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Newsletter of the

P.O. BOX 832
Volume 24, No. 3 October, 2009 Newsletter No. 96
County Genealogy Society October 19 at
Changes In Newsletter 7 p.m. at the Quitman Public Library at
202 E. Goode in Quitman. A few
Start During September members gather before the meeting to
The Bulletin newsletter of the Wood visit and eat at 5:30 p.m. at Peralta’s
County Genealogy Society has been Mexican Restaurant at 607 S. Main in
available on the website at Quitman. Members and guests are since the middle invited to join us.
of September. This, the first quarterly
issue since, represents a change in Membership Fees Now Due
delivery. Members with an email
address will be able to download a
By Mail or At Oct. Meeting
copy from the website. If they then Membership fees for the 2009-2010
wish a printed copy, they can print a society year are now due. If you have
copy from the downloaded file. not yet done so, you can mail them to
Those who do not have email or Wood County Genealogical Society,
computer access will receive a printed P.O. Box 832, Quitman, Texas 75783.
copy by mail. The purpose of this Make checks to the society. Current
change is to save the expense of printing membership dues are $15 per individual
or $20 per family. Dues may also may
and mailing newsletters, a major on-
be paid at the October meeting Oct. 19 at
going expense for the society in the past.
the Quitman Public Library.
We appreciate your cooperation. If you
have questions, you can email newsletter
editor Deason Hunt at Wild West Fun in Wood County October 17
Wood County Genealogical Society
Computer & Bulletin Tips (WCGS) Members who attended the
At Oct. 19 WCGS Meeting meeting last spring to hear the Texas
Pistalaros and Wood County’s Doc
A program on how to use your
Davis will be interested to hear that the
computer for communication and
research in Genealogy will be presented first East Texas Wildwest Fest will be
at the October meeting of the Wood held in Winnsboro during the Autumn

The Wood County Genealogical Society Bulletin October, 2009

Trails celebration on October 17, 2009, family photo at the Wood County
from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Historic Genealogy Coffee Klatch at
Depot Parking Lot. At this location will GenealogyWise, the Genealogy Social
be wild-west re-creations (shootouts, Network. This is a clickable link to that
etc), western costume contest, trick roper page:
exhibitions, food and drink, and much
more. For more details, go to the oodcotxgencoffeeklatch.
Pistalaros website at Query Followup: Taylor
Re: Isaac (Ike) Taylor from a query
Links: October Is Family of Roby Ottwell, first published in the
History Month July 2009 newsletter. “Isaac (Ike)
October is traditionally Family Taylor, Mr. Ottwell’s grandfather,
History Month. Kimberly Powell at …was killed in 1922 when a hired man has ten suggestions on how killed Taylor and stole his money.”
individuals can celebrate this month. Society researcher and previous
You can see the suggestions at this web newsletter editor Shirley Bates went
address: back to the Winnsboro News office (following the July newsletter) and
p/family-history-month.htm. asked to look at back copies of the
Winnsboro News, but they didn’t allow
FREE Database of Wood her to look because the newspaper is too
County Names old and fragile to handle. Then she went
back to the library and tried again going
Mark Reid, Publications Fulfillment through microfilm, this time from about
and Computer Database chairman and July until December. Again, she didn’t
co-chairman and newsletter executive find anything. Member Dorothy Harbin
editor, has made an offer to members: a was still looking in the microfilm at
computer file copy of his almost 19,000 Quitman Library and looked at a site
person Wood County database. The called and it stated
price is “FREE.” Details are in a that there was a reprint in July, 1956 but
comment over at the Wood County she could never find the article. She
Coffee Klatch at Genealogywise. looked in the Wood County Democrat (as Bates had done earlier) and the
oodcotxgencoffeeklatch (a clickable Wood County Echo, and found nothing.
link). If interested, you can email Mark
at the society email address: Harbin also talked to a man named Taylor, and he had heard the story and
had seen the rope on the water tower
where the hired man was supposed to
Thomas J. Shaw of Wood have been hanged, but it was frayed and
County & Alabama had been up there quite some time. He
Betty Vaughn has posted information said he was no kin but there are two
on the Thomas Jefferson Shaw family of other Taylor families in the county and
Alabama and Wood County, Texas and that she might try to contact them.
Shaw’s Civil War service and a Shaw

