How to Wrap a Gift Like a Professional

At we wrap thousands of gifts for our customers every month. We thought it would be useful to pass that experience on through these free pdf guides. This pdf covers the basics: How to wrap a simple shape in the traditional ribbon-tied fashion, using the minimum amount of Sellotape! You can find more guides and larger images at

1. The box to be gift wrapped with wrapping paper.

2. Place the item face down on the wrapping paper, which should be also be face down.

3. Pull the wrap over to cover loosely the top surface.

4. Roll the item on to its side. It is now covered by gift wrap. Don't pull too tight.

5. Release the wrap. Cut the paper off 2cm beyond the left edge of your


6. Reposition item to the middle and rotate the paper so the long edge is width-ways.

7. Fold over 1cm along the long width to make a neat finished edge.

8. Be sure to fold it straight and clean. This edge will show.

9. Stand your item on end at the edge. Then gently lay flat. Now carefully raise to stand on other end. Trim your paper flush with the item.

10. Your wrapping paper is now the right size and you're ready to start wrapping.

11. Place your item in the centre of your wrapping paper face down. Fold over the creased finished edge and line it up with the center of the upper surface. Make sure it runs parallel.

12. Press down on the finished edge and slip/draw the item toward you until the paper is nice and tight.

13. Release the good edge. Keeping the item in position, fold the rough edge over tightly.

14. Fold the creased finished edge back over tightly. You should now have a neat, straight and central join.

15. Tape the join dead-centre with a small piece of sellotape or Scotch tape.

16. Cut a deep v-shape into the ends. This should continue round and down either side.

17. Find the end of your gift and crease down.

18. Crease the excess gift wrap all the way over. Keep your fingers near the outer edges.

19. Fold the first side flap in. Pull firmly across and down.

20. Crease along the bottom edge by running your finger from outside to middle pressing down.

21. Hold the flap and tightly in position and crease the newly-formed edge of the bottom flap.

22. Repeat the steps 9 and 10 for the other side flap. Fold any excess gift wrap back into the triangle of the bottom flap.

23. Tuck bottom flap up tight against the end.

24. Crease the bottom edge of the bottom flap by running your finger along it.

25. Your gift is now ready for ribbon. Alternatively you can stick the end flaps in position with a small piece of sellotape.

26. Measure the ribbon as twice the longest edge... twice the width... twice the depth...

29. twice the height...

30... plus enough ribbon to tie a bow, say 30cm.

31. Place the wrapped gift face down and at the mid-point of the length of ribbon.

32. Bring the ribbon ends up and over and cross in the middle of the gift. Pull tight.

33. Bring the ribbon ends down around the sides, turning the gift over in the process. Try to keep the ribbon tight whilst doing so.

34. Cross over the ribbons in the middle and pull tight.

35. Press down on the crossing point and push one ribbon end under the long unbroken length.

36. Pull the ribbon end all the way through and tie the loose ribbon ends...

37 tying your shoelaces!

38. Draw the bows to equal sizes. Larger parcels and ribbon widths suit larger bows and vice versa.

39. Trim off the ribbon ends.

40. The finished ribbon-tied traditionally-wrapped gift!

The finished wrapped gift

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