. favorable comments, and surely put Emporia As-
sembly on the map. They are invited to attend
Supreme Officers of Beauceant came from Den- Supreme Assembly in Columbus, Ohio, in Sep-
ver, Kansas City, Lawrence, Newton, Pratt, and tember 1947.
other cities to install and instruct us in ow' cere- Our Assembly has many times been honored by
monies. Our membership increased rapidly in the the Supreme Assembly. In 1924 Mrs. Harry Peach
first two years until we numbered about one hun- was appointed Worthy Supreme Standard Bearer.
dred fifty-three members. We have gradually In 1927 Mrs. E. J. Lundy was appointed chairman
increased to more than two hundred at the present of Supreme oourtesy committee in Denver, Colo.
time. During this time the officers were furnished In 1928 Mrs. ChaJ'les West was made a member of
new robes, altar paraphernalia and ballot box were the .Iurfsprudence committee in Denver, Colo. In
purchased. 1932 Mrs. Paul T'urner was honored by being in-
In om third year a fund was started for the vited to open the Supreme Assembly in Atlantic
purchase of a new piano. Two years later, in 1928, City, N. J., with a soprano solo. In 1934 Mrs. Fred
the Beauceant and Eastern Star bought and paid Scott was appointed to financial committee of
for om new Chickering grand piano, for the lodge Supreme Assembly in Oklahoma City. In 1935 Mrs.
room, which all Masonic groups are free to use and M. W. Schottler was named on the Credential
enjoy. Committee, and Mrs. E. J. Lewis was appointed
Daughter of the Household, at Supreme Assembly
Perhaps our most glamorous year was 1935, in Emporia. In 1936Mrs. Lewis played for Supreme
when we entertained the National Assembly of Installation services for National Assembly' in
the Beauceant of the World. We were assisted by Dallas, and was named on the Supreme Credential
seven Hostess Assemblies, Newton, Wichita, Well- Committee. In 1938 Mrs. Alvin Johnston was ap-
ington, Winfield, Hutchinson, Pratt, Kansas, and pointed to serve on Supreme Examining Committee
Joplin, Mo. Om President, Mrs. E. J. Lewis, was at Albuquerque.
made general chairman of the National meeting.
With the help and courtesies showered upon us by Mrs. E. J. Lewis served as Supreme Director of'
the Hostess Assemblies, our own Masonic bodies Music in 1941. In 1944 Mrs. F. W. Lyons served on
Emporia Chamber of Commerce, Florists, Willia~ Supreme Chartered Assemblies Committee. In 1945
Allen and Mrs. White, and so many others the Mrs. Lyons was Supreme Standard Bearer for

[ 66 1 [ 67 1
Supreme Assembly in St. Louis. In 1946 Mrs. E. J.
Lewis was appointed Supreme Director of Music, PAST PRESIDENTS
which position she now holds.
Mrs. J. M. Pa r ring ton.Li, ..__.....__ ._.._. ..... ._..__.._1923
True, each of us has left her milestone upon a Mrs. H. E. Peach .._. ..__ .. .._._. __..__ ._._ .. 1924
page of our history, and year after year we have Mrs. J. C. Dumm __.._.._._ __ ._._._._._._._. __ ._. __1925
added bit by bit until we can look back over the Mrs. E. J. Lundy_ .._..__ .__._._ ..__ .__ .....__. ._. 1926
"Mrs. J. E. EckdaIL_ .._. .__ .._.__ .._. . .1927
past and thank God we have had the privilege of Mrs. Charles G. West.._.... .._._. . .__ 1928
sharing in the upbuilding of our Beloved Order. Mrs. W. C. Ha.rrts.L .....__ ._. . .__ ....__ .__ 1929
All that the Order means to us, individually, cannot Mrs. Bert Hyle._..__ .__ ...._.._..__ .__.._. __ ._. __ ..__ ..__.1930
"Mrs. Paul Turner ._.._. ._. ._. ..__._1931
be effaced. Mrs. Fred Scott __ ._._._._._. __ .__ ..__. . 1932
Mrs. M. W. schorner.;.. . . ..__ ._. .__ 1933
Mrs. L. H. Ha.rper., .. .._ _._. . ..__.._._._..__ ..__1934
Mrs. E. J. Lewis _.._.._ _.__ .._._. __ ._._._ ..__ ._._.__ .1935
Mrs. Clyde StouL .. .._ .. .._._._ ..__ .__ . ..__1936
Meets second and fourth Wrdl1esday of each moutb, Mrs. J. O. Hickox ....__ . ._. ._. .__ ..__ ._._. __ .1937
Mrs. Alva Johnston .._.._.__ .._. __ _._. .__ 1938
Mrs. C. O. Merideth _.__ .._ __ _._. __ ._._. 1939
Mrs. Ernest Lrela nd.; .._._._ ...._.._.._. ._. .__ ._. .1940
Mrs. Roe Cotlins.; ....._.... ._.._ .....__ .__ ._..__ .l941
Mrs. John Stokes_._ .._.._ ..._ _.._ _...._._._ .._._ _._._. .1942
'Mrs. Lura Kr arn.,..__._._._.._ _._._._ .._._.._ __ . 1943
Mrs. F. W. Lyons. __ _.._._._.._ _.._.._._._.._ _._ _.1944
Mrs. W. A. McGahey._ .._....._ _._.._._.._ _....._ _ _ _.._1945
Mrs. Kenneth Staley. .._._ .._._ _._._ _.__ . ..l946

Mrs. R. H. Beach ._ .._ __ _ _.._ __ ..President
Mrs. Kenneth Staley _.._ _ _. _ __ ._.._.Oracle
Mrs. Roy R. Robe__ __ _ _ _ _..Pirst Vice-President
Mrs. Virgil Hurt., _ _ _._._.._ Second Vice-President
Mrs. Ralph Rose. _ _.._._.._._ _._.._. Preceptress
Mrs. Whit Doug las., __ _.._ _.._.._ _..__ .._ _Recorder
Mrs. F. E. Pennington .._..__. .__..__ _..__....._. .Treasurer
Mrs. W. C. Obley.; .._._ __._._._ _.._._._.._._. Marshal
Mrs. F'rank Fish_ ..__ .._ _..._._.. ....._ .._..Assistant Marshal
Mrs. W. J. Rober ts.c, .._._._ ..._..._._._ .._ _..__.._..... _.._.Chaplain
Mrs. E. J. Lewis .. .. __.._Director of Music
Mrs. Walter King .Standard Bearer
Mrs. Wayne Bollinger .Color Bearer
Mrs. J. G. Richardson ... ..__ ..Mistress of the Wardrobe
Mrs. F. M. Dunham __ . ..Daughter of the Household
Mrs. O. W. Walker __ ._. ._.._.._._._.~ _ _.Inner Guard
Mrs. A. E. BucL . .._. ..__ . ._. __ Outer Guard

