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From top left: Louvre Pyramid, Arc de Triomphe, looking towards
La Défense, skyline of Paris on the eine river with the Pont des
Arts !ridge, and the "iffel Tower
Paris is the capital and most populous city of France# ituated on the eine $iver, in the
north of the country, it is at the heart of the %le&de&France region, also known as the
région parisienne
*+Paris $egion+ in "nglish
/ithin its administrative limits largely unchanged since 01,2 *the 32 arrondissements.,
the city of Paris has a population of 3,345,5-( inha!itants *6anuary 3200.,
!ut its
metropolitan area is one of the largest population centres in "urope, with 03,353,15(
inha!itants at the 6anuary 3200 census#
Paris has one of the largest 8DPs in the world, 9,2- !illion *:;14( !illion. in 3200,
and is one of the world<s leading tourist destinations#
Paris is the home of the Louvre, the most visited art museum in the world, with
outstanding collections of "uropean and ancient art=
the >usée d<?rsay, devoted to 05th century French art, including the works of the
French impressionists=
the @entre 8eorges Pompidou, a museum of international modern art, and many other
nota!le art museums and galleries#
At also is the home of several masterpieces of 8othic architecture, most nota!ly the
@athedral of Botre&Dame&de&Paris *03th century. and ainte&@hapelle *07th century.#
?ther nota!le and much&visited landmarks include the "iffel Tower, !uilt in 0115 to
cele!rate the centennial of the French $evolution=
the acré&@Cur Dasilica on >ontmartre, a Beo&DyEantine style church !uilt !etween
01-( and 0505= and Les Anvalides, a 0-th&century hospital and chapel !uilt for disa!led
soldiers, where the tom! of Bapoleon is located#
Paris is a glo!al hu! of fashion, noted for its haute couture tailoring, its high&end
!outiFues, and the twice&yearly Paris Fashion /eek# At is world renowned for its haute
cuisine, attracting many of the world<s leading chefs# P
Paris is home to the association foot!all clu! Paris aint&8ermain F@ and the rug!y
union clu! Stade Français# The 12,222&seat Stade de France, !uilt for the 0551 FAFA
/orld @up, is located in aint&Denis# Paris hosts the annual French ?pen 8rand lam
tennis tournament on the red clay of $oland 8arros# Paris played host to the 0522 and
0534 ummer ?lympics, the 0571 and 0551 FAFA /orld @up, and the 322- $ug!y
/orld @up# The city is a maGor rail, highway, and air&transport hu!, served !y the two
international airports Paris&@harles de 8aulle and Paris&?rly# ?pened in 0522, the city<s
su!way system, the Paris >étro, serves (#37 million passengers daily# Paris is the hu! of
the national road network, and is surrounded !y three or!ital roads: the Doulevard
PériphériFue, the A1, motorway, and the Francilienne motorway in the outer su!ur!s#