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Official Publication of the California Wing Civil Air Patrol • P. O. Box 7688 • Van Nuys, CA 91409
Civil Air Patrol San Diego Composite Squadron 144 '" July 14, 2002
Left to right: CnSgt Heather Rogers, CnSgt Nick Carter, CnSgt Lance Spencer, and C/SSgt Matt Olsen
(Photo courtesy of San Diego Padres, Media Division)
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Eagle Call is an authorized
publication, publi shed in the
interest of the members of
the California Wing of the
Civil Air Patrol. It is pub-
lished by a private firm in no
way connected with the De-
partment of the Air Force or
the Ci vil Air Patrol Corpora-
tion. The appearance of ad-
vertisements in this publica-
tion, including supplements
and inserts, does not consti-
tute an endorsement by the
Civi l Air Patrol Corporation
or the Department of the Air
Force of the products and
services advertised.
Material for publication
should be mailed to:
California Wing
Civil Air Patrol
Eagle Call
P. O. Box 341
Sunland, CA 91041
Colonel Larry Myrick,
Wing Commander
Capt Brian Stover,
For information on
advel1ising rates and
please caJl
San Diego Composite Squadron 144 Color Guard at Qualcomm Stadium,
July 14, 2002. (L to R) CITSgt Heather Rogers, CITSgt Nick Carter, CITSgt
Lance Spencer, and C/SSgt Matt Olsen. (Photo by Capt Chris VanGorder)
Practice Makes Perfect
for San Diego Composite
Squadron 144 C%r Guard
By ILt Dennis Ammann, Sq. 144 PAO
Arter many practice essions un- fessional and the pressure was on to
der the direction of Capt Daryl do it ri ght as the California Wing
Newton, Deputy Commander of Commander Colonel Larry Myrick
Cadets, and CICapt Bri an Jensen, and State Assemblyman Howard
Cadet Commander, C/TSgt ick Wayne, were in attendance.
Carter was able to successfully After this initi al appearance,
train hi s color guard unit for pre- our color guard was invited to
sentation of the national colors at present the colors at the San Di ego
the San Diego Padre/St. Loui s Car- Padre game. Mustering one hour
dinal Game at Qualcomm Stadium, prior to the start of the game, Cadet
San Diego, California on Jul y L4, Carter rechecked hi s unit 's appear-
2002. CICapt Brian Jensen acti- ance and gear; po ition assign-
vated the color guard in March by ments: C/TSgt Heather Roger, left
obtaining loan equipment from his guard; C/TSgt Carter, National En-
JrROTC unit and teaching the sign bearer; CITSgt Lance Spencer,
newly formed color guard basic CAP flag bearer; and C/SSgt Matt
drill procedures. Cadet Carter took Ol sen, right guard. At 1350 hour,
over training and conducted their the color guard unit marched out
first ceremonjal drill at the annual smartl y to second base, faced home
Squadron L44 awards program. plate, and at precisely 1400 hours a
Thj s first appearance was very pro- Continued on page 3 .. .
me., Wo dwide
ifesaving efforts of
en & women of the
Civil Air alrol
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Cadets of San Diego Composite Squadron 144 prepar-
ing to present the colors on July 14, 2002 at the Padre
VS. Cardinals baseball game. (L to R) CI TSgt Lance
Spencer, C/TSgt Heather Rogers, C/TSgt Nick Carter,
CISSgt Matt Olsen, Capt Daryl Newton, and unidenti-
fied San Diego Padre staff member.
Cadets of San Diego Composite Squadron 144 Color
Guard preparing to take the field during the opening
ceremonies July 14, 2002. San Diego Padres vs. St.
Louis Cardinals at Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego. Pic-
tured are: (L to R) C/TSgt Heather Rogers, CI SSgt Matt
Olsen, C/TSgt Nick Carter, and C/TSgt Lance Spencer.
(Photos by Capt Chris VanGorder)
Practice Makes
Continued . ..
local twelve-year-old student sang
the National Anthem. After the
presentation of colors, Cadet
Carter marched his unit back to
the dugout and was congratulated
by the San Diego Padres' media
staff, Squadron Commander Capt
Chris VanGorder, Capt Daryl
Newton, and the entire squadron
after their return to the seati ng
area. There were 24,045 people in
attendance with countless num-
bers watching cable TV. The pub-
lic relation director stated they
were the sharpest color guard unit
he' s seen and are always welcome
to return. Squadron Commander,
Capt VanGorder stated, "Capt
Newton and I beamed with pride
watching our color guard present
the colors at the game. Our four
cadets were impeccable in their
performance and represented our
country and the Civil Air Patrol
with visible professionalism."
This was a great way for Civil Air
Patrol to potlight their very best
at a major sports event.
Sq. 56 Gets New Commander
By Chris Storey
Major David Boehm has been appointed to Squadron Commander of
the Civil Air Patrol North Orange County Composite Squadron 56.
Major Boehm replaced ILt. Ira Rosenberg. ILt. Rosenberg had tem-
porarily assumed the duties as Squadron Commander until a permanent
commander could be appointed. The members of Squadron 56 extend
their thanks and gratitude to Lt. Rosenberg for his efforts. ILt. Rosenberg
remains an active part of Squadron 56 as the squadron financial officer.
Since taking command of Squadron 56, Major Boehm has recruited
eight highly motivated new Senior Members. He was essenti al in their
completing Level One and starti ng their mission skills and specialty track
training right away. Major Boehm has also filled several key staff posi-
tions in the squadron that had been vacant and has begun recruiting new
cadet members. "His enthusiasm has been contagious," says ILt. Roger
Woodcock of Squadron 56.
Major Patricia Okawa, past Aerospace Education Officer of the Los
Alamitos Cadet Squadron 153 where Major Boehm was a cadet, says that
Dave "made the program work for him and always made the most of the
opportunities in Civil Air Patrol that he saw or developed."
Major Boehm has been a Civil Air Patrol member for fifteen years. As
a cadet, he served as the Cadet Conunander of Squadron 56, in La Habra.
He received the Ameila Earhart Award and attended the International Air
Cadet Exchange as a delegate to Germany. He also attended the Air Force
Space Command Familiarization course. As a senior member, Major
Boehm has served as Logistics, Operations, and Emergency Services of-
ficers, and most recently as Director of Information Systems for Califor-
nia Wing. He is an active Search and Rescue/Di saster Relief and
Counterdrug mission pilot, ground team member, and communicator. He
is also rated as an Incident Commander Trainee.
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"We (1re proud to s(1[ute (1nd support the men (1nd women of our
civil Air P(1tro[ For their dedic(1tion (1nd cour(1ge
in Aying their [iFes(1ving missions. "
Thanks to the Men and Women
of the Civil Air Patrol
My Last Year
I have been your Wing Com-
mander now for over three years
and am entering my last year of thi s
four year term. The pl an is to
change command at the October
2003 Wing Conference. We have
been through a lot together, the
good, the bad and the ugly and it
took awhile to get things, and us,
all going in the same direction. To-
gether we have moved the Wing
forward and in the right direction
making CA WG first or second in
CAP in most categories and to-
gether we will continue to move
Our inspections are going well ,
reports seem to be in on time, our
mi ssions, the cadet programs, AE
and ES are getting done very well
and for the most part we are being
safe out there. Yes, things happen
and what we do is not the safes t
thing around, which is why safety
must be fIrst and foremost on every
member 's mind. Nothing we do
precludes safety fIrst. The most im-
portant thing in CA WG is you, so
take care of you first, then do the
mi ss ion in the most profess ional
way possible.
Col Larry Myrick
Speaking of missions, we will
be getting involved in Home Land
Security (HLS) mi ss ions for our
state sometime in the next year. I
have had meetings with the
Governor 's Office of Emergency
Services (OES) and the Calif. Na-
tional Guard to begin di scuss ing
our role in HLS. It is likely that all
mi ssions will come from the state
level and not from the federal level
because most of the funding is go-
ing to the states. As soon as a mi s-
sion is identified we wi ll begin
training for it. Thi s is in the devel-
oping stages both on the state and
federa l levels so we wi ll have to
wait and see how we fit in. As I said
I'm working with OES on a regular
basis to make sure we fIt in.
National Headquarters (NHQ)
is moving to a new computerized
sys tem for operations called the
Flight Management System (FMS).
It is like the WMU, but more in-
volved. Eventually we will be mov-
ing to it in a year or two I think. We
will see. All the data in the WMU
will be transferred to it according to
NHQ so we don' t have to input ev-
erything again. So keep the WMU
current. Along with the FMS, NHQ
is developing a central operations
center they are calling National Op-
erations Center or NOC - ' knock'
as they call it. Thi s will assign all
mi ssions for CAP including HLS,
CD and so on. It is slated to come
on line October 2002. We will have
to see how it will work with all of
our missions. We had over 600 last
year counting CD, ES and OES.
We may be contacting some of
you out there in the near future to
help in our big inspection by NHQ
IG and the AF IG in May of 2003.
All Wing sections will be inspected
and some of them need your reports
or paperwork to be compliant. We
are shooting for an outstanding rat-
ing and all the section directors are
working hard to have their section
in top shape. So, when they call to
ask for help, or that report, or pa-
perwork please help with a smile.
Remember we are all on the same
team and working toward the same
goal, to make CA WG the best wing
in the nation. We can' t do it without
your help. In my di scussions with
OES, the Guard, the State legi sla-
ture, and the Governor, I always
run into the issue of, so what do
you do? Who are you? We need to
ring our own bell, Loud. If we are
going to be successful in procuring
additional funding for our wing
from our state we have to let our
legislators know who we are and
what we do. Whenever you have a
search in your area or some of your
members participate in one, get it
to the local papers and then to your
local legis lators. When you have
cadet awards to present, have your
local legislators do it. Get every-
thing you do into the local papers
and then get that to your local legis-
lators. You provide a wonderful ser-
vice out there. What you do is im-
portant. Let 'em know about it - if
you don' t, who will? We owe it to
ourselves to be loud about what we
do. Be proud you are a member of
CAWG and don' t be shy about it.
Thank you for all your dedication
to CA WG and I look forward to
working with you in my last year to
make our wing the best it can be.
Semper Vigilance . ..
Committed to meeting the aviation travel
and recreation needs of the community.
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t)«tt ~ & Me fPto«d to ~
Met ~ tk ffl&t, ~ Met ~ cadet4 % tk
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~ II{I * fJ«Jfi ~
(559) 713-4201 / FAX (559) 713-4827
9501 W. Airport Drive, Visalia
Visit us at our website for more information and current weather . ..
By Paul Shaw, CMSgt (Ret) CAP-USAF
Deputy State Director / California
CMSgt (Ret) Paul Shaw,
the newly assigned USAF Liaison NCO
During the past few months
Sue Lundstrom, a couple of indi-
vidual members and I reviewed
the times and processes involved
with getting reimbursement for
expenses submitted on CAP
Forms 108. 1 got some great input
on how the process might be
streamlined, and it looks like
some of those ideas may soon be
adopted which will belp.
There are a couple of things
that everyone can do right now
which will help immediately.
The first thing is to ensure
that you use only the current CAP
Form 108. Look at your private
stash of 108s and if the date on
them is not May 02 then throw
them in the recycle bin. Remem-
ber that these forms are down-
loadable from CAP web sites.
There is a CAWG initiative, cur-
rently at CAP National HQ, to re-
vise the CAP Form 108 (again) to
provide an aircraft horsepower
block and clarify the need to in-
clude vehicle mileage - as well as
just clean up the form a little bit.
Sue Lundstrom sees more of these
forms than anyone else, and she
put together a meaningful list of
changes to the 108 based on her
vast experience. When it gets
implemented I know you will ap-
preciate the improvements.
There is added emphasis be-
ing placed on how many miles a
vehicle drives on a gallon of gas.
I've said it before, but I still see
instances of vehicles being driven
very few miles on quite a lot of
fuel, or a vehicle that was driven a
lot of miles on a local mission,
without a reason annotated on the
108. In each case I eventually
found that there were valid rea-
sons or extenuating circum-
stances, but it sometimes takes a
couple of days to track people
down to get the information
needed to satisfy the auditors. Un-
fortunately, one incomplete or
confusing 108 may keep an entire
mission package from going for-
ward for payment.
And make absolutely sure that
you use the aircraft reimburse-
ment rates in the 3 May 2002
CAPR 173-3, Attachment 1. This
is the one that specifically spells
out the rates by horsepower,
rather than aircraft type alone.
There are a couple of letters float-
ing around (for example the 1
July 2002 AFROTC/CAP Initia-
tive letter) that refer to flat rates or
outdated hourly rates. Don' t be
fooled ... use the CAPR 173-3
Finally, if you are not reim-
bursed within 60 days of submit-
ting your 108 I wish you would
contact me with the mission num-
ber so I can investigate. FYI, my
research shows that most of you
are getting paid around the 55-day
point now. We've had a couple of
cases where 108s had to be resub-
mitted, and if we don't get that
done promptly it is sometimes
very hard or impossible to get you
reimbursed. My phone number is
(916) 564-1598. Email me at Truly
I don't mind you contacting me.
It's easy for me to verify that ev-
erything is okay - or not.
My primary purpose for
bringing these things up is to get
CAP members reimbursed as
quickly as possible. It has gotten
quicker, but the waiting time can
be made even shorter with a little
more attention to detail and an
emphasis on timeliness.
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We salute the men and women of
California Civil Air Patrol.
Thanks, and keep up the good work!
The amount of materi al that I
received fo r thi s iss ue was just
overwhelming. When I took over
Eagle Call a couple of years ago J
had to scramble for materi al. Now]
have to make tough decisions as to
what materi al will make the cut.
Unfortunately, there are articl es
that I have to cut due to space limi-
tati ons and timeliness. That' s part
of being an edit or. If your arti cle
did not make thi s iss ue, pl ease
don' t be di scouraged. Keep send-
ing in your articles. I've been writ-
ing professionally for over 30 years
and still have materi al that doesn' t
make it to print.
A reminder for submi ss ions. I
can accept text either in MSWord,
WordPerfect or e-mail text (and of
course old fasruoned typed copy!) .
Photos! The printer will onl y ac-
cept the fo ll owing: hard copi es,
f loppy di sc or cd. The publi sher
will not take e- mail photos at thi s
time. Pl ease don ' t e-mail me pho-
tos and ask me to load them on a
di sc. I have a di al-up service and
photos take a long time to down-
load. A recent day, I had my phone
ti ed up for almos t three hour s
downl oadin g photos f rom three
di fferent people.
