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GeDoSaTo by Durante -- README

**Please read this whole document before running anything!**
What is it?
The incredibly imaginatively named GeDoSaTo is a generalized downsampling tool f
or PC games.
Its goal is to obviate the need for (often limited and hardware dependent) drive
r modifications
to use downsampling in games.
GeDoSaTo also supports game-specific plugins, for example a Dark Souls 2 plugin.
1) Extract the contents of the zip to some permanent directory
2) Run GeDoSaToTool.exe *as Administrator* (you can use this to perform the foll
owing steps)
3) Adjust the settings in config/GeDoSaTo.ini and config/GeDoSaToKeys.ini as des
- you can also store game-specific setting overrides, see "config/Blackguards
" as an example
4) [optional] Add your game executable names to "whitelist.txt" in the "assets"
(Dark Souls 2 and a few others are already included!)
5) Select the downsampling resolution in-game if you want to use downsampling
What are the advantages and disadvantages compared to driver-level downsampling?
- Essentially no resolution limits (beyond those of the GPU)
- Downsampling from more than 4x the resolution is useful (multi-stage downsampl
- Selection of downsampling methods, including bicubic and lanczos (not just lin
ear sampling)
- Downsampling in linear color space
- Support downsampling to high-frequency (e.g. 120 Hz or 144 Hz) target modes
- Not limited by display hardware
- Downsampling in borderless windowed fullscreen mode
- Compatibility is limited compared to driver-level downsampling
(only DirectX9 and DirectX9Ex supported currently)
- Bugs :P
What additional features are there?
- Take screenshots of either the pre-downsampled full buffer or the actual image
displayed on screen
(automatically sorted in per-game folders!)
- Generic texture overriding for all textures loaded using D3DX
- Framerate limiting using double/triple/quadruple V-sync
- Forcing borderless fullscreen mode and mouse cursor hiding
- Frame timing information (both GPU and CPU)
- FXAA, SMAA and postprocessing injection
- [Dark Souls 2] VSSAO2, Bokeh DoF, HDR Bloom and HuD-less screenshots
What is the Dark Souls 2 plugin?
The Dark Souls 2 plugin adds several (optional) graphical effects to the game.
Note that you need to ENABLE IN-GAME ANTI ALIASING in order to use these effects
Will it work?
It currently works relatively reliably for a number of games, but fails to work
for others.
Compatibility will hopefully improve with future versions.
*I can not and will not guarantee that it will work for anyone else,
or not have any adverse effect on your game/computer. Use at your own risk!*
Are there known issues?
The mouse cursor position and/or click detection is broken in some games.
Will it cause performance problems?
That depends on your system configuration.
Usually, performance scales rather linearly with framebuffer size.
Can I donate to motivate further GeDoSaTo development?
You can find donation links on my blog, where I'll also release new versions:
You can also simply Paypal to
How can I contribute?
GeDoSaTo is on github:
How can I uninstall it?
Simply remove the files.
If you want to be ultra clean, also remove the registry key
Contact information
Contact me at