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Mistakes are part of being human.

Appreciate your
mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can
only be learned the hard way.

Journ 1A and 1B
Introduction to Journalism
December 7, 2009

Here are some errors in grammar, spelling, usage, and content found in the exam papers:

1. Offendable (offensive) 33. Prisonned (imprisoned)
2. Beneficiable (beneficial) 34. Prissoned (imprisoned)
3. Vias (bias) 35. Informations (information)
4. For my own opinion (in my opinion) 36. Ahm…hehe…
5. File a crime (file a case) 37. Wala no idea sir!
6. Medias (media) 38. The case are very slow
7. For the seek (sake) 39. Sibilians (civilians)
8. Defarmation (defamation) 40. Perpetraitor (perpetrator)
9. Libeling (libel) 41. This pictures (These)
10. Steeling (stealing) 42. The unjustice killing (unjust)
11. Complainant (complainant) 43. Publisize (publicize)
12. Obsenity (obscenity) 44. They were like a prisoner (like prisoners)
13. Cased (case) 45. What do the government waiting for?
14. Will not won (win) 46. Especially for us, as a journalism student
15. Another issues was (another issue is) 47. Writting (writing)
16. This four elements (these) 48. Evidences (evidence or pieces of
17. Have did (done) evidence)
18. Adindent (abiding) 49. Because reputation of one’s life will be
19. Has happen (happened) ruin.
20. A eye to see (an) 50. Demonistic (demonic)
21. A anti-obscenity law (the) 51. There are a libel.
22. A good reports (report) 52. Churva
23. These law (this) 53. A one issue/article should
24. A pictures (a picture/pictures) 54. Focuss
25. Shall focused (focus) 55. The court was not already discuss
26. Deformation (defamation) 56. Does she can’t resolved it with peaceful
27. He/she is just revenged way?
28. A journalist also need not to be malice. 57. We don’t need to be published
29. A woman who are daring 58. But why like this happen us?
30. They were attract by the photos of that 59. Whose wrong, the government or the
woman. people?
31. A journalists 60. There are a lot of issues needs more
32. Why did the Ampatuan did attention.
61. In my own opinion (in my opinion) freedom, because even Ampatuan is one
62. Intension of the prisoner yet they can never bring
63. Each person should observed the law. back the life of many Filipinos.
64. His articles are trully true. 86. They can accused you a libel.
65. Playjurism (plagiarism) 87. There are so many person’s that killed
66. Datas (data) and it is very tragic incidence.
67. Crimen (crime) 88. The center idea of libel.
68. People is asking for justice. 89. The public should keep an open eye for
69. Media should be careful for those word any leakage for disaster and more
that they right. senseless deaths.
70. So the media keep on coverage about of 90. The truth behind of everything.
this crime scene 91. Accussed
71. Descisions (decisions) 92. Anti-obscenity law refers to the delicacy
72. We should keep an eye to that issue of one reporting about an “adult-thing.”
73. I heard that their is an misunderstanding 93. As for me, the biggest hypocrasy beneath
74. Specially (especially) the massacre is the suspect…whom
75. The people who was killed relaxed despite of bundled papers of
76. The Ampatuan family should suffer of case, rally of people, specially the
what is happening. journalist and the justice that as I
77. Let we think of the best president (us) observed, too slow in working.
78. [Discuss the anti-copyright law.] A 94. Will affects (affect)
copycat of an issue written by one person 95. Philippines right now is already been
copied by other 96. Court does not always be that right to
79. These brutal case was caused by the so- correct.
called politics. 97. We should find a merely evidence
80. Every journalists (journalist) 98. Exagurate (exaggerate)
81. [Discuss the elements of libel.] Libeling is 99. Sploiting out (?)
the very hard sin of individual, because if 100. Resolvance of the case
you are copying an activity of one person 101. Infamatory (defamatory)
or a business without saying or talking 102. Real reality
with the original paper you will undergo a
libeling case.
82. It is the way to published any news that
must know by the Filipinos.
83. For me, the media and the public must be
aware the happening in the massacre
84. Also the Ampatuan should pay what they
done and the justice will be able to go for
the families of victims.
85. They must focused on the Ampatuan
prison that he will never be given