Contrary to popul ar beli ef,
CAP and Eagle Call is not my full
time j ob. The job that pays the bill s
Capt Brian Stover, CAP, Editor, Eagle Call
is as a Sergeant with the Los Ange-
les County Sheri ff ' s Dept. It ' s in
that vein that I offer the foll owing:
Two Edwards F-15 Eagle pilots
unknowingly helped the Los Ange-
les County Sheri ff ' s Department
break up a gang- re lated incident
May 18 while performing a fl y-by
at the 43rd Annual Torrance Armed
Forces Day parade.
According to Sgt. Brian Stover
of the Los Angeles County Sheri ff ' s
Department, the parade, whi ch was
to include the F- 15 fly-by, was in
progress when an indi vidual began
shooting in a park near the parade
route . The department di spatched
deputi es to investi gate, and once of-
ficials were on the scene, the situa-
ti on deteri orated rapidl y into a vio-
lent state, said Stover.
"When the deputi es arri ved,
they ques ti oned some locals and
were pointed to a coupl e of sus-
pects," said Stover. "The deputies
took the indi viduals into custody,
and then the famil y and fri ends of
the victim came out to get some
vigilante justi ce."
According to the sergeant, the
park erupted, and people started at-
tac king the deputi es and the sus-
pects. The deputi es call ed for assis-
tance, and more than 40 law en-
forcement peopl e armed with rub-
ber bull ets, bean bag shotguns and
pepper spray arri ved from several
local stati ons to help clear the park
and restore order.
About that time, Lt. Col. Bill
Thornton, commander of the 4 16th
Fli ght Tes t Squadron here , and
Maj. Carl Schaefer, also of th e
4 16th, approac hed the area in
preparati on for their fl y over.
"The first pass over the park
made everyone stop and look at the
F-1 5s," said Stover. "When they
turned and made a second pass, it
caused everyone to scatter and
empty out of the park."
Stover said because of the fl y-
by the deputi es avoided having to
deploy a skil1ni sh line, and said the
Edwards crew helped deputi es de-
pl oy without force or further inj u-
ri es.
Thornton later said that he and
Schaefer did noti ce the poli ce cars
in the park, but were unaware of the
events taking pl ace on the ground.
"We have a saying in the Air
Force that ' timing is everything' ,"
Thornton said. "We are thrilled that
our fli ghts, although inadvertent,
were able to help the police restore
order and prevent further violence."
For those of you pl anning on
messing with the LA County Sher-
iff, don' t even think of it ... I can
call in cl ose air support! lar
Ft. Yuma Indian Reservation
We are a proud part of
America's heritage
and we unite to
salute and support
the lifesaving efforts of
Civil Air Patrol!
Fax: 760-572-2102
P.O. Box 1899, Yuma, AZ 85366-1899
The members of the
invite you to join us in our
appreciation of flight!
707 ·451·4400
300 County Airport Rd.
Santa Clara
County Airports
We are proud to support the men and
women of Civil Air Patrol who give
of themselves, so others may live.
Keep Up The Great Work!
Reid-Hillview Airport
(408) 929-2256
Palo Alto
(650) 856-7833
South County
(408) 683-4741
We are proud to support the
Civil Air Patrol in our great state!
(916) 645-8576
640 5
From the
Chaplain (Major) Paul Ward
California Wing Chaplain
Fall - September, October, No-
vember ... I just love thi s time of
the year. No, not because of the
autumn leaves or the briskness in
the air. I love thi s time of the year
because it means "football."
For as long as I can remember
I have loved the sport of football.
Even before I started elementary
school, my dad would take me to
watch the local high school foot-
ball team in action. From the time
I began school I couldn't wait un-
til I went to Santa Paula High
School so I could become a Car-
dinal football player. I wanted to
wear the Cardinal Red and White
uniforms. I even had the jersey
number in mind that I wanted to
wear- #22.
Finally the day arrived ... first
day of high school. The an-
nouncement appeared in the daily
bulletin that try-outs for the fresh-
man football team were goi ng to
be held. I was pumped. I was one
of the first to arrive at the gym.
When I walked up to Coach
Marty Sidler, he sized up my four
foot six frame ... all 66 pounds of
it .. . and said, "Son, I'm sorry but
you are not big enough to play
football." Sensing the disappoint-
ment I was experiencing, he
quickly added, "But I have a spot
on the team that I think you can
fill." Well , during that footba ll
season and for the rest of my high
school years, 1 was a statist ician
and student trainer. While I never
got to strap on a helmet, the
shoulder pads or wear the red and
white jersey of the Santa Paula
Cardinals, 1 was still a part of the
Being part of a team is a great
experience. There is nothing more
exciting than the blending of
abi liti es, ski ll s, talents, and per-
sonalities for a common purpose.
Much of CAP is about team-
work - people working together.
From the early Christian writings,
the Apostle Paul wrote about
teamwork in a letter to a group in
Corinth. He spoke of teamwork,
not in athletic terms, but in terms
of the human body working to-
gether ... and how each part was
essential to the proper function-
ing. In this letter he spoke of two
dangers that could become dis-
ruptive to the effectiveness of a
team. The first was inferiority:
"Now the body is not made up of
one part, but many. If the foot
should say, ' Because I am not a
hand, 1 do not belong to the body,'
Chaplain (Major) Paul Ward
Californa Wing Chaplain
it would not for that reason cease
to be part of the body. And if the
ear should say, 'Because 1 am not
an eye, I do not belong to the
body,' it would not for that reason
cease to be part of the body." The
ot her was superiority: "The eye
cannot say to the hand, ' I don 't
need you.' And the head cannot
say to the feet, ' I don ' t need
you! '"
There are people in our
squadrons who may feel they
have nothing to contr ibute and
there may be some who feel that
they alone can do the work of the
squadron. Neither attitude is ben-
eficial to the morale of the squad-
ron or its effectiveness.
1 learned a life lesson that day
in that locker room ... there is al-
ways a place on the team for a
person who is dedicated and wi ll-
ing to serve and all it takes is a
person who will encourage them.
Learning to appreciate and utilize
the various abilities, interests, and
ski ll s of every member of the
squadron as well as lending your
abiliti es - no matter how insig-
nificant you feel they may be -
helps to build and maintain a
sense of belonging to a team.
I a r   ~
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We Are Proud To Salute And
Be A Part Of The Many Fine
Efforts Of The Men And Women
In The Civil Air Patrol For
Their Lifesaving Missions.
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wlw '!;f f)ur
CIY-iL BJr :.PatroL/
By Capt John DiGiantomasso
Director of Aerospace Education, California Wing
When Congress chartered the
Civil Air Patrol , three missions
were given to the new corpora-
l. Continue the Cadet Pro-
2. Be prepared to assist in
emergencies (such as in-
land search).
3. Promote Aerospace Edu-
cation among the Ameri-
can population, but espe-
cially among CAP cadet
and senior members.
It seems to me that there are
two large segments of the Califor-
nia Wing population that are dedi-
cated to the first two items on that
list. On any given weekend, the
California Wing Cadet Program
folks might be hosting an NCOS,
or other school. Local cadet pro-
gram officers might coordinate a
BCS or ATS. And, over the sum-
mer, the whole wing seems to re-
volve around encampment and its
hundreds of cadets. On the ES
side, you might be able to find a
pilot evaluation going on, or a
SAREX, or a Mountain Fury ex-
ercise - perhaps a communica-
tions course, or a land navigation
But what about Aerospace
Education? For too long, AE in
California Wing has consisted of
somebody sitting at the front of a
classroom and reading to the ca-
dets out of their textbook.
A survey was conducted at
the Cadet Program Conference in
February 2002. Fifty cadets from
29 different units in California
Wing responded. There were two
alarming stati stics. First, 37% of
the respondents agreed or strong-
ly agreed that "Basi cally, my
squadron has no Aerospace Edu-
cation activities." The second red
flag came up among those squad-
rons that DO have AE activities,
where 24% of the respondents
agreed that "AE activities at my
squadron are not fun."
But all is not beyond hope.
Every single respondent to the
survey either agreed, or strongly
agreed, that Aerospace Education
could be a lot of fun. And, 98% of
those responding stated that Cali-
fornia Wing should host more AE
Well, I am very pleased to an-
nounce that California Wing is
taking step.s towards hosting more
AE activities. As I write this, we
have just finished hosting our fIrst
activity - a Model Rocketry
Weekend at USMC Camp Pendle-
ton attended by nearly a hundred
members of California Wing.
(Expect to read about that activity
in a future edition of the Eagle
Call. ) Reviewing the many photos
taken at the event revealed a
whol e lot of smiles among the
participants. I hope that indicates
that the attendees were indeed
having fun doing Aerospace Edu-
In the future, we're working
towards coordinating tours of
Aerospace Museums, arranging
for participation in simul ated
Space Shuttle mi ssions at Chal-
lenger Learning Centers, and
planning a day-at-the-beach kite-
flying event for thi s summer.
We' re even kicking around the
idea of a week-long Model Rock-
etry Camp over the summer
where we' ll have the time to get
into a lot more theory, designing
custom rockets, using simulation
software and even venturing into
the realm of mid- and high-power
rocketry. All of these activities -
and more - are the result of input
from you: the members of Cali-
fornia Wing.
You ' ll be hearing a lot more
about Aerospace Educat ion in
California Wing from now on.
And I hope that we' ll be seei ng
your smi ling face at some of the
upcoming Aerospace Education
activities that California Wing
will be sponsoring. I guarantee
that you' ll have fun. And, with a
little bit of luck, you ' ll learn
something, too.
And before you know it ,
you ' l1 have fond memories of
CAP's "forgotten" mission.
That Others
Might Live!
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We are proud to be a
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Sortie Planning and review.
Successful SAREX Concludes at Squadron 10 - Palo Alto
California Wing, Group 2
Training Agenda Continues
By 2Lt Candice Tuttle, CAP
On the weekend of May 4, 2002, Communication Officers for radio
Group 2 of the California Wing, work, Operati ons Offi cers for air
Civil Air Patrol held two days of an and ground crew planning, Sortie
extens ive SAREX. The mi ss ion Bri efer and De-bri efer, Safety Of-
base was establi shed at the Civil ficers and Mission Information Of-
Air Patrol, Jon E. Kramer Compos- ficers, ensuring mi ssion readiness.
ite Squadron 10 Headqu arte rs at The cras h s ite and ELT loca-
Palo Alto Airport. More than fifty tion s ( unknown to the search
Civil Air Patrol Senior and Cadet teams) were successfull y located
Members from Northern California by Civil Air Patrol ground teams,
were present. Also in attendance as each team working with multipl e
observers and support were repre-
sentatives of the Search and Rescue
Squadron f ro m the Sa nta Clara
County Sheriff, the Salvation Army
and the United States Air Force.
During the exercise, seven air
sorti es and four ground crews were
laun c hed . Scena ri os included
sear ching for a mi ss ing aircraft to
train new aircrew and ground team
members on ti ght team coordina-
tion. The training used an old, ac-
t ual cras h site, as well as a ir and
ground electronic search exercises
for an ELT.
Civil Air Patrol aircrews, demon-
strating the powerful air/ground co-
ordinated search and rescue capa-
biliti es that the Civil Air Patrol pro-
vides to the community.
The extens ive professional
tra ining required of all members
paid off on the first day; a Civil Air
Patrol pilot flying a sorti e usi ng a
rental plane, experienced an electri-
cal system fai lure in flight. Draw-
in g upon hi s training, the pilot
calmly assessed the situation, com-
muni cated the problem a nd suc-
cessfull y fl ew the aircraft back to
the Mi ssion Base.
Also demonstrated and prac-
ti ced was the use of Slow Sca n
Television, one-way communica-
ti on providing aeri al imaging for
di sas ter, search and rescue and
counte rdrug survei ll ance mi ssion
assessment, and training of aircrew
with pers pect i ve vis uals of rea l
downed aircraft sites.
The Salvation Army's Hospi-
tality House of San Jose stepped in
to provide the Civi l Air Patrol per-
sonne l with a muc h-needed a nd
hearty lunch of sandwiches, soup
and all the trimmings on both days
of the SAREX.
A vis it f rom a San Franc isco
Bay Area televi sion station, Chan-
nel 14 Uni vision, produced a very
pos iti ve evening clip abo ut the
Civil Air Patrol in general and thi s
The mock mission base offered
hands-on training for mi sion ba e
pe rso nn e l in pos iti o ns s uc h as Mission Operations Action.
is proud to support
the many lifesaving
missions of Civil Air Patrol!
S a n d Y   a ~
- Since 1934 -
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Life, Farm Or Business
1600 Draper Street
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We proudly salute the fine
efforts of Civil Air Patrol!
sitieolJ vAlle!J
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Canada & Mexico
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(San Jose International Airport)
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Monterey, California
Prou . pO. er of the
California ivil i Patrol
( 30) 224 4321
Air Ops in action.
California's Diablo
Composite sa 44
Conducts Highly
Successful SAREX
By 2Lt Candice Tuttle, CAP
Double-check of mission flight grid.
On the weekend of June 8, 2002, the
Diablo Composite Squadron 44 of the
Civil Air Patrol 's California Wing, held
two days of an extensive air and ground
SAREX. The mi ss ion base was estab-
li shed at the Civil Air Patrol Squadron 44
Headquarters at Concord, Buchanan Air
Field, with more than sixty Civil Air Pa-
trol members from Northern California
participating over the two days. Also in at-
tendance as observer and support were
representatives of the United States Air
Force, Lt Col Mike Prusak and Lt Col
Lynn Aspegren.
During the exercise, 18 air sorties uti-
lizing 12 aircraft, and two ground crews
with four support vehicles were launched.
Scenarios included searching for two
missing aircraft to train new aircrew and
ground team members on tight team coor-
dination. The training used an old and re-
cent, actual crash site, as well as air and
ground electronic search exercises for an
The mock mi ssion base offered hands-
on training for mjssion base personnel in
positions such as Communication Officers
for Radio Operator, Air Operations Offic-
ers for air and ground crew planning, Sor-
tie Briefer and De-briefer, Safety Officers
and Mi ssion Information Officer and even
Incident Commander Officer positions.
The second day of the SAREX also
consisted of pilot fught training and certi-
fications leading to qualification as mi s-
sion pilots. Flying over 45 hours all the
training flight requests were fulfilled. All
Mi ssion Pilot trainees and scanner train-
ees received at least one flight.
The Concord, Buchanan Air Field is
also to be commended for its ongoing sup-
port of the Civil Air Patrol and thi s event
specifically through provi sion of aircraft
tie downs, tower communications and co-
operation, as well as general coordination
for the event.
A visit from a San Francisco Bay Area
newspaper, the Contra Costa Times,
yielded a great newspaper article, which
included photos, about the Civil Air Patrol
in general and this SAREX. All of this ex-
tensive training and practice ensures
Californi a's mi ss ion readiness when the
skills are needed to support surrounding
communities during true emergency ser-
vice duty.