[ 68 1 [ 69 1
Atherton, Mrs. Oliver Hughes, Mrs. Marie
Ayers, Mrs. Royal Hyle, Mrs. Bert
Baltz, Mrs. H. A. Ireland, Mrs. Ernest
Beach, Mrs. R. H. Ives, Mrs. R. E.
Bethurem, Mrs. Jesse Jackson, Mrs. George K.
Behymer, Mrs. Margaret Jackson. Mrs. C. L.
Bibler, Mrs. C. L. Johnston, Mrs. Alva
Bowers, Mrs. Fred Jones, Mrs. W. E.
Bollinger, Mrs. Wayne Kenny, Mrs. Frank
Blue, Mrs. Glenn Kehler, Mrs. P. T.
Brown, Mrs. Urban Kinter, Mrs. Ralph
Brickell, Mrs. J. B. King, Mrs. A. A.
BuCk, Mrs. A. E. King, Mrs. W. C.
Buehler, Mrs. J. W. Kirkendall, Mrs. O. A.
Clinton, Mrs. Hyatt Kretsinger. Mrs. M. L.
Clever. Mrs. J. L. Kufahl, Mrs. S. W.
Clow, Mrs. Raymond Kramm, Mrs. Roy
Collins, Mrs. T. J. Leatherberry, Mrs. Roy
Collins, Mrs. Roe Lee, Mrs. Lester
Corbett, Mrs. Fred Lewis, Mrs. W. L.
Cole, Mrs. Harold r..1:. Lewis, Mrs. L. H.
Curtis, Mrs. Frank E. Lewis, Mrs. T. H.
Dabbs, Mrs. Carl Lewis, Mrs. E. J.
Dabbs, Mrs. Robert Levett, Mrs. J. B.
Da vis, Mrs. Charles Lindamood, Mrs. E. V.
Davis, Mrs. Howard Lindsay, Mrs. C. B.
Douglas, Mrs. Whit Lind, Mrs. T. W.
Dolle, Mrs. Ray A. Lindquist, Mrs. E. L.
Dumm. Mrs. J. C. Lowder, Mrs. Floyd
Dunsworth. Mrs. John Lowe, Mrs. Thomas
Dunham, Mrs. Francis M. Lumpkj ns, Mrs. George
Evans. Mrs. T. G. Lundy, Mrs. E. G.
Ellis, Mrs. Ira Lyons. Mrs. F. W.
Fish, Mrs. Frank McGahey, Mrs. W. A.
Frisby, Mrs. W. D. Manning, Mrs. H. W.
GingriCh, Mrs. E. C. Marsh, Mrs. Ray
Graves, Mrs. Ned Marx, Mrs. Carl
Graham, Mrs. John D. Mole, Mrs. S. E.
Good, Mrs. Edward Merideth, Mrs. C. O. Sr.
Hamble. Mrs. Jack A. Miller, Mrs. B. P.
Hammer, Mrs. Marion Mitchell, Mrs. Ralph
Hanna. Mrs. Weldon Mauney. Mrs. John
Harris, Mrs. W. C. Moon, Mrs. Orval
Harper, Mrs. L. H. Morgan, Mrs. David W.
Hollicke, Mrs. M. E. Morris, Mrs. Richard
MRS. ROBERT H. BEACH Haynes, Mrs. John MorriS, Mrs. J. J.
President 1947 Hodgson, Mrs. L. H. Myers. Mrs. John
Honea. Mrs. T. B. Obley. MrS. W. C.
Houlton. Mrs. Loyd Ormsby, Mrs. Lawrence
Henderson. Mrs. J. L. Parrington, Mrs. J. M.
Hill. Mrs. W. J. Park, Mrs. Guy H.
Hickox. Mrs. J. O. Parker, Mrs. S. N.
Hirschler, Mrs. P. U. Patterson, Mrs. Clayton
Hunt, Mrs. Harvey Peach, Mrs. H. E.
Hurt, Mrs. Virgil Pennington. Mrs. F. E.

[ 70 1 [ 71 1
Phillips, Mrs. Arthur Simons, 1\1r5. Lawrence
Pierce, Mrs. W. H. Simons, Mrs. George
Pitts, Mrs. Clarence Simmons, Mrs. 1. O.
Place, Mrs. A. J. Staley, Mrs. Kenneth Emporia Bethel No.4, Job's Daughters
Price, Mrs. W. M. Stephens. Mrs. Ralph
Putnam, Mrs. Perry Stewart, Mrs. S. C. The dispensation date of Emporia Bethel No. 4 Job's
Quackenbush, Mrs. Ezra Stienmeyer, Mrs. John Daughters was November 21, 1922. The Charter was granted
Ramy, Mrs. A. Kirk Stokes, Mrs. John March 13, 1923, with 51 names on the Charter. The mem-
Rees. Mrs. Edward. Stout, Mrs. Clyde bers of the first Executive Council were;
Riegle, Mrs. R. W. Stout, Mrs. Earl Miss Bessie Gay Secrest. __ ._._ .._.._.Bethel Guardian
Robe, Mrs. R. R. Suggs, Mrs. George Dr. J. M. pa.rrtugtonc. __ .Associate Bethel Guardian
Roberts, Mrs. W. C. Thomas, Mrs. S. I. Mrs. Flora Bate-Kenney __. ._Director of Music
Roberts, Mrs. W. J. Thomas, Mrs. W. H. Mrs. Audrey D. Reid ._._Director of Floor Work
Roberts. Mrs. W. T. Tibbals, Mrs. H. A. Mrs. Laura Lundy .. . ._._._..__..__....Becretary
Robinson, Mrs. E. M. Torrence, Mrs. A. A.
Robohn, Mrs. J. R. Valyer, MrS. E. B. PAST QUEENS OF BETHEL NO.4
Rose, Mrs. Ralph Walrafen, Mrs. L. W. from October 25, 1922, to the present date
Rosacker, Mrs. Joe Ward, Mrs. Fred
Saffer, Mrs. George Wayman, Mrs. H. A. Winifred Bratton Grace Anderson
Samuel, Mrs. Owen Webber, Mrs. George Mary Ann Hilton Gwendolyn Mounkes
Samuel, Mrs. W. C. Weimer, Mrs. Earl Martha Parrington Esther Parker
Scheck. Mrs. Loren West. Mrs. Charles Ida Mayes LeVonne Foster
Scott, Mrs. Fred White, Mrs. J. F. Myrl Becker Laura Mae Lunsford
Schottler, Mrs. M. W. Williamson, Mrs. Ma x Dorothy Clogston Mary McLean
Service, Mrs. A. R. Wortman, Mrs. Ralp!1 Nellie Hughes Barbara Ellen Harper
Sheeley, Mrs. V. M. Worley, Mrs. C. S. Josephine Keeler Winifred Jones
Smales, Mrs. E. T. vearout, Mrs. W. P. Louise Martin Margaret Yearout
Smith, Mrs. Roy Lucile Raymond Roberta Alspaw
Delores Beeman Vivian Morley
Virginia Simmons Geraldine McGuire
LIFE MEMBERS Catherine Martin Mary Sue Baldwin
Mrs. John Parrington Margery Kelly Dorothy Kent
Mrs. John D. Graham Edith Maxine Smith Kathleen Cannon
Evelyn Anna Merideth Maurene Murphy
Lilburne King Carol Drum
Lorene Cravens Shirley Straight
Mary Gepha.rt Patricia Ford
Helen Yates Jane Drum
Dorothy Hirschler Carlene Bronsema
Delores Honea Patricia Smales
Ruth Simmons Doris Wells
Miss Bessie Gay Secrest Mrs. W. P. Yearout
Mrs. Hattie M. Tarrant Mrs. Alva Johnston
Mrs. Clyde O. Merideth Mrs. Leslie H. Harper
Mrs. Ora C. Roberts
Mrs. Laura E. King_... . .._.Bethel Guardian
Orval E. Moon._. .. .Assoctate Bethel Guardian
Mrs. Roy R. RObe__
..__ . .._._. Secretary
Mrs. Esther Grunwald ._.~ ._.__ ._.Treasurer

