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wbeo someooe wltb tbe ootbotlty of o teocbet Jesctlbes tbe wotlJ ooJ yoo ote oot lo lt, tbete
ls o momeot of psycblc Jlsepolllbtlom, os lf yoo lookeJ loto o mlttot ooJ sow ootbloq.
--Adrlenne 8lch

+%,-%" 3,/01234% 2/6''027
- 8ecognlze LhaL gender lmpacLs ALL sLudenLs
- lnLerrupL blnary noLlons of gender
- normallze gender dlverslLy

- CuesLlon llmlLed porLrayals of gender
- SupporL sLudenLs' self-reflecLlon
- 1each empaLhy and respecL
8,9": ;'3,92
When focuslng on Lhe 3,9%,93',#0 developmenL of gender lncluslve school seLLlngs, lL ls helpful Lo Lhlnk ln Lerms of
four dlscreLe enLry polnLs: ersonal, SLrucLural, lnLerpersonal, and lnsLrucLlonal. uependlng on Lhe conLexL, any one of
Lhese may prove Lhe besL sLarLlng polnL for Lhls work.

!"#$%&'( "&*#+ ,%-&*$ focus on lndlvldual educaLors' own undersLandlng of gender and reflecLlon abouL how each
person's experlences and bellefs lmpacL Lhe work Lhey do wlLh sLudenLs. uslng Lools such as My CeoJet Iootoey,
Lhls enLry polnL ls really an ongolng process of learnlng upon whlch Leachers bulld Lhelr gender lncluslve pracLlces,
applylng a lens of gender awareness Lo all Lhey do ln Lhelr classrooms.

.*#/0*/#'( "&*#+ ,%-&*$ are lnsLlLuLlonal sLeps LhaL creaLe a foundaLlon for gender lncluslve pracLlces Lo Lake hold.
SLrucLural enLry polnLs demonsLraLe Lo your communlLy LhaL Lhe lnsLlLuLlon recognlzes and honors gender dlverslLy
and acLlvely works Lo reflecL a more complex undersLandlng abouL gender. SLrucLural approaches lnclude:

- ollcles/AdmlnlsLraLlve regulaLlons
emphaslzlng gender as an area of dlverslLy
proLecLed and supporLed by Lhe school
- SysLemaLlc sLaff Lralnlng LhaL bullds Lhe
capaclLy of Leachers and oLher sLaff Lo honor
Lhe gender dlverslLy of all sLudenLs
- WrlLLen maLerlals and lnformaLlon abouL
gender dlverslLy
- Slgnage/vlsuals celebraLlng gender dlverslLy
- SLudenL lnformaLlon sysLems allowlng famllles
and sLudenLs Lhe ablllLy Lo self-ldenLlfy Lhelr
gender and use preferred names and pronouns
- rocedures/lorms LhaL demonsLraLe a non-blnary
undersLandlng of gender
- 8esLrooms/laclllLles LhaL provlde opLlons for
prlvacy wlLhouL sLlgmaLlzlng any sLudenLs

1&*"#,"#$%&'( "&*#+ ,%-&*$ are Lhe varlous ways ln whlch lndlvldual lnLeracLlons and communlcaLlons are uLlllzed Lo
relnforce a school's commlLmenL Lo gender lncluslon. SupporLed by many of Lhe sLrucLural componenLs, Lhese
relaLlonal aspecLs noneLheless requlre lnLenLlonal behavlors ln Lhe day-Lo-day lnLerrelaLlonshlps of a campus. 1hey
llLerally volce a school's commlLmenL Lo honorlng Lhe gender dlverslLy of all sLudenLs. lrequenLly language-based,
Leachers operaLlng from Lhls enLry polnL:

<2% 0#,=1#=% 96#9 /6#00%,=%2 >3,#": ,'93',2 '* =%,-%"
- 1bete ote lots of woys to be boys ooJ qltls. lsot lt qteot?!?
- 1oys are Loys, halr ls halr, colors are colors, and cloLhes are cloLhes
- ls tbete ooly ooe woy to be o boy ot qltl? coo boys ooJ qltls llke tbe some tbloqs?
- 8aLher Lhan boys and glrls," ladles and genLlemen," eLc., refer Lo sLudenLs as sLudenLs," "chlldren," or
anoLher non-gendered Lerm for Lhe group.
?%0@ 291-%,92 1,-%"29#,- 96% -3**%"%,/% >%9&%%, @#99%",2 #,- "10%2
- wbo soys ooly qltls weot Jtesses? uo oll qltls weot tbem? uo oll boys weot Jtesses? uo some?
- wbot pottetos bove yoo obsetveJ oboot expectotloos fot yootb oboot qeoJet ftom peets? 1be meJlo?
- 5ote, boys mlqbt Jo cettolo octlvltles mote tboo qltls (ot vlce-vetso). 8ot tbot Joesot meoo oll boys Jo
tbose tbloqs (ot ote sopposeJ to), ot tbot qltls Joot (ot sboolJot) Jo tbem!