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• For aircraft use only
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• Patent Pending
• Carbon Monoxide ICOI is an odorlesS/colorless TOXIC GAS.
• Solid state sensors with microcomputer monitoring
• Universal Coordinated Time IUTqlZuluiGMT Clock
• Corrected for Altitude, Temperature and Relative Humidity
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<- C;
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Wauld like to thank the men
& women of G.AP. for all their
programs and lijesamng efforts.
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Civil Air Patrol Hones its Search and Rescue Skills
Tracking Trouble
By Bill Choy • Record Searchlight
Thi s weekend, more than 40 members of the air patrol,
an auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, came from throughout
California for search and rescue training. Participants said
the training gave them a chance to refine their skills so they
will be prepared for a real emergency.
The Shasta Composite Squadron 126 Civil Air Patrol
sponsors the training each year at the Redding Municipal
Airport for pilots, ground search rescuers and radio opera-
Kevin Martin of Redding, a senior member of the air pa-
trol, said members work together to find emergency locator
transmitters (ELTs), which transmit a signal when a plane
Using their equipment from an elper, which picks up the
ELT signal, crew members went to locations throughout the
area to find the ELT.
Martin said simulations included a downed plane, which
the ELT put in mountainous locations throughout the region,
and a capsized boat on Lake Shasta, which added to both the
difficulty and the reality of the situation.
"It's a little bit of a challenge for them in these situa-
tions," he said. "They have to go through some fairly remote
areas to get the ELT. This training will help us when a real
crash or accident happens and we have to go out and find
where it is."
Members of the Shasta County Sheriff's Department also
participated in the training, Martin said.
Capt. Lawrence Steffan of Novato, a Civil Air pilot, said
he appreciated the opportunity to fly training missions in the
"It gives you an opportunity to know what your plane can
do in the higher elevations," he said. "Because the air is thin-
ner, you get less lift over the wings," which makes it more
difficult to fly in these conditions.
This weekend's training also included members of the
Civil Air Patrol Cadets - who range from 12 to 21 years old.
Chris Clatterbuck of Vacaville, a senior member of the air pa-
trol, said for him, the experience this weekend is invaluable.
"You get hands-on training and learn things you can't ex-
perience in the classroom," he said.
Clatterbuck said the members of the air patrol in the re-
gion are all volunteers w ~   do it to help other people in need.
He said many members pay for most of their own equipment
and training and take time off from work to participate.
Notes from the
PACR Conference
Held on April 27-28
By Col Larry Myrick
At the Color Guard Competition our
team from GP 7 SQ 47 came in second to
Washington Wing. We won the Aerospace
Education and the PT portions of the event
but the WAWG won the overall competi-
tion. I want to thank SQCC Capt. McClure,
Capt. Gray and the team for a job well
We, CAWG won 7 of the 9 Region awards.
They are as follows.
PACR PAO of the year is Katherine Saw-
yer, GP 3, SQ 6750
PACR Unit Chaplain of the year is Tim
Spiller of GP 3, SQ. 5
PACR Safety Officer of the year is Paul
PACR Senior Chaplain of the year is Paul
Ward ofCAWG.
PACR Moral leadership officer of the year
is Nancy Woodard of GP 5
PACR Senior Member of the year is Fred
Pritcher of CAWG
PACR Logistics of the year is Peggy
Myrick of CAWG
Please join me in congratulating these
members of our Wing.
Also Capt. Paul Ward has been selected
as the National Chaplain of the year by
NHQ. He will pick up his award at the Na-
tional Conference in Aug. Please join me in
congratulating Paul for this National
Many NHQ Directors were at the Con-
ference. It was nice to be able to ask ques-
tions or express our concerns to them. They
were all very receptive to our suggestions.
Other items:
The Bush NASCAR car race we had in
our state on the 27th of April went very
well. Andrea Binder of the Chino SQ did a
great job of coordinating everything. I want
to thank her, Diana Ward and all the other
members who made the event a good one
for CAWG.
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We are proud to salute
the fine efforts of our
California Civil Air Patrol.
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Imolging the- Eal'th
Emergency Services Roundup
By Major Alice Mansell
During the second quarter of
FY 2002, California Wing re-
sponded to more than 80 emergen-
cies including three missing air-
craft searches. The majority of the
missions were jointly tasked by the
California Governor's Office of
Emergency Services (OES) and the
Air Force Rescue Coordination
Center (AFRCC).
On 11 February, Northern Cali-
fornia search crews had the plea-
sure of locating the only non beacon
signal source fo und during the
quarter, a DVD player broadcasting
on an emergency frequency in San
Juan Bauti sta. Other crews located
non-di stress beacons in places
ranging from a parachute hangar at
NAS LeMoore, a UPS di stributing
center in Claremont, a UPS termi-
nal in Laguna Hills, and a Los An-
geles Police yard. An unusually
high number of the signal s found
this quarter were located off air-
Southern California Wing per-
sonnel dealt with a complicated
signal search mi ssion in February
covering two counties. The search
started on 8 February for a signal in
Orange County and continued with
another signal in the Palm Springs
area. Wing Incident Commander
LtCol Pat Robinson with Maj Greg
Frazier of Sq 68 and Maj David
Boehm of California Wing helped a
USCG helicopter to locate the first
signal in a trash container at a
trailer park from a nondi stress
MiniB EPRIB. Wing Incident
Commander Maj Robert Van Hom
tasked Maj Roy Hofheinz of Sq 11,
ILt Dennis Joyce of Sq 59 and C/
ILt Jeremy Joyce of Sq 59 to locate
a second signal located in a parked
aircraft's ELT at Palm Springs Air-
Incident Commander Maj
Carol Schaubschlager dealt with a
signal search that ended up at a pre-
viously located downed aircraft
Preliminary Emergency
Services Mission Results
for 02 of FY 2002:
83 Total Emergency Services
mission callouts
77 Total search & rescue
Total OES transport missions
0 Total disaster relief missions
3 Missing aircraft missions
75 Emergency signal missions
0 ELT led to distress aircraft
37 ELT located at airport as false
19 ELT located off airport as false
4 EPRIB located at harbor as
false alarm
1 EPRIB located off harbor as
false alarm
1 Nonbeacon source located
19 Signal ceased before location
1 Turned over to FCC
near Tehachepi Airport on 12 Janu-
ary. The ELT was located by CAP
personnel and secured by Kern
County Sheriff personnel.
On 31 January, the Wing as-
sisted with a search for an aircraft
with one aboard mi ssing between
Chico and Marysville. The Wing
utilized six planes and searched for
over 20 hours. The aircraft was lo-
cated near Clear Lake with no sur-
On 13 February, Incident Com-
mander LtCol Bill Hadley tasked
one Wing aircraft on a route search
in the Californian Sierras for an air-
craft with two aboard missing from
Minden, Nevada. The aircraft was
located in Nevada with no survi-
The final mi ss ing aircraft
search for the quarter was a false
alarm. On 28 March, tasking one
aircraft on one sortie, LtCol Bob
Keilhotz of Southern California
quickly located the overdue aircraft
safe on the ground at Salinas.
Sq 56 Members
Learn Lifesaving
By Chris Storey
Members of North Orange
County Composite Squadron 56
spent a recent Saturday learning the
life savi ng ski ll s of cardiopulmo-
nary resuscitation (CPR) and basic
first aid.
Eight senior members and one
cadet from Squadron 56 were
trained in adult and child CPR and
basic f irst aid by Civil Air Patrol
Capt. Curt Kmiecek. Capt. Kmie-
cek, from the Lewi s Composite
Squadron in Illinois, was in Cali -
fornia on a busi ness trip and volun-
teered hi s time to assist the mem-
bers of Squadron 56 with thi s im-
portant training. Capt. Kmiecek is a
certified instructor with the Ameri-
can Red Cross.
CPR and first aid training are
part of the requirements for the
Civil Air Patrol Ground Team
emergency services rating and are
essential skill s for anyone involved
in any type of search and rescue or
outdoor activity. Squadron 56 is or-
ganizing itself as an Emergency
Services oriented squadron, and
thi s training is the fir st step i n
reac hing that goal. Members of
squadron 56 are now better pre-
pared to respond to emergencies
such as injuries or cases of sudden
cardiac arrest.
CPR is an emergency lifesav-
ing procedure that is preformed
when the breathing or the heartbeat
has stopped, such as in cases of
electric shock, drowning, or sudden
cardiac arrest.
CPR is a combination of rescue
breathing, which provides oxygen
to the victim's lungs, and chest
compressions, which keep the
victim's heart circulating oxygen-
ated blood, until advanced emer-
gency medical care arrives.
I" J
• •
By 2dLt John Foote
Much has been written about
what to take with you out in the
field. The ubiquitous "survival kit,"
you need thi s or that. Often people
have me check out their gear and
ask if there is anything mi ssing. I
usually answer their question with
another. "Do you have any PMA to
go with any of thi s STUFF?"
"Huh?" Is the usual reply.
Many hours are spent reading,
scouring and sifting through piles
of books for what makes the best
field pack, equipment li sts and the
like. Through no fault of their own,
people rrti ss a VERY BIG item that
weighs absolutely nothing,
TUDE - Positive Mental Attitude
will save us if properly used. Yes, it
can be used improperly. More on
this in a moment.
Not much emphasis is put on
PMA; it is often overlooked but
nonetheless very vital to survival.
In some SAR training manual s it is
listed before AIR, yes , air. Thi s
writer agrees whole heartedly. All
the newfangled gadgets in the
world won't in themselves save us
in our plight for survival. Training
on how to use these items we carry
reinforces PMA. However, training
on how to use our gadgetry alone is
not enough. PMA has to be learned
and is a life-long quest to adapt to
whatever may be thrown our way.
"As you thinketh, so are thee!"
- Snowshoe Thompson, 1856
PMA is what gives us our edge
for survival out in the elements and
added tenacity when facing the un-
expected even in our day-to-day
lives. There are four very important
key elements to PMA. Cardiovas-
cular and respiratory health, Mus-
culoskeleta l Flexibil ity, Muscle
Strength and the most important,
Mental Endurance. Having good
PMA not only gives us an edge but
also gives us mental and emotional
toughness, discipline, and flexibi l-
ity (i.e. the ability for the mind to
quickJy adapt to rapidly unfolding
Also known as "the whole per-
son concept." This will help us con-
trol the dynamics in any given situ-
1. Cardiovascular and
Respiratory Health
Our herut is the most important
muscle in the body and we must
condi ti on it. A strong heart along
wit h clear lungs wi ll enable us to
put more oxygen in the blood with
less effort. The faster the muscles
can get oxygen, the more effi-
ciently the body will perform and
let us put more of a demand on our
2. Musculoskeletal
As we grow o lder, we lose
some flexibi lity. In modern society
we lose more because our li ves are
more sedentru'y than our ancestors.
The tighter our muscles get, the
harder it is to perform tasks and are
more vulnerable to injuri es. Not to
mention egress time. That's a joke
for the "Cess na" aircrews of the
world. We MUST mai ntain some
type of stretching routine on a daily
2dLt John Foote
3. Muscle Strength
This type of strength comes in
two forms. Power and endurance
and regardless of our ages we can
increase both.
4. Mental endurance
Here we go with the biggi e! We
must have the mental attitude to
survive and the mental toughness to
keep from givi ng up. Mental endur-
ance can be developed just like its
physical counterparts.
All of these components inter-
relate with each other. The more we
work our bodies, the tougher our
minds get. The more we prepare
ourselves mentally, the more our
bodies wil l comply with t he de-
mands we put on it. Having good
PMA is being in control of you.
Practi cing our skill s during FTXs,
SAREXs and especially making
our squadron meetings are ex-
tremely important but without
maintaining good PMA we are cut-
ting ourselves short. Mental tough-
ness is an extreme di scipline.
Regardless of the situation, we
always know our abilities and how
far we can be pushed. Or do we?
Researchers have proven that in
many instances the body may en-
dure up to twice the normal amount
of puni shment , depending on the
individual s' mental di sc ipline.
Words of cauti on though. Remem-
ber when we read earlier that PMA can be used improp-
erly? It is now noteworthy to mention that we must not
throw caution to the wind and end up with a
"PMAttitude problem." To think that we are "super
people, ready for anything," becoming prima donnas so
therefore we stop preparing. This is extremely dangerous
and is also to miss the bigger picture. Also, these "United
States being one nation under God" it certainly wouldn't
hurt, if one felt so inclined, to learn how to pray. Learn to
recognize and use ALL your resources.
PMA is to be a healthy mindset preparing us to
handle any confrontation, especially out in the field or on
missions where our training will be calJed upon. The true
survivor will be the individual that prepares mentally to
handle the pressure, adrenaline, and the possibility of be-
coming seriously injured or perhaps even killed. Regard-
less of the situation, the mentally disciplined with a keen
awareness of their surroundings at all times will over-
come their seemingly impossible odds whether it be dur-
ing a test, check ride, encampment, or even getting up in
front of the squadron to give that dreaded presentation.
Never allow the mind to allow the body to even consider
giving up. All of us who joined CAP for its opportunities
and to help others regardless of the mission we choose to
support are fortunate in that we can turn to our skills we
learn during a crisis.
"I've never been lost, though I will admit to being
confused for several weeks." - Daniel Boone
In conclusion, we train for all the reasons mentioned
above but when we fight for survival we should fight to
survive at all costs. Practice this on a continual basis by
telling yourself "If I am in a fight for survival, I will not
quit until I have won!" This should be our first item on
our mental checklists. Be it the "Ten essentials" or
"emergency cockpit procedures," move everything down
one and put thi s one at the top. Hope for the best, but al-
ways prepare for the worst and remember to apply maxi-
mum PMA until you have taken control of the situation,
i.e. never stop flying the airplane. Expect to get hurt but
ignore the symptoms until the situation is resolved.
There has been a documented case where a person sur-
viving a great ordeal hung on until rescuers arrived just
then to stop fighting and for no life threatening reasons
perished. So be resolute in your outcome.
We should always be prepared; we've all teamed at
great cost - life's blows are likely to strike when we least
expect them. Maintain your awareness and exercise your
mind continuously so your body will be prepared to react
accordingly and move on. So before that next mission,
open up your "kit bags", rucks and vests for inspection
and throw in a little of that PMA. It weighs nothing but is
worth everything.
supponr Oun ADVGnr/SGnS!
Voyager Squadron
Indian Springs
By Lt Robert Smith
On July 17,2002 thirteen United States Air Force
Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol cadets left the Voyager
Composite Squadron 120 headquarters enroute In-
dian Springs Auxiliary Airfield at the invitation of the
Base Commander Lt. Col. Greg Miller. Six senior
members under the direction of Major Paul Cleve-
land escorted the CAP cadets. The members of Voy-
ager Composite Squadron are based at the old George
Air Force Base in Victorville, California.
