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1412 W. Swallow Road
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Pastor Ralph Patrick
December 13, 2009
Third Sunday in Advent


We give thanks to God that you are joining us today!
Many of our guests are seeking a home church where they
can be part of the Fellowship of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Peace with Christ is a congregation that is a family not an
“organization”. We are small enough to allow people to
know each other by name, and yet large enough to offer
opportunities for growth and service. What we “specialize”
in is not programs or productions, but simply The Gospel
of Our Lord Jesus. Christ, His Word, and the Cross are
what provide the foundation for faith and ministry. If you
are interested in learning more about Peace With Christ
Lutheran Church, please call the church office at 226-4721.
Pastor Patrick would welcome the opportunity to visit with
you personally.
THE TIME before the service may be used for prayer and preparation.
Read through the worship bulletin and familiarize yourself with the service.
A few moments spent this way will help make the service more meaningful.

“Light for Our Loneliness” Guest Speaker: Rev. Dr.
Ken Klaus. Even as the Christmas angels brought a
message of light and hope to lonely souls in Bethlehem
long ago, the birth of our Savior is good news that brings
light for our loneliness today. (John 1:9) Listen to The
Lutheran Hour Message on KOA, Denver (AM850) at 6:00 a.m. and
KFKA, Greeley (AM1310) at 9:30 a.m.

Peace With Christ Radio Broadcast: KCOL (600AM), at 9:00 AM
Sundays. **Please note that the radio broadcast will not be aired on
the following dates due to Bronco football: December 6, 13 & 27.

Poinsettia Orders

A sign-up sheet is in the Narthex, $9.00 each, make check payable
to PWC write poinsettia on memo line and give to Lu Buchholz
by TODAY. Please indicate which color you would like, Red or
White. You may pick up your plant after Christmas Day service.
If you’d like your plant to go to a shut-in or nursing home
resident, please let me know. Thanks, Lu Buchholz

Musicians/Singers - If you are interested in
preparing a piece for one of the Christmas
services, please bring your ideas to Reena,
and she will assist you in choosing a piece
and in scheduling you.

Advent Devotional Calendars
Calendars are still available if you missed last Sunday. You
can find them on the bulletin board in the Narthex. This is a
great opportunity to read the prophecies of Christ’s birth as
we prepare our hearts and minds for the coming of Christ.

LWML’s Christmas Party is TODAY at 2pm at the home of
Norma Thaemert. There is limited parking, so we’ll carpool from
church at 1:30 PM. Remember to bring your Christmas “Dime Stock-
ing” money, your mites, and a plate of cookies. Dime stocking money
will support Crossroads Safehouse. Extra cookies will be used to make
up holiday plates for shut-ins. Food, Fun & Fellowship all in one
place! ALL ladies are welcome.

♦ The next LWML Executive Board meeting will be Monday, Janu-
ary 4th beginning at 6pm in the home of Bev Russman. All 2009
AND 2010 Board members are encouraged to attend.

(Tuesday Afternoon Group)
December 15th at 1:00pm
It’s a Christmas Party! For a fun and relaxing afternoon
let’s enjoy Christmas music and play Dubs Bridge. It’s easy
and everyone can play. Bring cookies or snacks to share.

Youth and Children’s Christmas Service
Today is our last Sunday school rehearsal for the service. It will be very
important for your student to be in Sunday school. The service itself is
December 16 at 6:30pm, and we will need the children to arrive at the
church at 5:45pm.