[ 72 ] [ 7J 1
Emporra Bethel No.4 Job's Daughters
Alexander, Carol Jones. Anne Louise
Allen. Nancy Jones, Dianna
Attebery. Jean Faith Jones, Donnaleen
Bailey. Joan Jones. LeMoyne
Baker, Yolande Jones, Martha
Barraclough. Juanita Kiet h, Donna Marie
Barraclough. Loeta Kells. Kathryn
Bassett. Mary Ann Kendig. Elva Ann
Beck. Jean Kennedy. Cara Lee
Bell. Roberta Ladner. Shirley
Berry. Eunice Lawson, Dixie Lee
Bloxom. Josephine Lewis. Sara
Boyd. Shirley Ann Litwin, Betty
Brown, Elizabeth Lynde, Marilyn
Buenning. Betty Mahan, Norma Jean
Campbell, Dona Jeanne Marsh. Ruth Ann
Carothers. Betty Jo McCant. Colleen
Chapin, Barbara Lee McClellan. Barbara Lee
Claw. Joyce Mendenhall, Norma
Coman, lone Merwin, Beverly
Collins. Beth Miller. Winifred
Corey. Sallie Lee Mundy. Alta Belle
Cozad. Leila Mullikin, Roberta
Crandall. Jo Nelda Nevins, Patricia
Cra wrord, Mary Elizabeth Newcomer. Gavonna Jean
Davis. Charlotte Olm. Mildred Jean
Doane, Betsy Owen. Lela
Daile. Velma Owen. Lila
Dunn, Mary Joan Patterson. Peggy Lou
Edwards. Carmen D. Pearson. Betty Lee
FOl1cannon, Patricia Penna, Barbara
Fry, Donna Pennington, Wilma Jean
Fulkerson. Shirley Pflaum. Nedra
Getz. Louise Price, Elizabeth
Gi bson, Clarice Pugh, Virginia
Granger. Margaret' Ramy. Lois Joanne
Gra ves, Jewel Riddle. Barbara
Gray. Phyllis Roberts. Betty Jane
Groh, Barbara Roberts. Catherine Irene
Gunzelman. Mary Ellen Roberts, Patricia Ann
Haase, Verna Jean Roberts. Rae Deane
Hagan, Barbara Robinson. Maxine
Hanna, Jane Rogers. Patricia
Haynes. Susan Scott, Patricia Ann
Heckathorn, Opal Nadine Schwindt. Opal
Hefner, Mary Sheeley. Mary Kathryn
Hennessey. Frances Siedhoff. Gloria
Herbert. Pa tricia Silven, Donna
OPAL SCHWINDT Soule, Dorothy
Hildebrand. Joyce
Honored Queeu, First 6 MOllibs 1947 Hoch. Marianna Stafford. Betty
Jaquith. Elizabeth Sutton. Muriel Sara
Jaquith. Jean Tate. Mary Jane
Jeanneret. Wanda Taylor. Deaun

[ 74] [ 75]
~ .
Telfer, Zola
Timmerman, Lois Jean
Wichert, Virginia
Whitehead, Constance
I Valyer, E'unice Williamson, Ruth
Van Orden, Joan Wilson, Mary Lou
Walker, Margaret Wilson, Wilmetta
Welch, Frances Ann Wood, Joan

The Masonic Low Twelve Club
of Emporia
The Masonic Low Twelve Club was organized by
Frank B. Wood, who was Master of the Lodge at
that time, September 15, 1916.
Its object being the organization of a club for
the immediate relief of the widows and orphans
of its members.
The Charter membership was one hundred ten.
Frank B. Wood was elected its first President,
C. W. Cleaver, Secretary.
The success of the Low Twelve club speaks for
itself, its growth being steady and continuous so
that the membership at this time is nearly one
thousand. The cost to its Charter Members for
the time of its existence has been $94.00and it has
paid 387 death benefits.
It is open to membership to any Master Mason
in good standing in District No. 27, wives of mem-
bers of a Lodge in District No. 27 whose husbands
are members in good standing in their respective
Lodges, widows of a deceased Master Mason who
died in good standing' in his Lodge, residing in
District No. 27; all members of the Eastern Star
residing in District No. 27, and who are in good
standing in the Eastern star at all times.
At the present time the Club pays $200.00 on
the death of a member.
Are you a member of this fine Club? If not
why not?