Prior to arriving at Indian Springs, the members
stopped at Hoover Dam and toured the dam at the ex-
pense of the Bureau of Reclamation/Department of
Interior. Upon arriving at the Indian Springs Airfield
the members were housed by the base billeting.
On July 18, 2002 received a briefing from the
base commander, a tour of the base Fire Department,
the Base Ops and the Airfield Tower. Captain Crosby
gave a briefing on the Predator UAV (unmanned
aerial vehicle), which he is a pilot. The cadets were
then given the opportunity to see the Predator up
close and numerous photographs were taken. The
next stop was the Thunderbirds' Museum for a film, a
walk through of the hangar area and an in-depth ex-
planation of Thunderbirds' hi story and traditions. The
final stop was at the Nelli s Air Force Base Threat
Training Facility, which is affectionately nicknamed
"the Petting Zoo." The cadets were shown numerous
soviet tanks, rocket launchers, helicopter, MIG air-
craft and various small arms.
On July 19,2002 a demonstration of the C-17
Globemaster aircraft illustrated its ability to drop
paratroopers, land and take off in an amazingly short
distance, and offload troops with equipment very rap-
idly. The next stop was at " Site Bravo" for the
Capstone Firestone demonstration for the Command
Staff Air Force personnel consisting of one four star
Air Force General , two three star Air Force Generals
and a number of one star Generals. The exhibit of live
fire bombing display included the B-S2, A-lO, F-16,
B-2, B-1 , F-lS and a simulated rescue of a downed
pilot with two Blackhawk helicopters.
After the live fire display, thirteen cadets ranging
in age from 13-18 years were thoroughly prepared to
sign up for the United States Air Force. ~ ~
  w z ~
is proud to support and satute
the men and women
of the elva Air Patrot in
their lifesaving missions . ..
so others may live!

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Cadet Colonel Cook Reaches Top Altitude
By 2nd Lt. Gregory Solman
Before a field of new members graduating Basic Cadet
School , Cadet Colonel Heather Cook of the Civil Air Patrol 's
Clover Field Composite Squadron 51 received the highest com-
mendation awarded to cadets, the Spaatz Award, at ceremonies
at the March Field Air Museum, Riverside, California, June 30.
Colonel Grant Farris, United States Air Force, retired, presented
Cook with the award, humbly noting that the Spaatz is usually
bestowed by a head of state or an even higher-ranking officer.
Col. Farris sai d he was honored to grant the personal request of
Cadet Colonel Cook.
"We're all extremely proud of Heather Cook, whose rare
achievement represents years of work and dedication," said
Capt. Thomas Hoebink Squadron 51 commander. "And make
no mistake about it: No one achieves a Spaatz alone. The award
also reflects credit upon the team effort between Squadron 51 ,
Colonel Cook's family, and such faithful supporters as Colonel
Now entering her sophomore year of studying the liberal
arts at St. John's ColJege, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Cook joined
Santa Monica's CAP squadron at the age of 13. She rapidly rose
to Flight Officer, earning the Mitchell Award in 1998, became a
cadet captain with Earhart Award in 1999, and received the
Ferman Award for outstanding cadet in California in 2000.
Cook qualified for an International Air Cadet Exchange tour in
Japan and commanded the cadets of Squadron 51 from 1998 to
2001. Along the way, she was recognized with Commander's
Commendations at both the Group (1998) and Wing (2000) lev-
Cook started earning an associate degree from Santa
Monica College while still attending Santa Monica High
School. She recounts being dragged to a squadron meeting by
her father - who served for ten years in the U.S.A.P. - at the age
of 12. "If you can imagine a girl that used to hide behind her
mother's skirt, going into a room full of mostly boys and men
wearing their BDUs," Cook remembers. "And mine were two
sizes too big at first, because they didn't make them that small."
CAP activities and competition grew on her very quickly,
she notes. "Soon I found myself in contests with other cadets to
see whose shoes could be shiniest, or quote the teacher the
most, or promote the fastest. I made friends I didn' t expect to
and I fit in with the guys just fine."
"I really enjoyed it," Cook says. "CAP taught me di scipline,
responsibility, and eventually leadership. I became less shy and
eventually I began public speaking. Superior officers taught me
how to handle potentially confrontational situations, and I've
applied those lessons to both school and job interviews."
Cook says she has no current plans to enter the military, but
looks forward to resuming her CAP career as a Senior Member.
Cadet 2nd Lt. Chris Cart of Skyhawks Com-
posite Squadron 47, has received the good
news that he was one of the 8% of the appli-
cants accepted at the United States Coast
Guard Academy. Chris has been the Cadet Of-
ficer of the Year (2001) for California Wing and
is currently the Cadet Deputy Commander of
his squadron.
(Photo by Capt. John OiGiantomasso, CAP)
5Q47 Cadet Gets Appointment
to Coast Guard Academy
By ILt. Audrey DiGiantomasso
Skyhawks Composite Squadron 47 and
California Wing of the Civil Air Patrol are
proud to announce that Cadet Second Lieuten-
ant Chri s Cart has recently received the good
news that he has earned an appointment to the
United States Coast Guard Academy. He has
been a member of the Civil Air Patrol for four
years and is currently the deputy cadet com-
mander of his squadron. Chris has been a very
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  t/'t UJin(J ... Continued
active member of the cadet program; he has partici-
pated in many leadership roles in Squadron and Wing
activities and was honored as Cadet Officer of the Year
for California Wing in 2001.
To receive the appointment, Chris earned good
grades in High School, participated in sports at school,
earned a good score on hi s SAT tests, got five letters of
recommendations from teachers, counselors and
coaches, and wrote an essay. Chris credits his CAP ca-
reer with helping him greatly during the interview pro-
cess, and ultimately in achieving thi s high honor. Chris
joined Civil Air Patrol for the aerospace education as-
pect of the program but stayed for the leadership train-
ing he found in the program. C/2d Lt Cart credits the
Cadet Program with giving him life skill s that have
helped him excel in school and for building his confi-
When asked why he chose the Coast Guard Acad-
emy where only eight percent of those who apply are
accepted, he explained "it just seemed right". Chri s is
excited about the prospect of attaining his goals by at-
tending the United States Coast Guard Academy and
plans to study Marine Engineering and Naval Architec-
ture. All of Skyhawks Composite Squadron 47 is proud
of Chri s, and we are confident he will excel at the
Academy. Good Luck Chris!
Cadet Lt Col Casey Hartwell Receives
Daedalian Scholarship
CALIFORNIA - Cadet Lt Col Casey Hartwell is
one of five CAP cadets this year to receive the coveted
Maj . Gen. Lucas V. Beau Flight Scholarship. The Order
of Daedalian Scholarship Award, worth $2, 100.00, is to
be used towards obtaining his private pilot's license.
Hartwell has been a member of CAP since 1997
and is currently a member of Sacramento Camp. Sq.
14. Hartwell has worked hard throughout his CAP ca-
reer and has received many awards along the way.
Hartwell says The Daedalian Award is one of the most
rewarding to him because it allows him to do what he
loves most - fly.
The Order of Daedalians Award is awarded each
year to CAP cadets who demonstrate a desire for a ca-
reer in military aviation. Learning to fly and becoming
a United States Air Force pi lot has been Hartwell 's
dream and goal si nce he was 8 years old and attended
hi s first air show. Hartwell obtained his student pi lot's
license two weeks after turning 16, so the Daedalians
scholarship will be used to continue hi s efforts and re-
ceive hi s private pilot's license. Hartwell is grateful to
the CAP for help in bringing his dream to life!
CAP Cadet
Air Force
Civil Air
Patrol Cadet
David Cordell
of Sebastopol
has been ap-
pointed to the
David Cordell
Unjted States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs,
Colorado. David is the son of Wi lli am and Kim Cordell
of Sebastopol, and is a 2001 graduate of EI Moli no
High School, where he was captain of the wrestling and
tennis teams, president of the speech club, student rep-
resentative to the school board, and a member of Cali-
fornia Scholastic Federation. David bas been a student
at Santa Rosa Junior Coll ege for the past year, and wi ll
be reporting to the Air Force Academy in June 2002.
Hi s goal is to fly the F-22, America's newest tactical
David has been a cadet member of Redwood Em-
pire Composite Squadron No. 157 of the Civi l Air Pa-
trol for the past four years. He is the ranking cadet, hav-
ing earned promotion to the cadet program's second
highest rank, Lieutenant Colonel, in March of this year.
Duri ng his time with the CAP, David attended cadet of-
ficer training school and the national Para-resc ue
jumper orientation course. Approximately 10% of the
Air Force Academy's students come from the CAP ca-
det program.
Continued on page 28 .. .
Pictured is Lt Col Casey Hartwell (left) and Sacramento
Camp. Sq. 14, Commander, Capt. David Strannard.
Search Missions
• • • •
Search For Retired AF
By Major Alice Mansell
On 24 July 2002, the PA-28
140 aircraft with one aboard miss-
ing since the day before was spot-
ted between Kneeland and Arcata,
California. It was located a few
miles from its last known radar po-
The pilot, a retired USAF ma-
jor general, was reported a having
flown from the Sacramento area to
Kneeland to wait for weather to lift
at Arcata for a landing at Arcata in
the afternoon of 23 July. He was re-
ported by the FAA to have taken off
from Kneeland and had requested
an instrument approach to Arcata.
Hi s last known radar position was
on the approach to Arcata. There
were no emergency signal s from
the mi ssing aircraft.
The California Wing of the
Civil Air Patrol was tasked by the
California Governor's Office of
Emergency Services and the Air
Force Rescue Coordination Center
to lead the search. Participating
agencies were the Eureka Police
Department, Humboldt County
Sheriff's Department, United
States Coast Guard, California
Highway Patrol (CRP), and the
FAA. United States Air Force
search assets from Oregon were
available but not needed.
Yesterday, a Civil Air Patrol
aircrew from Eureka Squadron 34
flew two sorties on the search in
After a diligent search and us-
ing radio location equipment the
aircraft was found just after dawn,
with three dead and one survivor.
The CAP team provided aid and
  I,/'Il /tOll1(/ ... Continued/rom page 27
Two Sq. 101 Cadets Receive
Gen Billy Mitchell Award
Cadet 2Lt Robert Gibson and Cadet 2Lt Shawn Lawson are CAP's
newest recipients of the General Billy Mitchell Award - CAP's award for
completion of the first two achievement phases for cadets.
Air Force Colonel Edward Rios from the 14th Air Force presented Ca-
dets Gibson and Lawson with the award during a ceremony at Squadron
101 Headquarters at Vandenberg AFB on April 24th. Cadet Gibson is a
member of Santa Maria Flight 30 and is a freshman at St. Joseph High
School. Cadet Lawson is a member of Vandenberg Composite Squadron
10 L and is a sophomore at Lompoc High School. Both cadets maintain a
distinguished academic standard and participated in various community ac-
tivities from as far as Watsonville to Santa Barbara. Recipients of this award
are eligible for advanced placement in the grade of E-3 (Airman First
Class) should they choose to enlist in the US Air Force. They are also eli-
gible for advanced credit in the Air Force ROTC program. Mitchell Award
cadets may also apply for a variety of scholarships and CAP special activi-
The General Billy Mitchell Award was established in 1964. This award
honors the late Brigadier General Billy Mitchell , aviation pioneer, advo-
cate, and staunch supporter of an independent Air Force for Amelica.
comfort to the lone survivor until
the ambulance arrived and trans-
ported the survivor to the Twin Cit-
ies hospital. The Sheriff's depart-
ment was immediately notified,
and provided additional local res-
cue services.
The NTSB and FAA are inves-
tigating the cause of the crash of
the Beech Sundowner 23.
Additional team members were
Maj Rodgers Walker, Commanding
Officer Squadron 103, Capt Rodger
Coale, Emergency Services Of-
ficer, Lt James Swarbrick, Team
member, Cadet Chief Master Ser-
geant Loren Braden, Team mem-
ber, all of whom were awarded the
coveted "SAVE" medal.
The survivor sustained minor
injuries. She told rescuers that the
foursome had planned a sight-
seeing trip from Oakdale to Oceano
where they planned to have chow-
der then depart, circle Hearst castle
a few times and then return home.
It was on the last leg of the trip
back to Oakdale when the accident
occurred. The survivor was unable
to shed any light on the cause of the
Visalia Search
By Major Alice Mansell
The California Wing of the
Civil Air PatroilUSAF Auxiliary
has completed its assistance to the
Tulare County Sheriff's Office in
the search for a Piper Cherokee
with four aboard which did not re-
turn to Visalia Municipal Airport
after a planned sightseeing flight
over Sequoia National Park on 6
Late in the evening on 6 April,
the Wing was tasked on the search
by the US Air Force Rescue Coor-
dination Center at Langley AFB,
VA and the California Governor' s

• • • • • • •
Office of Emergency Services. The
Tulare Sheriff's Office, the Na-
tional Park Service, and the Cali-
fornia Highway Patrol also joined
the first search efforts.
Initially, the missing aircraft
was expected to make a two hour
flight anywhere between the Sierra
Nevada mountain range and the Pa-
cific coast. There were no reports
of an activated emergency beacon
or any mayday radio calls from the
missing aircraft.
During the first night, informa-
tion began to be gathered to narrow
the large search area. Initial FAA
recorded radar data indicated a pos-
sible last known position above the
Sierra foothills in Tulare County
within the Sequoia National Park.
At first light, the Tulare Sheriff
tasked searchers from the Sheriff's
Aero Squadron, the National Park
Service at Sequoia National Park,
and CHP to search around the ini-
tial radar last known position, and
the Wing opened a search base at
Fresno Airport at 7:30 AM with six
aircraft plus ground teams standing
by. Processing additional radar data
continued throughout the day.
The next morning a CAP
ground team working with the US
Forest Service, National Park Ser-
vice, CHP and the Tulare Sheriff's
searchers heard a noise on the
emergency frequency in the area of
the initial radar last known posi-
tion. A carrier signal on that fre-
quency could indicate a damaged
emergency beacon from the miss-
ing aircraft or a number of devices,
such as copier machines which are
known to broadcast carrier signals
on that frequency. With the help of
a CAP aircrew from San Jose ' s
CAP Squadron 80 and a CAP
• • • • • •
ground team, searchers determined
the noise was a nondistress signal
located at a construction site within
Sequoia Park. A few times every
year, emergency signals are located
at non-beacon sources by the Wing.