The Wood County Genealogical Society Bulletin October, 2009

Bates and Harbin both looked at the gotten him confused with Grogan
microfilm of the Wood County Shoemaker. The Taylors lived next door
Democrat and looked through society to the Shoemakers. It’s unfortunate, but
books at the Quitman Public Library. many of our genealogy stories result this
Bates went to the courthouse to check on way because they are repeated over the
a death certificate, but Isaac Taylor was years without documentation and people
not listed in Wood County. The County get confused.” (Editor’s note: the
Clerk suggested that since Winnsboro is previous information is taken from a
in different counties, Wood, Hopkins, letter written to Mr. Ottwell by Shirley
and Franklin, it’s probably listed in one Bates in August 2009.)
of their death index books.
According to Winnsboro News of Query: Womack
Oct. 27, 1922, “killed on Sunday” in The following query was posted by
Sherman, one Maynard Taylor. Could Nancy Carter on the Wood County
this have been Ike, and he delivered to Genealogy Coffee Klatch on
Sherman instead of in Wood County? Genealogywise:
Bates wrote again to Ottwell Sept. I have a mystery concerning Sally
10, 2009 that Harbin had found “a Womack that married Louis Young
discrepancy.” Harbin has found an about 1870. They resided in Wood
article in a 1944 newspaper with an County until Sally died about 1900. Who
obituary or an article about Grogan (his were Josh and Nora Womack? If you
mother’s maiden name) Shoemaker. It have a response, you can go to her post
stated that Grogan’s father was the man on Genealogywise at this address
who was killed by a black man and then
the black man was taken from the jail oodcotxgencoffeeklatch (<– clickable
and hanged from the water tower in link) or reply with a comment here and
Quitman. Harbin contacted the Dallas we will pass it on to the Coffee Klatch.
library and they looked it up and said
that it was listed as Jan. 1, 1944. She From the Archives Of
found an article about his being very
sick in the Wood County Democrat on The WCGS Newsletter
Dec. 30, 1943, but the next newspaper Regarding the Wood County Courthouse
(Jan. 6, 1944) is unreadable on the Fire December 11, 1878:
microfilm. She found Mr. Shoemaker’s
wife’s maiden name from the marriage From Volume 1, Page 1, of the Civil
book in the genealogy room at the Minutes of the District Court of Wood
Quitman Public Library, and she also County, Texas:
found some Shoemakers in the 1900, January 27, 1879
1910, and 1920 censuses. The maiden
“This is the first Minute Books used
name of his wife was Annie (Anniebell)
after the fire which occurred in the
Wallace Taylor and her father’s name
morning of the 11th of December, A. D.
was Wallace Taylor.
1878, at about 2 o’clock in the night, and
Bates also wrote Ottwell , “It’s which resulted in Destruction of the
possible that whoever told you that Ike Courthouse and all the papers and
Taylor was killed in that way may have records contained therein, said house is

The Wood County Genealogical Society Bulletin October, 2009

supposed to have been set on fire by (below) Mary Beth Ramage, Martha
some incendiary, but no one has been Hunt, and Dorothy Harbin.
able to trace it to the purpertrator (sic) up
to this date. Great was the loss in said
fire to both private individuals and the
officers of this county. District Court
was in session at the time.” (This was
from a newsletter entry labeled
“Miscellaneous Tidbits from the Late
Ona Wood’s Notes”, 1994 Volume, July
Issue, Newsletter No. 35, page 50.)

