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EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link

FISD Technology Professional Development
From the Week 3 research that I completed last week, I came to the conclusion that the
following were areas of concern and growth in my school and in the district as a whole:
1) While the technology is available to all teachers, base on the infrastructure rating from
STaR chart, many teachers do not feel comfortable using technology in the classroom.
This is a result of a lack of training in this regard. Teachers need to be shown some of
these uses and made to feel more comfortable.
2) Understanding that the student of today is different and unique from the student of
yesterday. This implies rethinking the way we implement curriculum.
3) How can learning in the classroom become more student-centered and less teacher-

Professional Description Presenter Completion Responsible Evaluation
Development Date for Follow-Up
Will introduce
Digital teachers to Campus August 2010 Campus Campus
storytelling PhotoStory and Technology Administrators administrators will
MovieMaker and Facilitator monitor that the
teach them the session has been
basics for using attended by each
these in the teacher, using the
classroom. Will Eduphoria software.
also provide This will then be
examples of evaluated on a
student work and continuous basis as
ideas for every the assistant
content area. principal over each
content area will
read through lesson
plans to make sure
that activities using
these programs are
being interwoven
into the curriculum.
They will also follow
up with the
teachers after the
projects to see what
was effective and
where improvement
can be gained.
This training will be The technology
designed to June 2010 facilitator will check
introduce Moodle in on teacher’s
Do you Moodle? to the teachers and Moodle accounts
provide an Campus Campus and share best
introduction into its Technology Administrator/ practices and ideas
many capabilities. Facilitator technology with both the
Teachers will be facilitator campus
set up with a administration and

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EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link

Moodle classroom the staff. They will
and design some provide data and
of the basic reporting as to how
parameters to get many teachers are
them started. They using Moodle and
will be shown how how many students
to create are accessing it
assignments and regularly. This data
use the discussion can then be used to
board with their determine if more
students. training is required
or whether or not
this is a cost-
effective software
application in the
This training is This will be
aimed at Campus During the first 6 Campus something that is to
Who’s the identifying administrators weeks of the administrators be monitored and
boss? constructivist (assistant school year and department improved upon
strategies for principal(s)) heads and team throughout the
teachers to use in leaders year. It will start in
their classrooms. planning sessions
The idea is to help within the grade
raise awareness of level teams, and
the need for the team leaders
student-centered will report back to
classrooms that their department
move away from heads, who will
the classroom in then report to
which the teachers campus
are doing stand administrators. The
and deliver evaluating principal
lectures. This will also be looking
session will model for evidence of this
the behavior that is learning and
desired of the application in
teachers by having lesson plans and
them interact with walk-throughs.
one another and Evidence of this
the facilitator and learning would be
come to a better student-centered
understanding of activities that
how this works. engage the
students, allow
them to explore a
topic, with the
teacher providing
some elaboration
and evaluating their
This session will This will be
How to develop explore the use of District and End of Summer Coordinator of evaluated routinely
an interactive technology within Campus 2010 secondary by the technology
classroom the classroom. Technology instructional facilitator on
Among the topics Coordinators technology, campus. He or she
being covered will campus will look at what is
be Interwrite technology being done with

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EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link

Mobis, CPS facilitator and district equipment
software, blogs campus and tools and share
and wikis, administration this information with
podcasting and the coordinator of
Skype. The idea is secondary
to provide ideas instructional
and information technology, so that
about these tools he or she can
and to use the evaluate the
session as a practicality of those
brainstorm to help resources and
inspire new ideas determine where
to develop which the district’s money
will improve the is best spent on
educational technology. The
landscape in the campus
school. administration will
once again be
evaluating this to
determine that the
teachers are
following the
school’s vision for
improvement and
keeping in line with
the district’s plan for
This session will The department
be designed to Department During the 1st 6 Department heads will follow up
Using help address 2 heads, weeks heads and with teachers and
technology to areas: the first part assistant content area have them report
assess student is thinking of principal(s) evaluators back as to how they
learning creative ways to are assessing
use technology to student learning.
assess that This does not only
students are apply to major
internalizing the tests, but to the
information that learning that goes
they are being on throughout the
taught. The second process. By
part is using following up with
technological tools the teachers, they
to determine area will make it clear to
of weakness in the them what the
class and content expectations are
area and to and place greater
address how to emphasis on this.
resolve those Also, the
areas. This will department heads
include teaching and content area
the teachers how evaluators will be
to read through asking the teachers
certain data to identify areas of
reports to identify weakness and
trends that relate growth in the AEIS
to their content reports and other
areas. The goal for data that they make

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EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link

this session will be available for the
to both help the teachers. This will
teachers see that ensure that the
they can be teachers are the
creative in their ones identifying
assessing, and these areas of need
that they can use and will make them
technology to drive more likely to take
that creativity. ownership over
remedying the
problem or

Each of these sessions has been designed after meeting with a campus administrator
and campus technology facilitator last week. In these meetings, I was made aware of
the needs in the school and the direction that the district is headed in. Technology use
in the classroom is at a very basic level right now and there is quite a bit of room for
improvement. As part of this, teachers need to be made aware of what is available and
how it applies to them in their classroom. They need to engage the students more by
making them more responsible for their learning. If these objectives are accomplished
by these professional development sessions, then teaching in the school and district will
also improve quite a bit.

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EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link

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