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Christian Notes

Volume 1 Number 3 December 2009

Weogufka Second Baptist Church
Merry Christmas
Jesus is the Reason

Brother Brandon Baird Bain Culver, Chairman
Pastor Deacon’s Ministry

It’s the most wonderful time of the Christmas time is here. The smell of
year, and we have so much to be excited freshly baked cookies and green
about. This is a wonderful time for Christmas Trees fill the air. Our church
fellowship with one another. A time to calendar is filled with special activities
remember why God sent Jesus to this for everyone and this we do for the Glory
each. That reason is because he loved us of God. I want to mention two things of
so much. Be sure to focus on the love importance. First, the poinsettia flower.
you share with others during the holidays. It has become the most popular of all
Christmas is not about what you can get, Christmas flowers. The leaf is said to
but what you can give. Please make represent the star that stood over the
plans to take part in all the many Christ child. The red flower stands for
activities we have planned for this month. the blood of the male infants that King
Herod slain, and also represents the shed
God Bless and Merry Christmas blood of Christ who came to be our
Brandon Baird Savior. Second, the beautiful wreaths
that hang outside our doors. They have a
Special Events symbolic significance, too. The circle
December 13th Christmas Program represents the endless love of God, and
December 16 Community Caroling the evergreen color serves to remind us of
December 20 Down Home Country the new life that God gives to all of us
Christmas. Bring a breakfast dish for that will surely never die. As we
fellowship and a gift for “Dirty Santa.” celebrate Christmas, fellowship with
Also children’s Sunday School Classes family and friends while opening all our
will have a Birthday Party for Jesus in the packages, remember the birth of Jesus
Fellowship Hall. Christ is the greatest gift to all.
2 Volume 1 Number 3 December 2009

Paul Dunsieth, Director help with Thanksgiving or Christmas, let
Sunday School us know.
The highlight of our meeting came when
We are to give of our time to God, one Lynn Varner led us on a prayer walk
way is to be in Sunday School. This is a through the church. We stopped in each
good time to study the Bible so you can room and prayed. For example, we stood
live a better life, and prepare yourself in the choir loft and prayed for the choir,
with knowledge to help others in need. we went to each classroom and prayed for
Like to thank Mr. Billy C., Mrs. Karen the teacher and students, we stood in
V., Mrs Evans and Mrs. Brenda for Brother Brandon’s office and prayed for
giving of their time each week to prepare him and his family. This was such a
their rooms and lessons, to lead and share moving experience for each of us. The
with their class what they have learned presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong
from the lesson. With you joining in the it was as though you could reach out and
discussion together we will grow together touch Him. I would encourage everyone
in knowledge. to do this at some point. You don’t have
Happy Holidays, to wait for a special meeting. Do it on
Paul Dunsieth your own time or get a couple of people
to go with you. You will truly be
Kelley Wright, Secretary blessed!
Women on Mission Kelley Wright, Director
Special Services
The Women on Mission group met
October 27th at the church. We were few It’s the most wonderful time of year!
in number, but the Spirit was great. As (And the business!) You certainly want
you may know, the Week of Prayer for be bored this month. There is something
International Missions begins at the end for everyone. There’s Christmas
of this month. It will be November 29 - Caroling at the nursing homes and in the
December 6th. We set our Lottie Moon community, the Christmas Parade, the
goal at $1,000.00. We came so close to Sunday night Christmas Program, the
this goal last year and we want to try Down Home Country Christmas, and
again. We have several ideas of some finally the Christmas morning service.
creative ways to raise money that we will Check the bulletin each week for times
be sharing throughout the month. But we and details. God Bless
want everyone to put your thinking caps Kelley Wright
on, too. If you have an idea please let us
know. Of Special Interest
We also discussed helping families
during the holidays. If you know of a Our church is blessed with members
family in our area who could use some willing to devote their time for the Glory
3 Volume 1 Number 3 December 2009