The sign-up sheet is out on the bulletin board if you are willing and able
to help with the Youth and Children’s Christmas service but haven’t had
a chance to put your name down. We have a few people signed up to
bring cupcakes or hors d’oeuvres, but we could use some more. Also, if
you would like to help the youth make the gift bags, they would appreci-
ate any donations of apples, Clementine oranges, and candy canes.
Thank You!
Christmas Caroling
Plan to join the Youth on Saturday, Dec. 19 at
2:00pm for caroling. We will be visiting shut-
ins and other members of the congregation.
Please plan to bring a Christmas snack to
share. It should be a great time - sign-up so we can plan
rides! Drivers are needed! Thanks Marilyn

Need a Christmas gift? Remember the Youth have
many gift cards available for sale or you may order
many gift cards. Thank you for your support of this

Children’s Christmas Bags - Tuesday after school come to church
to help fill the bags. The bags are for Children’s Christmas Pro-
Senior High Lock-in - Changed to December 22 beginning at
5:30pm. Sign-up! Cost of “Surprise Outing” is $8.00!!
Christmas Caroling - December 19th at 2pm! Please sign-up so
we can plan rides!!

College and Young Adult Group
Reena has surprise treats for you in her office.
If you want one, catch her after the service.
Bible Study - Meeting by the Info Desk a the Lory Student Center at
5:00pm this Tuesday.
Christmas Party - Friday, December 18 at 6:00pm at Cate Jesser’s home.
Please let Reena know if you will be attending.

Parents and 2-3 year olds - A Sunday School class for two
- three year old children and their parents has begun, and
they have had a great time! If you are interested in bringing
your child to the class, please plan to attend the Sunday
School Opening at 9:30 am in the sanctuary, then class will
be held in the Nursery. If you have any questions, see
Chad Hamilton, Robin Hamilton, Reena Linke or Marilyn
Jesus Wept.
John 11:35

The shortest verse in the Bible, “Jesus wept.”, shows us that
grief is a part of living on earth. We have all suffered a loss in
our lives. From the loss of a small earthly item to the largest
loss of a loved one, loss is inevitable. However, as we go
through our deepest emotions, Jesus is with us. “So with you:
now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice,
and no one will take away your joy”. (John 16:22 NIV)

God’s blessing is to have fellow Christians who care for each
other enough to walk the path of grief together. Peace With
Christ’s new congregational Grief Support Series and Grief
Partners group is a new series of three (3) sessions to help mem-
bers and non-members of Peace With Christ through your time
of grief. We will explore how faith is an essential part of our
healing. The sessions will be held monthly starting in January
2010. Each quarter we will start the series anew.
Session I - Jesus Wept
Help for the newly bereaved and all others who are experienc-
ing a major loss & those who just want to learn more about
what grief is, and understanding the symptoms.
Session II - The Father of Compassion
For those who are past the first shock of grief, and are now
seeking relief as the world continues to revolve.
Session III - In God’s Hands
Session III addresses how we face the future as we try to rebuild
our lives.

The Grief Support Group is composed of PWC volunteers
who are empathetic to families or individuals who have had a
loss and are available to support members as they grieve. There
is a volunteer training session, and we encourage members to
become a part of this compassionate endeavor. Anyone with
questions or wishing to participate can call Gail Neben, Grief
Series Coordinator, 970-222-4715, or
The first training will be Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 6:30pm
and every third Tuesday there after at PWC.
PWC Library Book of the Week- NEW BOOK!
Why I am a Lutheran
Through a blend of understandable explanations and real
-life stories, Why I am a Lutheran explores the founda-
tional teaching of the Christian Church. In each chapter
Daniel Prues calls upon more than twenty years of pas-
toral experience to reveal Jesus as the center of the Christian faith. As
he addresses central doctrines such a sin and grace, Law and Gospel,
the person and work of Jesus Christ, worship, the Sacraments, and the
office of the ministry, Prues keeps the focus of Jesus Christ- who is
“always and only at the center of all Christian teaching.”