The Wing is tasked nearly every
day to locate and silence false
alarm emergency signals which can
interfere with distress signals.
Extremely rugged terrain and
weather hampered search efforts.
Search heli copters from military
bases were requested and supplied
from Lemore NAS and Vandenberg
AFB. The FBI provided a listening
device for a search aircraft to listen
for cell phone transmissions since
one aboard the missing plane had a
cell phone. On 10 April in the late
morning, a UH-IN helicopter crew
from Vandenberg AFB' s 76th Heli-
copter Flight spotted the missing
Staff Sgt. Steve Perez, flight
engineer, was quoted in the Santa
Maria Times, "The way I found it is
there were splashes of ice and snow
everywhere," Perez said, adding he
saw a burned spot and a piece of
the aircraft's tail sticking three feet
out of the ground."
It was located at the 6,500'
level of a deep and wooded ravine
with trees ISO' taU, inaccessible ex-
cept by helicopters or expert moun-
tain climbers. Paramedics and res-
cue personnel from USAF, CHP
and National Park Service assisted
the Sheriff in determining there
were no survivors. The site was so
rugged and cloudy the first recov-
ery team had to spend the night of
April 10 on the mountain.
Over the course of the search
mission, the Wing provided 67 per-
sonnel and seven aircraft.
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Find and Save Award for
CAP Squadron 103
Ground Team
By Bernard E Tower, Maj, CAP
The USAF has aut horized
SAVE awards for the Civil Air Pa-
trol team that located a downed air-
craft on April 29, 2002. This is an
award issued to CAP personnel
when their searches result in a res-
cue. On Sunday, April 28 at 12: 15
AM Group 4 and Squadron 103
were alerted by the USAF at Lan-
gley Field of an ELT (Emergency
Location Transmitter) signal ema-
nating from the area of Lake
Air groups were alerted, but
not l aunched; instead the CAP
Ground team of Squadron 103 was
tasked to locate the signal and take
appropriate action. Lt Col Beth
Wordsworth in Atascadero was the
IC (Incident Commander), and the
team was led by Maj Jon Words-
worth, Group 4 team close coordi-
nation with a USCG helicopter and
a CHP aircraft. FAA's Seattle Cen-
ter provided essential support in
helping the pilots with aircraft
separation in the small search area
as well as providing updates on the
FAA's progress in analyzing re-
corded radar data to narrow the
search area. CAP pilot, Captain
Mike Hislop, reported his aircrew
member Captain Doug Szymanski
used a handheld infrared video
camera borrowed from the Eureka
Police Department during their
search. California Wing aircrews
frequently use such borrowed
equipment like a device borrowed
this past April from the FBI to
monitor cell phone transmissions
on a missing aircraft search where
there were reports of a cell phone
call from possible survivors.
Before dark yesterday, the
USCG helicopter crew while flying
at 100-200' above ground level
spotted the missing aircraft, located
in heavy brush among pine trees,
burned, and with no survivor.
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2002 Summer National Board
Meeting and Conference
By Colonel Larry Myrick
Hi all, I have just returned from
the 2002 National Board Meeting
and Conference held in Philadel-
phia, PA on Aug 15-17. A few of us
from CA WG were there. LTC
Peggy Myrick, CA WGILG, went to
all the LG meetings among others.
LTC Virginia Nelson, CAWG/CV,
attended the NB meeting with me
and went to many other conference
meetings. Col Bryon Brammer,
CAWGIDC, covered the communi-
cations meetings. Our State Direc-
tor Mike Prusak, our Assistant
State Director Paul Shaw, and ILT
Steve Kostichek attended many
meetings also. Our new DDR of-
ficer, LTC Fred Pitcher, attended all
the DDR meetings. Alice Mansell
worked PAO issues. Maj. Paul
Ward attended seminar meetings in
addition to his Chaplain meetings.
All in all it was an informative and
interesting conference.
The following recaps are from
notes from the staff that were there.
The National Board meeting
was on Thursday. The following is
a recap of the day. Col (S) George
Vogt, the new CAP-USAF Com-
mander, congratulated CAP mem-
bers for being true patriots. He sai d
he was impressed by what he has
seen so far. He has only had this po-
sition for a month or so and said he
was in the listening and learning
mode still.
Col Scott Hamilton, the acting
executive director, spoke of CAP
continuing to move forward. He
stressed team cooperation - USAF,
the paid National staff and CAP
volunteers working together. Col
Hamilton said the paid staff is now
better, faster, friendlier and more
cost effective.
Next was a safety briefing. Due
to the many accidents and inci-
dences, CAP is implementing Op-
erational Ri sk Management, ORM.
This is designed to create an envi-
ronment in which members are
trained and motivated to manage
ri sk in all they do. CAP has had two
aircraft accidents in the last 30 days
in which six people lost their lives.
We have had 22 AC incidents and
five additional AC accidents, seven
vehicle accidents with ten bodily
injuries with three of those being
serious since Oct 0 I. Our AC acci-
dent rate is 8.06 per 100,000 fit hrs.
Last years rate was 3.57 and the
2000 rate was .94. Needless to say
we need to improve. AF COS Gen-
eral Jumper's policy is think about
what you are doing before you do
it, identify the hazards, assess the
ri sks, analyze ri sk control mea-
sures, make ri sk control deci sions,
implement risk controls, supervise
and review. We need to apply the
above lessons and learn from our
accidents so we don' t do it again.
We have made safety a priority in
thi s Wing. Everyone of you is a
safety officer. Let's all live it. As I
have said before, what we do can
be dangerous. Let 's all think first,
and be safe out there.
The following were the NB
agenda items.
Agenda Item 1: Election of
the National Vice Commander. The
National Commander serves a
single three year term but the vice
commander is elected annually.
The two candidates were Col
Angelo Porco and Col Dwight
Wheless , the sitting Vice Com-
mander. Col Wheless was reelected
64-2 with one abstention.
Agenda Item 2: Thi s was the
reconfirmation of the National
Chief of Staff, National Legal Of-
ficer, National Finance Officer, Na-
tional Controller and the National
Chief of Chaplain Service.
Agenda Item 3: Thi s con-
cerned methodology for determin-
ing CAP aircraft fleet size and air-
craft di stribution. Thi s was sent
back to committee for additional
refinement between the AF and
Agenda Item 4: Thi s con-
cerned the ratification of IS pro-
posed regulations. The regs that
were ratified will appear soon on
the National website, if they are not
there already.
Adopted R5-1 Ratification
Adopted R35-6 Aeronautical
Adopted R50-4 Test
Adopted R50-11 Flight Clinics
Adopted R50-17 Sr. Member
Professional Development
Adopted R60- ICI Flight
Adopted R60-3CI ES Training &
Operational Missions
Adopted R60-5 Critical Incident
Stress Management
Adopted 70-ICI CAP Acquisition
R77-1 Vehicle Maintenance: Sent
to Committee for rewrite
R87-1 Acquiring Real Estate for
CAP: Sent back to Committee
for rewrite
Adopted RIOO-2 Comm.
Equipment Management
Adopted R123-3 CAP Assessment
Adopted R173- 1 Financial
Adopted R280-2 AE Mission
Agenda Item 5: Concerned
electronic information reforms. Di-
rective correspondence sent elec-
tronically must be followed up with
a printed copy within 48 hours. All
directives will be included in a new
or existing reg/manual within 30
days. National HQ must send Na-
tional Board Members printed cop-
ies of proposed regs and manuals.
Continued on page 33 ...
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National Board Continued
This was approved.
Agenda Item 6: Failed. It
would have removed the restriction
that members of the armed services
not exceed Lieutenant Colonel
when they join CAP.
Agenda Item 7: Consisted of
Committee reports. Finance Com-
mittee reported that the BOG is re-
viewi ng the 03 Budget. Paperwork
Reduction Committee is studying
the elimination of several forms
and reports but is still working on
it. The STEP (Strategic/Tactical
Evaluation & Planning) Committee
seeks to map CAP's f uture. They
are studying the mi ssion, vision,
values, and goals and creating a
st rategic action plan. The "46"
Committee deal s with CAP's
NASCAR racecar. They presented
a revised marketing plan. The NB
approved a resolution to recom-
mend to the BOG to continue our
contract with Lewi s Motorsports
for an additional year. The BOG
approved this at their meeting on
Saturday. We will again be the
sponsors of NASCAR Busch
League car #46 through the 03-rac-
ing season. At the end of the 03
season the NB and the BOG will
assess the success of the program
and decide if it is to be continued
through the 04 season.
Agenda Item 8: Old business.
Three items were deferred until
later. They were the creation of a
corporate logo for all vehicles, re-
introducing an enlisted grade struc-
ture for senior members, and re-fin-
gerprinting senior members. There
was one information item. Col
Scott Richards, National Personnel
officer, briefed on CAP's progress
in changing to new membership
cards, which include a photo and
memory chip. These are known as
smart cards as they store data that
can be retrieved and used. It would
help at mission sign-ins and with
record keeping. CAP is about ready
to seek bids on thi s project. The
picture issue will have to be still
worked out. This is not a done deal
Agenda Item 9: New business.
1. Gen Bowling has estab-
li shed a new position, that
of a Homeland Security Of-
ficer. Each region, wing,
group and squ adron is to
appoint one. They will
serve under the DO. A job
descr ipti o n will follow
2. A committee was tasked
with studying the appeal
and review process for the
suspension of pilot privi-
Agenda Item 10: Each mem-
ber of the National Board received
a copy of the proposed 2003 frnan-
cial plan that the BOG would be
considering. The BOG later ap-
proved the financial plan.
Agenda Item 11: The NB was
briefed on contract negotiations
with Lewi s Motorsports for the
years 2003 and 2004.
Agenda Item 12: CAP Corpo-
rate counsel , Col Stan Leibowitz,
briefed the NB on certain FAA in-
terpretat ions of the FARs as they
apply to mi ss ions flown by CAP.
CAP had asked the FAA for an ex-
emption so that we could continue
doing everything that we have been
doing and what we plan to do under
Homeland Security. FAR 6l.113
states that a private pilot cannot be
PIC of an AC carryi ng passengers
or property for compensation. Basi-
cally they said no. So here is the
short story. If you are going to do
any kind of transport mi ssion (not
CAP stuff or members) and you are
getting reimbursed through CAP
you need to be a current commer-
cial and instrument rated pilot. If
you are going to do it for anyone
else through a mission # from other
than CAP, like the state, you have
to be a current commercial and in-
strument rated pilot and CANNOT
get reimbursed. You can fl y a state
mission to look at whatever and get
Agenda Item 13: Thi s was a
briefing by the NHQ Cornm. Direc-
tor Mr. Malcolm Kyser on the CAP
Communications Program. He said
we are in year 9 of a IS-year transi-
tion period for our radios to meet
NTIA (federal) rather than FCC
(civil ) standards. By making the
transition we will be federally li-
censed and our frequencies will be
protected. Our radios will be more
reliable, safer and be able to com-
municate with other public agen-
cies. CAP has received 3.4 million
dollars to help with the transition.
This money bought 1,611 VHF ra-
dios, 729 HF radios and 101 repeat-
ers. CAP hopes to receive an addi-
tional 19.7 million doll ars to re-
pl ace obsolete radios. It appears
that the additional funding will
come in the 03 and 04 budget years.
The 100-1 wi II be revised by 8/03.
That 's about it for the board
meeting happenings. Now for other
things that went on.
We (CAWG) did great in the
Nat ional Recognition (Awards)
Ceremonies. Our Wing Chapl ain,
Maj. Paul Ward, won the National
Senior Chaplain of the year award.
All right Chaplain Paul! Col Pear-
son, former CAWG and PACR
Commander, received the Di stin-
gui shed Service Award for his work
as the Director of the National Staff
College the past two years . Cadet
Casey Hartwell received a check
for $2,1 00 from the Order of
Daedalians to use for flight train-
ing. CA WG won the Aerospace
Education of the year award for Pa-
cific Region, the Di saster Relief
Award (shared with ORWG) and
the CD Program of the year award
for PACR. I tell ya, it was really
nice goi ng up on the stage all those
times representing you to receive
the awards. It made CA WG really
s tand out. It was great. GREAT
Notes on the Seminars
Aircraft: ALL new style de-
cals have to go on ALL the AC
Continued on page 35 ...
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National Board Continued
painted in the CAP paint scheme.
Pretty much period. All new radio
stacks will be by UPS now. If you
have a King package you keep it. It
is only the AC that have the old
Cessna or similar type radios that
get the new stacks. NHQ has 50
new FM radios for Corp AC. We
will not see them because 52% of
our corp. AC PM radios are compli-
ant. Some Wings have 0% compli-
ant. If you have a question ask the
DOAM Jim Porter. I will brief him.
Don't email me! No new AC pur-
chases are on the books yet or
planned for. They are looking at C-
182 and C-206's but that is a ways
off if at all. We will be holding at
25 AC for the foreseeable future.
Homeland Security (HLS):
No CutTent funding is available and
probably will not be till some time
in mid or late 03 for CAP. It really
depends on what is decided we
should do by the AF. They say we
will be a part of their plan. They are
still working on it with input from
CAP. As a side note, I'm working
with OES on how we interface with
their plans too. This is going to be
awhile in developing so keep the
faith. It will just take awhile. But
then again we may be surprised so
keep doing what you are doing and
be ready. I believe the mission
types will be more of the type of
missions we do now, patrol the bor-
der, coastline, etc. Again, let's just
keep do' in what we are do' in and
we will be ready. If a mission
comes up that we need training for
we will train to that mission, then
do it.
NHQ awarded a bid on August 12,
2002 to purchase 72 new vehicles
from Chevrolet. The vehicles will
be drop shipped to the Wings be-
tween October and December of
this year. CAWG will be getting
four new vehicles, one new pickup
for the glider program and three
Supply/Real Property: Both
the CAPR 77-1 and CAPR 87-1
were sent back to their respective
committees for minor changes, so
no new regulations were ratified at
this time. National HQ is requiring
that each Wing send to National a
copy of all current leases and li-
censes. The CAP Asset/Inventory/
Real Property Tracking System
' CATS' system is being developed
to manage all of CAPs aircraft, ve-
hicles and equipment. NHQ has
hired an outside programmer to de-
velop this new system.
CAP Flight Management
System (FMS): This is a new com-
puter database to manage all the pi-
lot information for a Wing. Some
Wings are now using this system.
CAWG is currently using the
WMU and will continue to do so
until the data is transferred to the
FMS, which will be sometime in
the future. The system will track all
pilot qualifications as well as flight
release data. So keep using the
WMU and keep it current.
Annual Tax and Audit Up-
date: National has included 39
Wings in its 'single' audit this year.