[76 ]
[ 77 1
EMPORIA LOW 12 CLUB Cauby, Anna P. Curtis, Mr. and Mrs.
Chance, Grace M. Frank E.
Roster of Members Chapin, Mr. and Mrs. Dary, James A.
DeLoss Davidson, Eulalia
Acterberg, Louisa Bittman, Mae G. Cheer, Louisa Davies, Mr. and Mrs.
Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Bivin, Ann Christie, Martha J. Joseph H.
Howard C. Blackburn, Mr. and Mrs. Clapp, Capitola Davis, Mr. and Mrs.
Addington, Mr. and Mrs. Milton A. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Howard E.
Linford A. Blackman. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R- Davis, Mr. and Mrs.
Agrelius, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie E. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Charles v .
Frank U. G. Blaine, Mr. and Mrs. Luther L. Davis, Mr. and Mrs.
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Vern W. Clark, Dorothy Cleon O.
Edwin E. Blue, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Clay, Clarence Davis, Mr. and Mrs.
Anderson, L. H. Bogue. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton. Mr. and Mrs. Ervin L.
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Charles C. Davis, Mr. and Mrs.
Robert L Bollinger, Mr. and Mrs. Cleland, Martha Frank I.
Archer, Melville W.- Wayne Clink, Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Davis, Harold P.
Askew. Mr. and Mrs. Borman, loa M. otow, Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Noble G.
Clarence H. Boyle, Carl S. Raymond F. Davis, Mr. and Mrs.
Atherton, Sa rah Brickell, Effie M. Cochennet, Ira T. Thaddeus B.
Ault, Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Brickell, Helen Coffman, L. L. Davis, Mr. and Mrs.
Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Britton, George W. Coghill, Mr. and Mrs. William E.
Jason R. Brockhouse, Herschel G. James W. Davis, Mr. and Mrs.
Ayer, Mr. and Mrs. Royal F. Brogan. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Cole, Mr. and Mrs. William H.
Axe, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, Pettie E. Harold M. Dearing, Mr. and Mrs. Dick
Herbert E. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. COllins, Mr. and Mrs. DePoe, Mr. and Mrs.
Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Garlie R. Elvin D.
Thomas E. Othe G. COllins, Abbie G. Dewey, Willinm C.
Baird, Maude A. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Collins, Roe G. DeWitt, Harold
Baird, Nell M. Urban C. Colyer, Mr. and Mrs. Dickason, Mr. and Mrs.
Baird, Florence Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde R. William E.
Baird, Mary William A. Coman, Morris S. Dickey, Mary E.
Baird, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Buck, Mr. and Mrs. Cooley, Mr. and Mrs. Dietz, Robert 1.
Ball, Helen lone Andrew E. George H. Dille, Mr. and Mrs.
Bangs, Erma S. Buehler, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper, Lewis D. Harlan W.
Barkley, Margaret W. John W. Cooper, Bernice L. Dirks, Jennie
Barnhardt, J. D. Burr, Lena R. Cooper, Jacob C. Dixon, Taylor N.
Baysinger, Blanche Burrell, Bertha M. Corbett, Mr. and Mrs. Dixon, Miles M.
Burton, Jacob S. Fred R. Donaldson, Maude E'.
Beach, Mr. and Mrs.
Robert H. Calvert, Mr. and Mrs. Corfman, Mr. and Mrs. Doty, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar L.
Beck, Clarence V. Clifford E. John C. Douglass, Miriam
Beck, Mr. and Mrs. John E. Camp, Anson M. Courier, Ernest A. Dressler, John H.
Becker, Ethel Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. Coverdill, Carlotta H. Drum, Mr. and Mrs.
Beeman, Elyce P. John M. Craig, A. Josephine Linza A.
Behymer, Margaret Carle, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde S. Crandall, Mr. and Mrs. Duffield, Mr. and Mrs.
Benson, Mr. and Mrs. Carle, Midget E. Heber K. Homer L.
Ivan E. Carle, Byrl R. Cravens, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Dukes. Elmer
Berg, Carl F. Carle, Emma G. Creson. Mr. and Mrs. Dunham, Mr. and Mrs.
Bernheisel, Mr. and Mrs. Carle, Eva Silar P. Francis M.
Carnine, Mr. and Mrs. Crook. John S. Dunn. Lottie
Austin S. Crook. Mr. and Mrs. Dunsworth. Mr. and Mrs.
Berns. Anna E. William W.
Carnes, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. William R. John M.
Binyon. Christopher
Birdsall, Mary A. Carson, Harry G. Cuff, Bettie N. Dwelle. Mr. and Mrs.
Bishop, Charles A. Carter, William W. Crouch. Mary Harry L.
Bishop, Mattie J. Carver, Clarence C. Eckdall. Mr. and Mrs.
Carver. Katherine L. Curry, Amos L. Frank A.
Bishop. James W.
Oary, Cora M. Curry, Anna May Eckdall, Jonas E.
Bishop, J. D.

[ 78 1 [ 79 1
Egner, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon E. Hobbs, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs.
James K. Griffiths, Clara L. Warren J. Albert
Ellis, Bess Grimsley, Mr. and Mrs. Hodgson, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs.
Ellis, Elizabeth Harry C. Lorenzo H. Charles E.
Ellis, Susan Grimsley, Rexford A. Hollar, Emma Johnson, Leo
Ethridge, James L. Grimsley, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hollar, Golden J. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs.
Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Grimwood, Mr. and Mrs. Hollenback, Mr. and Mrs. Walter E.
Thomas G. Frank L. Bruce Johnston, Alva M.
Faust, Mr. and Mrs. Grumwald, Esther Holderman, Jacob L. Joles, Dora
Charles V. Hamble, Mr. and Mrs. Hollicke, Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Blanche
Ferree, Frank O. Eugene M. Merle E. Jones, Caroline
Fessenden, Edgar Hamer, Mr. and Mrs. Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Dorothy Martin
Firth, Alice Wesley H. George R. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Fred D.
Fisher, GeOl"ge S. Hamman, Mr. and Mrs. Honea, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil B.
Fitch, C. D. George W. Honeyman, John L. Jones, Mr. and Mrs.
Fish. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hammer, Mr. and Mrs. Houlton, Beulah Audrey G. Ralph
Fleeker, Emma Marion R. Houlton, Blodwyn Jones, Mr. and Mrs.
Follett, Elizabeth Hancock, Ella Mae Hovious, Birdie Elmer N.
Ford, Mary L. Hancock, L. Florence Howland, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Llewlyn
Forren, James D. Hankenson, Garey B. Jess C. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. M. A.
Fort, Mr. and Mrs. Harper, Barbara L. Hudson, Newton Jones, Mary
Leonard G. Harrington. Lillian S. Hughes. Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Nellie W.
Fowler, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harris, Nellie A. J. Manuel Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Owen D.
Frakes, Louesa Harris, Loy E. Hughes, Marie E. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Tom D.
Francis, Rhoda Harris, W. Max Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Kapp, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Franklin, Mrs. Marion B. Hart, Rachel W. Reese H. Karr, A. L.
Freeman, Cecil D. Harvey, Alma Hughes, William C. Keeler, Emily
Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Hatfield, Mr. and Mrs. Hughey, William F. Keeler, Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Henry A. Albert L. Humiston, Mr. and Mrs. Kehler, Mr. and Mrs.
Fry, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Hausam, Effie R. Raymond Pearl T.
. Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey, Fred Keller, Hattie C.
Garrison, Etta M. J. Earl Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Kendig, Mr. and Mrs.
Gibson, John D. Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Elmer E.
Giese, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Kenney, Flora B.
Henry H. Heacock, Ida H. Hunter, Ella S. Kent, Edith
Gilmore, Mr. and Mrs. Heath, Fred B. Hutton, Mr. and Mrs. Kieferle, William F.
John V. Heaton, Mr. and Mrs. George E. Kieffer, Dora
Gilmore, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hyle, Mr. and Mrs. Bert King, Alonzo A.
William S. Heavener, Floyd R. Hyle, Anna J. King, Mr. and Mrs.
Gilyeat, Mr. and Mrs. Hambling, Harvey E. Hyle, George W. Jr. David W.
Albert B. Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Ingels, Mr. and Mrs. King, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E.
Gingrich, Edward C. John L. Emmett King, Walter C.
Gladfelter, Cordelia M. Hendrickson, Ethel ImMasche, Ora Kinter, Mr. and Mrs.
Glenn, Charles E. Hendrickson, Susie ImMasche, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E.
Good, Mr. and Mrs. Henkle, Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Kirsch, Mr. and Mr.:!l.
Edward B. Seth V. Ireland, Gertrude B. Henry R.
Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Henkle, Anna Ireland, Mr. and Mrs. Kitzenberger. Mr. and Mrs.
R. Stanley Herman. Edna L. I. Ernest Harold W.
Graves. Ned F. Hickox, Mr. and Mrs. Ives, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd H. Klitzing, Mr. and Mrs.
Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. James O. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph R.
Green, Newt Hill. Mr. and Mrs. George K. Knapp, Mr. and Mrs.
Gregg, Frederick C. Charles H. Jacobs, Mr. and Mrs. William M.
Griffith, Anna J. Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Ferris M. Charles W. G. Koger, Mr. and Mrs.
Griffith, Evan J. Kill, Kathryn Jacoby, Margaret Mae Daniel H.
Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. Jaquith, Roscoe H. Kramm, Mr. and Mrs.
Hill, Lawrence C.
Fred R. Jenks, Hattie M. Francis L.
Griffiths, Mr. and Mrs. Hindon, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Jensen, Emily D. Kramm, Mr. and Mrs. Roy