Good Turnout At Society The society received lots of
publicity, and a number of booth visitors
Booth at Winnsboro Expo expressed an interest in getting started
A big turnout at the Winnsboro on their own family lines and some an
Business Expo on the first weekend of interest in coming to our regular monthly
Autumn Trails Days resulted in lots of meetings. Follow-ups to try to take
visitors to the Wood County advantage of the interest were discussed
Genealogical Society booth/table. Fifty- during the day.
one people signed the booth register and
many more stopped to inquire about our Computer Tip: How To
genealogy and to visit. Surname some of Make Reading Type Larger
the visitors are researching include
Wilcox, Davis, Newsome, Johnson, Two tips from members of
Dodgen, Porter, Lindsey, Bearden, Cox, GenealogyWise:
Sutton, Michael, Ray, Mills, Robison, 1) Hold down the control key and hit
Sansom, Jones, McElyea, Coe, Gaines, the + key (plus key.) to make type
Kennedy, Bumgardner, and Williams. larger. To make smaller again, do the
same but use the – key (minus key). The
shift key is not needed to do this.
2) Hold down the control key and
use the scroll wheel on your mouse.
Scroll forward for larger type and
backward for smaller type.

Do You Know How Many
Ancestors You Have?
Do you know how many ancestors
you have? Of course not. Let’s simplify
Working at the booth were (above) the question: How many ancestors do
members Vice-president Dorothy Harbin you have in the past four hundred years?
(who set up the display on Friday and Many people do not know the answer to
was there from start to finish on that question. Care to guess? (The
Saturday) and Deason Hunt, and the

The Wood County Genealogical Society Bulletin October, 2009

answer is given below but please don’t marriages in your ancestry, resulting in
peek just yet.) ancestors showing up in multiple places
The number of ancestors is simple to in your family tree.
calculate as it is a simple mathematical This article is from Eastman’s
progression: every person has two Online Genealogy Newsletter and is
parents, four grandparents, eight great- copyright 2002 by Richard W. Eastman.
grandparents, sixteen great-great- It is re-published here with the
grandparents and so on. The number permission of the author.
doubles with each generation. As you go
back in years, the numbers soon become Rock Hill & Holly Tree
very large. Family Forest, the producers
of a CD-ROM lineage-linked database
Cemetery Surveys
that digitally connects people with each The Rock Hill (Quitman) and Holly
other, can be considered experts in this Tree (Holly Lake Ranch) cemeteries
topic. They have an excellent chart that have been recently surveyed and
illustrates the numbers quite well. Take a booklets placed on the shelf in the
look at: cemetery area of the Wood County research resources in the genealogy
library. Member Ronnie Vance
Answer to the earlier question: If we
performed the surveys and prepared the
assume that there is a new generation
booklets and gave them to the library.
every twenty-five years, someone born
Rock Hill Cemetery is in Central Wood
400 years before you would be 16
County near Quitman and on County
generations removed from you.
Road 1477 about 6/10ths of a mile east
According to the Family Forest chart,
of the intersection of FM 515 and FM
you would have 65,535 unique ancestors
2966. Death dates on tombstones
born in the previous 16 generations,
indicated by the survey range from 1867
assuming no overlap (that is, none of
to 2009. Holly Tree Cemetery is next to
your ancestors were cousins to other
Holly Tree Chapel in the Holly Lake
ancestors). However, all families can
community in eastern Wood County on
find a few cousins somewhere in the
FM 2869 about 1/2 mile south of FM 14.
limbs of the family tree, resulting in the
Death dates on tombstones in the survey
same ancestor(s) showing up in multiple
range from 1979 to 2009.
places in the pedigree charts. Ask
anyone who has done French-Canadian
genealogy or has researched any families A Look At Wood County
that lived for generations in one small In 1910 Texas Almanac
village almost anyplace on earth.
The following description of Wood
If you go back to the time of County comes from the 1910 Texas
Charlemagne, roughly 40 to 50 Almanac found by a search of Google
generations ago, you discover that you Books. It is among the “full view” books
theoretically have more than one trillion one can find online FOR FREE at that
ancestors! Of course, that’s far more web service. You can search on places,
than the total number of people who ever surnames, etc. to see what is available.
lived on the face of the earth. Obviously, Some books allow no view, some just a
you and everyone else have cousin snippet view.

