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fgt newsletter
Our ‘1-1-1’
december 2009

by eu hong seng

The 1-1-1 philosophy of FGT is simply to Invite 1, Save 1 and Disciple 1.

The Lord Jesus’ last words to His 11 disciples were “Go, therefore and make
disciples …, baptizing them… teaching them …” This is the all important Great “Go, therefore and
Commission to the Church. It is also the mission of FGT.
make disciples …,
baptizing them…
teaching them
…” This is the all
important Great
Commission to the
Church. It is also the
mission of FGT.

We are first of all to “Go”. We are to go into the highways and byways and to the
best of our abilities bring them to a place where they can hear the gospel and
be saved. Invite someone at every opportunity. People need the Lord. Have you
invited someone to church these few months? This year?

Secondly, share the gospel. Soul winning have been the thrust and focus of FGT
from Day 1.

This is evidenced by the monthly evangelistic meetings and frequent crusades and
the emphasis on one-on-one sharing of the gospel. The Evangelism Explosion
ministry was established in this church in the very early years of FGT because
we are passionate about saving souls. We have not ceased to encourage every

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member of the church to be trained to share the gospel maturity. Spiritual parenting is rewarding and one of
confidently and be actively sharing it. Today, we have the most enriching experiences in life. No where in
an average of 2-3 saved Scriptures, is it suggested that
every week. The survival this is an option.
of the church depends on
souls being added regularly There are only two things we
to the congregation. Are take with us into eternity – our
you trained? Did you share character and the people we
the gospel with anyone have saved and helped to
recently? grow in their faith, people we
will see again in heaven. Have
Thirdly, disciple someone. you ever discipled someone?
The strength of the church Are you discipling someone?
is never in its Sunday
attendance. It is in the Church, let’s have a 1-1-1
number of disciples that are Philosophy. It’s spiritual body
committed to the cause of building - like going to the gym
Jesus Christ. True followers for physical body-building.
that are taught the Word It brings rewards in eternity.
and will do His will. Paul speaks of the crown of
rejoicing – having those saved and discipled by him in
There are few willing to be spiritual parents, to disciple the presence of the Lord Jesus at His coming (1 Thes
new converts and guide them to a place of spiritual 2:19).

“The 365 World Tour was an enormous
blessing to all of us as we were given an
insight on how God has created every

nation unique and special
in its own way.”

World Tour by lai yi jan

In the spirit of the event, everyone came attired in colourful
traditional costumes for the 365 World Tour held on 5th
September 2009.

After a quick quiz on world booths had been set up to display
cultures, the different youth groups the sights, scenes, information
put up an array of performances and trivial facts of 10 different
showcasing the cultures of their countries represented in the 365.
respective nations. Apart from And of course, the event would
enjoying the rare occasion of not have been complete without
our youth pastor, Ps Richard, food, and this time, the youth got
showing off his vocal skills, the a ‘taste’ of every nation as tidbits
performances put up by our and delicacies of different countries
Nigerian brothers and sisters were served.
singing and dancing along to
‘Igwe’, and our Indian dancers The 365 World Tour was an
strutting their ‘Bollywood’ stuff enormous blessing to all of us as
were nothing short of spectacular! we were given an insight on how
Ps Hock Huat then shared an apt God has created every nation
message on ‘The Tower of Babel’. unique and special in its own
way. To top it off, attendance that
We later traipsed down to the evening rose to an astonishing 384
‘coffee bean’ area where different people, with 100 first-time visitors!