In past years each and every Wing
was required to have an individual
audit. The remaining 21 will still be
required to have an outside local
audit of its financial records.
CA WG is one of the Wings that
will require an outside auditor to
review its records separately from
Counterdrug: There will be a
draft CAPR 60-6 Counterdrug
regulation posted on
for comments. Final CD regula-
tions are expected for publication
in November. It is expected to have
a new mission position of "Coun-
terdrug Mission Director" to re-
place the current Incident Com-
mander duty for CD ops. Pacific
Liaison Region has released the
new DDR "Eagle Flight" program.
It allows all current a-ride pilots to
get DDR funds for cadet rides con-
ducted as part of this new program
that requires a DDR presentation
and questionnaire for cadets before
the rides. This year's CAWG Sum-
mer Encampment rides will be con-
ducted under this new DDR ride
funding . The Eagle Program is
hoped to be expanded to the EAA
Young Eagle flight program.
Advanced Technologies: Test-
ing and bidding for the hyper spec-
tral imaging sensor contract is un-
derway. CAP is also looking into
FUR (tests in Nevada around 30
Aug), night vision for observers
(tests in Florida on 12 Sept). HSI
testing by the Naval Research Lab
was observed by CAP earlier this
CAP e-services: This session
dealt with how members could ac-
cess certain items on the National
web-site. Provided general infor-
mation of e-services and how to
register. The various applications
were reviewed.
Critical Incident Stress Man-
agement Teams: This session dealt
with the need for Critical Incident
Stress Teams for CAP and how the
program has been developed result-
ing in issuance of CAPR 60-5.
Effectively Managing Senior
Member Professional Develop-
ment: This session was a review of
the Levels of Training and high-
lighted the 20 modules that are be-
ing offered to supplement Levell.
National is pursuing further devel-
opment of courses for continuous
on-line training. However, courses
must be approved by the National
Board and that takes time.
Using Right-Now Technol-
ogy: National began using Right-
Now Technology, a knowledge
base program since December. This
is a self-populating program that
categorizes frequently asked ques-
tions of CAP members and gives
immediate answers. This program
allows for 2417 access for mem-
bers' inquiries and will allow time
to be spent by staff on more com-
plex questions.
Emergency Services: The cur-
riculum development program is in
the final phase. The mission base
task lists are complete and are be-
Continued on page 37 ...
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National Board Continued
ing field-tested. Implementation
date expected to be Jan 03. Aircrew
tasks are also being field tested
with a mid 03 phase-in expected.
The curriculum task guides, refer-
ence materials, power point slides,
exercise guides and tests will all be
posted on the CAP web site. When
everything is complete each unit
will be mailed a CD with all mate-
rial on it. There will be a new Na-
tional ES Academy, which will
teach aircrews and ground teams
how to more effectively work to-
gether. More on-line training is be-
ing developed but it takes awhile to
go through the process . The Na-
tional Operations Center (NOC) is
now staffed 2417. Posse comitatus
was discussed. CAP members have
no special authority or dispensa-
tions under the law. CAP members
may not be deputized, carry fire-
arms or engage in surveillance. An
AF AFRCC shift supervisor
thanked CAP for all the missions
we do for them. The FCC has pro-
posed to permit the use of 406MHz
for Personal Locator Beacons start-
ing in July 2003. We will probably
receive these as missing person's
missions. Alaska is the trial state.
So far only 3 of 27 have been false
alarms. There is no way to predict
amount of additional workload.
Cadet Programs: There is a
new program (expected release
date is Nov 02) called Training
Leaders of Cadets. It is designed
for new senior members who want
to work with cadets. It should be
taken soon after Levell. At least
initially National HQ wants to cer-
tify instructors. LtC. Nelson took
the 8-hour certification course. Na-
tional plans to go to each region
when the course is released to cer-
tify instructors. National has pub-
lished a Squadron visitor booklet.
Units are encouraged to give it to
prospective members. National is
considering implementing a four
level training program similar to
CA's ILP. Also under consideration
is a drill guide for seniors. Some
wings and groups are conducting
CAC meetings with AOL instant
messaging. Votes are e-mailed to
the Sr. Advisor (who also partici-
pates) . National is considering a
new award to follow phase 1, simi-
lar to the Mitchell and Earhart
awards that would signify phase
completion. CAPR52-16 is being
rewritten. Sq CCs: have your cadets
apply for scholarships in January.
National has more college scholar-
ships than applicants.
Aerospace Education: 2003
National Congress on Aviation and
Space Education (NCASE) will be
April 2-5, 2003 in Cincinnati. In
addition to speakers and workshops
there will be a tour of the Air Force
Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB.
Suggested website: It has AE
resources and lesson plans that
change weekly.
StanlEval: Motto is trust but
verify. All check pilots need to be-
come familiar with Change I of
CAPR60-1. Trend analysis shows
most CAPF 5 failures occur in oral
discussion, takeoffs & climbs,
flight in critically low airspeed and
approaches & landings. There will
soon be an on line CAPF5 Course.
Wings are encouraged to conduct
more flight clinics.
Glider Program: Gliders are
primarily for cadets but seniors
may train in them also. National
wants at least 208 flights per glider
per year. CAP currently has 47
gliders and may be acquiring some
of the AFA 2-33s.
Program is expanding fast. In
FY 99 there were 3356 flights,
7808 in FYO 1 and expected to
reach 10,000 this year. A new
glider reg is being written. Areas
wishing to start a glider program
are encouraged to partner with a lo-
cal Soaring Society of America
club. They provide plane and pilots,
CAP provides cadets and funding.
CAP Historical foundation: It
is a separate nonprofit organization,
which preserves and promotes CAP
history. They have obtained a se-
cure, fire-safe location to store
CAP memorabilia until a CAP mu-
seum can be established. The CAF
has a restored Stinson lOA with
original CAP markings. The his-
torical foundation will provide as-
sistance to aircraft restorers of vin-
tage CAP aircraft.
I attended the BOG meeting on
Saturday. The meeting lasted four
hours or so with two executive ses-
Agenda 1: Was NASCAR.
This seemed to take the most time.
After all the discussions and ques-
tions of the NHQ staff the BOG ap-
proved $2.48 million for the 2003
racing season sponsorship. The
sponsorship will be reevaluated
next year.
Agenda 2: CAP fInancial bud-
get. This was approved.
New business. The NHQ CAP
IG presented a proposal for due re-
porting responsibility. He was to
present a formal written proposal at
the next BOG meeting. The BOG
approved a $5 million credit line
for NHQ to help when the funding
is slow getting to NHQ. That's
about it.
Legal Update: All pilots are
advised to see the new explanation
chart in 60-1 covering the new FAA
exemptions attached at the end of
this report.
CAP News: The photo contest
is being discontinued due to lack of
enough entries. Last year, 100 pho-
tos were submitted. CAP News
wants more "action shots."
AOPA Expo: CAWG will be
assisting the Palm Springs Sq. and
CAP NHQ in providing CAP sup-
port to the AOPA Expo. in October.
2003 National Board Meeting
and Annual Conference: Will be
Aug. 25-27, 2003 at the MGM
Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes it
is a Monday, Tuesday and Wednes-
day. This will be in our back yard
so put it on your calendars for next
That 's allfolks . .. ~ ~
~ & i   ' ~

2190 a South McDowell alvd., Petalumil

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CA WG Lt. Col. Peggy Myrick fields an on-the-spot interview with CBS Til,
Channel 29, and explains the volunteerism of CAP members.
Bakersfield DREX
Article alld photos by
2Lt Candice Tuttle • CAP Mission Illformation Officer
On August 2 and 3, the Cali for-
ni a Wing of the Ci vil Air Patrol
(CAP) conducted a maj or di saster
res ponse exercise ( kn own as a
DREX) based on a recreati on of the
1952 Kern Count y earthquake on
the White Wolf fa ult. Establi shing
its Mi ss ion Base at Bakersfield's
Meadows Field airport, members
and aircraft from throughout Cali-
forni a pmticipated in thi s multi -lay-
ered training exercise. Thi s exer-
cise was des igned to enhance the
operati onal readiness of its mem-
bers and resources to respond to di-
sas te rs a nd home land sec urit y
emergencies. An essenti al part of
the exercise was CAP interacti on
with associated agencies such as
the Cali fornj a Office of Emergency
Services (OES), the Ameri can Red
Cross, Salvati on Army, Direct Re-
li ef Internati onal, the Californi a
Departme nt of Water Resources,
Kern County OES, the CHP, local
fire and poli ce departments, and the
U. S. Air Force.
ing in unfolding situat ions, and in
being based on a maj or di sas te r
scenari o and not simpl y a downed
aircraft. U.S . Air Force personnel
not onl y monitored the Civil Air
Patro l ope rati ons a nd provided
feedback, but also served as men-
tors for me mbers of the mi ssion
base staff."
More than 70 Ci vil Air Patrol
members participated using eleven
aircraft. The CAP Chapl ain Service
was represented by Chapl ain (CAP
Maj ) Paul Ward, who monitored
the CAP parti cipants for Criti cal
Incident Stress, whi ch is often ex-
perie nced by those ex posed to
highl y stressful or extremely emo-
tional situati ons.
Also attending and observing
was Assistant Chief Stan Roberts of
the Californi a Governor's Office of
Emergency Services (OES). Chief
Roberts me t with Col La rr y
Myrick, the CAP Californi a Wing
Comma nde r, to dete rmine how
OES mi ght enhance and fac ilitate
coordinati on with the CAP.
Exercise operati ons carri ed out
by the Ci vil Air Patrol included:
* Air trans port of a simul ated
state hazardous-materi als special-
ist, initi all y from Fresno to Bakers-
fi eld, di verted to Shaft er due to a
simul ated temporary closure of the
Bakersfield airport;
* An air search fo r a simul ated
"mi ssing Kern City Sheri ff's De-
partment Aero Squadron aircraft";
* Another air search for a simu-
lated " overdue CHP he li copter"
th ought to have c ras hed near
Kettl eman City;
* Aeri al reconnaissance of the
Cali forni a Aqueduct system from
Lancaster north to the Kern County
border, to provide photos of simu-
lated damage or fl ooding;
Continued on page 41 . ..
Maj . La nce Charnes of th e
CAP-USAF Pacific Li aison Region
ex pl ained, "Thi s is a first- of- its-
kind exercise for the Civil Air Pa-
trol in Califorilla. It's a new experi-
ence in its scope, the di verse task-
Lt. Col. Michael Lewis oversees the Air Ops team and briefs air crew for an
air reconnaissance mission in the Kern Canyon and Lake Isabella Dam
area, utilizing Slow Scan TV for real-time aerial damage assessment while
avoiding airspace restricted because of the nearby forest fire.
HI -IlI,SERT\II.DICAl.rr.:-;°I l.R College
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160 RieAardSOH ltAllstll'
ES Ground Team's final briefing by Capt. Carol D.
Edwards prior to departure to do a coordinated air and
ground search for an Emergency Location Transponder
(ELT) in the Taft area.
Bakersfield DREX Continued . ..
* Air transport of search dog and handler from Au-
burn to the Mariposa-Yosemite Airpolt;
* A coordinated air and ground search for an Emer-
gency Location Transponder (ELT) in the Taft area;
* A groun d team search for an ELT in t he Lake
Isabell a area, unassisted by aircraft;
* Air reconnaissance in the Kern Canyon and Lake
Isabell a Dam area, uti lizing Slow Scan TV for real-time
aerial damage assessment while avoiding airspace re-
stricted because of the nearby forest fU'e;
* Air transport of blood from Santa Barbara to Teha-
chapi, in support of the Ameri can Red Cross.
In the middle of these di saster reli ef activities, the
mission team experi enced a surpri se directed to its own
location. Exercise controll ers reported a simul ated ex-
plosion near the airfield, resulting in the need to simu-
late the abil ity to quickly uproot the established mis-
sion base and relocate to a safer location. Al l operations
continued to run during the transition wi th less than an
hour of down time.
As the Incident Commander in charge of the mi s-
sion act ivities for most of Saturday, CAP Maj . David
Boehm commented, "I have reall y honed my Incident
Commander ski lls and learned how to work with the In-
cident Command System in a large-scale environment.
That means - how to delegate! You j ust can' t do a good
job as a commander without a good team. I have also
full y realized the broad scope of services that the Ci vil
Air Patrol can do in support of other relief agencies."
The Civil Air Patrol staff was assi sted by the
Bakersfield Corps of the Salvati on Army, which pro-
vided complete meal service all day Saturday from its
mobile canteen. "They are a true God-sent resource in a
di saster situation," said Lt. Shanna Willi am, Resource
Director, Civil Air Patrol. "Without their untiring per-
Maj. Lance Charnes, CAP-USAF Pacific Liaison Re-
gion, provides in-depth interview about the CAP and
Bakersfield DREX in progress to CBS TV, Channel 29.
sonnel, assistance and supplies, we could not have con-
tinued to work through the long days as effecti vely as
we have been abl e to." In additi on, the Kern Chapter of
the American Red Cross suppli ed water and snack sup-
port for exercise participants.
The Civil Air Patrol is the official Auxiliary of the
United States Air Force. The Civil Ai r Patrol has ap-
proximately 60,000 members nati onwide with almost
4,000 members in Californi a. earl y every day, the
Cali forni a Wi ng of Civil Air Patrol is tasked with emer-
gency service duties by the Cali forni a Governor's Of-
fice of Emergency Services; the DEA, USFS or INS for
counterdrug mi ssions; or FEMA and the Red Cross for
di saster reli ef. For exampl e, in the days after 9/11 ,
Squadron 10 members fl ew bl ood products for the Red
Cross when all commercial aviati on was grounded.
There were hundreds of aircrews call ed to stand by
their airplanes throughout the United States in case of
another incident. Californi a alone had over 55 crews
standi ng ready to be caLl ed into action.
For additional detai ls or answers to questi ons,
please contact 2Lt Tuttle.
Civil Air Patrol air crew conducting air transport of blood
from the Direct Relief International located in Santa
Barbara, to the Tehachapi area, in support of the
American Red Cross.
(Photo supplied by Direct Relief International)
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1J1inal orall
To All in CAWG; I know many
of you knew Lynn Ahrens who
was a long-time member of Cali-
fornia Wing. Lynn was a Group
Commander in Group 12 for many
years and an active check pilot
throughout the Wing. Lynn moved
to Idaho several years ago and re-
mained an active member of CAP.
In fact , Lynn was appointed the
Idaho Wing Commander in August
200 I. On Apr il 14th Lynn passed
away after losing her battle with
cancer. I know that she will be
mi ssed by so many and I know I
wi ll mi ss Lynn since she is the per-
son who introduced me to CAP
while we were both in Fresno.