[ 80 ] [ 81 ]
McCloud, Mr. and Mrs. Milner, Mr. and Vrs. Obley, Mr. and Mrs.
Kraus, Mr. and Mrs.
Harold Vernon D. William C.
Edwin W. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Olney, Mr. and Mrs.
Kreitner, Irene H. McCloud, Thomas H.
McCarter, Ina E. Edward A. Sardie S. Jr.
Kretsinger, blta D. Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs.
Kretsinger. Rose G. McClure, Joseph A. Osborn, Mr. and Mrs.
McClure, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Harry A.
Kuller, Mr. and Mrs. Mohler. John A.
Harry A. Overfield, Mr. and Mrs.
Floyd V. Mole, Mr. and Mrs. Francis L.
Kyle, George E. McCollam, Clarence E.
Larkin, Mr. and Mrs. Don A. McConnell. Eva Mae Samuel E. Overman. Donald C.
McCormick, Catherine Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Owens. Mr. and Mrs.
Larkin, Mr. and Mrs. Archie I. David W.
Walter A. McCue. Francis J.
McGahey, Mr. and Mrs. Monypeny, Hiram Owens, Ernest T.
Larkin, William A. Moon, Bernice R. Owens, Tom
Laughlin. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur A.
McIntosh, Ethel Moon, Frank Po Pagedas. Gust
Chester A. Moon, Mr. and Mrs. Orvn l E. Palmer. Mr. and Mrs.
Leatherberry, Mr. and Mrs. MCLaughlin. Anna F.
Macurdy, Leona Moon, Rodger M. Arch W.
Roy J. Jr. Moon, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ross Parker, Mr. and Mrs.
Leatherberry, Maude Madison, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank A. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Clement E.
Lee, George H. Carroll A. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Lon D.
Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Lester L. Madison, Mr. and Mrs.
Walter K. Moose, Charles A. Parker, Mr. and Mrs.
Legg, Mr. and Mrs. Moose, Laura R. Ralph G.
George W. Maddern. Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph K. Mnrr ls, Mr. and l\ofrs. Parker. Mr. and Mrs.
Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Chester V. Simeon N.
Frank A. Magathan, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles F. Morris, David W. Parker, Thomas T.
Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Morris, Susan Page Parkman. Harrison
Ralph M. Magwire, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank B. MorriS, Mr. and Mrs. Parrington, Francis E.
Lesh, Florence N. Richard O. Patterson, Lola B.
Levett, John B. Majors, Mr. and Mrs. Guy E.
Major. Mr. and Mrs. Morse, Adelaide Patterson, Mr. and Mrs
Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Morse, Caroline Willis B.
Edwin J. Robert F.
Manning, Mr. and Mrs. Moses. Mr. and Mrs. Patton, Mr. and Mrs.
Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. James D.
Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis J. Harris W. Chester L.
Mapes. Mr. and Mrs. Mowl, Mr. and Mrs. Patton, Mary A.
Lewis, Robert T. James S. Paxton, Ella W.
Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. William F.
Marbourg, Gertrude 1. Mowl, Maurine M. Paxton, Mr. and Mrs. J. V.
William J. Moyer, Ora C. Payne. Mr. and Mrs.
Lind, Flora T. Marsh, Mr. and Mrs.
Raymond D. Muir. Mr. and Mrs. John K.
Lind, Mr. and Mrs. James E. Frank C. Payne. Mr. and Mrs.
Lind, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall. James V.
Martin, Frank W. Musch. Mr. and Mrs. Richard W.
Thomas W. Warren J. Peach, Josephine
Lindamood, Mr. and Mrs. Martin, Sarah
Martindale, Mr. and Mrs. Myer, Lee I. Pearson. Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest V. Myers. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Frank E.
Link, Lido, B. J. C.
Mauney, hofr. and Mrs. Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Pearson, Mr. and Mrs.
Litwin, Mayer S. Nash, Anna S. Maurice L.
Lobinger, Mr. and Mrs. John O.
Maxwell, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, John P. Pennington. Mr. and Mrs.
Ollie W. Nevitt. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Frank E.
Logsdon, Nellie N. Curtis P.
Mayes, Iva C. Newcomer, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pennypacker, Sue E.
Lord. Earl K. North, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Perkins. Mr. and Mrs.
Lowder, Mr. and Mrs. Merideth. Mr. and Mrs.
Clyde O. North. Mr. and Mrs. Fred S.
Floyd M. Stanley J. Peters. Gertrude E.
Lowe, Mr. and Mrs. Merwin, Mr. and !\tITS.
Elwyn L. Norton. Harry P. Peterson. Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas A. Northington, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W.
Lumpkins, Minnie Mae Merwin, Mr. and Mrs.
George W. John G. Peterson. Ira F.
Lyles, Ella G. Notgrass. Charles D. Peterson. Mr. and Mrs.
Miller, Bernard P.
Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Noyes, Matilda Leon D.
Furman W. Charles T. Phelps; Mr. and Mrs.
Obley, Edna Ruth Brown T.
McCarty, Mason W. Miller. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles E. Obley, John A. Phelan, William
McCauley, Doll