of God. Thanks to all who helped with am God, break me, make me, and use me.
decorating the Christmas Floats, the Most of the needs today are not behind a
costumes, the church and for practicing pulpit. They are right there where you
for the Christmas program. We have so are. How about let’s make a special
many members who work in the effort this week to help a co-worker,
“background”. We thank you! And check on the neighbor, volunteer in
encourage others to participate in all our church and meet a need. Mark 8:34 says,
activities, we have good fellowship and forget yourself and follow me, referring
lots of laughs. to Jesus. God chose you and he approved
of you, Jeremiah said. The Lord tells us,
Children’s Church He created us and He has begun a good
Darlene Greene, Assistant work in us and is well able to finish. He
tells us in his word, we were His
HERE I AM, LORD, SEND ME! instruments.
So, today, I tell you, don’t worry about
When Jesus was going to feed the your faults. You are the apple of God’s
multitude with the young boy’s five eye. Walk in the fullness of Your Father.
loaves and two fishes, he went through a Let Him restore, refuel, refill, revive, and
process. This process was taking, renew you today. My prayer today for
blessing, breaking and passing the bread our church is for each one of us to have a
out to the multitudes. That is what I see burning desire to be used by God. What
happening to many of the congregation an impact we could make in the
that are longing to see God us them. The community for OUR GOD.
process is hard but rewarding. Taking
and blessing is the easy part, but Darlene Greene
brokenness does not feel good when the
process is taking place. Brokenness Children’s Church Lesson Schedule
brings submission to the Almighty God
that created us. Everyone can think of a January 3rd Darlene’s Team
time when this happened in your life. January 10th Karen’s Team
Broken means crushed, destroyed, January 17th Brooke’s Team
scattered and also birthing. What is He January 24th Brenda’s Team
birthing in your life? Is it humility, January 31st No Children’s Church
meekness, a new joy, new peace or a new
ministry? Your pain is also your gain in
the kingdom. He will use your weakness
to make you strong. Where are you in February 7th Darlene’s Team
your life? At a crossroads or a stand- February 14th Karen’s Team
still? Just be honest with the Lord when February 21st Brooke’s Team
you come to the end of yourself, Here I February 28th Brenda’s Team
4 Volume 1 Number 3 December 2009

Darlene’s Team: Darlene, Amanda,Sonya church, appeared six children in colorful
(205-280-6243) dress and bright red bows, followed by
Karen’s Team: Morgan, Karen, Quint Father Mohr and Franz Gruber playing
(245-7370) his violin. There in that little church in
Brooke’s Team: Brooke, Greta, Pam S. the mountains was heard the world
(249-3910) premier of “Silent Night.” By the time
Brenda’s Team: Brenda, Paul the snow had gone and Spring had come,
(245-7349) and the organ repair man arrived with
NOTE: If you swap a week with horse and cart, Father Mohr had long
someone let Brooke know in advance. vanished. Up in the choir loft, the organ
man found the scrap of paper on which
Musical Notes was written “Silent Night.” He carried it
Denise Adams out of the mountains to the world.
Authorship was attributed to famous
Great music is expected from great cities, composers like Bach and Beethoven.
but hardly from a poor, cold, drafty little Only later did the world learn of the
mountain church, where a few days humble authors of the beautiful Christmas
before Christmas in 1818, a hungry son..... “Silent Night”
mouse chewed through the bellows of the Blessing,
old organ, silencing it. Oh No! No music Denise Adams
for Christmas. At the church, the day
before Christmas Eve, organist Franz Lynn Varner, Leader
Xavier Gruber arrived and discovered the Ladies Discipleship Training
damaged organ. Exasperated, he pressed
the keys and pumped the bellows. Not a We have once again entered into the
sound! He and Father Joseph Mohr Season of celebration of the birth of the
pondered, “what could be done to save Savior. May you all have a very Merry
Christmas?” Shyly he withdrew from his Christmas and let’s all remember that
pocket a paper and showed him the words “Jesus is the Reason for the Season!”
he had written in German. Franz Gruber Our ladies are planning a “Ladies Day” at
was captivated by the simplicity of the the church on Saturday, January 23, 2010.
song, that told so well the wondrous We ask the church to pray for us as we
story. Hastening home he played his plan for this special event.
violin and wrote the music so he and
Father Mohr could harmonize. At the May God Bless each of you and may God
church, the arriving parishioners and Bless America.
lumber jacks, trudging through the snow, Lynn Varner
were disappointed when they heard there
was no organ. No music! Then to
everyone’s surprise at the front of the
5 Volume 1 Number 3 December 2009