The Idaho Wing has said that
Lynn requested that any remem-
brances be given to the Idaho Wing
Cadet Fund.
It is wit h deep sorrow I an-
nounce the passing of retired li eu-
tenant colonel Helen May (for-
merly white bear/eagle 116) on 13
June 02 in Boise, Idaho at the age
of 9 1. Helen was the greatest com-
municator I have ever known, a
long time CAP member with a long
li s t of achievements including
Commander of Group 16.
It is wit h deep regret that I in-
form you of the passing of Captain
Philip Konecny. Phil died after a
long bout wit h cancer. He is sur-
vived by hi s wife Pamela and hi s
daughter Kristen.
Phil had been a member of
Monterey Sq 60 for almost two
years. As an active pilot and CFI he
had progressed rapidly, becoming a
transport pilot and working on hi s
mission pilot and CAP check pilot
ratings. He was the squadron aero-
space education officer, as well as
the legal and medical officer. Phil
had a J.D. degree, and had been a
lawyer for the US government. He
later changed fie lds, completed an
M.D. and started a new career as a
Major Gene Jozens, right, chats
with Cadets Brian Frontino and
Joel Martinez Medrano at a recent
Commemorative Air Force air show
at Cable airport in Upland, Califor-
Upland, CA June 29, 2002
(Left to right): Cadet Major Yancy
Stober and A 1 C Vanna Shoopman
serve ice cream to overheated air
show attendees.
By SM Joe Messinger, Cable Composite Squadron 25
Cadets of Cable Composite Squadron 25 (PRC-CA-193) under the
command of Cadet Master Sgt. Shilo Q. Davi s assisted the Commemora-
tive Air Force (CAF) at their recent air show held at Cable airport in Up-
land, California. Twenty-four cadets and five senior members from Squad-
ron 25 helped with crowd control and parking. Several cadets from Squad-
ron 89 joined them. The aircraft sales office of 1st Lt Settember, Composi te
Squadron Commander, was temporarily converted to an ice cream stand
where the cadets of Squadron 25 sold the frozen treats as a fundraiser. Sev-
eral war birds were on di splay and some were flown , making low passes
over the runway, singly and in formations, much to the delight of the crowd,
which was estimated at approximately 2500.
(Left to right) : A 1C Vanna Shoopman, Cadet Major Yancy Stober and Air
Force Academy Cadet Sandra Love man the Squadron 25 recruitment
booth at a recent Commemorative Air Force air show.

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The beach at Normandy.
Europe 2002
By Maj. Don Harris • CAP Squadron Legal Officer
In 1999, Recruiting Officer in its place. We met with a Scottish
Leonard Alogna and I traveled to paratrooper who had participated in
China to recruit CAP members the capture of Pegasus Bridge, and
from more than one billion Chinese had a great many medals to prove
people. Our failure in this endeavor it. He was about 84 years old, and
was well publicized. Thi s time we although not a promi sing recruit,
were more confident and went to was a dear old man.
Europe to try again. Our travel s then took us to
We received secret notice (via Pointe-du-Hoc and Omaha beach
the ENIGMA machine) the inva- areas where we agreed we would
sion of the Normandy beaches in not have tried landing there in a
France would occur on June 6th, at cruise ship no less a landing craft.
5:30am. We were unable to book a Our next stop appeared at first, to
Higgins boat to cross the channel be most promising. From a distance
so we took the ferry instead. On we could see a poss ible recruit
landing, we found the beaches sur- hanging from a parachute on the
pri singly uncrowded. Our expecta- church at St.-Mere-Eglise. He
tion of finding 150,000 troops on could not go anywhere and we felt
these beaches on that day, at that our prayers had been answered.
time was correct but sli ghtly off by Our offers to him of O-Rides and
58 years. Finding no one to talk to participation in SAREXs fell on
about CAP we moved inland, fol- deaf ears. We later learned the po-
lowing the route of the Allied Inva- tential recruit was a "DUMMY."
sion Forces. We stopped at Pegasus Although we heard much about
Bridge only to find it had been the difficulties encountered by the
moved approximately 50 yards Allied Forces in traversing the
down river. They kept the old hedgerows of France, this was not
bridge on land and built a new one so for us . Our bus moved smoothly
from city to city, and cemetery to
cemetery, not the happiest parts of
the trip.
At thi s point in our campaign
our leader, Ron Drez, felt we
needed some R & R so he reluc-
tantly gave us a free day in a small
French village (Paris), and we did
the best we could. Oh well. We re-
grouped at the bridge at Arnhem,
which we were told was a "Bridge
Too Far" and we were certain we
would meet many possible recruits
coming back, since they went too
far, but, again, our poor timing pre-
cluded any membership activity.
We then traveled to Malmady
and on to Bastogne where we were
told Brigadier General MacAuliffe,
the Allied Commanding Officer,
offered a German General some
California Pistachjos, which he re-
fused and that caused a lot of fuss.
We reached the Siegfried Line,
built by the Germans to stop tanks
and armored vehicles, and since we
were in a bus it proved no problem
and we continued on into Luxem-
bourg, and then to Germany. Here
we were sure our efforts would pre-
vail, but between the beer and the
Rhine wines we weren't sure why
we had come this far to begin with.
Thereafter we traveled back to
England where we once again
heard the phrase, "The Yanks are
overpaid, oversexed, and over
here." Our response was timeless,
"The Brits are underpaid, under-
sexed and under EISENHOWER."
We expect our failed member-
ship efforts will, yet again, be well
Majors Leonard Alogna & Don Harris r----------------------..,
(Sq 35) at Pegasus Bridge
ompames, nco Phone & Fax
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Mark Greenfield
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I . 37848 NORTH 29th EAST
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California Wing
San Francisco Bay
Group 2
Annual Awards ...
The Cali forni a Wing's Annual San Francisco Bay,
Group 2 Awards Banquet was held this past March 23rd
in Sunnyvale, Californi a. The evening began with a ter-
rific Presentation of Colors and Nati onal Anthem by the
San Francisco Cadet Squadron 86 identified as "Excel-
lence in Acti on" , with formal acknowledgment to the
PIO-MIA Tabl e, foll owed by an Invocation by Chap-
lain, Li eutenant Colonel John Berger.
A State of The Group Address was then presented
by Li eutenant Colonel Kenneth W. Parris, the Group 2
Commander. Commander of the Cali forni a Wing,
Colone l Larry Myrick, then presented the Wing
Commander's Address .
Our gues t of Honor fo r t he eveni ng, Colone l
"Tommy" Willi ams of the 129t h Rescue Wing at
Moffett Field, was the highlight with an outstanding
and informati ve presentation about his group's heroic
rescue training and actual mi ssions. All of thi s led up to
the main event, the Presentati on of Awards.
Col Larry Myrick promotes William Brew to Lt Col.
Col Myrick presents Commander's Commenda-
tion Award to Major Sally Mason.
The Jon E. Kramer Compos ite SQI0 marched
away with the coveted Composite Squadron of the
Year, along with Maj . Larry Edwards with Pilot of the
Year (2nd year running!) and Maj . John Aylesworth
with the Observer of the Year awards.
Senior Member of the Year was awarded to
Group 2 Operations Officer and Commander of Squad-
ron 10, Capt. Mitchell Ri chman. And, to top it off for
thi s squadron, Cadet Dave Sidle was presented with the
Cadet NCO of the Year.
Senior Squadron of the Year went to Squadron 80
and was accepted by Maj or Charles W. Frank, whil e the
Cadet Squadron of the Year was carried off by Squad-
ron 86.
A very special presentation of Chaplain of the
Year was given to Lieutenant Colonel John Berger. The
Paul E Garber Award was presented to Deputy Com-
mander of Group 2, Lieutenant Colonel Will iam Brew,
and the Gill Robb Wilson Award to Lieutenant Colo-
nel Kenneth W. Parri s. And this year, the Cadet Officer
of the Year was earned by Cadet Captain Elli e
Constantine of Squadron 60.
A formal Promotion Award by Colonel Lar ry
Myri ck was made to Lieutenant Colonel William Brew
and a Commander's Commendation Award to Maj or
Sal ly Mason.
All of thi s and there was still time for a very suc-
cessful raffle, conducted in support of Cadet Activities.
Then the Retiring of Colors, followed by a Benedi cti on
closed the event. Well , almost. There was opportuni ty
for all to spend time catching up with one another and
wrapping up the evening was good old rock-and-roll
dancing. You should have seen the Cadets, and yes the
Seni ors in acti on on the dance fl oor!
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.. S
805-644-7319 / 800-540-9949
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4418 Olive Ave.
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Walker Evans Enterprises
is proud to salute
the California Civil Air Patrol!
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Taking advantage of the recruiting opportunities at the
air show. From left to right are: Cadet Airman Lauren
Feliciano, 1 st Lt Janet Watson, Lt Col Virginia Nelson
and Sr Member Roberta Pracanica.
Fourteen CAP aircraft on display to demonstrate the
"Eyes of the Home Skies" to the general public.
(Photos by 1st Lt Mark E Watson)
Inland Empire Group Shows its "Eyes of
the Home Skies" At Hemet-Ryan Airshow
By ILt. Mark E. Watson, CAP
Inland Empire Group 3, Public Affairs Officer
After many years of hiatus, the Empire Group 3, Major Howard asked by the county to serve as air
Hemet Ryan Airshow and Open N. Lapierre, organized the partici- show coordinator. ILt. Denni s
House returned to Hemet Ryan pation of 14 corporate and mem- Joyce served as the Project Of-
Field in Hemet , California on ber owned CAP aircraft parked in ficer to coordinate the integration
June 1st, 2002. More than 3,000 two rows for a static display right of Squadron 59 cadets and seniors
people turned out for the air show inside the main entrance. Thi s into the air show's operational
and the airport's rededication cer- huge display of CAP capabilities plan. Squadron 59 cadets were
emony. The reason for the cel- raised the public's awareness of tasked with the marshaling of a
ebration was a $3.2 million revi- the Civil Air Patrol and its mis- broad range of aircraft. From the
talization investment spent on air- sions. Mission pilots , aircrew latest CAP Maule painted in the
port improvements. These up- members and cadets mingled di stinctive red, white and blue
grades will assure the airport's among the CAP aircraft to answer paint scheme to half a dozen im-
usefulness to the community for quest ions and hand out promo- maculate war birds, the cadets
the next 20 years. tional material s. The Vice Com- marshaled all the aircraft with
No community celebration of mander of the California Wing, skill and professionalism. In addi-
aviation would be complete with- LtCol Virginia Nelson, attended tion to aircraft marshaling duties,
out the participation of the Civil the event. Her participation and cadets handed out programs at en-
Air Patrol units that serve in and interaction with the general public trance gates, helped out with traf-
around the area, and participate was invaluable to the Civil Air fic control and parking, partici-
they did. The Civil Air Patrol has Patrol 's recruiting efforts. pated in the set up and teardown
two units based at Hemet, Hemet Hemet Ryan Composite of booths and handled the polic-
Ryan Composite Squadron 59 and Squadron 59's participation was ing of the area of trash and its dis-
Inland Empire Group 3. Both coordinated by Deputy Com- posal.
units are located on the airport mander Captain Allen Graff and Debi Moore, marketing direc-
and the Airshow and Open House Emergency Services Officer ILt. tor for the Riverside Economic
provided an excellent opportunity Dennis Joyce. Captain Graff had Development Agency, said, "It's
for Cadets and Seniors to partici- double the duties to perform. He great they did thi s all for free!
pate in the operations of the event. serves on the Riverside County Thi s air show may become an an-
The Commander of Inland Airport Commission and was nual event."
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Left to right: Lt. Kathy Sawyer, PAO; Maj. Bill Hartmann,
Commander; California Assemblyman Russ Bogh; Mr.
Oliver Rocroi, Assembly District Coordinator.
Big Bear Valley
Ground Breaking
By Bill Hartmann
On June 1st, Big Bear Valley Composite Squadron
6750 had an official groundbreaking to commemorate
the start of their headquarters disaster building at Big
Bear City Airport. Plans and negotiations for this build-
ing have been on going for the past two years making
thi s event an important step towards the completion of
the project.
Approximately 80 dignitaries and visitors attended
the August occasion to share in the accomplishments of
thi s community-oriented squadron. VIP visitors in-
cluded California Assembly-member, Russ Bogh, 65th
District, representatives from Pacific Region staff, and
officials from the Big Bear Valley.
Lt. Kathy Sawyer, Squadron 6750 PAO, presided as
Master of Ceremonies for the event that started with the
presentation of colors by squadron cadets, and an invo-
cation by Chaplain (Lt Col) Dan Dyer from Pacific Re-
gion. Major Bill Hartmann , Squadron 6750 Com-
mander, and Mr. Arlan Lynch, Big Bear City Airport
Commission President, then shared a gold finished
shovel to commemorate the beginning of this important
community project. At this time, Architect Kevin
McHugh officially presented Major Hartmann with the
plans to complete the building. California Assembly
member, Russ Bogh, then presented Major Hartmann
and Lt. Sawyer with an official proclamation from the
65th District of the State of California recognizing the
achievement of the di saster building groundbreaking
ceremony. Chaplain Chris Breyer, Bear Valley Trauma
Recovery Team, concluded the event with a benedic-
tion blessi ng the project.
Marin Civil Air
Patrol Announces
Retirement of
Senior Members
By 2Lt Marc Miller
Marin Flight 23 announces the formal retirement of
Lt. Col. Vernon Q. Gross of Vallejo, Lt. Col. Brant M.
Miller of San Rafael and Capt. Edwin W. Bullian of
San Rafael.
Lt. Col. Vernon Q. Gross, prior Squadron Com-
mander and Wing Chief Check Pilot, leaves CAP after
28 years of distinguished service and was a veteran pi-
lot ofWWlI.
Lt. Col. Brant M. Miller, prior Group Commander
and Wing Finance Officer, leaves CAP after 31 years of
distinguished service.
Capt. Edwin W. Bullian, SAR Observer, Finance
Officer and Aerospace Education Officer, leaves CAP
after 27 years of distinguished service and was a vet-
eran aviator of WWII.
Retiring members joi ned when the squadron was
formerly based at Hamilton AFB. They participated in
missions of search and rescue, transporting of search
dogs to the Sierras and CAPLOT (live organ) transports
for a variety of humanitari an organizations.
suPPOnT Oun  
Hemet Ryan Aviation
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Company, Inc .
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Scoff'VtlLLe:y 13tlXiC
(530) ""lijjliioN
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P. U. C. FLIGHT CENTER ERA JOY REALlY Coulter's Transfer fi Storaqe
1 Angwi n Ave. (530) 257- 7748 (530) 343-3237
Angwin (707) 965-6219
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t h
St. , Chico
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!b't. c:R on daott

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J.J. Glider Repair
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Ralph Wilkerson
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Sonora (209) 532-5576
12145 N. Devries Rd.
Lodi (209) 366-1040
is proud to salute the lifesaving
efforts of the CiviL Air Patrol!
