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Friday November 6, 2009

2010: A historical overview of the knot
The beginning of the 2010s astrologers represents for us
an opportunity to test our theories of foresight by the
ancient art of astrology. We look forward to this moment,
a time of dramatic social change, possibly accompanied
by an exponential increase of creativity and human
evolution. Quite the opposite of what the average person
supposed ignorant of our Art, projecting their fears and
hopes in the years of transition to the new millennium, in
2010 where he built a unique global figure in the
heavens, heralding the true change expected and feared
at the time.

Specifically talking about the figure made by the planets
Uranus, Saturn and Pluto, which is added to giant Jupiter,
marking the most critical and difficult this time. The
figure is a cardinal T-Square (Aries, Libra, Capricorn)
which forms an isosceles triangle in its top crowned by
Pluto - Hades in the sign of Capricorn, who plays the main
role as backdrop to the period. The other significant
factors are Uranus, which is to be Jupiter in Aries and
Saturn in Libra. The fact that Pluto is the key figure and
speaks of the importance of the period as one of
transformation, death and regeneration of structures
deep socio-politico-economic (Saturn) will therefore then
in "question "status quo by surgical removal of old
models are no longer only a scourge for the advancement
and development (or decline) of societies that have been
structurally boasted power partner - world economy,
through paradigms that are no longer useful not viable in
the medium term and should disappear, or at least suffer
a traumatic catharsis, regenerative transformation, not
be extended any longer.

The manifestations of planetary structure now ready for
training its orb of influence extend to within + - 2 years
to the exact date on which the figure is complete (July-
August 2010), but its real effects will last until 2018
probably because the whole framework of the T square in
question acted as a trigger of the square between Uranus
and Pluto, which is the true background and remains
operational throughout this period (2010 to 2018),
marking the deep shade and direction of events.
Of Pictures

Historically, when Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are tense
with each angular structures, as in this case the T square,
we demonstrate both times of political instability, social
and economic. On one side is experiencing a period of
stagnation between archetypal factors that represent
these divergent forces, if not contrary, causing
frustration subject to great pressure, which eventually
manifested in freeing the birth of something new, the end
of an old order, old , useless disintegrates, and its ashes
emerged a new paradigm for socio-economic-political.

Saturn is traditionally associated with the conservative
structures of all kinds, the fear of change, conservation of
power and the limits of what is formal and material.

Uranus, on the other hand represents all that is not
Saturn, that is progress, destabilization, experimentation,
new and revolutionary, inventiveness, creativity,
visionary art, and the breakdown of traditional
boundaries in all areas , social and personal.

Pluto, finally, mark the major changes by eliminating,
regeneration and death, the survival instinct, the
evolution of the species, the fundamental changes
necessary for subsistence, that have developed covertly
outside the collective consciousness.

Imagine these three runners partners in a relationship of
tension. The resulting friction generates "heat-energy",
but it is easy to combinatorics, guess or predict the
direction of the resultant vector sum of forces so
different and what is more important if this result will be
productive and crystallize into something concrete and
objective .

Observed in other processes usually tense, but always
different, for he never repeats a structure in the same
place in heaven, nor under the same aspect ratio, making
it unique and unrepeatable every encounter and
planetary relationship, including economic and social
discourse political structures each time before similar,
loses balance, stability and tensions appear to be ignored
or suppressed leading to critical points of rupture, while
simultaneously producing discoveries that begin to
appear at the end of the tense global structure as novel
renovating currents.

In the past XX s have two occasions when these planets
were connected by tight angular aspects: the early 30's
and 60's, both socio politically turbulent periods, marked
dynamically the evolution of the decades following these
planetary encounters.

1930 -1932
Structure in T square Saturn, Uranus,
in cardinal signs Capricorn, Aries and

Of 2009-11-18

Saturn governs domiciled in this figure, pointing to a time
of famine and scarcity associated with the symbolism of
the Lord of Capricorn, your ruling planet, Saturn and
amplified by the presence of the two associative tense
superlens Uranus and Pluto. In the United States and
Europe, the proportions of unemployment reached its
highest levels of the century, many people in
industrialized states of subsistence levels experienced in
the Third World, The Great Depression affected all
countries except the Soviet Union, who was able to
increase industrial production during this period. We see
the influence of Uranus and Pluto as a manifestation of
the event though, (Great Depression), was sudden
(Uranus), many factors had been brewing in previous
years, and then demonstrated (Pluto). The industrial
explosion of the '20s helped hide the difficulties in
industrialized economies. While there was unexpectedly
the Great Depression was the result of many hidden
variables that Pluto as something uncontrollable, brought
out to the surface.

It was in the beginning of this decade when they
emerged the darker aspects of the collective psyche, with
the emergence and subsequent rise of fascist
governments and particularly Nazism in Germany. The
political domination, paranoid obsession with total
dictatorial government, and the control and manipulation
of mass consciousness are clearly symbolic expressions
of the most perverse aspects of Uranus-Pluto.

We note in this period Uranian acceleration
characteristic, such as sudden engine of economic
change, and there is a situation of unexpected decline
and a sharp acceleration of socio-political changes,
especially in Germany. The Nazi party rises from a few
seats for the expression of the T square, to be the
strongest political force in electoral support.