The Wood County Genealogical Society Bulletin October, 2009

WOOD COUNTY Important streams are Sabine River,
Lake Fork, Big Caney, and Big Sandy
Wood County lies In Northeast
with other smaller streams some that
Texas It was organized from a part of
afford water power for Ginning cotton,
Van Zandt County in 1850. Its estimated
grinding corn and wheat, making
population is about 25,000. Quitman the
shingles, and other Industries. On these
county seat has about 500, Mineola
streams are numerous lakes fed by
3,500 Winnsboro 3,500 and Alba 500.
springs well stocked with fish.
Total assessment $7,666,415.
Besides saw mills, and there are
The Sabine River is one of its south
several, there Is a box factory at Mineola
boundary lines with a large tributary of
that runs on full time manufacturing all
the same running through the western
kinds of fruit and vegetable crates and
portion of the county called Lake Fork.
boxes besides soap starch and cracker
Mineola is located on the Texas and
Pacific Railroad 80 miles east of Dallas
and 70 miles west of Marshall. Quitman, The average price of raw land is $5
the county seat, is situated 10 miles per acre, activated land $12.50 per acre.
north of Mineola. Winnsboro is situated Cotton yields one fourth bale per acre,
in the northern part of the county about corn 17 bushels, sugar cane for syrup
16 miles from Quitman. It is located on 600 gallons, Irish potatoes 50 bushels,
the Missouri Kansas and Texas Railroad. sweet potatoes 60 bushels, tomatoes 60
The Texas Southern Railroad also runs bushels, and peanuts 25 bushels. About
to Winnsboro from Marshall. 150 car loads of potatoes are shipped
annually besides about 50 car loads of
The county was named In honor of
mixed vegetables. An average of 50 car
Gov. Wood, the second Governor of
loads of peaches has been shipped each
Texas. The county seat was named in
season for several years.
honor of Gen. Quitman. The county is
traversed by the following roads: Texas Last year’s tax rolls disclosed the
and Pacific 25.4 miles, Missouri Kansas following live stock: 13,406 cattle, 662
and Texas 19.78 miles, Texas Southern horses and mules, 6,187 hogs, and a few
17 miles, International and Great sheep and goats.
Northern 4.3 miles, Texas Short Line 9 There are 82 public free schools in
miles. the county employing 121 teachers.
The surface of the county is The county is under laid with very
generally level only broken by water valuable deposits of lignite pottery and
courses. The soil is varied but generally brick clays. At Alba several lignite
yellow loam though there is some white mines are in constant operation. The
and some red sandy land particularly strata vary in thickness from 5 to 12 feet,
adapted to orchards and truck growing. and the fuel is of high quality. From the
Timber is in vast varieties and large Texas almanac and state industrial guide,
quantities such as swamp and yellow Publisher Belo & Co., 1910, Original
pine, post oak, white oak, red oak, black from Harvard University, Digitized May
oak, and burr oak, walnut, hickory, gum, 8, 2007, Page 282
black and sweet mulberry, dogwood,
blackjack elm, etc.

The Wood County Genealogical Society Bulletin October, 2009

Query: Wade, Whittaker Surnames B

This query was posted on the Coffee Bailey, Ballard, Banks, Barnes, Bass,
Klatch on GenealogyWise by Jammie Bates, Beard, Beaty, Beasley, Beckham,
Barker. Belcher, Bell, Bellomy, Bennett, Benton,
Bentley, Berry, Bird, Birdwell, Black,
“looking for Wade and Whittakers Blackstone, Blackwell, Blakely, Blalock,
lived in Scroggins and Winnsboro Bodiford, Bookout, Boone, Booth,
areas.” If you would like to reply, you Boyd, Boykin, Bradford, Branam,
can post a comment at Branch, Brazzil, Breen, Brewer, Bridges, Brittain, Britton, Brock, Bromberg,
oodcotxgencoffeeklatch. Brooke, Brown, Browning, Bruce,
Brummett, Bruner, Bryson, Buchanan,
Wood County Coffee Klatch Buckner, Bullard, Bullock, Burden,
For Online Info Sharing Burtkett, Burnett, Burns, Busby, Butler,
Butts, Byers, and Bynum.
There is a strictly unofficial place set
up for anyone interested to talk about To be continued…
Wood County genealogy over at
Genealogywise. It’s open to society Query:
members or anyone who wishes to pitch McGahey/McGaha/McGahee
in or read. If you are interested, you can Hello! I am trying to locate the burial
go there with this address typed into place of John H. McGahey (McGaha,
your web browser: McGahee) and Rebeca McGahey. His possible date of death is around 1890. I
oodcotxgencoffeeklatch. believe he was a Civil War veteran.
Also, possibly buried near would be
Quitman Library: Surnames Samuel McGahey and wife Martha
In Society Vertical Files “Mattie” Flowers McGahey. I have lead
that they could possibly be in Quitman
The Wood County Genealogical cemetery. If you have any knowledge of
Society vertical files are housed in file these folks I would be very grateful for
cabinets in the genealogy room at the any help.
Quitman Public Library. Surname
folders may include many kinds of thank you–Melinda Dennis
information including ancestor charts, (
family sheets, and correspondence to and
from the society concerning the Wood County Peace Officers
particular surname.
One of member Lou Mallory’s latest
Surnames A columns, published regularly in the
Hawkins-Holly Lake Gazette, features
Adams, Aaron, Ables, Acker, Adrian,
nine Wood County peace officers killed
Agens, Alexander, Allen, Allison,
as the pursued their duties. You can read
Allred, Amason, Anders, Anderson,
her column series new offerings in the
Anthony, Applegate, Armour,
Gazette every two weeks. Her previous
Armstrong, Arnold, Arrington, Attaway,
columns are in the Gazette at its website:
Atwood, Austin, Avery, Aycock.