[ 82 ] [ 83 ]
Shields, James H. Stubbs, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Shomber, Mr. and !l.1rs. Stulp, Mr. and Mrs. John O.
Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd J. Suddock, Ella Mae
Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Shonkwiler. Francis M. Suggs, George W.
John A.
Arthur L. Roberts, Robert G. Shoop, Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan, Emma L.
Plumb, James B. Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Sutton, Mr. and Mrs.
Carmen V.
Powell, Evalynanne snun, Mr. and Mrs. Robert T.
powell, Mr. and Mrs. William G.
Roberts, Thomas D. Charles B. Swender, Dora
Floyd K. Roberts. Mr. and Mrs. Sigler, Frank P. Taggart, Mr. and Mrs.
Price, Mr. and Mrs. Sill, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Logan C.
William J.
William M. Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Simons, Mr. and Mrs. Tanner, Edith A.
putnam, Mr. and Mrs. Tarrant, Hattie M.
William T. La wrence A.
Perry L. Robinson, Ervil H. Sim mona, Phillip J. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs.
Quackenbush, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin L.
Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Sims, Alice G.
Ezra Preston E. Slead, Emma Taylor, Mr. and Mrs.
Ramy, Mr. and Mrs. A. Kirk John W.
Randel, Marshall Robinson, Sue smaaes, Mr. and Mrs.
ROgers, Flora L. Ernest T. Teverbaugh, Mr. and MrS.
Randolph, Margaret A. Fred A.
Randolph, Lucile Romer. Marie Smi th, Annette
Ropfogle, Abraham H. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Albert H.
Rayl, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Thomas, Mr. and Mrs.
Rossetter, Mr. and Mrs. Alpha D.
Reaburn, George H. Samuel I.
Read, Durell H. Harry B. Smith. Cora H.
Ruggles, Emma A. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Ollie G. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs.
Redelfs, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. William H.
Ruggley, Fred
L. John Rummel, Mrs. Fritz Mart Gary Thompson, Mr. and Mrs.
Reeble, Margaret May Robert L.
Rummel, Reedy Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Roy B.
Reed. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs.
Rummel, George Smith. Vallie
Charles E. Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Snoddy. Nettie B. Sandy A.
Rees, Edward H. George L. Sollars, Sadie A. Thudin, Mr. and Mrs.
Rees, Mary J. Russell. Giles E. Sorber, Mr. and Mrs. Howard P.
Reese, Olive A. Samuel, Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Tibbals, Mr. and Mrs.
Reese, Elmer F. Walter ·L. Soule. Mr. and Mrs. Harry A.
Reese, Esther Saunders, Millie Clifford L. Torrance, Mr. and Mrs.
Reid, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Austin A.
Schenck. Mattie South, Mr. and Mrs. F. Jay
Retschlag. Mr. and Mrs. Tipton, Mr. and Mrs.
Scheel, Mr. and Mrs. Speer, Louisa
Fred H. Staley, Mr. and Mrs. Alta E. William B.
John A.
Rich, Ada L. Schottler, Mr. and Mrs. Stange, Cleora C. Traner, Mr. and Mrs.
Rich, Lucy A. Martin W. Starling, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer A.
Rich, Mr. and,Mrs. Peter F. Troyer, Winfred May
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Delbert D.
Rich, Mr. and Mrs. Tressler, Chauncey B.
Schureman, Emma Starns, Hugh
William B. Schureman, Mr. and Mrs. Steinmeyer, Mr. and Mrs. TYson, Walter
Rich, Edgar Walter A. John H. Uht, Mr. and Mrs. Louis S.
Richards, Clara E. Scribner. Burt C. Steinsiek, Etta J. Underwood, Mr. and Mrs.
Richards, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C.
Scribner, Charles L. Stephens. Maud
John S. Scribner, John C. Steward, Anna L. Urqnhart, George W.
Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Vail, Mr. and Mrs. Guy H.
Charles W. R. Sellers, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles L. Sylvester C. Valyer, Mr. and Mrs.
Richardson, Katherine Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Ernest E.
Richardson, Isaac T. Sellers, John B.
Selves, Arthur D. Still, Violet Vance, Mr. and Mrs.
Richter, George A. selves. Mr. and Mrs. Stokes, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M.
'Rickerd, Mr. and Mrs. Utt, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E.
Lewis A. John N.
Charles H. Service. Mr. and Mrs. stone, James M. Van Orden, Mr. and Mrs.
Rigdon. Sadie Alfred R. Stout, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ivan
Riley, Grace M. Service, Robert L. Stout, Earl R. Van Sklke, Myrtle
Rindom, Mr. and Mrs. Van Orden. Mr. and Mrs.
Shadwick, Mr. and Mrs. Stowe, Mr. and Mrs.
Ora G. Floyd Walter P. Robert L.
Roberts, Clarence W. Sharrai. Mr. and Mrs. Stubbs, Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn, Jl4r. and Mrs.
Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Harry M.
Clyde S.
Evan J. Shaw. Fred B.
Roberts, Mr. and Mrs.
Sheehan. Bertha [ 85 ]
Evan W.

[ 84 ]
Williams, Mr. and Mrs.
Vaughn, Mary John R.
Vaughn, Thomas C. Williams, Robert C.
Vickery, Fannie R. Williamson, Mr. and Mrs.
Wagoner, Mr. and Mrs.
Duff D.
Max L. Emporia High Twelve Club
Wilmore, Mr. and Mrs.
Walker, Laura Glen L.
Walkup, Grant W. Wino, Catherine
Wallis, Medford H. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs.
Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Charles S.
Warner, Edward C. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. The High Twelve Club is a non-political non-
Wathen, George F.
Wathen. Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Floyd E. sectarian organization, composed of representative
Windes, Mr. and Mrs.
Wayman. Mr. and Mrs. George I. business and professional men, who feel a keen
Harry A. Withrow, Vesta H. interest in the welfare and progress of their com-
Weimer, Clemmie Wood. Mr. and Mrs.
Weimer, Mabfe munity, their city and the affairs of the world and
Ernest E.
Weimer, Mr. and Mrs. Wood, Louis E. who desire to strive to live the ideals taught in
Earl R. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Masonry in their relation to mankind.
Wells, Elsie R. Wayne Y.
Werner, Mary Alice Wood, James C.
Wert, Blondella G. Its object is to unite Masonry in the happy
Womack. Mr. and Mrs.
wsvter. Beulah Harley B. bonds of a social hour, to inform themselves of the
West, Almira C. wortmnn. Mr. and Mrs. progress and truths of Masonry, to inspire and
Whipkey, t.ouana Ralph E.
Whipkey, Ernest F. Wright. Mr. and Mrs.
encourage the practice of those virtues which will
White, N. B. Leon N. aid in civic betterment in the upbuilding of the
White, Mr. and Mrs. Wright, David I. principles of good government, in the advancement
Seyler C. Wright. Martha C.
Wicks, William H. Wyman. Mr. and Mrs.
of education, and in the upbuilding of its members
Wilcox, John C. Fred E. in honorable and successful living; to encourage
Wilhite, George P.
Williams, Mr. and Mrs.
Yates. Mr. and Mrs. and participate in such constructive activities as
Harry C.
Albert R. Yearout, Mr. and Mrs. shall tend to the betterment of this community.
Williams, Emrys William P.
Williams, Evan E. All Master Masons are eligible to membership
The officers for 1947 are as follows: Andrew' E.
Buck, President; Glen A. Pennington, Vice-Presi-
dent; Jess C. Howland, Treasurer; Orval E. Moon,
Secretary; A. Kirk Ramy, International Repre-
sentative; Samuel Mellinger, Program Chairman;
Board of Directors: Lewis Litke, Winfield S. Han-
cock, James C. Brogan, Robert I. Anderson, Leon
D. Peterson.

Meets every Frida)' at 12: 12.

[ 87 1
[ 86 1

Roster of Members

Anderson, Robert 1. Mellinger, Samuel
Asbby, Russell Miller Bernard P.
Ayer, Royal F. Mitchell, Ralph B.
Baltz, Henry A. Moon, Orval E.
Bollinger, Wayne Murpby, Harry E.
Brier. Harold L. McCloud, Harold
Brogan, James C. Newcomer. Ted
Brown, Urban C. Parker, Ra.lph G.
Bruner, Hugh C. Parker, Wilburn W.
Buck, Andrew E. Parry, Clifford D.
Cannon, Richard Pearson, Leroy
Clark, Luther Pennington, Frank E.
Cotton. Ralph V. Pennington, Glen A.
Daniels, E. W. Pennington, Vernon F.
Ellis, Ira F. Peterson, Leon D.
Evans, Thomas G. Rees, William L.
Forbes, Blair C. Richards, W. Marvin
Griffith. Fred R. Ramy, A. Kirk
Hammer, Marion R. Roberts, William J.
Hancock, Winfield S. Rogers. Floran A.
Haning, Zerne P. Samuel, Owen S.
Hawthorne E. A. Schottler, Martin W.
Heath, Deloy Shaw, Fred B.
Heatb, F. B. Sheeley, Vesper M.
Honeyman, John L. Sbipman, Robert
Howland, Jess C. Siedboff, Elmer
Isaacs, Orin L. Siedhoff, George
Jackson, George K. Simons, L. A.
Jobnson, Frank H. Smith, Alfred D.
Kramm, Roy Sobke, J. J.
Lewis, William J. Sorber, L. A.
Lind, Tbomas W. Torrance, Austin A.
Lindquist, E. L. Trimble, Paul
Li tke, Lewis Walrafen, Loren W.
Longberry, H. Hilton Whitehead. Paul A.
Lowe, Thomas A. Wilcox, Jim J.
Manning. Harris W. Winter. Ben
Mantooth, Roy L. womack, Harley
Maul, Ray C. Wyman, Fred E.
Mauney, John O.
President 1947