559-864-3125 11011 Midway
81854INDUSTRW PUG, SpjQ 11 & IHONl 20746 PIO PICO. LATON Chico 530-342-4203

$'e/UIe !faa
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4:co8'D §1l!r01HCltDco!ll) CJ n 8'D (;0
( 707) 762-0836 Petaluma 51 Pebbly Beach Rd., Avalon/(310) 510·0648
From 12- 14 Apri l 2002, the
seven group commanders of the
California Wing met at Santa Maria
Airport for one of thei r quarterl y
meetings to represent the nearly
4,000 members of the Wing.
Some of the pilots participating in the check rides, some instructors and
some students, left to right: Lt. Hulsey, USAF; SM Murray, Capt. Watkins,
Maj. Hendrickson, Maj. Hofer, Maj. Van Horn, SM De Voogdt and Capt. Free-
man. Aircraft is Sqdr. 129's C-206 - N9420R.
Each group commander is re-
sponsible for eight to thirteen
squadrons based primarily at gen-
eral aviation airports. Each Cali for-
ni a Wing group is larger in size and
membership than most other wings
of the Civil Air Patrol.
Highli ghts of the meeting in-
cluded briefings by Wing staff and
CAP-USAF staff such as USAF's
Maj Jim Denton who presented the
new Drug Demand Reduction Pro-
Check Pilot School
H osted by Squadron 129 at Torrance Airport, a Pa-
cific Region/Cali fornia Wing sponsored Check Pil ot
School and FAA Fli ght Instructor Refresher Course
was held on three days, Apri l 26, 27 and 28.
Fourteen pilots, al l FAA rated Fli ght Instructors, at-
tended the first two day class room instruction at the
Torrance Airport General Aviation Center, with the
third day fl ight check-outs conducted from the Squad-
ron 129 headquarters building.
The course was conducted by five staff members
from Region and Wing: Bill Cumming, Janet
Archibald, Ray Hendrickson, Tom Freeman and Mike
Watkins. Jack Hofer served as one of the check pilots.
The course was monitored by two FAA representatives
from the Long Beach GAO.
Attendees were: Jeremy Blumin, Matt Murry, Lou
Kovacs, Ron Hirzel, David Bowden, Bob Van Horn,
Charles Russell , Ri chard Norri s, Michael DeVoogdt,
Greg Felton, Spencer Nash, Jon Straub, Jerry Bartak
and Gordon Hughes.
The acceptance of the check pilot school as a re-
fres her course for FAA Flight Instructors by the FAA
attests to the hi gh quality and thoroughness the Civi l
Air Patrol program. Comments by some of the attend-
ees was , "It was a thorough and excell ent review as
well as training for serving as a CAP check pilot."
suPPOnT Oun ADVEnT/sEns!
gram for Civil Air Patrol's Pacific Region. The program
is already in use in many California hi gh school s, tied
into the DARE program.
Operations officers from each of the Wing' s groups
also attended a meet ing wit h the Wing's operations
staff. With more than two dozen CAP-owed aircraft in
the State and mi ssions being tasked nearl y every day by
the Cali fo rni a Governor's Office of Emergency Ser-
vices and several Cali fornia based federa l anti-drug
agencies, the officers had much to di scuss.
California Wing Commander with his seven Group
Commanders (L-R) LtCol Mike Lewis (Gr4) , Maj
Howard LaPierre (Gr3), Maj Phil Laisure (Gr1), LtCol
Ken Parris (Gr2), Maj Dennis Parham (Gr5), Maj Carol
Schaubschlager (Gr6), Capt Mark Criswell (Gr7), and
Col Larry Myrick (Wing Commander).
II Yisalialon
: • I 623 W. Main St., Visalia
877-500-4771 1559-732-4561
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3333 E. Spring, Ste. #131
Long Beach 562-595-4033
5028 State Hwy. 140
Mariposa 209-966-2527
Moore Plumbing. Inc.
Licensed Contractor #365317
530-346-2239/ Fax: 530-346-2557
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2825 E. Spring St., Long Beach
o Day or Night «-
Solar Powered Gate Openers
167 Old Stage Dr., Porterville
Ea,&y C',& Boat Salc'&
822 W Brannan Island Rd.
Isleton 916-772-5241

Mariposa Well Drilling Co., Inc.
4601 State Hwy. 49 S., Mariposa
(]liP! t.on
Blythe, California
HA". AV'A,.eMJ 'Mf.
Rich's Radiator
& Air Conditioning Service

Poston, Arizona 43029 S. Glen, Huron 21 S. Hedberg Ave., Quincy 530-283-3549
dc?c?& c?d&
Rancho Caymus Inn
1140 Rutherford Rd., Rutherford
Quincy [hiropractic & Sports [are
3504 Buck Owen Ave .. Bakersfield 707 -963-1777 / 800-845-1777 2254 E. Main, Quincy
K ]Lilfftt §cenvllccce (CeO)'. ][ncc.
1360 Burton Ave.
SalInas 831-158-2126
Q 926 N. Main St.
TACO 'BELL. 760-873175%
Chetco Pharmacy &: Gifts
890 Chetco Ave.
Brookings 541-469-2616
1G L
Vrupane Ray
3233 Brush Street Prtoudly supportts
2010 S. Union Ave., Bakersfield Cottonwood 530-347-7474 Cioil Rirt Patrtol!
SlIf!IWJ the 6'.A  
1942 Park Ave.
Sand City 831-394-9444
Harding Flying Service
48050 Centra{ Ave.
C{arks6urg 916-744-1467
Lewis Drag Line Service
2584 Velia Street
Redding 530-221-2640
i8 I::! \" 51 r
160 Anchor Wy., Crescent City
Serv-Aero Engineering, Inc.
37 Mortensen Ave., Salinas
Imperial Flying Service, Inc.
1095 Airport Road
Imperial 760-353-1182
680 N. COTA ST.
CORONA 909-280-3967
eMail !Eo. Etc!.
3144 G Street #125. Merced 209-123-8543
Soliserv & John Pryor

247 Cataract Rd.
Wrinht Wheel Brake Alinnment
P.O. Box 3650, Salinas Aspendell 760-873-4785 635 Pearson Rd., Paradise
538 S. Madera Ave.
rman Kerman
Bob's Tire Center
2300 Esplanade, Chico
20503 Cltolloll/Ie 01.
£4ddill, 550-225-6111

Is proud to salute and
Ell. V400 $'MOP
. ' . . - . - .- -.
.. 2057 River Rd.
Longs Pharmacy
Support the Civil Air Patrol!
Norco 909-371-1792 260 Spruce Sueel, Marysville
Thomas Creek Rock Co.
6069 Hwy. 99 W. 1700 HAMNER. AVE #209
1245 Pomona Rd.
Corning 530-824-0191 NOR.CO 909-279-7624 Corona 909-687-6751
mcCulley logging
Jetcopters, Inc.
16233 Vanowen St., Ste. 200
Qualitg Plus Service Center
83)0 Indian Creek Rd., Happy Camp Van NUys 808-902-0800
1950 Compton Ave, Unit 113. Corona
Fallbrook SAREX
a Great Success
On May 18, 25, and June 15 FalJbrook Squadron 87
s ponsored a series of search and rescue exercises at
Fal lbrook Airpark that gave it the needed experience
should it be call ed in earnest. The Mission Coordinator
was LTC Will Gordon, the Project Officer was LTC Jerry
Rohl es, the Communication Officer wa Capt Dal e
Hetrick, and the Public Information Officer was I Lt
James Pedersen. The Air Force anctioned exercise was
attended by LTC Harold Stanley, LTC Burl eigh Putnam,
Group 7 CC Capt Mark Criswell, Maj. David Elliott, Maj.
Thomas Buscemi , Capt James Redmon , lLt George
Watson, lLt Dani el Wei sz, SM John Meza, SM Nate
Tobin, 2Lt Chri s Conyers, Capt Robert Keilholtz, Capt
Ken Gonzolas, lLt Richard Lovick, SM Chris Story, Capt
Larry Riddle, ILt Denni s Joyce. CIS mgt Feli ca Voegele,
c/ILt Jeremy Joyce, C/Msgt Mark Pracomica, C/2Lt
Mahlon Wilkes, C/SSgt Charles Cadwell. During the
morning briefing LTC Gordon covered search base proce-
dures and new form fill-ins. LTC Rohles reviewed the
goals of the mission over the three exercises and the up-
grading of flight qualifications . Capt Hetrick covered
Scanner responsibilities, airplane preparation, target iden-
tification, OF operations and radio procedures. He and
LTC Gordon also demonstrated the use of the DF gear and
its setup. Maj . Buscemi, Capt Redmon, and LTC Rohles
functioned as check pilots for flight crew trainee upgrades
in Mi ssion Pilot, along with Mission Observer and Mi s-
sion Scanner rides.
During one sortie the actual over-due notification pro-
cedure was put in playas one of the flight crew developed
communi cation problems. It worked as expected in the
training. This put a very real demeanor on the exercise.
In a search in grid 305 Alpha our crew was tasked
with previewing any hazards in route, plotting a course to
the SW comer of the grid and advising the pilot of a de-
sired heading. Upon reaching that point we changed head-
ings to the north, east, south and west, noting the GPS co-
ordinates and landmark abnormaJities at each comer as it
was boxed. Next, the suggested hi gh-to- Iow search first
involved a contour of the higher mountain points and then
a vall ey creeping- line, back and forth pattern to com-
pletely cover the desired area. A course and heading were
then established for the leg back. Communication with
ba e was at engine start, wheels up, in grid, ops normal on
the hour and half hour, target call, out of grid, wheels
down, and engine off. The sortie ended with a post-flight
briefing. Members of the Sheriff' RACES (Radio Ama-
teur Civil Emergency Service) unit also brought their van
to assist in coordinating communications. They are Gerald
Cline (CAP), John Malo, and Stephen Ruesch. Great op-
portunity to put it aU together at one time!!!
CITSgt Andrea DiGiantomasso accepting a procla-
mation from the Mayor of Oceanside, The Honorable
Terry Johnson. The City of Oceanside recognized
the Civil Air Patrol's 60th Anniversary and Skyhawks
Composite Squadron 47 of Camp Pendelton.
(Photo by 1st Lt Audrey DiGiantomasso)
City of Oceanside
Proclaims March
"Civil Air Patrol"
On Wednesday, March 6, the City Council and
Mayor of Oceanside presented a proclamation to
Skyhawks Composite Squadron 47 declaring that
March is "Civil Air Patrol" month in Oceanside. Ca-
det Technical Sergeant Andrea DiGiantomasso, a
member of Squadron 47, accepted the proclamation
from Mayor Terry Johnson for Squadron 47 . The
proclamation read in patt:
" ... hereby proclaim March, 2002 Civil Air
Patrol Month in the City of Oceanside, in
celebration of the 60th An.niversary of the
Civil Air Patrol and in support of the many
programs they have instituted to positively
affect our community and nation. ' s welfare."
The Oceanside City Council was recognizing
the 60 years of service the Civil Air Patrol and its
volunteer have given to thi s nation. C/TSgt
DiGiantomasso thanked the City Council and
Mayor, and went on to tell the assembled group
about the Civi l Air Patrol missions and the accom-
plishments of Squadron 47.
Captain David Bowden, a Certified Flight Instructor -
Glider, assigned to Los Alamitos Glider Training Squad-
ron 41, congratulates his son C/SrAmn David Bowden,
Jr. after receiving his Solo wings. Cadet Bowden is as-
signed to Los Angeles Cadet Squadron 138.
LtCol Jim Welliver, commander of Los Alamitos Glider
Training Squadron 41, pins CAP Solo Pilot wings on
C/SrAmn David Bowden, Jr. Looking on are C/SrAmn
Shaun Strobridge, proudly wearing his new Solo wings,
and their flight instructor Captain David Bowden. Cadets
Bowden and Strobridge are assigned to Los Angeles
Cadet Squadron 138.
(Photos by LtCol Charles Wiest)
Two Cadets Solo in One Day
By LtCol Charles Wiest
I t's not unusual for Civi l Air Patrol cadets to take
flight instruction and solo a small plane for the first
time. But on one recent afternoon, two members of Los
Angeles Cadet Squadron 138 both so loed in a
Schweizer 2-33 glider based at Joint Forces Training
Base Los Alamitos. For almost two years, Cadet Senior
Airmen David Bowden, Jr. and Shaun Strobridge have
been among several cadets who have spent most of
their Sundays at Los Alamitos Glider Training Squad-
ron 4l.
"Soloing is the most amazing experience I have
ever had," said Cadet Strobridge after the solo flight.
"You are up there by yourself with nobody else. You
feel free and relaxed up in the sky. Everything that you
have been practicing for two years is automatic and
feels like second nature. You know that you are the onJy
one flying the glider and, boy, does it feel good!"
"Keeping with Squadron 41 's tradition," according
to Captain David Bowden, their flight instructor, "both
cadets got rinsed off after returning from the skies
above." By no small coincidence, Captain Bowden is
the proud father of Cadet Bowden and a neighbor of
Cadet Strobridge.
"My Dad and I were talking about soloing for
about four weeks. I took two flights that day, and I did
very well on my first flight. After landing, my Dad
asked if I was ready to solo. I said ' OK' and I went by
myself. It was an excellent experience and I wanted to
do it again. My Dad was very proud."
A week later, at a presentation ceremony at Squad-
ron 138, LtCol Jim Welliver, commander of Los
Alamitos Glider Training Squadron 41, joined flight in-
structors Captain Ron Hodge and Captain Bowden to
pin the coveted CAP solo wings on Cadets Bowden and
Strobridge. Following the pinning ceremony, LtCol
Welliver said "These two solo cadets bring our total to
50% of our goal to solo 10 cadets."
In another Squadron 41 tradition, Captain Hodge
presented each cadet with a $150 scholarship check to
continue his flight training.
Los Alamitos Glider Training Squadron 41 has
flown gliders at Joint Force Training Base Los
Alamitos for almost 20 years. They cUlTently operate a
two-place Blanik L-23 and three Schweizer 2-33 glid-
ers, and a new Maul tow plane. The on-going cadet
f li ght training program on Sundays includes ground
school instruction in the mornings and flying in the af-
To sc hedule glider orientation flight s at Los
Alamitos, or for furt her information about flight in-
struction in the gliders, contact LtCol Welliver at (909)
623-6300, or Captain Bowden at (714) 899-8669.
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