1964 - 1967
We again see another configuration with
the same three planets: Saturn, Uranus
and Pluto. In this case Saturn in
opposition to the Uranus Pluto.
Of 2009-11-18

The 60s will always be remembered as a revolutionary
socialist period, as to the forms, in almost every facet of
society, being mainly in the middle of the decade, when
the clash between new and old, the young and the old,
rebellion and authority, as progressive compared to the
agreement, is clearly evident. The tradition is put on the
ropes to the social demands and counter. Civil rights are
claimed by racial minorities, figures like Malcolm X or
Martin Luther King, made their appearance in the United

Opposition to the Vietnam War takes on a socio-cultural
relevance of the first magnitude, on the other pole the
USSR crushes dissent claiming greater amounts of
freedom in the Prague Spring.

China is particularly visible in this period of socio-political
tension. Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution begins her
against traditional values: The old customs, old habits,
old culture and old thinking are annihilated.

In the mid-60s there was a tense coexistence - rejection,
between the nascent progressive idealism, and the old
traditions entrenched in immobility. We see clearly
represented at this time Uranus-Pluto opposition at one
end, and Saturn in the other. It is the tension between
the desire for change, disorders, youthful idealism, anti-
rebellion, liberation of the oppressed, self-expression
versus Saturn embodies the values, ie the fear of change,
the established order, the tradition, authority and general
restrictions that limit the organized world or vision of it.

We can infer from this that when Uranus, Saturn and
Pluto in the sky are tense aspects simultaneously
manifested times of political instability and socio-

The decade of the 30s characterized by economic scarcity
gives way to the lifting of new governments and new
policies in the configuration globo.Después between
Saturn, Uranus and Pluto the beginning of the 30s, the
Nazi regime establishes its legacy of hatred and terror,
and a stream of fascism and totalitarianism abroad in
Europe in response to the economic hardships of the start
of the decade. At the same time this will also lead to
temporary crucible humanitarianism progressive social
democracy and political reforms well ahead of its time.

Mid 60's marked ideological tensions concerning the War
(Vietnam), self-expression of La Raza (civil rights
marches of the black minority in America), Politics and
Economics. During these periods there are global socio-
political pressure of demands, which postulates a new
way to tackle the crucial issues, are born new ideologies,
social movements and reforms.

The structure of Saturn - Pluto -
Uranus 2010

Of 2009-11-18

The structure of Saturn - Pluto - Uranus in 2010, the tight
T-square of this year, should it coincide with a period of
great upheaval political partner of destabilization and
crisis. This period appears as the most threatening global
structure in the first 40 years of s century. A historic
moment where the cultural and political economic
difficulties swept in recent decades, they enter a period
that demands resolution.

The consequences of the melting pot that is 2010, should
produce in the years ahead the reform of existing
movements, and the emergence of new and original
social and political movements. This global crossroads
surely lead us toward a horizon more tolerant, peaceful
and just, but first the reality we know today, shall suffer
the pains of childbirth, living in this era of two world
views and our societies, on one hand the perception that
we are moving towards a more humane, more
progressive while we will also see the worst side of the
coin, intolerance, abuse of power and so on. It will be a
delicate balance between liberalism and conservatism,
tolerance and fascism, pacifism and extremist violence. A
moment of extreme polarity characteristic of a just world
and another that claims its place.

During phases of the structure more closely, we see a
natural disaster or any other kind of financial collapses,
political, sudden revolutions, and so on. All this within a
collective convulsion global movement that will give way
to a more "clean" and evolved, where models and will
fade away, and to make way for new ways to make
politically and socially.

We think that during this delivery, perhaps something
before it, the first contacts between Jupiter and Uranus,
May-June 2010, the party of protest will be important,
and at times will be the real engine of change: The
demands of real social changes required by the
populations in an unexpected exercise of militancy by the
massive, perhaps naive, but very combative and euphoric
(Jupiter-Uranus in Aries), they will encounter the inertia
of the established political class who seek to stifle the
flow by all means .
Of Pictures

The T structure suggests a socio-cultural melting pot this
time, marked by tension between innovation and
visionary old structures and traditional ways. The
company, through their maturity, claiming its new models
partner elites - politicians. New ideologies that burst on
the scene and social organizations that have reached the
critical point and require collective manifestation.

The backdrop of the figure in T is given by the square
aspect between two planets slower involved, these are
Uranus and Pluto. The appearance of this temporary
world will take us to 2018. All these years are marked by
social changes, upheavals and revolutions. It will
challenge the prevailing cultural structures and
processed. This cycle Uranus - Pluto is a catalyst that
causes abrupt changes, at least in a few years, cultural
evolution, we could say that the decade promises radical
change, both culturally and socially.
When Uranus receives a major aspect of the other outer
planets, ie Neptune or Pluto, technological innovation
tends to take a huge step forward. Usually these issues
usually cause discontinuous jumps in technology, the
companies have to absorb and adapt very quickly.

This time we start from the presence in the figure of the
amplifier Jupiter, who escort and plant Uranus in the key
moments of the structure and giving the "T" coincidence
"? that this meeting comes at the zodiacal degree more
relevant and dynamic in terms of cyclical renewing
action, degree that contains the intrinsic and the basic
impetus of seeds at the beginning of the cycle. We refer
to the ultra energy Vernal Point, 0 º Aries, beginning of
the Zodiac at rest.

In the '60s the Uranus - Pluto marked the golden age of
space exploration. It is in the 60 who were deployed the
first artificial satellites, ending the decade with the
arrival of humans to the moon, possibly the most
important technological milestone in the whole history of

In 1960 commercial computers make an appearance and
lifestyles of consumers embrace high technology as never
before that time had happened.

It seems that the cycle Uranus - Pluto produces sweeping
changes in the landscape industry and technology affect
us in our way of life permanently .........
Of Pictures

Posted by Egarciaber in 11/06/2009


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