[ 88 ] [ 89 ]
Lyon County Scottish Rite Club
Organized April 20, 1916

Otber 3J 0 Maso1lS [rom Em poria
L. \Vf. LEWIS 33 0 HENRV HEOGECOCK EDWARO J. PEERY, President 1946-1947
Frank Eckdall, Y.-Pres. Thomas A. Lowe, Sec'y (j T'reas.

[ 91 ]
History of the Club
The Lyon county Scottish Rite Club was organ-
ized April 20, 1916, the membership consists of all
members of the Rite who live in Emporia, Lyon
County, or the vicinity, and who care to affiliate
themselves with this club. "The Parent Organiza-
tion is the Orient of Kansas - Valley of Topeka."
The first meeting was held in the old Whitley
Hotel, April 20, 1916, where the following officers
were elected: W. W. Parker, President; John Sauer, PAST PRESIDENTS
Vice-President, and who also served as Secretary. w_ W_ Parker 1916 .Harry McGuire 1932
The rouowms Brethren were present at this meet- George Cooley 1917 s_ C. Stewart 1933
ing, R. O. Morris, W. W. Parker, S. N. Pal'ker, John 'John Ba ue r.; 1918 J_ c. Brogan 1934
Ferris HilL .1919 Robt. H. Hudkins 1935
Sauer, Owen Samuel, nenrv Hedgecock, F. M. Hill, 'Ed_ E_ Jones 1920 Thomas A_ Lowe 1936
L. A. SimonS, George Cooley, Edward Jones, R. F. 'Henry Hedgecock 1921 L. A. Simons 1937
R. F_ Ayer.. 1922 R. G. Robert"- 1938
Ayer, and carl Ricker. Thus this meeting started John B. Boyd 1939
E. R. Wiemer. 1923
the Lyon County Scottish Rite Club on the success- H_ P_ Davis 1924 'W_ L. Huggins 1940
ful career it has enjoYed the past thirty years. Arthur Erlcsson 1925 Chas H_ Mahan 1941
'R. J. Leatherberry 1926 Owen s_ SamueL .__1942
The purpose of this club is to foster and per- S_ N. ParkeL 1927 Syl vester Rogers
L. A_ Drum
Ed H_ Rees 1928 1944
petuate the fraternal fellowship among the ohas. H. Burnap 1929 p _ U_ Hirschler 1945
b!ethren who through their labors in Masonry 'Thos_ J _ CoJlins .1930 D. H. KogeL 1946
E_ J _ Peery 1947
have advanced to the 18th degree or 32nd degree of 'Lee H_ WrighL 1931
Scottish Rite Masonry; and to commemorate an- 'Deceased
nually the Night of Maundy Thursday, thus the
attendance would bethe fulfillment of our obliga-
tion as a Scottish Rite Mason.
This club has done quite a little charity work,
has helped in places where there was need, regard-
less of creed or color. This is taken care of from a
fund that is set up for this purpose. At the present
there are two members who have never missed a
meeting of tne club, S. N. Parker lrnd Royal F_ Ayer.
Through the courtesy and the efforts of Royal F.
Ayer, 33 degree, this history of the club has been

