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9/11/2014 Essays 1/4
Book released in January 2013::: "Hierarchy and free expression in the fight
against racism"
Grouped by topic::: Links to Denis Rancourt's essays about the student
condition and student liberation
Grouped by topic::: All essays about Israel / Israel Lobby / Palestine / Gaza
(label "Israel" at Activist Teacher)
Grouped by topic::: Denis Rancourt on climate science

All-category essays by Denis Rancourt:

2014-08-13::: Sweeping agreements will further degrade university education in Ontario, "Canada" (-- and at Whatsupic)
2014-08-09::: How Canada's NDP enables and seeks to participate in the Israel genocide
2014-08-06::: Israel-US has interrupted its slaughter in Gaza only to press forward with its genocide
2014-07-31::: The needed role of intellectuals in the resistance to stop the Israel genocide
2014-07-30::: The Intended Roles of the Israel-Lobby and of Israel in the US-Empire are Incompatible with Peace
2014-07-29::: Israel's attempted genocide must fail -- Lessons from Canada's genocide (-- et EN FRANCAIS)
2014-07-24::: Rockets from Gaza are morally justified and are not contrary to international law
2014-05-25::: The crisis of access to justice and self-represented litigants — as I see it
2014-02-23::: Climate science is a "Zombie science"
2013-12-07::: Will freedom of expression come to Canada?
2013-11-30::: Made in Canada legal system costs policy precludes access by design
2013-11-12::: This is how the highest court works, in Ontario, Canada
2013-09-27::: Wrongheadedness of scientific consensus fetishism in climate politics

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9/11/2014 Essays 2/4
2013-09-09::: Do medical doctors improve health?
2013-09-03::: Global Economic Model of War: Understanding Syria and more
2013-07-28::: Towering economic separation erodes the effectiveness of public opinion activism
2013-01-28::: On the theory and practice of free expression
2013-01-18::: Calculated MINIMUM reparation due to slave descendants: $1.5 million to each Black citizen of the USA
2012-12-31::: How to not teach physics
2012-12-15::: Self-represented litigant discovers the truth about the "justice system"
2012-10-13::: CLASSE analysis of Quebec student movement tactics
2012-08-31::: An analysis of the Hackland ruling in Guergis v. Novak et al.
2012-08-30::: On the individual psychology of food: Against calorie management
2012-05-18::: Hearings into dismissal of Rancourt reveal much
2012-03-11::: On the specific meaning of "house negro"
2012-02-26::: Students: Plan your escape from academia before you enter it
2012-02-17::: Reflections of a self-represented litigant as an old man
2011-12-31::: Anti-racist and anti-violence proscriptions enable oppression
2011-12-20::: A Theory of Chronic Pain
2011-11-24::: Why should I trust a doctor with my body?
2011-11-21::: Is establishment medicine an injurious scam?
2011-11-19::: Collective intelligence does not imply individual intelligence
2011-11-16::: On the sociology of medical meta-science: Exposing the Truth supports the Lie
2011-11-11::: Institutions build hierarchy between politico-cultural re-normalizations
2011-10-29::: The first victim of education
2011-10-29::: "Anti-racism" in support of racism
2011-10-20::: Ups and downs of the open court principle in Ontario
2011-08-16::: Individual freedom versus collective oppression as the determinative conflict in a hierarchical society
2011-08-06::: Critical race theory, in the service of whitey
2011-07-14::: On "speaking truth to power" and US Zionism
2011-06-28::: This is what targeting a dissident tenured professor looks like in Canada [REPORT]
9/11/2014 Essays 3/4
2011-06-13::: USA academic freedom scholarship as a measure of corporate fascism
2011-06-12::: Why is "freedom" so difficult to understand?
2011-06-03::: Radiation physics constraints on global warming: CO2 increase has little effect ((PDF link))
2011-04-14::: How anti-racism protects class structure and dominance hierarchy
2011-04-05::: Anti-smoking culture is harmful to health
2011-03-29::: Concrete Accomplishments of Student Activism of the 1960s
2011-03-21::: On the gargantuan lie of climate change science
2011-02-21::: Just trying to attract attention?
2011-01-26::: The Canadian Zionism Question - A fruitful research avenue for tenured university professors?
2011-01-19::: Symbiosis of anarchy and hierarchy: Towards understanding the continuous revolution of liberation and
the barrier that is the oppressor within
2011-01-12::: On the theory of a middle-class war for justice
2011-01-05::: On the False Science of a Fundamental Basis for Progress
2011-01-03::: On the Justification for Profit and Interest
2011-01-03::: On the prison of delayed fertility
University Student for Sale
Why we love to hate conspiracy theories: 911 Truth as threat to the intelligentsia
Murder and genocide are natural, therefore rebel!
Roundabout as conflict-avoidance versus Malcolm X’s psychology of liberation
CO2 emission from fossil fuel burning is not more than from breathing
Is the burning of fossil fuel a significant planetary activity?
About the obscenity of the legal mind and its grotesque displays of arrogance
On the racism and pathology of left progressive First-World activism - As opposed to what would be needed
G20-Toronto and lost sovereignty - A critical examination of the role of the CCLA
G20-Toronto property damage is a good thing - Their law versus sanity and justice
Why we must despise university professors
They’re not just pigs - G20-Toronto participatory inquiry in full swing
On the question of Israel’s “right to exist” and on Israel’s racism
9/11/2014 Essays 4/4
Who is Allan Rock and why was Denis Rancourt fired?
Psycho-biological basis for image leverage and the case of Israel
Some big lies of science
Need for and practice of student liberation
Canadian education as an impetus toward fascism
Self-image as primary concern and the road to good
Creativity for liberation or seclusion
Organizing, coalition building, education... as self-cooptation?
On the sacred space of the university classroom
The activist wars
On the need to embrace hatred
Are physicists smart? (alternative LINK)
Gradual change is not progress
Global warming: Truth or dare?
Academic squatting
Against Chomsky
Plato as the post-1960s student (alternative LINK)
Balance Kills: Media, good will, and Israeli oppression in Palestine
Survival 101
Activism and risk - Life beyond altruism