Workers Conference
The Missional Church by lim fang say

“It is not enough to be mission-minded – FGT needs missional church our objective is not to collect people
to be a ‘missional’ church.” to fill our buildings, but our task is to help them get
where they are supposed to be.
Emphasizing the difference between being mission-
minded and missional during the last FGT Workers The conference earlier caught a glimpse of the
Conference in November, Senior Ps Eu Hong missional church at work when Ps Sunil Abraham
Seng drew the point that while a traditional church from Pusat Kebajikan Kalvari Johor (PKK) shared the
would usually send some members experience of his church rising against the
out as missionaries, the missional ... reports from various odds to meet the needs of the broken and
church expects every member to be needy in Johore. Beginning with virtually
a missionary in his workplace, school, FGT churches brought zero finance, manpower and experience,
home and community. In other words, a further inspiration PKK moved in faith and prayer back in
missional church must intentionally seek 1987 to obey the call of God to begin its
opportunities to connect with the larger and insight on how first social work to care for an abandoned
community outside its walls if it is serious a nation-building autistic child. Today, PKK runs 5
in obeying God’s command to restore the rehabilitation centres for substance abuse;
lives of those who are lost, weary and in agenda has helped 2 homes for senior citizens; a home for
need. nurture the expansion single mothers and abused women; 9
homes for children and teenagers; and 3
Embracing a ‘nation-building’ church of God’s kingdom and homes for the psychologically challenged
agenda calls for some major shifts in how transforming lives in – in which a total of 700 residents are
FGT will need to approach its ministries. helped. The greater miracle lies in the
the far reaches of the fact that PKK’s entire social ministry runs
First, we will be challenged to direct our world. solely on God’s provision as no active
resources externally instead of internally, solicitation of funds either from the main
i.e. our ministries may likely benefit church or external bodies is encouraged.
people outside of the church more than members of our
own church. Meanwhile, reports from various FGT churches brought
further inspiration and insight on how a nation-building
Second, rather than developing programs, our core agenda has helped nurture the expansion of God’s
activity would focus on developing people – meaning kingdom and transforming lives in the far reaches
we move from studying Jesus to joining Him to of the world – from Kota Kinabalu to Miri, Myanmar
participate in His redemptive work in the world! to the Philippines, and India to Nepal. The energy,
enthusiasm and hardwork of the respective pastors can
Lastly, leaders will need to develop a kingdom-based only but confirm the Missional Church is indeed coming
rather than church-based mentality. Simply put, as a alive in FGT.

Transforming Our Nation
Through Good Works
In line with its nation-building agenda, NECF Malaysia recently held its National Church Conference themed
‘Transformation – Leading with Conviction and Creativity in Times of Crisis’. The two-day conference attracted
more than 200 participants, of whom 82 were from FGT alone!

During the conference, participants attended workshops on various social works ministries which provided insights
and information on how churches may begin to do social ministries within their communities.

Some of our church members came away tremendously inspired and encouraged by what they learned and what
they can potentially do.

Disaster Relief by lim fang say

I don’t know about you – but each time I read news of a major disaster or natural catastrophe devastating
the lives of hundreds or thousands of people, I get overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness. I’m no doctor,
paramedic or nurse – can I actually do anything to help in the midst of such tragedy?

Well, according to CREST Malaysia, a non-profit So, how difficult can it be to qualify as a friend?
Christian humanitarian organization set up to provide
Crisis Relief Services and Training, anyone who wishes CREST’s vision is to have teams of volunteers armed
to obey the Lord’s commandment to help those in need with multi-disciplinary skills who are ready to be
– can! deployed on immediate notice to do relief work for short
durations. For a start, churches are encouraged to
Whether we are home-makers, office workers, each establish a small team of volunteers keen to serve
professionals, retirees, teenagers, full-time or lay in crisis relief work. These volunteers would be trained
workers, there are many ways in which we can apply and equipped with fundamental knowledge and skills to
our natural and secular skills to aid those affected by be ready to serve when the need arises.
crises and disasters. As rightly pointed out during the
workshop, the needs of disaster victims can often be Nobody ever knows when a natural disaster or crisis
met by very down-to-earth and practical actions. will strike. But when it does, especially in your own
backyard, are you equipped to respond correctly to
Apart from medical support, crisis-hit areas generally save and support those affected? Are you ready to
require substantial manpower to manage and demonstrate God’s love where and when it matters
coordinate the efforts in distributing food, clothing most during times of crisis?
and building shelter for victims. Other forms of aid
include counseling or simply being a friend to the more If you are, make the effort to sign up for the next
vulnerable group of casualties, such as young children. Disaster Relief training program to be held at church.
That’s the least we all can do.

Dialysis Centre by alvin wong

The workshop on the dialysis centre opened up my Through what I learned in the workshop, I now begin
perspective on the immense opportunity available for to see how FGT’s proposed Eagles Dialysis Centre
evangelism simply by meeting the practical needs will have a deep impact on our community. To see this
of kidney failure patients and their families in our project into reality, I realize the need for a personal
community. By getting involved in their lives, be it by transformation in my own life and attitudes. I need to
running simple errands, lending an ear or spending develop a greater heart to care for the sick and the
time on a day-trip out with them, we actually are poor just as Jesus did. Passion and dedication is the
embarking on simple steps of winning souls for Christ order of the day while sincerity will be key to gain the
by demonstrating His love for them through practical trust of those we intend to help as evidenced from my
care and visible action. own experience with my dialysis-patient mother. After
all, genuine love builds hope and opens the way to
effective evangelism.

