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CATEGORY 4 3 2 1

Title Page Contains title, name, date, Missing one piece of Missing two pieces of Missing three
teacher, homeroom class. required information. required information. pieces of required

Question/Purp The purpose of the lab or The purpose of the lab or The purpose of the lab The purpose of the
ose the question to be the question to be or the question to be lab or the question
answered during the lab is answered during the lab answered during the to be answered
clearly identified and is identified, but is lab is partially during the lab is
stated. stated in a somewhat identified, and is erroneous or
unclear manner. stated in a somewhat irrelevant.
unclear manner.

Experimental Hypothesis is written in an The predicted results of Hypothesis is not Hypothesis is not
Hypothesis "If.... then" statement and the experiment are stated using an "If ... written in proper
the predicted result is clear somewhat clear and then" statement. format and the
and reasonable based on reasonable based on predicted results
what has been studied. what has been studied. are unclear.

Materials All materials and setup Almost all materials and Most of the materials Many materials are
used in the experiment are the setup used in the and the setup used in described
clearly and accurately experiment are clearly the experiment are inaccurately OR are
described. and accurately accurately described. not described at all.

Procedures Procedures are listed in Procedures are listed in a Procedures are listed Procedures do not
clear steps. Each step is logical order, but steps but are not in a logical accurately list the
numbered and is a are not numbered and/or order or are difficult to steps of the
complete sentence. are not in complete follow. experiment.

Observations Well-constructed, complete Complete sentences Complete sentences Descriptions of

sentences clearly describe clearly describe what describe what was observations and
what was seen and heard was seen and heard seen and heard during egg not very clear.
during the experiment. during the experiment. the experiment.
Clear, accurate description Description of egg after Description of egg
of egg after the the experiment was after the experiment
experiment. mostly clear. was somewhat clear.

Conclusion Conclusion includes Conclusion includes Conclusion includes Conclusion shows

whether the findings most of the required only two of the little effort and
supported the hypothesis, components. Complete required components. reflection.
possible sources of error, paragraph.
and what could be done to
improve the experiment
and why. Complete, well-
constructed paragraph.

Appearance/Or Lab report is typed or Lab report uses headings Lab report is neatly Lab report is
ganization neatly written and uses and subheadings to written or typed, but handwritten and
headings and subheadings visually organize the formatting does not looks sloppy with
to visually organize the material. help visually organize cross-outs, multiple
material. 12 point font. the material. erasures and/or
tears and creases.

Spelling, One or fewer errors in Two or three errors in Four errors in spelling, More than 4 errors
Punctuation spelling, punctuation and spelling, punctuation punctuation and in spelling,
and Grammar grammar in the report. and grammar in the grammar in the report. punctuation and
report. grammar in the