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Christian Ethics views on Homosexuality


Christian Ethics views on Homosexuality
PHI-305 (phi-305-0102) Ethical Thinking
Denise Ratliff
Grand Canyon University

Christian Ethics views on Homosexuality


Christian Ethics views on Homosexuality
In today’s American pop Culture and even the worldwide topic, Homosexuality
acceptance is somewhat the modern segregation of our time. The origin of Christian
ethical roots begins in the Old Testament. The principles of Old Testament ethics include
the basic set of rules (The Decalogue) that carry the binding authority, the character and
nature of God. The Decalogue, used as a frame of reference, is simple. It’s
commandments is the ten laws that gave Israel their standard of principles of what is right
and wrong. However, the ruling principle of the Old Testament ethics was the character
and nature of God which was oftentimes summed up by the statement that the Lord was
holy, “Speak unto all the congregation of the children of Israel, and say unto them, Ye
shall be holy: for I the Lord your God am holy (eg. Leviticus 19:2 NIV). The Old
Testament ethics are expressed in the covenants that God made with His people. In the
Mosaic covenant it incorporates the Decalogue and includes the commitment to all
individuals including the community. The views on homosexuality in the Christian
world show the strong rebellion or punishment of such a nature.
One of the strongest emotions we humans all share is love. Whether it is for an object,
activity or the physical attraction for another person. It comes in so many different forms
satisfying the most basic human needs and desires. Naturally it is thought that physical
attraction to another person can only be between a man and woman. However there are
Christian Ethics views on Homosexuality

many whom can have an attraction to the same sex. Homosexually in most cultures is
often seen as odd behavior and frown upon many. Public affection is sometimes
accompanied by stares, and bigotry attacks: or in some countries punishable by jail time
or even death. In the past decade the world has shown better tolerance of same sex
While following the Christian religion it is one of their “mission/goal” to spread
the word: to get people be aware of the Christian faith. Christianity Homosexuality is
view as an abomination and one of the most sinful of sin you can comment against God.
God is Holy; therefore sin is completely contradictory to His Holy & Divine Nature. It is
written commenting sin separates us from His teaching, that’s why he hates it so much. In
the Old Testament of the Bible any type of sin was punishable my God Himself. It is
written God displayed His wrath toward the rebellious and to those that defied Him. He
destroyed the earth, cities and evil pagans. He also employed men to destroy the wicked
of those that disobedient and defied His laws.
With the New Testament of the Bible God sent his teachings in the form of man,
Jesus: to teach man the ways of Christianity and learn why man was so easily seduce by
sin. God sent Jesus to teach mankind is principles because His benevolence for us
prevented damning all of mankind. The New Testament teaches us a not only a better
tolerance of homosexually but any other type of sin. The Bible teaches followers to love
sinners, while hating the sin they comment. One shouldn’t hate another base on their
actions. Simple enough Christians are to love what God loves and hate what God hates.

Christian Ethics views on Homosexuality

The issue of Homosexuality
is important because it is a sin like every other sin. It is a violation of God’s expression
and distorts His creational design. Just as much as one’s feelings that is aimed against
greed, racism, pride, spiritual lack of compassion and the spiritual un-enthusiasm, against
the behavior of homosexuals. The church’s high view of the authority of Scripture is
threatened by efforts at revising the church’s position on homosexuality. The church is to
demonstrate in their words and their lives God’s love for the homosexual, for the person
is to truly love and act on that love. People that don’t understand homosexuality must
start by removing negative comments and responses about homosexuality. Stop with the
gay jokes and slander because they are human and it hurts. For those that don’t
understand should deal with their own emotion reactions and make a decision to love
regardless. “If one cannot empathize with a homosexual person because of fear or
revulsion then they are failing our Lord.” (Jones,1993,)
Well how does Christians View Homosexual behavior?
Christians view Homosexuality as a abomination against God. According to the
American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC Code of Ethics) “Christians
counselors do not condone or advocate for the pursuit of or active involvement in
homosexual, bisexual or transgendered behaviors and lifestyles…Counselors may agree
to and support the desire to work through issues of homosexual identity and attractions,
but will not describe or reduce human identity and nature to sexual orientation or
reference and will encourage sexual celibacy or biblically-prescribed sexual behavior.”
Christian Ethics views on Homosexuality

Even though Christians want everyone to live the ideal life of their teachings, they
are not to manipulate force or “arm twist” people whom identify themselves different.
The best way is combat homosexual behavior through Christian ethics is to influence and
be an example for individuals whom follow a different lifestyle.
If we take a look at a few philosophers who specialize in Ethic and Moral
reasoning, like Immanuel Kant’s Kantian ethics it would show a different response on the
consequences of homosexuality. According to Kantianism fundamental principle of
moral argument or reasoning one should not act based on his or her own reward but on
maxims that would be ideal for everyone else. Your moral reasoning needs to be ideal so
it could be universally adopted eventually generating progression in society type
situations. Should homosexually be universally adopted? Well a man and a woman is
the only way to conceive a baby, generating population therefore morally good. If a man
or woman decides to sleep with the same sex whom cannot conceive a baby consider
immorally. It seems that Kantian ethics would be against homosexuality because they
prevent the continuation of mankind.

Christian Ethics views on Homosexuality


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