The Wood County Genealogical Society Bulletin October, 2009

Demystifying Copyrights I recommend the FAQs (frequently
asked questions), some which are
(From Rootsweb Review) excerpted:
Copyrights may be the single most Can I register a diary I found in
misunderstood topic on the planet, and my grandmother’s attic?
unfortunately, genealogists are prone to
asserting copyrights improperly. “You can register copyright in the
diary only if you own the rights to the
Many assume copyrights are all work, for example, by will or by
about writing. They are applied to inheritance. Copyright is the right of the
writing, but are more specifically about author of the work or the author’s heirs
rights – e.g., the right of an author or assignees, not of the one who only
establishes copying guidelines for owns or possesses the physical work
intellectual property. itself. See Circular 1, Copyright Basics,
We see copyrights applied to music, section “Who Can Claim Copyright.”
photography and elsewhere – but often, How long does a copyright last?
they are misapplied. You may be
surprised to learn which items can’t be “The term of copyright for a
copyrighted: particular work depends on several
factors, including whether it has been
1. dates published, and, if so, the date of first
2. facts publication. As a general rule, for works
created after January 1, 1978, copyright
3. slogans protection lasts for the life of the author
4. short phrases plus an additional 70 years. For an
anonymous work, a pseudonymous
5. conversations
work, or a work made for hire, the
6. modifications of another’s work copyright endures for a term of 95 years
7. domain names from the year of its first publication or a
term of 120 years from the year of its
8. public domain items creation, whichever expires first. For
9. antique treasures, such as old books works first published prior to 1978, the
and diaries term will vary depending on several
factors. To determine the length of
Before you wonder if I am a copyright protection for a particular
copyright lawyer, I’m not. I learned this work, consult chapter 3 of the Copyright
and more from the United States Act (title 17 of the United States Code).”
Copyright Office, which states,
How much of someone else’s work
“Copyright is a form of protection can I use without getting permission?
grounded in the U.S. Constitution and
granted by law for original works of “Under the fair use doctrine of the
authorship fixed in a tangible medium of U.S. copyright statute, it is permissible
expression. Copyright covers both to use limited portions of a work
published and unpublished works.” including quotes, for purposes such as
commentary, criticism, news reporting,
and scholarly reports. There are no legal
rules permitting the use of a specific