The Feeding Program by tan chin chin

It started with a group of friends doing hospital visitations. One patient was discharged but didn’t have
money or a home. They found him a place and decided to feed him. He started introducing them to other
needy families in the neighbourhood. This was how the feeding program started.

Rifle Range in Penang houses 25,000 residents who 7 full-time and 50 part-time volunteers cook, distribute
live in squalid and cramped conditions. Children run food, visit families, provide tuition/computer/music and
around with dirty clothes, runny noses and lice infected art classes for the children, counseling, take people
hair. Loan sharks roam looking for financially desperate to hospitals, provide medical support, assist in social
people. Abandoned old folks fend for themselves. welfare applications, ‘gotong-royong’ etc.
Broken and abused families are common realities.
Their impact is inspiring! 350 families are fed every
House of Hope started in 2006, with the aim to LOVE month, needy families get subsidized rental, children
and give HOPE by breaking the cycle of poverty and loiter less and get more education. Most importantly,
providing basic needs such as food, clothes, medicine, they are showered with God’s LOVE and HOPE!
education and financial relief.

Channeling God’s On 11 October 2009, Caremart registered those in Subang Jaya State Assemblyman
abundance to help the need to enable them to puchase essential goods at Hannah Yeoh presenting Caremart
needy subsidized prices gift vouchers to single mothers

Children’s Home by jane low

“Are you willing to give your best?”
run! After all, the recipients of our good intentions,
particularly young children, are relying on our
The workshop speaker threw the question at us. commitment to make their lives and future meaningful.
Silence in the room. He continued, “If you cannot give
your best, please do not start.” During the workshop, we learned that Calvary
Kebajikan Unit is a faith-based project. They do not
Many of us have noble intentions to do something believe in publicity, do not depend on fundraising
good or beneficial for mankind. Hence, starting campaigns, and do not rely on any entities for regular
an orphanage or an old folks’ home seems like a funding. This organization survives by clinging solely
most reasonable calling to meet the needs of our on God’s provision. How do they do it? By having
community. simple faith - this is God’s work, He will make
a way.
But when the question “Can you give your best?” was
posed, I began to realize a social commitment like this What a challenge and inspiration
cannot be done out of our ‘extra’ time or resources. to all of us!
What is required is the ‘best’ of my time, my resources
and my energy. In other words, offering something
less than our very best just simply is
not going to work in the long
“... offering something less than our very
best just simply is not going to work in
the long run ...”

Getting Married in FGT by yam phui yee

David Chua and Lina Loong’s wedding took place in early October.
The warm and intimate ceremony of the accountant and dentist was Planning to get married in
the culmination of hours of preparation by the couple and their team of FGT? Some valuable tips:
wedding helpers. Call it a ‘gotong-royong’ of sorts in FGT.
• Before anything else,
“We couldn’t have pulled off the asked a few church members to help ensure you and your soon-
wedding without our friends and cell lay out the food and utensils. When to-be spouse have attended
members. They took care of every we came down for lunch, everything the mandatory pre-marital
detail -from decorations and hall looked so perfect. We weren’t counseling classes at FGT.
set-up to music and PA to ushering informed of the incident until after the
and reception to running all around wedding day,” said Emely. • Make sure you contact
town catering to our every need,” Pastor Hong Seng before
said Lina. Many wedding helpers, like Elsa fixing your nuptial date –
Sun, work in the background. Elsa is there’ll be no wedding unless
Meanwhile, Emely Chai found the a regular decoration coordinator for he’s there!
pre-marital counseling conducted weddings at church.
by the church to be useful. The • Find out from the church
pharmacist was married to network “It’s stressful at times. I often wonder office who can be assigned
support engineer Edward Soo a why the brides are not ‘gan chiong’ as your wedding coordinator.
week after David and Lina. (anxious) about their wedding as This person will be crucial to
I have to rush them for details help you ensure all aspects of
“We learned a lot of things like and to meet deadlines. I will have the wedding ceremony have
financial planning, do’s and don’ts hypertension if I am in this business,” been looked into.
of marriage life, the meaning of she laughs.
marriage and that communication is • Be part of a church cell
the key to a happy marriage. After Meanwhile, soundman Devan group – you will need to count
attending the counseling, we were Sivanasan has attended a fair share on your cell members for help
further affirmed that we were meant of weddings at FGT due to his work on that day!
to be together!” Emely shared. with the church PA department.
Doesn’t he get tired • Be proactive in your
After you have of being at the sound planning. Planning ahead
decided to get control area at every helps avoid unnecessary
married, the next step wedding? stress for your wedding
is to find a reliable “There are times I coordinator and helpers.
team of helpers if you do, but I just keep
plan on tying the knot reminding myself • Pay attention to your PA
with peace of mind. that there is definitely needs to get the best sound
one wedding when I for that day – after all, the last
“Our caterer came won’t have to do PA thing you want is the music
late because their van - and that will be my to stop while you’re mid-way
broke down. So they own,” he quips. down the aisle, right?