[ 92 ] [ 93 ]
King, Jesse B. Parry, Clifford D.
ROSTER OF MEMBERSHIP King, Ralph E. Pearson, F'ra.nk E.
Dietz, E. L. Koger, Daniel H. Peery, Edward J.
Amerine, Hillman A. Kramm, Roy L. Perkins, Fred S.
Dietz, Glen A.
Altemus, oscar F. Dietz, J. A. Lancaster, Henry E. Perkins, Phillip I.
Anderson, Robert I. Landreth, John N. Petford, John W.
Dietz, Robert L.
Anderson, Lars H. Doile, Ray A. Lange, Louis S. Phelan, Lloyd L.
Aubuchon, Julian B. Sr. Larkin, Don A. Phillips, Jesse L.
Aubuchon, Julian B. Jr. Doles, Jennings B.
Doty, Oscar L. Larkin, Ralph V. Pickett, Gloyd K.
Armor, Sam R. Drinkwater, Harold Larkin, Walter Powe, Wilmer M.
Ayer, Royal F. Drum, Linza A. Lee, Clifford C. Prather, Dale L.
Bartlett, Earl A. Duffield, Homer L. Lewis, William J. Rees, Edward H.
Bartlett, Curtis M. Earls, Harold C. Li mbocke r, Myron A. Remy, Lloyd L.
Beattie, Earl Eckdall, Frank A. Lobinger, Ollie W. Rencbler, Leroy A.
Bibler, Fredrick C. Eckdall, Frank F. Looker, Eugene W. Reynolds, Earl E.
Blue, Glenn A. Etheridge, James L. Loomis, Arthur C. Richmond, Harry W.
Bogue, Thomas F. Evans, Maynard O. Loomis, Chester S. Riggs. Fred A.
BortoD, Joshua O. Feil, Andrew Lowe, Thomas A. Roberts, Robert G.
Boyd, James R. Ferree, Frank O. Lynde, Armour C. Roberts, William T.
Brogan, James C. FitCh, Clarence D. Lyons, Furman W. Roberts, Paul E.
Russell, Bert H. Fouts, Harry M. McDermed, Earl Robohn, Harold R.
Brown, ome G. Francis, James C. McKenney, Cecil M. Robinson, Charles E.
Blackburn, Boyd B. Fri tzinger, John H. McWherter, Merrill Robinson, James E.
Baumgardner, Glenn M. Gibbs, John R. Magwire, Frank B. Robinson, Samuel J.
Burnap, Charles W. Gibson, Melvern W. Mahan, Charles H. Rohr, William E.
Boyd, Robert R. Gorman, William Manning, Harris W. Rogers, Harlan M.
Busenbark, Walter R. Marsh, Raymond D. Rogers, Heber A.
Greenlee, Vernon E.
Buffington, Harry W. Hanna, wnuam S. Marwin, Elwyn L. Rogers, Herbert A.
Bailey, Earl A. HanseD, Carl U. Mason, John M. Rogers, Ralph
Brown, Robert P. Hastings, Elgie C. Jr. MaUCk, Frank B. Rogers, Sylvester L.
Calhoun, William K. Hawthorn, Ernest A. Mauney, John O. Rogers, William H.
Campbell, Ollie W. Mautz. Werner T. Romine, Leon R.
Harvey, Hiram C.
Campbell, Phil M. Hendrickson, Irl A. Maybell, Roy K. Ropfogle, Abraham
Cannon, Richard L. Martin, Frank W. Rossetter, Harry B.
Henson, John M.
Case, Robert W. Hennessey, Robert L. Merry, Dean E. Russell, George L.
Cassidy, Frank J. Merwin, George W. Jr. Samuel, Owen S.
Hill. Ferris M.
Chapin, DeLosS Hinden, Jacob Miller. Charles T. Samuel, Walter L.
Christerson, Samuel G. Minnich, Walter S. Scott, George D.
Hirschler, Ira R. Seaman, Gleason O.
Cipra, Ernest L. Hirschler, Peter U. Mitchell, Harold G.
Clark, Lloyd T. Hobrock, George M. Mitchell, Robert A. Seederman, D. A.
ciow, Raymond F. Hollicke, Merle E. Moon, Orval E. Scheck, Loren F.
Collins, Garlie R. Honeyman. John L. Moore, Gerald Settle. Clayton
Carpenter, Thomas E. Howard, Ellsworth Morris, Richard O. Seybold, Harold W.
Copeland, Harry E. Myers. Irving Sheets, Lee E.
Hughes, John M. Shields. James H.
Corfan, Jacob C. Hughey, William F. Nail, Ross L.
Creason, Silas P. Huntley, George D. Nelson, Maurice F. Shomber, Floyd J.
Crellen, Lowell M. Huenergardt, Horace G. Notgrass. Charles D. Shomber, Ray W.
Curtis, Frank E. Obley, Charles T. Sickler, Guy C.
Ice. William R. Sidler, John W.
Davies, Jacob C.
iliff. Harold B. Obley, John A.
Davis, Cecil H. Obley, William C. Siedhoff, Elmer
Johnson, Albert Siedhoff, George
Davis, Cleon O.
Johnson. Walter E. Obley, William M.
Davis, Ervin L. O'Connell, Gerald E. Siler, George F.
Jones, Carl S. Shaw, William E.
Davis, Harold P. Jones, Weston D. Olson. Leroy E.
Davis, Roy E. Ormby, Lawrence A. Sielert, Ed ward R.
Jones, Willis D. Simons, Harry H.
Dawson, CarlO. Parker, Simeon M.
Dawson, George E. Keith, Glen Simons, Lawrence A.
Kent, John H. Parker, Wilburn W.
Dawson, George T. Parks, Rex M. Simpson, Wayne A.
King, Gurnie W.
DeWitt, Harold
[ 95 ]
[ 94 ]
Ward, Wayne H. Emporia Arab Shrine Club
Smith, Bert H. Walker, Leonard H.
Sorber, Louis A. Walker, Grant W. The first Shrine Club in Emporia was known as
Stewart, Clyde S. Warner, Raymond.
stokes, John N. Warren, Loren N. Abdallah Shrine Club of Emporia. On May 17, 1917,
stonebraker, James A. White, John F. the Abdallah Shrine at Leavenworth journeyed
Stotler, Edwin C. White LewiS F. to Emporia for a ceremonial, at which fifty-
Stout, Clark H. White: Merideth
stout, Howard Wicks, WIlham two weary sons of the Desert were initiated into the
stout, Wayne. WilCOX, Harry M. Shrine; again on May 25, 1920,Abdallah put on an-
Straight, LOUlSE. Wiilis, Raymond H.
Swint, Harold F. Wilson, James S.
other ceremonial at which time one hundred and
Taylor, Earl B. Wilson, Russell F. five novices were taken across the sands.
Thompson, Ralph E. Wilsey, Orvlil B. From this time on the Emporia Shrine Club has
Turvey, Frank E. Wood. James C.
Vance, Lewis M. woodring. Glen K. been very active. When Arab Shrine was chartered
Vansickle. Dean D. Windes. Charles in Topeka, the name of the Emporia Club was
Vernon, Calvin L. Windes, George 1. changed to the Empolia Arab Shrine Club. The
Waldrop, Arthur Wright. Dale M.
Ward, Viley A. Club is organized for the purpose of giving enter-
tainments for the Nobles, who live in and. around
Emporia. The present officers are Ernest A. Haw-
thorne, President; Sylvester Rodgers, Vice-Presi-
dent; Sylvester W. Kufahl, Treasurer; Orval E.
Moon, Secretary. The Potentate's representative is
Royal F. Ayer.
Arab Official Divan
Illustrious Potentate, Martin L. Philiips; Chief
Rabban, Fred H. Gades; Assistant Rabban, John W.
Lewis; High Priest and Prophet, Paul Rogers;
Oriental Guide, J. Glen Davis; Treasurer, Geo-rge
W. Stansfield; Recorder, Walter D. Miller; First
Ceremonial Mastel.', E. A. Thomas; Second Cere-
monial Master, Lane Dunagin; Marshal, Scott E.
Kelsey; Captain of the Guard, Roy W. Briritall ;
Outer Guard, Lewis W. Smith.
Shriner's Pledge
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United
States of America and to the Republic tot which
it stands. One Nation indivisible, with Liberty and
Justice for all.

[ 97 ]

[ 96 ]
Living in Emporia and Vicinity
Larkin, Walter
Anderson, Lars H. Levett, John B.
Anderson, Robert I. Limbocker, Myron A.
Ashby, Russell P. Lobinger, Ollie W.
Ayer, Royal F. Lyons, Furman W.
Blue, Glenn A. McCoy, Curtis J.
Bogue, Thomas F. McGahey, Wilbur A.
Boyd, John R. Marbut, T. Fiske
Cannon, R. Leroy Marsh, Raymond D.
oipra, Ernest L. Mauney, John O.
Cole. Harold M. Merideth, Clyde O. Jr.
Collins, Garlie R. Moon, Orval E.
Cooper, Lewis D. owens, Thomas
Corbett, Fred R. Parker, Wilburn W.
Crellin. Lowell M. Pennington, Frank E.
Davis, Cecil H. Rees, Edward H.
DiCKensheets, W. Scott
Robe, Roy R.
Dickson, James D. Robohm, John R.
Doles, Jennings B. ROpfogle, A. Harry
Hawthorn, Ernest A. Saffer. George W.
Haynes. John W. Samuel, Walter L.
Heath, Fred B. Schottler, Martin W.
Hendrickson, Irl A. Scott, Fred J.
HobrocK, George M. Simons, Lawrence A.
Hollicke, Merle E. Smith, ROY B.
Honeyman. John L. Steerman, Everett -E.
Jamison, Howard L. Wathen, Ollie
King. Albert A. Wicks, William H.
Kramnl, Roy
Kufahl, sylvester W.

Members of other Shrine Clubs,
known and living in tbis vicinity;
there may be others unknown to us
Samuel, Owen
Fitts, Walter Selby, Garland F.
Henson, J. M. Shipman, Robert
Hill, Ferris M. Siedhoff. Elmer
Jones, Evan C. Siedhoff, George
Kendig, Elmer E. Staley. Kenneth
Lange, Louts S. Stewart, sylvester C.
Northington, John G. Toms. Harry
Parker, Simeon N. Wilcox. Harry M.
polKinghorn, D. W. Williams, Robert C.
Roberts, William T. Zink, William E.
Rummell, George

[9S ]