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Professional Caliber

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Professional Caliber
Who We Ar e

Vision: To create the most durable and thoroughly designed goods on the market
for recreational and professional users. By focusing on the younger section of
the market we set the trends by providing the most cutting edge and attractive
products for those who are especially receptive to what is new and different.

Mission: Our customers are individuals like us who wish for the most durable and
thoughtfully designed gear around. We provide the best quality goods to the users
on the cutting edge of form and function. Our products are the most innovative
because we design from the ground up with meticulous attention to the customers
needs and concerns.
Who We Ar e

Big Idea: When function and durability meets intelligent execution; customers
choose our products because we represent the elite and pinnacle of design
excellence in the outdoor products we choose to design.

Brand Attributes:
• Intelligent design
• Our essence of style comes from our unwavering attention to function as a first
• User’s expression of professionalism
• Innovative use of materials.
• Gear for the people who most depend on the products they use

+We are the premium in durability and intelligent design.

+Our products surpass the competition because we pursue new innovations rather
than adhering to old standards.


Coaxsher: StatPacks:
+packs all interchange from one modular harness system. + advanced ergonomics and intelligent design.
+This allows the users to configure the pack how they see fit. + combine high-tech construction, functional features and intuitive
Coaxsher Taglines:
“We worry about the quality of your equipment so you don’t have to StatPacks Tagline:
“Tough, fast, adaptable – StatPacks work with you to save lives”


Represents the ruggedness
of the brand and is...



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Ryan De Luca
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Flagship Product...
In the Making
Opportunity Statement

Existing wildland firefighter’s packs are not as efficient as they could be.
They are not designed well for use in the dark although it is a critical and
essential need.

Project Goals

+To design a backpack specifically for wildland firefighters
+Design a wildland pack that is easier to use in the dark
+Better organize gear specifically as storage and cargo
+Design a more durable pack than what is currently on the market

Features: Seneh

+ Made of flame resistant Cordura Nylon Is the Hebrew
word for the desert
+ Kevlar reinforced
bramble in which God
+ Illuminated zipper tracks
appeared to Moses in the
+ Illuminated name badge old testament of the Bible...
+ Modular upper pouch The bush burned but was
+ Orange interior not consumed.

+ Easy access MRE
Ta r g e t U s e r

Segment: Beginning wildland fire fighter

Residence: Bend Oregon

Occupation: Student and firefighter

Desired Consumer Experience (DCE)
+Eliminate unneeded pack removal

+Reduce fatigue

+A pack that is easier to use at night

Mike Cisco
W h y I n v e s t i n R y d e l ?

+RyDeL makes consumer research a first priority
+Dialogue between the designers and the niche users for product success

Touch points
Commitment to durability and intelligent design at every touch point.
+ Website will stay on message with a simple, extremely intuitive interface.
+ Our products convey quality through intelligent design and durability.
+ Our unique warranty provides the customer with added trust.

Managing assets
+ Word of mouth and magazine ads in fire fighting magazines

Internal Launch:
+ Employees and staff who feel like their opinions are heard and considered
+ All employees well informed of vision and brand strategy
+ Strong commitment to brand values.

Measuring success
+ Widespread use of products
+Building long term value reflected by increased sales and brand loyalty
Thank you for your time!

Professional Caliber

Ryan De Luca

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Professional Caliber

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