It’s not too late to join the pick-up Christmas Choir! We have
several services between the two days with choral pieces at
each service:
♦ December 24 - 4pm and 7pm. Lessons and carols, 10pm
Divine Service
♦ December 25 - 9am Divine Service.
Contact Reena if you have any questions or if you would like to have
the music early - ALL AGES ARE WELCOME!
Rehearsals: Sunday, December 20 - Noon
Wednesday, December 23 - 6:00pm

Our Prayers: We remember-
Those who are ill, hospitalized, or recovering from surgery:
Gene Frank, Geri Koenecke (Sharon Wiesner’s mother), Barb Holder, Mac
& Iris Bergen, Helen Leben, Louise Tuchenhagen, Linda Groeling,
Kevin Rodenbeck, Marilyn Craig, Marilyn Hudson, Evelyn Marweg,
Jason Shedd and family

Those who are not able to attend church: Margaret Ziehm, Carolyn
Brown, Arline Young, June Schwarck, Marie Rubel, Jean Upham.

The families of Peace With Christ

U.S. Soldiers throughout the world

was not available for this week.

The Lutheran Witness Subscriptions are
coming due again. The cost for a one-year sub-
scription, with the congregational discount, is
$20.83. If you would like to receive the Lutheran
Witness, make your check payable to Peace With Christ
and give to Marcy in the office or to Wes Nierman or Dan

Name buttons are be-
ing made for those who
joined PWC in the last
18 months. If you lost
your badge, have a
name change or feel
you’ve been missed,
please let Marcy know
in the church office.

Reminder: If you have not returned your pledge card
please put it into the offering plate by December 20th.
Extra cards are available from the ushers. Thank you
Larry Siegfried, Vice President

The Kings Men study group will not be meeting for
the rest of December. As you make plans for the
new year, please consider joining us at 6pm during
the FED study starting January 6.

Today Worship Services 8:00 am &
December 13 (Communion) 10:45 am
Education Hour 9:30 am
LWML Christmas Party 2:00 pm

Monday M ‘n M’s 7:00 pm
December 14

Tuesday TAG 1:00 pm
December 15 College/Young Adults 5:00 pm
Bible Study

Wednesday Bible Study 8:45 am
December 16 Children’s Christmas 6:00 pm

Thursday Morning Doves 9:00 am
December 17 RMHS 10:50 am

Friday College/Young Adults 6:00 pm
December 18 Group Christmas Party

Saturday Christmas Caroling 2:00 pm
December 19

Sunday Worship Services 8:00 am &
December 20 (Communion) 10:45 am
Education Hour 9:30 am
Adult Choir Rehearsal 12:00 pm
Hands in Harmony 12:00 pm
Broadcast Articles Due

December 13 8:00 am 10:45 am
Materials: Chris Dunker
Greeters: Fred & Pam Kropp Chris Dunker
Guest Book: Connie Jurischk Julie Ward
Reader: Ray Kaiser Dan Prevedel
Ushers: Ed Jurischk Dan Prevedel
John Jesser Chris Prevedel
Austin Jesser Chuck Black
Chris Dunker
Nursery: Adele Ahnstedt Prevedel
Acolytes: Zach Diem Rachael Bernhardt
Crucifer: Keller Foster Julie Roth
Audio Support: Judy Dahlgren Scott Boehnke
Organist: Reena Linke
Choir Director: Kelley Pichel
Elder of the Month: Art Pforr


December 20 8:00 am 10:45 am
Materials: Millie Miller
Greeters: Bill & Fran Watson Nadine Lueker
Guest Book: Lydia & Jenessa Barb Prenzlow
Reader: Dan Krueckeberg Michael Rholfs
Ushers: Randy Fiscus Chris Dunker
Sandy Fiscus Nick Allison
Brian Molzer Jarryd Allison
Adele Ahnstedt Paul Carlson
Nursery: Cate Jesser Prevedel
Acolytes: Myah Boehnke Marina Rohlfs
Crucifer: Keller Foster Julie Roth
Audio Support: Chris Dunker David Nierman
Organist: Shawna Prevedel
Elder of the Month: Art Pforr

Prayer and Study

Date: December 13 - December 19

Luther Quote: “The Gospel is a sort of teaching which cannot,
like the teaching of the Law, be understood by reason, but with
which reason utterly disagrees. For reason cannot comprehend a
forgiveness of sins for the sake of a foreign merit nor a righteous-
ness that is foreign.”