The Wood County Genealogical Society Bulletin October, 2009

number of words… or percentage of a Many RootsWeb users, such as Jon
work…” Anderson, use Creative Commons. At
the bottom of his webpage, click the icon
How much do I have to change in
for permissions to share and adapt his
order to claim copyright in someone
else’s work?
“Only the owner of copyright in a
work has the right to prepare, or to
authorize someone else to create, a new Jon’s reasons for using Creative
version of that work. Accordingly, you Commons are interesting.“Personally, I
cannot claim copyright to another’s put everything I do with family history
work, no matter how much you change under one of these [Creative Common]
it, unless you have the owner’s licenses because my purpose for doing
consent…” genealogy is to connect people to their
ancestors. I want the records I work on
The website discusses copyright to become freely available, even when
registration, which is useful, but not people can no longer contact me.
mandatory. And since authors have Traditional copyright is very ownership-
varying ideas as to the conditions under based and over time, records become
which works can be reproduced, I locked up in copyright and not available.
recommend stating your intentions People move, eventually pass on, and
upfront. unfortunately sometimes their records
RootsWeb Review does this at the pass out of accessibility with them. By
end of each issue. using the Creative Commons licenses, I
can grant people the level of freedom to
“Permission to reprint articles from use my work, and to use it in new ways,
RootsWeb Review is granted unless without it being necessary for them to
specifically stated otherwise, provided: track me down and get special
1. the reprint is used for non- permission every time. Of course, most
commercial, educational purposes; and of the time people are grateful and
contact me anyway.”
2. the following notice appears at the
end of the article: Previously published Rootsweb Review Editor’s
in RootsWeb Review: [date, volume, Comments: We receive many emails
number]” monthly regarding copyright
infringement based on other members
If you have questions or wish to tell
copying information from their trees or
us about reprints, we’d love to hear from
sites. As Mary notes, information such
you. Now, isn’t that easy?
as dates, names and places are not
And if you’d like to establish your copyrightable. If you choose to publish
own “upfront” copyright guidelines, your research publicly you are allowing
explore Creative Commons, a non- others to utilize that information. On a
profit organization. It provides: “tools related note, in WorldConnect there is an
that let authors, scientists, artists, and option to allow others to download a
educators easily mark their creative gedcom file of your tree – if you choose
work with the freedoms they want it to to allow others to copy your tree you are
carry.” implying consent for them to utilize this

The Wood County Genealogical Society Bulletin October, 2009

information and to add it to their tree. revenue for the rights holders, giving
On the other hand, there are a few items them an incentive to step forward.”
I want to mention that are protected
More will surely be heard about this,
under copyright law; notes that the tree
both pro and con. It will mean access to
owner makes about family members or
books to some and stealing of rights of
research, or an authors evaluation about
rights to others. It has a lot of
their research. A basic rule of thumb for
importance to those of us who do family
what is protected is, if the content is the
research or who have produced works of
individual’s personal thoughts, their
genealogical value.
intellectual property, it is protected by
copyright law. Previously published in Stay tuned.
RootsWeb Review: 14 October 2009,
Vol. 12, No. 10 New U. S. Genealogy News
A genealogy news feed is now
Out of Print Books Update located in the right hand column of the
Stay tuned. webpage for the Bulletin under Tags.
This will automatically change, so you
We are likely to hear more about the
can keep going back for updates.
agreement just reached by Google Books
which will allow it to scan and put out-
of-print books (but not yet of the age to Don’t Wait For Your
enter the public domain) online for Quarterly Newsletter
viewing or downloading for pay. Not all The contents of the newsletter are
of the details were available over at the posted as they come in on the Bulletin
Google Blog, but this much was clear. webpage at The
1. The agreement is between Authors purpose is to make society news and
Guild and the Association of American genealogy tips available as soon as
Publishers and Google. 2. It will apply to possible. At the end of the quarter, these
all out-of-print books printed after 1923 posts are used in preparing the
(thus likely not yet in the public newsletter.Your suggestions or
domain). 3. Those who own a legitimate information for the newsletter
copyright can opt out of the book being (announcements, research tips, links,
offered by Google by a specified date resources, suggestions, etc.) are needed
(which was not published in the blog). for the newsletter. You can submit them
4. Those holding that copyright on out- from the webpage or by emailing to
of-print books can establish privacy Deason Hunt at On
rights (who can view, etc) and set their the webpage, there are directions on how
own price if the book is priced for members can post directly to the page.
selling or withdraw the book altogether.
5. For books whose owners do not opt Contact Us
out, Google can make the book available
for viewing or sale at a “reasonable WCGS (All postal mail): P.O. Box
default” price. 6. “This allows access to 832,Quitman, Texas 75783
the many orphan works whose owners WCGS email:
have not yet been found and accumulates
Newsletter Editor:


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