Children’s Corner has been elected the Director of the Play
Brenda Dunsieth Ground Project, at 249-3910, to help
with this much needed fund raiser.
The Puppet Place
Business Meetings
Christmas Program on December 13 .
Business meetings are held the second
The puppeteers are: LeAnn Kelley, Zeb Monday of every month at 6:00 pm.
Baird, Austin Bryant, Courtney Bryant, Please bring a covered dish for supper
Jessica Hallman, Brandon Adams, Kaddy and fellowship before the meeting.
Kemp, Morgan Varner, and Karen The next meeting is Monday, December
Varner. Myles Varner is our Sound Man. 14th.
All our costumes are ready, and we’re
excited to give our very first
performance, for the glory and honor of Yoder’s Family Traditions
our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
We are so blessed. I’m looking forward Debe Hooley from Yoder’s Family
to the new year with our new puppet Traditions and Gifts is offering various
family and “thank you” so very much for craft classes at her shop. We encourage
your support. you to stop by and visit Debe. See her
Puppets For Christ collection of unique jams and jellies and
Brenda Dunsieth much more. Call Debe at 245-7345

Church Fund Raiser Neighborhood Watch
“Play Ground Project”
The monthly meeting for the Community
We’re still asking for your help in raising Neighborhood Watch is held on the 3rd
the funds necessary to build a Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm in the
“Playground” at our church. Weogufka School Lunchroom. All area
Our goal is $3,000.00 residents are invited to attend. Just bring
The church will be accepting “tax” a covered dish for supper.
deductible donations. Just see any
Deacon, the Pastor, or Ms. Linda Palmer
to make your donations.
And we still have those traditional Cook
Books to sell. We are encouraging our
members to “sign out” and sell a number
of Cook Books to help with the fund
raising. Please call Brooke Baird, who
6 Volume 1 Number 3 December 2009

Story Time of a 5 year old again. I want to go to
“Slow me Down Lord” McDonald’s and think it’s a four-star
restaurant. I want to splash in water and
Ease the pounding of my heart by the mud. I want to think that M&M’s are
quieting of my mind. Steady my hurried better than money cause you can eat em’.
pace. Give me, admist the day’s I want to return to a life that is simple.
confusion, the calmness of the ever When all you knew were crayon colors
lasting hills. Break the tensions of my and nursery rhymes and it didn’t bother
nerves and muscles with the soothing you if you didn’t know, cause what you
music of singing streams that live in my didn’t know didn’t matter. All you knew
memory. Help me to know the magical, was to be happy cause you were blissfully
restoring power of sleep. Teach me the unaware of all the things that should
art of taking “minute vacations” slowing make you worried or upset. I want to
down to look at a flower, to chat with a think that the world is fair, that everyone
friend, to read a few lines from a good is honest and good. I want to believe that
book. Remind me of the fable of the hare anything is possible, cause I want to. I
and tortoise....that the race is not always don’t want my day to consist of
to the swift. That there is more to life paperwork, news, illness or loss of loved
than measuring its speed. Let me look up ones. I want to believe when people
at the branches of the towering oak and smile they really mean it. I want an
know that it grows slowly and well. unconditional hug! I want to believe in a
Inspire me to send my own roots down kind word, truth, justice, peace, dreams,
deep into the soil of life’s endearing the imagination, mankind, and angels. I
values...that I may grow toward the stars want to go to “Children’s Church!”
of my greater destiny.
So, here’s my checkbook, my car keys,
“A Friend” my credit cards and my 401K. I am
officially resigning from adulthood.

********* And, if you want to discuss this further,
you’ll have to catch me first, “cause,
I read this a long time ago, changed a TAG....... YOU’RE......IT !!!
good bit of it and would like to share it
with everyone! Unknown Author

I have Resigned

I am hereby officially tendering my
resignation as an adult. I have decided I
would like to accept the responsibilities