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Red Oak Independent School District - Organizational Chart for Technology Integration

ROISD School Board

Scott Niven

Assistant Superintendent - Chief Financial Officer Assistant Superintendent - Operations and Development
Dr. Brenda Flowers Russ Schupmann

Director of Technology
Kevin Cox

Campus Principals

Campus Teachers

Campus Technology Specialists

Network Specialists

IT Tech Support

Roles and Responsibilities

School Board: Makes decisions about the vision for the district with technology integration and about how the district's budget
will be allocated for technology in meeting district, state, and federal standards
Superintendent: As the chief executive officer for the district, interprets and implements the policies adopted by the school
board for the district. Gives organizational and policy guidance to assistant superintendents to implement with subordinates.
Assistant Superintendents: Brenda Flowers holds direct supervision over all instructional issues in the district, giving
guidance to the instructional implementation of technology; and Russ Schupmann exercises authority over all campus operations
(facilities, technology infrastructure, etc.), giving direction to the operational implementation of technology for the district.
Director of Technology: Kevin Cox oversees all aspects of technology for the district, from telecommunications and web
communications, to computer infrastructure and IT support. He has several network and IT support specialists who report to him.
Campus Principals: In addition to being accountable to the assistant superintendents for the instructional and operational aspects
of their campuses, they have direct access to the Director of Technology to both communicate their needs to, as well as receive
technology guidance from. They evaluate and assess the utilization of technology on their campus, and make recommendations
for future expenditures and use of technology, in keeping with the campus improvement plan which is aligned with the district
technology plan.
Campus Technology Specialists: These people work with both the campus principals and the Director of Technolgy, and are
accessible to all campus teachers. In addition to coordinating the campus computer labs, they offer basic IT support to teachers.
Campus Teachers: Are the direct "implementers" of curriculum technology in each classroom. They are responsible to the
campus principal or his designated assistant principals, and are responsible for assessment of both students and technology.