Bible readings for the week:

Sunday: Psalm 12; Isaiah 13-15
Monday: Psalm 13; Isaiah 16-18
Tuesday: Psalm 14; Isaiah 19-21
Wednesday: Psalm 15; Isaiah 22-24
Thursday: Psalm 16; Isaiah 25-27
Friday: Psalm 17; Isaiah 28-30
Saturday: Psalm 18; Isaiah 31-33

Taiwan – Dec. 1-15
The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod began work in Taiwan in
1951. The China Evangelical Lutheran Church Taiwan (CELC)
became an LCMS partner church in 1966.

Daily Prayers:

Sunday: For Ablaze! Alliance missionary Rev. Michael Wu, from the
CELC in Taiwan, who is serving in the special administrative region of
Macau. May the Lord continue to bless Michael’s work as he partners
with LCMS missionaries there to reach more people for the Gospel
among Macau’s casinos and rampant gambling.
Monday: For the ministry of Salvation Lutheran Church in Chiayi,
Taiwan, a congregation of the CELC. Rev. Alex Wu and his wife, Ruth,
serve this congregation and many of the LCMS missionaries in Taiwan
also attend church here.

Tuesday: For the ongoing recovery following the Typhoon Morakot
that struck Taiwan in August 2009. Ask God to ease the suffering of
people who lost homes, possessions, and loved ones in this natural dis-
aster—and that He would also show the LCMS missionaries and the
CELC how to reach out with God’s love in the wake of this disaster.

Papua New Guinea — December 16-31
Papua New Guinea is the world’s most linguistically-complex
country—more than 800 languages are spoken in there! The Lu-
theran Church--Missouri Synod began work in Papua New
Guinea in 1948, at the invitation of a Wauni tribal leader in
Yaramanda, Enga Province.

Wednesday: For missionaries Dr. Steve and Julie Lutz as they serve
in their medical and educational ministries in Papua New Guinea. Ask
the Lord to sustain them despite the obstacles that Satan puts in their
path and to bless them with good and restored health.

Thursday: For GEO missionaries Anton Lutz as he works to con-
struct an airstrip in a rural area. Ask the Lord to protect him from harm
and strengthen his faith as he serves Him in this setting. Pray too for the
quick arrival of new GEO missionary Paul Andrews to help Anton in
this task, pending approval of his paperwork by Papua New Guinea’s

Friday: For the work on the Kaiam airstrip and its eventual opening,
which will allow locals access to better health care, nutritious food,
clean water, government participation, and education. When the strip is
completed, small aircraft will be able to land, bringing medical sup-
plies, church workers, teachers, food, seeds, and water tanks.

Saturday: For the ministry of the LCMS partner church in Papua
New Guinea, the Gutnuis Lutheran Church (GLC), which has more
than 700 congregations and 138,000 members. Pray that the Lord
would use this church to continue to reach many people with the Gospel
in this diverse country with challenging terrain.



Worship Attendance: Total
93(8:00) 65(10:45 am) 158

Education Hour Attendance:
Adult Bible Study: 46 Sunday School: 28

Financial Update
As of November 30, 2009

Budget - 2009 Income Expenses Net Income
$359,000.00 $310,445.32 $309,588.99 $856.33


ADULT BIBLE CLASS. .. Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall
NURSERY & KINDERGARTEN . . . . Preschool Rooms
GRADES 1- 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Peter
GRADES 3-4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Abraham
GRADE 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Isaac
JR. HIGH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jacob
SR. HIGH . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . Youth Room

(ESV) Green sheet articles are due
by 3:00 p.m. Wednesday
First Lesson: Micah 5:2-5a afternoon.
Second Lesson: Broadcast articles are due
Hebrews 10:5-10
December 20
Gospel: Luke 1:39-45