The Amazing
Adventure by chan chui fang

Team Axel F comprising my friends – Victor, Peng Yew, Felix
and myself, were raring to go when we met at church at 8am
for the start of the Young Adult’s Amazing Adventure 2009.

First, we had to complete a jigsaw puzzle and as well as a
Sudoku puzzle. From the jigsaw, we figured our first destination
was CareMart, and we were the first to arrive! We had to check
the availability of a list of items and to purchase 4 of them, sticking
the receipt to our page of answers. However in my haste, I forgot
the receipt -which meant lining up to pay again for another 4
items! by jonathan tan

Then it was off to Sunway Pyramid. In the lift, we concocted an
ingenious plan to slow the other teams by pressing every single
elevator button just before we got out.

After running around designated areas for answers to a given
set of clues, we headed out to the archery centre. Unknowingly,
we had jumped the queue in getting our gloves for the archery
game, but the team who should have been ahead of us graciously
allowed us through. We thought we did pretty well until we noticed
the team on the next lane (who had allowed us to go first) had
shot a bunch of arrows right smack at the bull’s-eye! 5th September 2009 saw perfect
weather for a day in the park!
Next was the bowling alley. After bowling like mad for our scores, Children and helpers (aka
it was a race back to Wisma Eagles. We handed in all our ‘buddies’) from the SuperZone
answers but were given another pack of papers. The race was not Class at Children’s Church
over yet! We had to do origami. We fumbled, folded and refolded, gathered at early morning
hoping that the end-product would resemble the creature we were for a time of FUN, FOOD and
told to make. FELLOWSHIP at the USJ11 Park.

During lunch, the judges viewed our art work and tallied our The day got off to a great start
scores. Then it was time to announce the winners. To cut the long with a game where the kids were
story short, we did not win anything! required to pick a coloured ball
from the first of three baskets
What I learned: arranged in a line in front of them.
1. Being first to reach the 1st stop does not mean you will end as They would then go to the next
the winner. basket to pick up another ball of the
2. Pushing lift buttons on every floor is not good strategy. Play fair! same colour and proceed to drop
3. Be gracious and allow others to go first. The team that allowed both balls into the third basket at
us to go ahead of them actually won a price for archery! the end of the path. For SuperZone
4. Teamwork is important – working together is more fun and kids with special needs, the game
enjoyable. proved to be challenging but lots of
fun with the help of their buddies.

After an hour of energetic playing
and cheering, it was time to focus
on the delicious food prepared by
some mothers and the helpers
themselves. We also took the
opportunity to celebrate Abigail
Cheah’s birthday which so
“The reality is that God happened fell on that day.
wants to bless us financially It was indeed a special day for all
and it is He who gives us the – a day when God truly showed us
ability to gain wealth...” how special special kids can be!

FGT Yangon - the numbers seeking the Lord
continue to grow
Birth of new FGT Churches ...
FGT Shivpur, Nepal

FGT Pennagaram

FGT Las Pinas - Church Service goes ahead in the aftermath Coming up in 2009-2010: FGT Dharmapuri, Poonamallee,
of Typhoon Ketsana Ambattur and Andipatti!

The Elijah Challenge with Pastor William Lau Kathy’ Liang’s 89 year old grandmother receives the
on 16 to 17 October 2009 Lord as her Saviour

Tony Yong’s father testifies on God’s mighty healing power! Praying for Joshua Ho

the elijah challenge
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