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Lewis Dot 3D Angles Shape Hybridize Bond Overall Strength

d orbitals polarity Polarit of
(more y intermol
polar + ecular
arrow in forces
O2 180 linear sp none none

CO2 180 linear sp O-C: O none
gas is more

CH4 109 tetrahedral Sp3 C-H: C is None
gas more

NH3 From Trigonal Sp3 N-H: N Polarit
gas 109 to pyramidal is more y
107.3 polar toward
s the
C2H5OH For Around the For both C-H: C is Polarit
liquid carbon carbons it is carbon more y
s it is tetrahedral and polar toward
109, except for oxygen it C-O: O s the O
for the last is sp2 is more
oxyge carbon polar
n it is where it is
95 trigonal
around the
oxygen it is

CH3OCH For Around the For both C-H: C is None
3 carbon carbons it is carbon more
gas s it is tetrahedral, and polar
109, around the oxygen it C-O: O
for oxygen it is is sp2 is more
oxyge bent polar
n it is
CH3COO For left For the For the C-H: C is Polarit
H side carbon on carbon on more y
gas carbon the left is it the left it polar toward
it is tetrahedral, is sp3, for C-O: O s the
109, the carbon the is more left
for in the carbon in polar
center middle is the O-H: O
carbon trigonal middle it is more
it is planar, the is sp2, for polar
120, lower the
for oxygen is oxygen it
oxyge bent is sp2
n it is
C8H18 For all For all For all C-H: C is none
liquid carbon carbons, it is carbons is more
s it is tetrahedral it sp3 polar
DNA ???????? See below
DNA is a huge WTF