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Write a haiku
The precursor to the tweet, a haiku is a Japanese poetic
form of 17 syllables in three phrases (3 separate lines):
5, 7, 5 respectively.
Example: The last winter leaves (5 syllables)
Clinging to the black branches (7 syllables)
Explode into birds (5 syllables)
Post a tweet
A tweet is a 140 character message for public viewing
about a topic of interest
Please include the following structure in (your 140
character total) in order that we may all follow it publicly:

Educating Girls course: YOUR
MESSAGE GOES HERE @teachersnetwork.

Example: Educating Girls course:
1sGeMXW. A girl walking to school is a nation marching
to its shining destiny @teachersnetwork
Invent a new international traffic sign Make it look like traffic signs you usually see Example:
Create a social campaign poster Use no words; make it self-explanatory Examples:
Script: 30-sec radio public service ad Use only words (about 90)
When would you like to air it? Example: at a major
political or sports event because…
A mobile-phone idea that has not yet been
Try not to duplicate what is already in place. You can
also imagine adapting or customizing an existing app
No more than one page describing what it would do
and how it would work.
One-page policy change argument Note a policy that currently exists and tweak it
No more than one page. Examples could include
something about maternity or paternity leave
A review and revision of 1 of the 4 themes
A rant or a rave + suggestions for improvement for one
of the four themes: (1) Access/Equity (2) Emergencies
(3) Public Health (4) Empowerment
2 paragraphs on what worked or did not (i.e. was the
module effective in communicating the issues?) +
suggestions for overall organization, activities, readings,
resources in order to improve it.
Post-card or Email Include a picture or not; who would you send it to?
To: Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General
(If a post-card, include the address)

From: Your Name
Subject: (if an email)

Dear Mr. Secretary General,

As the world gathers to explore the post-2015 goals, the
number of refugees is rising (include statistic). Girls and
women are affected the most. Please ensure that this issue
is front and center. (Add why, how, when…)
Postage stamp for the future
They usually commemorate heroes or historical events.
Design (or describe in words) a stamp for a date in the
future, showing major progress.
Examples of current UN stamps can be found here:
Letter to editor responding to a major
news event
Note the story itself and link to it. Post your response
and send in the link.
Could be about the Syrian refugee crisis, ebola, human
A research question worth exploring
How you’d spend $50k for deserving .org
What organization would you give it to? Why? For
what - programs? capacity? outreach? Be specific (2-3
UN Women and other major global agencies have
directories of women’s organizations from which you can
choose one
Create and populate an online gallery of 6
images with captions
For a gallery we’ll create as members of this course
Here’s an example of one image:
“Are the doors opening or closing?”
Create a film under 1 minute in length Choose one of the issues, make the film, and post it
See examples on YouTube. UNICEF, UNESCO are good
Quote TWO contradictory statistics on
same topic, explain
For instance, one global agency may say that a certain
percentage of girls are (or are not) attending school.
Another global agency may claim a higher (or lower)
number. How do we know which one (or both) is true?
UN Women, World Bank, UNICEF, UNESCO, The World
Inequality Database are places to start
Create a lesson using local materials you
can easily obtain costing under $3
Focus on one of the themes. What can you buy or have
students make that would demonstrate a point?
From junkyard, a toy-store, a bicycle repair shop, for