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The weather is cooling and soon leaves are

turning vibrant colours in the change from

Summer to Autumn. Thanksgiving is a few
short weeks away and I am preparing for a
large change in Gods calling. I think of the
words of Solomon. For everything there is a
season, and a time for every matter under
heaven. (Ecclesiastes 3:1) It is with a
mixture of gratitude, grief and excitement that
I need to share with you that God is calling me
away from the ministry at Bridletowne Park
Church. BPC will be finishing their
partnership with Youth Unlimited at the end of
September as they seek God's direction for the
congregation while I will continue on with
Youth Unlimited in a new role. I am grateful
for my season at Bridletowne. J ust last year
God brought 185 church and community teens
to BPCYouth as we met their needs, shared
the Gospel of J esus Christ and discipled them.
It has been a privilege to be swept along in
God's work in this community. Please join me
in celebrating what God has done even as we
strive in prayer for the church and community
that they will continue to be faithful with the
gifts that God has given to them. Please also
pray for me in my new role in Youth
Unlimited. Please pray for our family as we
process this emotionally. Though we know
that God is moving us on, the goodbyes are
difficult because we love the people in the
congregation deeply. I am very thankful for
their love and support. They have been agents
of healing in our lives. Please also pray for
our financial situation. Bridletowne has been
providing half of the funding goal for these
nearly six years; pray that God would provide
for us the support we need to continue on in
service. How can you assist us in raising these
needed funds?

On Sunday September 28 at 10am we will
say our goodbyes during the service at
Bridletowne Park Church. If you are able to
join us please come as we celebrate what
God has done in the community.

Please partnering with me in my new
ministry opportunity in prayer, or financially.
If you are already a donor, would you
increase your commitment?

I will be serving in DOXA Gatherings,
Community and J ourneys. Please see for more

DOXA Gatherings will be using the Youth
Alpha series from Alpha Canada this year.
Please pray that students would have courage
to bring their friends to hear the Gospel.

Please pray for Amy and I as we will be
adjusting to a lot of change in the coming

Alain Virgin Youth Unlimited | | 416-890-1345

Five years ago!


Alain Virgin Youth Unlimited | | 416-890-1345
Camp was the theme word for the summer. It started
with tears. Each year I interview student volunteers
before camp. One of them, a young woman who had
attended WORD! Daycamp three years ago was next. I
was aware of her profession of faith and despite seeing
her frequently in the neighbourhood, it seemed that the
opportunity to disciple her was always blocked by one
circumstance or another. When I asked her about what
she believed about God tears swelled in my eyes
hearing how she had grown and matured, especially as
she lives in a home which is hostile to Christ.
We had the privilege to hire three students this summer
to run the day camp and served a great variety of
volunteers and attendees. Along with serving them in
their various needs we also shared a run through the
Bible showing how Christ is at the centre of the whole
book and discipled those who follow J esus. I also
enjoyed an opportunity to be a guest speaker one
Friday at Wilmar Heights Baptist Churchs day camp
run by my colleague Charlene and had the joy to lead
four girls to Christ.
It was very sweet to attend the Boys J IM Club of
America with four students from Bridletowne Park
Church. Over the two weeks each of them explored
new ways of serving God, learned intensely about the
scriptures and were discipled to love J esus deeply and
express him vividly.
Finally the summer was capped off with a trip to
Presquille Provincial Park where we stayed for three
days with ten teens enjoying the beach, visiting the Air
Force Museum, sharing life and having good
conversations. Please pray for one young man
especially who I believe is very near to giving his life
to J esus.

Pledged - 38%
Needed - 62%

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