A1%293', 03$39%- @'"9"#:#02 '* =%,-%"
wbo JeclJeJ wbot tbloqs ote fot boys ooJ wbot tbloqs ote fot qltls?
5ometlmes tbls stoff ls coofosloq. we qet messoqes oboot some tbloqs beloq fot boys ooJ some tbloqs
beloq fot qltls. 8ot tbese messoqes ote jost some peoples lJeos. 1bey moy oot be tlqbt fot yoo.
B%/'=,3C% 96#9 =%,-%" 32 #>'19 '1" 6%#"92 #,- $3,-2
- No ooe qets to tell oootbet petsoo bow to feel oo tbe loslJe.
- now someooe feels oboot tbelt qeoJet come ftom tbelt beotts ooJ tbelt mloJs (oot tbelt poots!)
- cettolo types of boJles ote tbooqbt of os boy ooJ cettolo types os qltl, bot tbot's oot ttoe fot evetyooe.
51@@'"9 @"'/%22%2 '* "%*0%/93',
- wbo we ote (ot wbo otbets tblok we ote) oo tbe ootslJe ls oot olwoys wbo we ote oo tbe loslJe, tblok of oll
tbe wooJetfol tbloqs oboot yootself tbot oo ooe else koows oboot by jost lookloq ot yoo!!
- 8eloq o boy ot o qltl ot sometbloq else ls oot oboot wbot yoo llke, ot wbot yoo weot, ot yoot boJy. lt ls
sometbloq tbot eocb of os flqotes oot fot ootselves, boseJ oo bow we feel loslJe.
D%#/6 %$@#96: #,- "%2@%/9
- now Jo yoo tblok yoo woolJ feel lf people wete olwoys oskloq yoo oboot yoot owo qeoJet?
- No ooe llkes to be poloteJ oot by otbet klJs. uoes lt feel qooJ wbeo yoo tblok someooe ls tolkloq oboot
- nove yoo evet beeo teoseJ? now Joes lt feel wbeo yoo ote teoseJ ot tteoteJ os oo ootslJet?
E'"$#03C% =%,-%" -34%"239:
- nlstoty ls foll of exomples of qeoJet Jlvetslty!
- 1bete bove beeo qeoJet Jlvetse people lo evety coltote, evety tellqloo, oll ovet tbe wotlJ ooJ tbtooqboot

1&$*#/0*-%&'( "&*#+ ,%-&*$ are speclflc ways ln whlch Leachlng and learnlng are used Lo lnsLlll greaLer
awareness and undersLandlng abouL gender. WheLher sLandlng alone or lnLegraLed lnLo oLher aspecLs of
lnsLrucLlon, lnsLrucLlonal approaches are Lhe mosL dlrecL way Lo lmpacL sLudenLs. ln some ways,
lnsLrucLlonal approaches are Lhe mosL easlly accompllshed. 1eachers ln Lhelr classrooms have a greaL deal
of auLonomy for whaL Lakes place Lhere. ?eL aL Lhe same Llme, ln an era of lncreaslngly scrlpLed
currlculum, or envlronmenLs ln whlch conLroverslal sub[ecLs are hlghly scruLlnlzed and regulaLed,
lnsLrucLlonal meLhods for creaLlng gender lncluslon can have Lhe hlghesL sLakes for a Leacher or oLher
educaLor. lnsLrucLlonal approaches lnclude:
- ueslgnlng lesson plans Lo expand undersLandlngs of
gender dlverslLy, such as Lhose ln 1be CeoJet
locloslve 5cbool
- Lxplorlng currenL currlculum areas for naLural
enLry polnLs for lnserLlng gender dlverslLy lssues or
- uslng llLeraLure LhaL has Lhemes ralslng gender
dlverslLy lssues
- uLlllzlng Lhe arLs Lo explore gender
- uslng advlsory programs or classroom meeLlngs Lo
surface gender-relaLed Lhemes
- Asslgnlng open-ended pro[ecLs LhaL lnclude gender-
relaLed Loplcs, readlngs or news
- Arranglng for Lransgender or oLher gender
nonconformlng lndlvlduals Lo presenL or work ln
- lnvlLlng guesL speakers who work for greaLer
gender equlLy ln educaLlon, law, or oLher flelds
- uslng of vldeo or oLher medla LhaL presenL
speclflc ldeas abouL gender
- CreaLlng space for sLudenLs Lo arLlculaLe Lhelr
own undersLandlngs and bellefs abouL gender
- lnLegraLlng gender lnLo currlculum areas Lhrough
sLory problems, wrlLlng prompLs, readlngs, arL
asslgnmenLs, or research pro[ecL

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